2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Checklist and Details

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As a brand, Topps Inception has been around since 2011. However, 2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball marks its debut in the sport. It may focus on the developmental league, but the attention is still on autographs and bold designs.

Hobby boxes have seven cards, two of which are autographs.

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Checklist Overview

Topps continues to grow its Overtime Elite portfolio. First, it was Topps Now. There’s also a 2021-22 Topps Chrome set. Inception brings it more high-end. No matter the set, the foundation remains the same, offering some of the earliest cards for developmental talent not just for the 2022 NBA Draft but future years as well.

The base set borrows from the 2021 Topps Inception Baseball design. Consisting of 100 cards, there’s an abstract modernist look in the background to go with a filtered player image.

Parallels, which combine to land two per box, are available in eight levels:

  • Blue – /199
  • Yellow – /150
  • Magenta – /99
  • Red – /75
  • Orange – /50
  • Aqua – /25
  • Inception – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1


Base Autographs use a similar design, adding a signature to the mix. These have their own Magenta (/99), Red (/75), Orange (/50), Blue (/25), Aqua (/10) and Inception (1/1) parallels.

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Base Autographs Aqua Jalen Lewis

Inception Silver Signings get their name from the color of the ink used for the autograph. These use a dark background to help the signature stand out. Gold Ink (/25) and Gold Inscription (1/1) versions are also available.

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Silver Signings

Several autographed memorabilia inserts are also available.

These start with Inception Autograph Relics. Base versions all have serial numbers. So do the parallels: Magenta, Red (/25), Sneaker Relic (/25), Orange (/10), Sneaker Relic Orange, Blue (/6), Inception (1/1), and Sneaker Relic Logo (1/1).

Autograph Jumbo Relics come with oversized swatches. Some of the parallels also incorporate other pieces of memorabilia. Levels for these come in Orange (/25), Blue (/10), Jumbo Basketball (/5), Jumbo Net (/5), Sneaker Orange (/2), Inception (1/1) and Sneaker Brand Logo (1/1).

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Autograph Jumbo Relic Sneaker

More ball pieces are available in Autograph Game Ball Relics (/25). Net Relic (/5) and Logo (1/1) versions can be found as well.

Autograph relic book card themes in 2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball include Gameday Gear Autograph Relics (/5), Autograph Team Name (/5) and Dual Autograph Relic (/5). All three have additional one-of-one parallels.

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 7
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 16
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: August 24, 2022

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 2
  • Parallels – 2
  • Base Cards – 3

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Checklist

You can also download a customizable spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.


  • Blue – /199
  • Yellow – /150
  • Magenta – /99
  • Red – /75
  • Orange – /50
  • Aqua – /25
  • Inception – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1 Ausar Thompson
2 TJ Clark
3 Jahzare Jackson
4 Tyler Smith
5 Bryson Warren
6 TJ Clark
7 Kok Yat
8 Kok Yat
9 Jahzare Jackson
10 Dominick Barlow
11 Jean Montero
12 Amen Thompson
13 De’Vontes Cobbs
14 Dominick Barlow
15 Malik Bowman
16 Matt Bewley
17 Matt Bewley
18 Bryson Warren
19 Tudor Somacescu
20 Dominick Barlow
21 Ausar Thompson
22 Emmanuel Maldonado
23 Amen Thompson
24 Ryan Bewley
25 Izan Almansa
26 Emmanuel Maldonado
27 De’Vontes Cobbs
28 Davion Mace
29 Tyler Smith
30 Jaylen Martin
31 Alexandre Sarr
32 Jahzare Jackson
33 Jalen Lewis
34 Nathan Missia-Dio
35 Malik Bowman
36 Malik Bowman
37 Alexandre Sarr
38 Jean Montero
39 Davion Mace
40 Jalen Lewis
41 Ryan Bewley
42 Matt Bewley
43 Johned Walker
44 Bryson Warren
45 Izan Almansa
46 Jahzare Jackson
47 Jaylen Martin
48 Ausar Thompson
49 Bryce Griggs
50 Lewis Duarte

51 Bryce Griggs
52 Kok Yat
53 Johned Walker
54 Emmanuel Maldonado
55 Alexandre Sarr
56 De’Vontes Cobbs
57 Ausar Thompson
58 Izan Almansa
59 Bryce Griggs
60 Jaylen Martin
61 De’Vontes Cobbs
62 Dominick Barlow
63 Amen Thompson
64 Nathan Missia-Dio
65 Matt Bewley
66 Johned Walker
67 Alexandre Sarr
68 Bryce Griggs
69 Nathan Missia-Dio
70 Nathan Missia-Dio
71 Izan Almansa
72 TJ Clark
73 Bryson Warren
74 Kok Yat
75 Amen Thompson
76 Lewis Duarte
77 Jalen Lewis
78 Emmanuel Maldonado
79 Lewis Duarte
80 Jai Smith
81 Davion Mace
82 Jazian Gortman
83 Malik Bowman
84 Jai Smith
85 Tyler Smith
86 Ryan Bewley
87 TJ Clark
88 Jalen Lewis
89 Jean Montero
90 Tudor Somacescu
91 Jai Smith
92 Jai Smith
93 Ryan Bewley
94 Jazian Gortman
95 Jaylen Martin
96 Jazian Gortman
97 Tudor Somacescu
98 Jazian Gortman
99 Jean Montero
100 Tyler Smith

2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Checklist Top


2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball Checklist – Autographs

Autographs Checklist

68 cards.


  • Magenta – /99
  • Red – /75
  • Orange – /50
  • Blue – /25
  • Aqua – /10
  • Inception – 1/1

IA-AS Alexandre Sarr
IA-AS2 Alexandre Sarr
IA-AT Amen Thompson
IA-AT2 Amen Thompson
IA-AT3 Amen Thompson
IA-ATH Ausar Thompson
IA-ATH2 Ausar Thompson
IA-ATH3 Ausar Thompson
IA-BG Bryce Griggs
IA-BG2 Bryce Griggs
IA-BG3 Bryce Griggs
IA-BW Bryson Warren
IA-BW2 Bryson Warren
IA-BW3 Bryson Warren
IA-DB Dominick Barlow
IA-DB2 Dominick Barlow
IA-DB3 Dominick Barlow
IA-DC De’Vontes Cobbs
IA-DC2 De’Vontes Cobbs
IA-DC3 De’Vontes Cobbs
IA-DM1 Davion Mace
IA-DM2 Davion Mace
IA-IA Izan Almansa
IA-IA2 Izan Almansa
IA-IA3 Izan Almansa
IA-JG Jazian Gortman
IA-JG2 Jazian Gortman
IA-JG3 Jazian Gortman
IA-JJ Jahzare Jackson
IA-JJ2 Jahzare Jackson
IA-JJ3 Jahzare Jackson
IA-JL Jalen Lewis
IA-JL2 Jalen Lewis
IA-JL3 Jalen Lewis

IA-JM Jaylen Martin
IA-JM2 Jaylen Martin
IA-JM3 Jaylen Martin
IA-JMO Jean Montero
IA-JMO2 Jean Montero
IA-JMO3 Jean Montero
IA-JS Jai Smith
IA-JS2 Jai Smith
IA-JW1 Johned Walker
IA-JW2 Johned Walker
IA-KY Kok Yat
IA-KY2 Kok Yat
IA-KY3 Kok Yat
IA-LD1 Lewis Duarte
IA-LD2 Lewis Duarte
IA-MB Matt Bewley
IA-MB2 Matt Bewley
IA-MB3 Matt Bewley
IA-MBO Malik Bowman
IA-MBO2 Malik Bowman
IA-MBO3 Malik Bowman
IA-NMD Nathan Missia-Dio
IA-NMD2 Nathan Missia-Dio
IA-NMD3 Nathan Missia-Dio
IA-RB Ryan Bewley
IA-RB2 Ryan Bewley
IA-RB3 Ryan Bewley
IA-TC TJ Clark
IA-TC2 TJ Clark
IA-TC3 TJ Clark
IA-TS Tyler Smith
IA-TS2 Tyler Smith
IA-TSO Tudor Somacescu
IA-TSO2 Tudor Somacescu

Gameday Gear Autograph Relic Books Checklist

9 cards.


  • Inception – 1/1

GGARBC-ATH Ausar Thompson /5
GGARBC-BG Bryce Griggs /5
GGARBC-JL Jalen Lewis /5
GGARBC-JM Jaylen Martin /5
GGARBC-JMO Jean Montero /5
GGARBC-MB Matt Bewley /5
GGARBC-MBO Malik Bowman /5
GGARBC-RB Ryan Bewley /5

Inception Autograph Game Ball Autographs Checklist

23 cards.


  • Net – /5
  • Logo – 1/1

AGBR-AS Alexandre Sarr /25
AGBR-AT Amen Thompson /25
AGBR-AUT Ausar Thompson /25
AGBR-BG Bryce Griggs /25
AGBR-BW Bryson Warren /25
AGBR-DB Dominick Barlow /25
AGBR-DC De’Vontes Cobbs /25
AGBR-IA Izan Almansa /25
AGBR-JG Jazian Gortman /25
AGBR-JJ Jahzare Jackson /25
AGBR-JL Jalen Lewis /25
AGBR-JM Jaylen Martin /25
AGBR-JMO Jean Montero /25
AGBR-JS Jai Smith /25
AGBR-JW Johned Walker /25
AGBR-KY Kok Yat /25
AGBR-MB Malik Bowman /25
AGBR-MBE Matt Bewley /25
AGBR-NMD Nathan Missia-Dio /25
AGBR-RB Ryan Bewley /25
AGBR-TC TJ Clark /25
AGBR-TS Tyler Smith /25
AGBR-TSO Tudor Somacescu /25

Inception Autograph Team Name Patch Book Cards Checklist

23 cards.


  • Jersey Nameplate
  • Laundry Tag – 1/1
  • Logo – 1/1
  • OTE Logo – 1/1

IATPBC-AS Alexandre Sarr /5
IATPBC-AT Amen Thompson /5
IATPBC-ATH Ausar Thompson /5
IATPBC-BG Bryce Griggs /5
IATPBC-BW Bryson Warren /5
IATPBC-DB Dominick Barlow /5
IATPBC-DC De’Vontes Cobbs /5
IATPBC-IA Izan Almansa /5
IATPBC-JG Jazian Gortman /5
IATPBC-JJ Jahzare Jackson /5
IATPBC-JL Jalen Lewis /5
IATPBC-JM Jaylen Martin /5
IATPBC-JMO Jean Montero /5
IATPBC-JS Jai Smith /5
IATPBC-KY Kok Yat /5
IATPBC-LD Lewis Duarte /5
IATPBC-MB Matt Bewley /5
IATPBC-MBO Malik Bowman /5
IATPBC-NMD Nathan Missia-Dio /5
IATPBC-RB Ryan Bewley /5
IATPBC-TS Tudor Somacescu /5
IATPBC-TSM Tyler Smith /5

Inception Autographed Jumbo Patch Checklist

26 cards.


  • Orange – /25
  • Blue – /10
  • Jumbo Basketball – /5
  • Net – /5
  • Sneaker – /2
  • Inception – 1/1
  • Sneaker Brand Logo – 1/1

IAJPC-AS Alexandre Sarr
IAJPC-AT Amen Thompson
IAJPC-AT2 Amen Thompson
IAJPC-ATH Ausar Thompson
IAJPC-ATH2 Ausar Thompson
IAJPC-BG Bryce Griggs
IAJPC-BW Bryson Warren
IAJPC-DB Dominick Barlow
IAJPC-DC De’Vontes Cobbs
IAJPC-DM Davion Mace
IAJPC-IA Izan Almansa
IAJPC-JG Jazian Gortman
IAJPC-JJ Jahzare Jackson
IAJPC-JL Jalen Lewis
IAJPC-JL2 Jalen Lewis
IAJPC-JM Jaylen Martin
IAJPC-JMO Jean Montero
IAJPC-JS Jai Smith
IAJPC-MB Matt Bewley
IAJPC-MBO Malik Bowman
IAJPC-NMD Nathan Missia-Dio
IAJPC-RB Ryan Bewley
IAJPC-TS Tyler Smith
IAJPC-TSO Tudor Somacescu

Inception Autographed Patch Checklist

46 cards.


  • Magenta
  • Red – /25
  • Sneaker – /25
  • Orange – /10
  • Sneaker Orange – /10
  • Blue – /6
  • Inception – 1/1
  • Sneaker Logo – 1/1

IAPC-AS Alexandre Sarr
IAPC-AS2 Alexandre Sarr
IAPC-AT Amen Thompson
IAPC-AT2 Amen Thompson
IAPC-ATH Ausar Thompson
IAPC-ATH2 Ausar Thompson
IAPC-BG Bryce Griggs
IAPC-BG2 Bryce Griggs
IAPC-BW Bryson Warren
IAPC-BW2 Bryson Warren
IAPC-DB Dominick Barlow
IAPC-DB2 Dominick Barlow
IAPC-DC De’Vontes Cobbs
IAPC-DC2 De’Vontes Cobbs
IAPC-DM Davion Mace
IAPC-IA Izan Almansa
IAPC-IA2 Izan Almansa
IAPC-JG Jazian Gortman
IAPC-JG2 Jazian Gortman
IAPC-JJ Jahzare Jackson
IAPC-JJ2 Jahzare Jackson
IAPC-JL Jalen Lewis
IAPC-JL2 Jalen Lewis
IAPC-JM Jaylen Martin
IAPC-JM2 Jaylen Martin
IAPC-JMO Jean Montero
IAPC-JMO2 Jean Montero
IAPC-JS Jai Smith
IAPC-JS2 Jai Smith
IAPC-JW Johned Walker
IAPC-KY2 Kok Yat
IAPC-LD Lewis Duarte
IAPC-MB Matt Bewley
IAPC-MB2 Matt Bewley
IAPC-MBO Malik Bowman
IAPC-MC Malik Bowman
IAPC-NMD Nathan Missia-Dio
IAPC-NMD2 Nathan Missia-Dio
IAPC-RB Ryan Bewley
IAPC-RB2 Ryan Bewley
IAPC-TS Tyler Smith
IAPC-TS2 Tyler Smith
IAPC-TSO Tudor Somacescu

Inception Dual Autograph Relic Books Checklist

11 cards.


  • Inception – 1/1

IDARBC-BB Ryan Bewley / Matt Bewley /5
IDARBC-CC TJ Clark / De’Vontes Cobbs /5
IDARBC-CL TJ Clark / Jalen Lewis /5
IDARBC-DS Nathan Missia-Dio / Alexandre Sarr /5
IDARBC-GG Bryce Griggs / Jazian Gortman /5
IDARBC-GM Jean Montero / Bryce Griggs /5
IDARBC-JB Dominick Barlow / Jahzare Jackson /5
IDARBC-ML Jalen Lewis / Jean Montero /5
IDARBC-SS Jai Smith / Tyler Smith /5
IDARBC-TT Ausar Thompson / Amen Thompson /5
IDARBC-YD Nathan Missia-Dio / Kok Yat /5

Inception Silver Signings Checklist

22 cards.


  • Gold Ink – /25
  • Gold Inscription – 1/1

ISS-AS Alexandre Sarr
ISS-AT Amen Thompson
ISS-ATH Ausar Thompson
ISS-BG Bryce Griggs
ISS-BW Bryson Warren
ISS-DB Dominick Barlow
ISS-DC De’Vontes Cobbs
ISS-IA Izan Almansa
ISS-JG Jazian Gortman
ISS-JJ Jahzare Jackson
ISS-JL Jalen Lewis
ISS-JM Jaylen Martin
ISS-JMO Jean Montero
ISS-JS Jai Smith
ISS-KY Kok Yat
ISS-MB Matt Bewley
ISS-MBO Malik Bowman
ISS-NMD Nathan Missia-Dio
ISS-RB Ryan Bewley
ISS-TS Tyler Smith
ISS-TSO Tudor Somacescu

Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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