2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Checklist and Details


2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 is an affordable way to dive into trading cards for the Disney+ show. If you collected the main Mandalorian Season 1 and Season 2 sets from Topps, this is probably an easy skip. However, if the small boxes and high prices prevented you from building a set or some of its inserts, this is definitely an option.

Available widely in the UK and other parts of Europe, the bulk of the checklist simply reprints the earlier hobby releases. There are a few additions and differences, but not much.

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Checklist Overview

The base set has 156 total cards, 78 for each season. That’s down from the original 100 the original individual releases had but it covers the major moments. Designs carry over, which means the first 78 cards look different from the second half.

A handful of insert sets are reprinted as well. That said, they’re not a major chase and appear to be about as common as the main set. These include Aliens and Creatures (10 cards), Comic Covers (six cards), Concept Art (18 cards) and Tools of the Bounty Hunter (10 cards).

Character Cards are also reprinted as foil inserts. There are 25 in total here, a mix of the similar inserts in the separate hobby releases. Character parallels include Yellow, Green (/299), Blue (/99), Purple (/50), Orange (/25), Turquoise (/10), Red (/5) and Gold (1/1).

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Characters Koska Reeves

Six Crystal inserts are exclusive to the UK release. Landing 1:12 packs, these are printed on acetate.

The UK set also has six autographs, although these are extremely scarce.

Premium boxes are also available that are similar to hanger boxes found for many retail products in North America. These have just one pack, but it’s a big one. Premium boxes deliver 100 cards, six of which are Characters parallels.

A starter kit is highlighted by a small binder meant to house the set. Kits also have a booklet outlining the set and it’s many parts plus two packs of cards to get collectors going.

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 at a glance:

Cards per pack: Display – 24, Premium – 100
Packs per box: Display – 10, Premium – 1
Set size: 156 cards
Release date: November, 2021

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2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Checklist

You can also download a customizable spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

156 cards.

Season 1

1 Enter the Hunter
2 Showdown with the Empire
3 The Client
4 The Mandalorian Foundling
5 Forging the Pauldron
6 The Helpful Kuiil
7 IG-11
8 Do Not Self-Destruct
9 A Deadly Disagreement
10 Secret Bounty
11 Crushing the Hunters
12 Hoping to Help
13 Defending the Razor Crest
14 Sandcrawler Pursuit
15 Jawas on the Defensive
16 Another Assist from Kuiil
17 The Negotiation
18 The Adorable Observer
19 One Final Option
20 The Mudhorn Stopped!

21 Delivering the “Asset”
22 Paid in Beskar Steel
23 Forging New Armor
24 Drawing a Crowd
25 Another Meeting with Greef
26 A Change of Heart
27 Taking the Child
28 The Fight Is On
29 Rescue is the Way
30 Reunited and Away!
31 Village Under Siege
32 Little Green Button Pusher
33 The Village Sanctuary
34 The Child’s New Friends
35 The AT-ST Has Awoken
36 The Village Fights Back
37 Grossing out the Kids
38 A Word with Omera
39 Found!
40 Moving On

41 Pursuit and Escape
42 In the Care of Peli Motto
43 Looking for Work
44 Peli’s New Job
45 Bounty Bait
46 The Plan for Fennec Shand
47 Fennec Shand Captured
48 Discovering Toro’s Change of Plan
49 Safe and Sound
50 Old “Friends,” New Job
51 The Crew Assembled
52 The Mandalorian’s Secret Passenger
53 The Mission Begins
54 Pure Firepower
55 No Match for the Mandalorian
56 An Unexpected Complication
57 Evasion Tactics
58 The New Republic Closes In
59 Off and Away Again
60 Touching Base with Greef Karga

61 A Friendly Face
62 Recruiting Kuiil
63 The Assassin Reborn
64 Remote Rendezvous
65 The Healing
66 Pinned Down by Imperials
67 Moff Gideon’s Arrival
68 Kuiil and the Kid
69 Scout Troopers Standing By
70 IG-11’s Rescue
71 Plowing Through Imperials
72 Showdown in the Streets of Nevarro
73 The Incinerator Trooper
74 Fate of the Mandalorians
75 Granted a Signet
76 The Armorer Unleashed
77 The Mandalorian Takes Off
78 Successful and Reunited

Season 2

79 The Meeting with Gor Koresh
80 Discussions Gone Wrong
81 Stranger in Town
82 Coming of the Krayt
83 In Search of the Mighty Dragon
84 Cobb Vanth’s Tale
85 Taking Back Mos Pelgo
86 The First Plan Unfolds
87 The Krayt Dragon Attacks!
88 The Mandalorian’s Bold Move
89 Returning the Armor
90 Return to Mos Eisley
91 Peli’s Sketchy Lead
92 The Passenger
93 An Unacceptable Snack
94 Intercepted by the New Republic
95 Snacking on Spiders
96 Waking Up the Beast
97 Shoot-Out to Escape
98 Attack from Above
99 The Ice Beast Returns
100 Saved by the New Republic

101 Dropping into Trask
102 Attacked by Chowder
103 Sailing into a Trap
104 An Unexpected Rescue
105 Bo-Katan Revealed
106 Another Unlikely Intervention
107 Striking a Deal
108 Storming the Imperial Cruiser
109 Alerting Moff Gideon
110 Keeping Her Word
111 The Child’s New Friend
112 Cookie Envy
113 Snacktime Achieved
114 Pieces of the Puzzle
115 Trapped…or Not
116 A Daring Escape Plan
117 Speeder Bike Pursuit
118 Chasing the Transport
119 TIE Fighter Assault
120 Mando’s Big Save

121 Aftermath and the New Republic
122 Good News for Moff Gideon
123 One with the Force
124 Meeting the Jedi
125 Reintroduction
126 Trials in the Force
127 A Powerful Connection
128 Ahsoka’s Invasion
129 Battle Against Beskar
130 One Last Assault
131 Searching for Thrawn
132 The Child and the Stone
133 The Unexpected Visitor
134 Boba’s Brutal Assault
135 Finishing Moves
136 Fennec Fires!
137 The Legend Returns
138 Taking Aim
139 Making a Solid Crew
140 Enter the Dark Troopers

141 The Mission In
142 The Pirate Assault
143 Saved by the…Empire?!
144 Din Breaking In
145 Echoes of the Past
146 The Escape
147 Gideon’s Prize Force
148 Threats of the Moff
149 The Mysterious Savior
150 Clearing the Frigate
151 Coming Face to Face
152 Tremors in the Force
153 The Jedi Revealed
154 A Proper Good-Bye
155 The Child’s New Journey
156 A Familiar Dais

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Checklist Top


2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Checklist – Autographs

6 cards.

SWA-KU Nick Nolte
SWA-GK Carl Weathers
SWA-MG Giancarlo Esposito
SWA-TW Taika Waititi
SWA-MO Temuera Morrison
SWA-OA Omid Abtahi

Checklist Top


2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Checklist – Inserts

Aliens and Creatures Checklist

10 cards.

Buy on:

AC1 Blurrg
AC2 Bantha
AC3 Jawa
AC4 Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
AC5 Mudhorn
AC6 Mythrol
AC7 Tooka
AC8 Dewback
AC9 Klatoonian
AC10 Ravinak

Characters Checklist

25 cards.
1:1.4 packs.

Buy on:


  • Yellow (1:4 packs)
  • Green – /299 (1:273 packs)
  • Blue – /99 (1:825 packs)
  • Purple – /50 (1:1,635 packs)
  • Orange – /25 (1:3,265 packs)
  • Turquoise – /10 (1:8,162 packs)
  • Red – /5 (1:16,324 packs)
  • Gold – 1/1 (1:81,619 packs)

C1 The Mandalorian
C2 The Child
C3 Kuiil
C4 Greef Karga
C5 IG-11
C6 The Client
C7 Dr. Pershing
C8 Moff Gideon
C9 The Armorer
C10 Fennec Shand
C11 Mayfeld
C12 Imperial Death Trooper
C13 Zero
C14 Remnant Stormtrooper
C15 The Mandalorian
C16 The Child
C17 Moff Gideon
C18 Stormtrooper
C19 Cobb Vanth
C20 Dark Trooper
C21 Axe Woves
C22 Bo-Katan Kryze
C23 Koska Reeves
C24 Ahsoka Tano
C25 Boba Fett

Comic Covers Checklist

6 cards.

Buy on:

CC1 Mandalorian Crouching
CC2 Hang On, This Might Get a Little Bumpy
CC3 Stronger Than You Think
CC4 Long Live the Empire!
CC5 This Is the Way
CC6 Hello Friend

Concept Art Checklist

18 cards.

Buy on:

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Concept Art


Crystal Checklist

6 cards.
1:12 packs.

Buy on:

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 Crystal Mandalorian

CR1 Bo-Katan Kryze
CR2 The Mandalorian
CR3 The Child
CR4 Moff Gideon
CR5 Ahsoka Tano
CR6 Boba Fett

Tools of the Bounty Hunter Checklist

10 cards.

Buy on:

2021 Topps UK Star Wars: The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2

TB1 The Razor Crest
TB2 Amban Rifle
TB3 Grav Charge
TB4 Flame Projector
TB5 Mandalorian Helmet
TB6 Whispering Birds
TB7 Vibroblades
TB8 Beskar Armor
TB9 Grappling Cable
TB10 Jetpack

Checklist Top


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