2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist and Details

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2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation is taking collectors on a trip. Travelling and all it entails is the theme for the year’s second flagship-style GPK release.

Keeping pace with similar sets over the last few years, there’s two different configurations at the hobby level, hobby display and hobby collector. One takes a fairly basic approach to the product while collector boxes come with several added chase elements and exclusives.

2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist Overview

The base set is a 200-card affair with 100 different pieces of art, each getting the typical A and B Name variations. The running theme of the gags is travelling.

2021 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Sun Bernie

Parallels come in several levels, some of which are exclusive to specific pack types:

  • Booger Green – 1 per retail and hobby display pack
  • Bruised Black – 1 per hobby collector box
  • Blood Red – /75 (hobby collector only)
  • Route 66 Asphalt – /66
  • Fool’s Gold – /50
  • Printing Plates – 1/1

Artist Autograph parallels are also available. These have on-card signatures.

Famous Landmarks by Tom Bunk features new art from the Garbage Pail Kids legend. Each showcases a GPK-ed famous landmark. Exclusive to display boxes, these are 1:3 packs.

Mashing up two Topps brands, Pack Your Bag Wacky Packages take popular travel products and poke fun at them with Garbage Pail Kids through a Wacky Packs lens. These are one per hobby collector box.

Among the premium inserts on the checklist are hobby collector-exclusive State Quarter Relics (/99). Nearly all 50 special edition state quarters are used in this set, which embeds the coin inside the card.

Regular sketch cards are only in hobby and retail display packs. Hobby collector packs are home to Shaped and Triptych Sketch Cards.

GPK Luggage Tags are meant to deck out collectors’ suitcases and make them standout at airport carousels around the world. These are toppers in hobby collector boxes.

This set was originally scheduled to be released all the way back in 2021. After several delays, Topps ultimately decided to make it the first full GPK release of 2023.

2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 8, Hobby Collector – 9
Packs per box: Hobby – 24, Hobby Collector – 24
Boxes per case: Hobby – 8, Hobby Collector – 8
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: February 22, 2023

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Famous Landmarks by Tom Bunk – 8
  • Booger Green Parallels – 24

What to expect in a hobby collector box:

  • Pack Your Bags Wacky Packages – 1
  • Bruised Black Parallels – 1
  • Hits/Premium Inserts – 1
  • Luggage Tags – 1

2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist

You can also download a spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

200 cards.


Booger Green – (1 per hobby/retail pack)
Bruised Black – (1 per hobby collector pack)
Blood Red – /75 (hobby collector only)
Route 66 Asphalt – /66
Fool’s Gold – /50
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1a Sand Potty SCOTTY
1b JASON Beach Basin
2a Cruisin’ SUSAN
2b Cruise Ship SHERRY
3a ROCKO Fella
3b Slimey RILEY
4a Poled PAUL
4b Impaled DALE
5a Fightin’ PHIL
5b Furious PHYLLIS
6a WILL You Shut Up!
6b Annoyed ANDY
7a Peaked PETE
8a HITCH Hiker
8b THEO Thumb
9b VIVIAN Vegas
10a Lethal CECIL
10b Hunted HUNTER
11a Rain FORREST
11b AMAD Amazon
12a Mobile HOMER
12b Camper CARA
13a Lighter Than AARON
13b Balloon BAILEY
14a Suitcase CHASE
14b Unstuffed STEFFAN
15a ESTHER Island
15b Stone-Faced STELLA
16a Sandy SANDY
16b BEA Beach
17a Pooped PIERRE
17b Grunting GASTON
18a TYLER Tanic
18b Bobbin’ BOB
19a ARTIE of Massage
19b Shiat-STU
20a Whirl WENDY
20b TINA Cup
21a Nasty NICK
21b Evil EDDIE
22a WYATT Water
22b Rafting RICK
23a SCOTT Tub
23b JACQUE Cuzzi
24a BEN Snorkeling
24b Fishy FISHER
25a Nutty BUDDY
25b Plane Snack PETE

26a Tiki BART
26b Mai TY
27a Brain LES
27b Vacate TED
28a Up CHUCK
28b Gagging GARY
29a Conch SHELLY
30a FRIDA Roam
30b Fastened FANNY
31a Passed PORTER
31b Denied DENNY
32a Floral LAUREL
32b Hawaii HOWIE
33a Hardwood HEIDI
33b Unclogged CHLOE
34a Rough LANDON
34b Turbu LANCE
35a Husky HOWIE
35b Carved CARLOS
36a GARY Gas Pump
36b Fueled FLOYD
37a CLIFF Hanger
37b CLINT Clinger
38a Tent TRENT
38b GREY Pooped On
39a GARTH Goyle
39b NORTON Dame
40a Zipping ZEKE
40b Weeee! WEAVER
41a Space BILL
41b WINNIE Bago
42a Wallopped WALLY
42b Crashin’ CLARK
43a Blow HOLLY
43b Snots ANYA
44a Buried BARRY
44b Beach Head JED
45b BUD n’ Breakfast
46a Coco NAT
46b Cracked ZACK
47a CARA Carousel
47b Claimed CLARICE
48a Splash MILTON
48b Log Flume LOGAN
49a Metal TED
49b Heavy HARVEY
50a BILLIE Bidet
50b Hygenic HEINE

51a KERRY On
51b Suit CASSIE
52a Cowabunga CAL
52b Gnarly NILES
53a Lei LOU
53b NATE Strangulate
54a Sis TINA
54b Rowdy RENEE
55a Twilight JOAN
55b Airplane JANE
56a Observation DECKER
56b DOAN Look Down
57a Flighty FAITH
57b Inflated IRENA
58a Mask Off MADDIE
58b Face Peel FAY
59a Pool PAUL
59b Wet WADE
60a #Oopsie DAISY
60b #MISSy-Stake
61a HANK Ten
61b Wavy DAVY
62a PalmTRINA
62b CARRIE Bean
63a Smoke KEN
64a CHET T-Shirt
64b Spring BROCK
65a Hit the RHODA
65b LYDIA Liberty
66a Absconding ABBY
66b Stealing STELLA
67a MARTY Cycle
67b Handlebar HOWARD
68a BONNIE Ears
68b Rockin’ ROLAND
69a Drenched DAKOTA
69b State PARKER
70a Urinate TED
70b Pee KING
71a Feather HEATHER
71b RITA Rio
72a Coney CONNER
72b Pier PIERRE
73a Clogged DUANE
73b Swirl EARL
74a THELMA Theme Park
74b Amusement LARK
75a ROYAL Guard
75b Palace PRESTON

76a MANNY Eater
76b Chomped CHESTER
77a Water Ski BRIE
77b Leaky LINDSAY
78a Lava FLO
78b Melty MEL
79a Half NELSON
79b SUMMER Chillin’
80a Tour REECE
80b Guide BECK
81a SUE Venir
81b Flo RITA
82a Canoe LOU
82b Deliver VINCE
83a Horseback HOLLY
83b HOLDA Horses
84a WALKER of Fame
84b Hollywood WOODY
85a SKYLAR Ski Lift
85b BRAD Taste
86a HANNA Lulu
86b Wai KIKI
87a JOAN Henge
87b Last JUAN Standing
88a ANGELA A-Roma
88b Fartin’ FLORA
89a Sailing SAL
89b Adrift ADRIAN
90a Tee-Vee STEVIE
90b Geeky GARY
91a COLE Faithful
91b Gusher GUS
92a Sun BERNIE
92b TANNER Lines
93a Tourist TRAPPER
93b Scam PAM
94a Boozin SUZAN
94b WINNIE Wienerschnitzel
95a Leaning LENA
95b Posing POSEY
96a Rollin’ ROLLAND
96b Luggage Wheel LEE
97a Sly SLY
97b Sockin’ ROCKY
98a Wizarding WANDA
98b Universal URSULA
99a ADAM Bomb
99b MURRAY Mural
100a Water FALLON
100b Cascading CASEY

2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist Top


2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist – Autographs

Artist Autographs Checklist

97 cards.

1 Sand Potty SCOTTY /75
2 Cruisin’ SUSAN /75
3 ROCKO Fella /75
4 Poled PAUL /75
5 Fightin’ PHIL /75
6 WILL You Shut Up! /75
7 Peaked PETE /75
8 HITCH Hiker /75
9 JACKIE Pot /75
10 Lethal CECIL /75
11 Rain FORREST /75
12 Mobile HOMER /75
13 Lighter Than AARON /75
14 Suitcase CHASE /75
15 ESTHER Island /75
16 Sandy SANDY /75
17 Pooped PIERRE /75
18 TYLER Tanic /75
20 Whirl WENDY /75
21 Nasty NICK /75
22 WYATT Water /75
23 SCOTT Tub /75
24 BEN Snorkeling /75
25 Nutty BUDDY /75
26 Tiki BART /75
27 Brain LES /75
28 Up CHUCK /75
29 Conch SHELLY /75
30 FRIDA Roam /75
31 Passed PORTER /75
32 Floral LAUREL /75
33 Hardwood HEIDI /75
34 Rough LANDON /75
35 Husky HOWIE /75
36 GARY Gas Pump /75
37 CLIFF Hanger /75
38 Tent TRENT /75
39 GARTH Goyle /75
40 Zipping ZEKE /75
41 Space BILL /75
42 Wallopped WALLY /75
43 Blow HOLLY /75
44 Buried BARRY /75
45 ARI BNB /75
46 Coco NAT /75
47 CARA Carousel /75
48 Splash MILTON /75
49 Metal TED /75
50 BILLIE Bidet /75

51 KERRY On /75
52 Cowabunga CAL /75
53 Lei LOU /75
54 Sis TINA /75
55 Twilight JOAN /75
56 Observation DECKER /75
57 Flighty FAITH /75
58 Mask Off MADDIE /75
59 Pool PAUL /75
60 #Oopsie DAISY /75
61 HANK Ten /75
62 PalmTRINA /75
63 Smoke KEN /75
64 CHET T-Shirt /75
65 Hit the RHODA /75
67 MARTY Cycle /75
68 BONNIE Ears /75
69 Drenched DAKOTA /75
70 Urinate TED /75
71 Feather HEATHER /75
72 Coney CONNER /75
73 Clogged DUANE /75
74 THELMA Theme Park /75
75 ROYAL Guard /75
76 MANNY Eater /75
77 Water Ski BRIE /75
78 Lava FLO /75
79 Half NELSON /75
80 Tour REECE /75
81 SUE Venir /75
82 Canoe LOU /75
83 Horseback HOLLY /75
84 WALKER of Fame /75
85 SKYLAR Ski Lift /75
86 HANNA Lulu /75
87 JOAN Henge /75
88 ANGELA A-Roma /75
89 Sailing SAL /75
90 Tee-Vee STEVIE /75
91 COLE Faithful /75
92 Sun BERNIE /75
93 Tourist TRAPPER /75
94 Boozin SUZAN /75
95 Leaning LENA /75
96 Rollin’ ROLLAND /75
97 Sly SLY /75
98 Wizarding WANDA /75
99 ADAM Bomb /75

Checklist Top


2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist – Memorabilia Cards

State Quarters Checklist

49 cards.
Hobby Collector only.

SQ-AK Alaska /99
SQ-AL Alabama /99
SQ-AR Arkansas /99
SQ-AZ Arizona /99
SQ-CA California /99
SQ-CO Colorado /99
SQ-CT Connecticut /99
SQ-DE Delaware /99
SQ-FL Florida /99
SQ-GA Georgia /99
SQ-HI Hawaiʻi /99
SQ-IA Iowa /99
SQ-ID Idaho /99
SQ-IL Illinois /99
SQ-IN Indiana /99
SQ-KS Kansas /99
SQ-KY Kentucky /99
SQ-LA Louisiana /99
SQ-MA Massachusetts /99
SQ-MD Maryland /99
SQ-ME Maine /99
SQ-MI Michigan /99
SQ-MN Minnesota /99
SQ-MO Missouri /99
SQ-MS Mississippi /99
SQ-MT Montana /99
SQ-NC North Carolina /99
SQ-ND North Dakota /99
SQ-NE Nebraska /99
SQ-NH New Hampshire /99
SQ-NJ New Jersey /99
SQ-NM New Mexico /99
SQ-NV Nevada /99
SQ-NY New York /99
SQ-OH Ohio /99
SQ-OK Oklahoma /99
SQ-OR Oregon /99
SQ-PA Pennsylvania /99
SQ-RI Rhode Island /99
SQ-SC South Carolina /99
SQ-SD South Dakota /99
SQ-TN Tennessee /99
SQ-TX Texas /99
SQ-UT Utah /99
SQ-VA Virginia /99
SQ-VT Vermont /99
SQ-WA Washington /99
SQ-WI Wisconsin /99
SQ-WV West Virginia /99

Checklist Top


2023 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: GPK Goes on Vacation Checklist – Inserts

Base Stickers Short Prints Checklist

9 cards.

SP-1 Cluttered CLAY
SP-2 Emcee EM
SP-3 Magnificent MARK
SP-4 Jinxed JEREMY
SP-5 JACKIE of All Trades
SP-6 Wreck-It RYAN
SP-7 NEIL Camera
SP-8 TOM Junk
SP-9 Blarin’ AARON

Bumper Stickers Checklist

8 cards.

BS-1 New York
BS-2 Alaska
BS-3 Las Vegas
BS-4 Hollywood
BS-5 Egypt
BS-6 Miami
BS-7 Salem
BS-8 Transylvania

Don’t Make Me Pull This Car Over Checklist

20 cards.

1a Mashed MATT
1b Backseat BILL
2a Sun RUTH
2b Don’t Bug MIA
3a WINTON My Pants
3b HOLDEN for Miles
4a Bumper BILLY
4b Decorated DEREK
5a Decal AL
5b Vinyl VINCE
6a Speedy SPENCER
6b Drippy DREW
7a Roof Rack JACK
7b Stinky STANLEY
8a Car Sick NICK
8b Motion Sick NESSIE
9a Hands-On HANS
9b SEYMOUR Hands
10a Packed MAX
10b Trunk PHIL

Famous Landmarks Checklist

10 cards.

1a WALTER Falls
1b Niagara CHUCK
2a Venice DENICE
2b Sinking SUZAN
3a North PAUL
3b For the GRAHAM
4a Splat PAT
4b Flat FRED
5a PAM Peii
5b VIOLET Eruption

Pack Your Bag Wacky Packages Checklist

10 cards.
Hobby Collector only.

WP-1 Chap Nick
WP-2 Crude
WP-3 John John’s Baby Shampoop
WP-4 Poopto Bismol
WP-5 Nope
WP-6 Toot of the Loom
WP-7 Crispertone
WP-8 Kind of a Granola Bar
WP-9 Mad Fibs
WP-10 Foodor’s Travel

Sketch Cards Checklist

51 artists.

David Acevedo
Simone Arena
Andrew Artz
Robert Ball
Bobby Blakey
John Brewer
Emma Burges
Neil Camera
Anutpong Chaimuang
Slippa Chervascus
Daniel Contois
Jasmine Contois
Sebastian Cortez
Jeffrey Cox
Jason Crosby
David Dabila
Adam Dobrzeniecki
Robert el smetcho Garcia
Joey Fitchett
Patrick Giles
Kelly Greider
Joe Grotesque
Jason Heil
Lowell Isaac Hildebrandt
Robert Jimenez
Rory McQueen
Victor Moreno
Ryan Morrison
Nik Muggli
Erik Muller
B. Nygma
Mark Parisi
Darrin Pepe
Todd Rayner
Cathy Razim
Chad Scheres
Brent Scotchmer
Bekki Sharp
Mike Stephens
Brandhen Synder
Greg Tilson
RJ Tomascik
Gavin Williams

Checklist Top

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