2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Guide


The 2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations look to finish what the SP and SSP cards from Series 1 and Series 2 started. That means more ballpark fun, some alternate rookie shots and the return of retired legends.

At first glance, variations look like standard base cards. The big difference is the photo on the front. Or, in some cases, the player.

Typically, a lot of flagship Topps variations come with fun photos even if they don’t all follow a specific theme. Celebrating with teammates, hanging out with fans or simply out-of-the-ordinary shots offer a clue that you might have a variation. There’s also the fact that they can be upside down in the middle of the pack as a potential tip off when busting boxes and packs.

SP Variations aren’t too tough. Hobby odds aren’t yet known, but they’re 1:50 retail packs. SSP Variations, on the other hand, are much harder to land at 1:1,100 retail packs.

Ultra Short Prints do exist. Believed to be the toughest of all the 2021 Topps Update variations, these give players big heads. Think caricature t-shirts from the ’80s or playing NBA Jam at the arcade. Specific odds or print runs aren’t known for Ultra SPs but they’re scarce.

Like usual for flagship releases, Topps didn’t include the variations on the final 2021 Topps Update Series Baseball checklist. As a result, it might take a bit for all of them to surface. In the meantime, there are some simple ways to spot them (including the handy gallery below).

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations: Codes to Look For

For some, the preferred way to check for variations is using the card backs. The key here is in the block of small print on the bottom. Once you get past all the copyright info and legal stuff there’s a CMP code. Although its purpose is for production purposes, the code does offer some insight into different card types. It’s not fun and the writing is tiny but it is a quick and easy method to confirm SP and SSP cards.

The code is long but it’s only the end that you really need to look at. These are the code endings you need to know for 2021 Topps Update Series Baseball variations:

  • Base – 395
  • SP Variations – 416
  • SSP Variations – 417
  • Ultra Short Print Variations – 418

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Checklist

Here’s a list of 2021 Topps Update Baseball SP and SSP variations. If you’re looking for a specific card, click on the links to see what’s currently available on eBay.

US1 Francisco Lindor – SP
US1 Francisco Lindor – SSP
US5 Ken Griffey Jr. – SP
US5 Ken Griffey Jr. – SSP
US6 Trevor Larnach – SP
US10 Yermin Mercedes – SP
US10 Yermin Mercedes – SSP
US17 Taylor Walls – SP
US21 Huascar Ynoa – SP
US33 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – SP
US33 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – SSP
US41 Alex Kirilloff – SP
US44 Jo Adell – SP
US47Ichiro – SSP
US47 Taylor Trammell – SP
US52 Yogi Berra – SSP
US63 Casey Mize – SP
US65 Andres Gimenez – SP
US76 Victor Gonzalez – SP
US86 Roberto Clemente – SSP
US95 Ted Williams – SSP

US114 Jazz Chisholm Jr. – SP
US115 Derek Jeter – SP
US115 Derek Jeter – SSP
US118 Nolan Ryan – SP
US130 Mike Trout – SP
US130 Mike Trout – SSP
US134 Greg Maddux – SP
US143 Fernando Tatis Jr. – SP
US150 Shohei Ohtani – SP
US150 Shohei Ohtani – SSP
US153 Daniel Lynch – SP
US170 Nate Pearson – SP
US184 Blake Snell – SP
US196 Akil Baddoo – SP
US197 Dylan Carlson – SP
US200 Albert Pujols – SP
US200 Albert Pujols – SSP

US210 Tony Gwynn – SP
US210 Fernando Tatis Jr. – SSP
US211 Luis Patino – SP
US216 Bo Jackson – SP
US223 Hank Aaron – SP
US223 Hank Aaron – SSP
US227 Alek Manoah – SP
US242 Don Mattingly – SP
US243 Stan Musial – SSP
US247 Reggie Jackson – SP
US247 Babe Ruth – SSP
US250 Alec Bohm – SP
US253 Willie Mays – SP
US253 Willie Mays – SSP
US257 Ke’Bryan Hayes – SP
US258 Lou Gehrig – SP
US258 Lou Gehrig – SSP
US263 Ronald Acuna Jr. – SP
US263 Ronald Acuna Jr. – SSP
US265 Ryan Mountcastle – SP
US267 Joey Bart – SP
US268 Geraldo Perdomo – SP
US286 Jonathan India – SP
US292 Cal Ripken Jr. – SSP
US294 Roy Campanella – SSP
US295 Cristian Pache – SP
US300 George Brett – SP

US302 Jarred Kelenic – SP
US302 Jarred Kelenic – SSP
US309 Jackie Robinson – SP
US309 Jackie Robinson – SSP
US312 Andrew Vaughn – SP
US312 Andrew Vaughn – SSP
US313 Chipper Jones – SP
US318 Logan Gilbert – SP
US330 Nolan Arenado – SP
US330 Nolan Arenado – SSP

Ultra Short Print Variations

US1 Fernando Tatis Jr.
US27 Mike Trout
US150 Shohei Ohtani
US224 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
US330 Juan Soto

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Gallery

US1 Francisco Lindor, New York Mets

SP – wearing mask
SSP – yelling
Base – with bat

US1 Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres

Ultra SP – Fernando Tatis Jr. with big head
Base – Francisco Lindor

US5 Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle Mariners

SP – Ken Griffey Jr. smiling
SSP – arms raised in dugout
Base – Ty France

US6 Trevor Larnach, Minnesota Twins

SP – sliding
Base – batting

US10 Yermin Mercedes, Chicago White Sox

SP – in teammate’s arms
SSP – Yerminator hair
Base – with bat

US17 Taylor Walls, Tampa Bay Rays

SP – warm-up shirt
Base – swinging

US 21 Huascar Ynoa, Atlanta Braves

SP – batting, white jersey
Base – pitching, blue jersey

US27 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Ultra – Mike Trout big head
Base – Cam Gallagher

US33 Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays

SP – no cap
2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Vladimir Guerrero Jr. SSP
SSP – camo cap
Base – Marcus Semien

US41 Alex Kirilloff, Minnesota Twins

SP – hands up in dugout
Base – blue jersey, Rookie Debut

US44 Jo Adell, Los Angeles Angels

SP – throwing
Base – batting, Rookie Debut

US47 Ichiro, Seattle Mariners

SSP – Ichiro sliding catch
Base – Taylor Trammell

US47 Taylor Trammell, Seattle Mariners

SP – wearing headset
Base – batting

US52 Yogi Berra, New York Yankees

SSP – Yogi Berra with bat
Base – Corey Kluber

US63 Casey Mize, Detroit Tigers

SP – throwback jersey
Base – dark cap, Rookie Debut

US65 Andres Gimenez, Cleveland Indians

SP – white jersey
Base – red jersey

US76 Victor Gonzalez, Los Angeles Dodgers

SP – kneeling
Base – pitching

US86 Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirates

SSP – Roberto Clemente in dugout
Base – Adam Frazier

US95 Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox

SSP – Ted Williams with bat
Base – Hunter Renfroe

US114 Jazz Chisholm Jr., Miami Marlins

SP – blue jacket
Base – throwing, Rookie Debut

US115 Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Derek Jeter SP
SP – Derek Jeter
SSP – Derek Jeter arms raised
Base – Tyler Wade

US118 Nolan Ryan, California Angels

SP – Nolan Ryan pitching
Base – Carlos Quintana

US130 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

SP – shaking hands
SSP – backwards cap
Base – Dexter Fowler

US134 Greg Maddux, Atlanta Braves

SP – Greg Maddux without cap
Base – Charlie Morton

US143 Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres

SP – Fernando Tatis Jr. kneeling
Base – Jake Cronenworth Rookie Debut

US150 Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels

SP – Shohei Ohtani catching ball
2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Shohei Ohtani SSP
SSP – Shohei Ohtani signing autographs
Ultra – Shohei Ohtani big head
Base – Zack Wheeler

US153 Daniel Lynch, Kansas City Royals

SP – number visible on back of jersey
Base – logo visible on front of jersey

US170 Nate Pearson, Toronto Blue Jays

SP – blue jersey
Base – white jersey, Rookie Debut

US184 Blake Snell, San Diego Padres

SP – camo jersey
Base – white pinstripe jersey

US196 Akil Baddoo, Detroit Tigers

SP – celebrating
Base – batting

US197 Dylan Carlson, St. Louis Cardinals

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Dylan Carlson SP
SP – swinging
Base – batting stance, Rookie Debut

US200 Albert Pujols, Los Angeles Dodgers

SP – headband
SSP – with glove
Base – batting

US210 Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres

SP – Tony Gwynn batting
Base – Jorge Mateo

US210 Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres

SSP – Fernando Tatis Jr. with large necklace
Base – Jorge Mateo

US211 Luis Patino, Tampa Bay Rays

SP – light blue jersey, black glove
Base – navy blue jersey, blue glove

US216 Bo Jackson, Kansas City Royals

SP – Bo Jackson batting
Base – Michael Taylor

US223 Hank Aaron, Atlanta Braves

SP – Hank Aaron portrait
SSP – Hank Aaron with bat
Base – Ehire Adrianza

US224 Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays

Ultra – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. big head
Base – Steve Cishek

US227 Alek Manoah, Toronto Blue Jays

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Alek Manoah SP
SP – pointing
Base – pitching

US242 Don Mattingly, New York Yankees

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Don Mattingly SP
SP – Don Mattingly batting
Base – Dillon Tate

US243 Stan Musial, St. Louis Cardinals

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Stan Musial SSP
SSP – Stan Musial batting
Base – Lane Thomas

US247 Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees

SP – Reggie Jackson batting
Base – Estevan Florial Rookie Debut

US247 Babe Ruth, New York Yankees

SSP – Babe Ruth signing autograph
Base – Estevan Florial Rookie Debut

US250 Alec Bohm, Philadelphia Phillies

SP – fist out
Base – fielding, Rookie Debut

US253 Willie Mays, San Francisco Giants

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Willie Mays SP
SP – Willie Mays swinging
SSP – empty stands
Base – Steven Duggar

US257 Ke’Bryan Hayes, Pittsburgh Pirates

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Ke'Bryan Hayes SP
SP – hand up, sunglasses
Base – throwing, Rookie Debut

US258 Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Lou Gehrig SP
SP – Lou Gehrig in dugout
SSP – Lou Gehrig swinging
Base – Rougned Odor

US263 Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braves

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Ronald Acuna Jr. SP
SP – close-up photo, wearing eye black
SSP – yellow gloves
Base – John Gant

US265 Ryan Mountcastle, Baltimore Orioles

SP – orange shirt
Base – black jersey, Rookie Debut

US267 Joey Bart, San Francisco Giants

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Joey Bart SP
SP – catcher’s gear
Base – batting, Rookie Debut

US268 Geraldo Perdomo, Arizona Diamondbacks

SP – gray jersey
Base – red jersey

US286 Jonathan India, Cincinnati Reds

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Jonathan India SP
SP – sliding
Base – batting

US292 Cal Ripken Jr., Baltimore Orioles

SSP – Cal Ripken Jr. throwing
Base – Freddy Galvis

US294 Roy Campanella, Brooklyn Dodgers

SSP – Roy Campanella batting
Base – Matt Beaty

US295 Cristian Pache, Atlanta Braves

SP – with glove
Base – back of jersey, Rookie Debut

US300 George Brett, Kansas City Royals

SP – George Brett fielding
Base – Andrew Benintendi

US302 Jarred Kelenic, Seattle Mariners

SP – raising elbows with Kyle Lewis
SSP – warm-up shirt
Base – batting

US309 Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers

SP – Jackie Robinson batting
SSP – Jackie Robinson with autograph book
Base – Keibert Ruiz Rookie Debut

US312 Andrew Vaughn, Chicago White Sox

SP – reaching up at wall
2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations Andrew Vaughn SSP
SSP – walking and flashing peace sign
Base – batting, throwback jersey

US313 Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves

SP – Chipper Jones waving
Base – Pablo Sandoval

US318 Logan Gilbert, Seattle Mariners

SP – full-body photo
Base – poppy on front of jersey

US330 Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals

2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations 330 Nolan Arenado SP
SP – looking up
2021 Topps Update Series Baseball Variations 330 Nolan Arenado SSP
SSP – wearing beanie, fielding
Base – white jersey, yelling

US330 Juan Soto, Washington Nationals

Ultra – Juan Soto big head
Base – Nolan Arenado yelling


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  1. Dale 27 October, 2021 at 19:07

    I have a Jake Lamb basic card with a CMP code that ends in 419. It also has a limited gold stamp number on the back “113/300”. I was hoping you would be able to give me a little more insight and information on this card. Thank you.

  2. Ed Sekula 1 November, 2021 at 08:33

    SP needs to be added

    US76b – Victor Gonzlaez Los Angeles Dodgers
    VAR: Kneeling on mound

    Can send photo if needed, just let me know where.

  3. Christopher Crowley 3 November, 2021 at 00:15

    I have a Archie Bradley (US64) with a 419 code along with a 109/300 gold number. I’m assuming it’s a advanced stat record as well.

  4. Nick 24 November, 2021 at 21:19

    just got back into card collecting….did it as a child in the 80s but just bought a small box of update series 2021 and got a Ronald Acuna vintage looking card that is autographed….is this a REAL autograph??? I know nothing about cards anymore! lol Thanks in advance

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