2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Checklist and Details

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2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime trading cards don’t just look to Japanese art and culture for its designs, but its insert themes as well.

2020 Marvel Anime Checklist Overview

The 90-card base set highlights the artwork of Peach Momoko, a Marvel cover artist. Her work also appears in Heavy Metal. Cards given Marvel characters a manga-inspired makeover. Parallels come in a couple of foil forms. One translates the text on the back into Japanese. These also have four different levels, making building the parallel set more challenging. Artist Autographs, which land one per box, are also available.

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Captain Marvel


As with most of Upper Deck’s Marvel releases, the checklist includes several insert sets in a variety of rarities.

Three of the more common inserts — Idols, Kaiju and Mechanized — take from Japanese pop culture and look at Marvel characters in a different light. Idols takes seven superhero squads and puts them on stage as though they were pop stars. Kaiju delve into the giant creatures of the Marvel Universe. Finally, Mechanized imagines heroes into mechs, giant robots like in Transformers, Robotech and the Zords from Power Rangers. These three insert sets combine to land four per hobby box.

Hanafuda inserts, another place where Momoko’s art is on display, are designed like Japanese playing cards. Besides the designs, the card stock differs from other parts of the set.

Chibi inserts are mini cards that show Marvel characters in the distinct Chibi style. Like the cards themselves, the art is small and the designs are meant to evoke a sense of cute. Chibi is a tiered set with cards coming in three levels of rarity.

Rip cards are available in Capsule Characters. The main card can be opened up to reveal an exclusive mini card inside. As an added layer, the outer cards showcase teams. The mini cards go into individual members.

Sketch cards, which are one or two per case, come with original artwork. Some of these are done by Momoko.

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 16
Boxes per case: 16 (two 8-box inner cases)
Set size: 90 cards
Release date: October 14, 2020

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Artist Autographs – 1
  • Capsule Characters – 1
  • Stax – 3
  • Idols, Kaiju or Mechanized Inserts – 4
  • Foil Parallels – 4
  • Japanese Parallels – 2

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Checklist

You can also download a customizable spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Please note that print runs for cards without serial numbers have not been announced.


Base Set Checklist

90 cards.


  • Hyper Mosaic – (1:4 hobby, 1:4 e-Pack)
  • Japanese Mega Moon – (#1-36 – 1:12 packs, #37-63 – 1:30 packs, #64-81 – 1:72 packs, #82-90 – 1:360 packs)
  • Red Foil Artist Autographs (Peach Momoko) – /120

1 Captain Marvel
2 Wolverine
3 Iron Man
4 Hulk
5 Ghost Rider
6 Black Widow
7 Ultron
8 Gambit
9 Rogue
10 Cyclops
11 Ant-Man
12 Silver Samurai
13 Spider-Man
14 Falcon
15 Black Panther
16 Thor
17 Kid Kaiju
18 Adam Warlock
19 Captain America
20 Juggernaut
21 She-Hulk
22 Magneto
23 Spider-Woman
24 Sentry
25 Doctor Strange
26 Emma Frost
27 Mirage
28 Scarlet Witch
29 Quicksilver
30 Namor
31 Moon Knight
32 Wasp
33 Elektra
34 Dagger
35 Cloak
36 Thanos
37 Phoenix
38 Piper
39 Iron Lad
40 Black Knight
41 Psylocke
42 X-23
43 Nick Fury
44 Forge
45 Loki
46 Gamora
47 Beta Ray Bill
48 Onslaught
49 Nebula
50 Groot

51 Rocket Raccoon
52 Grandmaster
53 Winter Soldier
54 Iceman
55 Professor X
56 Colossus
57 Bucky Barnes
58 Black Bolt
59 Beast
60 Kitty Pryde
61 Luke Cage
62 Iron Fist
63 Daredevil
64 Jessica Jones
65 Cable
66 Domino
67 Angel
68 War Machine
69 Black Cat
70 Multiple Man
71 Vision
72 Blade
73 Nova
74 Wonder Man
75 Tigra
76 Strong Guy
77 Havok
78 Squirrel Girl
79 Howard The Duck
80 Jubilee
81 Green Goblin
82 Ghost Spider
83 Sunfire
84 Dazzler
85 Red Skull
86 Lady Sif
87 Deathlok
88 Punisher
89 Shatterstar
90 Bishop

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Checklist Top


2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Checklist – Inserts

Capsule Characters Checklist

5 cards.

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Capsule Characters Guardians of the Galaxy


  • Gold – /99
  • Red – /49

G-1 Avengers
G-2 X-Men
G-3 Defenders
G-4 Invaders
G-5 Guardians of the Galaxy

Capsule Characters Mini Gold Checklist

50 cards.
1 mini card inside each Capsule card.

Buy on:


  • Green – /10
  • Red – /5

CCM-1 Captain America
CCM-2 Thor
CCM-3 Black Widow
CCM-4 Hulk
CCM-5 Scarlet Witch
CCM-6 Hawkeye
CCM-7 Vision
CCM-8 Doctor Strange
CCM-9 Captain Marvel
CCM-10 Ant-Man
CCM-11 Luke Cage
CCM-12 Iron Fist
CCM-13 Daredevil
CCM-14 Jessica Jones
CCM-15 Hulk
CCM-16 Doctor Strange
CCM-17 She-Hulk
CCM-18 Hellcat
CCM-19 Nighthawk
CCM-20 Namor
CCM-21 Adam Warlock
CCM-22 Drax
CCM-23 Gamora
CCM-24 Groot
CCM-25 Nebula
CCM-26 Mantis
CCM-27 Quasar
CCM-28 Rocket Raccoon
CCM-29 Star-Lord
CCM-30 Yondu
CCM-31 Whizzer
CCM-32 Captain America
CCM-33 Winter Soldier
CCM-34 Namor
CCM-35 Thomas Raymond
CCM-36 Destroyer
CCM-37 Sam Wilson
CCM-38 Blonde Phantom
CCM-39 U.S. Agent
CCM-40 Captain America
CCM-41 Wolverine
CCM-42 Cyclops
CCM-43 Professor X
CCM-44 Beast
CCM-45 Storm
CCM-46 Beast
CCM-47 Rogue
CCM-48 Jean Grey
CCM-49 Colossus
CCM-50 Psylocke

Chibi Checklist

65 cards.

Buy on:

Tier 1

1:80 hobby, 1:80 e-Pack.

1 OF 65 Ant-Man
2 OF 65 Black Widow
3 OF 65 Captain Marvel
4 OF 65 Carnage
5 OF 65 Daredevil
6 OF 65 Captain America
7 OF 65 Drax
8 OF 65 Falcon
9 OF 65 Gamora
10 OF 65 Groot
11 OF 65 Hawkeye
12 OF 65 Hulk
13 OF 65 Iron Man
14 OF 65 Iron Fist
15 OF 65 Miles Morales
16 OF 65 Groot
17 OF 65 Nick Fury
18 OF 65 Nebula
19 OF 65 Rocket Raccoon
20 OF 65 Ronan
21 OF 65 She-Hulk
22 OF 65 Spider-Man
23 OF 65 Spider-Woman
24 OF 65 Star-Lord
25 OF 65 Thor
26 OF 65 Ultron
27 OF 65 Venom
28 OF 65 Vision
29 OF 65 Wasp
30 OF 65 Yondu

Tier 2

1:240 hobby, 1:240 e-Pack.

31 OF 65 Captain America
32 OF 65 Captain Marvel
33 OF 65 Carnage
34 OF 65 Daredevil
35 OF 65 Thor
36 OF 65 Star-Lord
37 OF 65 Spider-Man
38 OF 65 Miles Morales
39 OF 65 Ghost-Spider
40 OF 65 Drax
41 OF 65 Hulk
42 OF 65 Iron Man
43 OF 65 Falcon
44 OF 65 Groot
45 OF 65 Luke Cage
46 OF 65 Daredevil
47 OF 65 Wasp
48 OF 65 Doctor Strange
49 OF 65 Rocket Raccoon
50 OF 65 Gamora

Tier 3

1:800 hobby, 1:800 e-Pack.

51 OF 65 Yondu
52 OF 65 Nebula
53 OF 65 Guardians of the Galaxy
54 OF 65 Ronan
55 OF 65 Drax
56 OF 65 Black Panther
57 OF 65 Miles Morales
58 OF 65 Medusa
59 OF 65 Ultron
60 OF 65 Iron Fist

Tier 4

1:2,300 hobby, 1:2,300 e-Pack.

61 OF 65 Spider-Man
62 OF 65 Spider-Woman
63 OF 65 Captain Marvel
64 OF 65 Venom
65 OF 65 Ghost-Spider

Hanafuda Checklist

48 cards.
1:90 hobby, 1:90 e-Pack.
SP – 1:180 hobby, 1:180 e-Pack.
SSP – 1:600 hobby, 1:600 e-Pack.

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Hanafuda Ultron

P-1 Cloak
P-2 Dagger
P-3 Falcon
P-4 Adam Warlock
P-5 Luke Cage
P-6 She-Hulk
P-7 Jubilee
P-8 Iron Man
P-9 Vision
P-10 Jessica Jones
P-11 Moon Knight
P-12 Iron Fist
P-13 Red Skull SP
P-14 Thor SP
P-15 Black Panther SP
P-16 Ultron SP
P-17 Silver Samurai SP
P-18 Ghost Rider SP
P-19 Namor SP
P-20 Magneto SP
P-21 Wolverine SSP
P-22 Spider-Man SSP
P-23 Professor X SSP
P-24 Captain Marvel SSP
P-25 Dark Phoenix
P-26 Colossus
P-27 Beta Ray Bill
P-28 Ant-Man
P-29 Kitty Pryde
P-30 Gamora
P-31 Scarlet Witch
P-32 X-23
P-33 Blade
P-34 Nick Fury
P-35 Punisher
P-36 Sentry
P-37 Daredevil SP
P-38 Black Bolt SP
P-39 Cable SP
P-40 Rogue SP
P-41 Black Knight SP
P-42 Black Widow SP
P-43 Beast SP
P-44 Cyclops SP
P-45 Doctor Strange SSP
P-46 Hulk SSP
P-47 Domino SSP
P-48 Thanos SSP

Idols Checklist

7 cards.
1:13 hobby, 1:13 e-Pack.

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Idols

I-1 X-Men
I-2 Avengers
I-3 X-Force
I-4 Defenders
I-5 Guardians of the Galaxy
I-6 A-Force
I-7 Thunderbolts

Kaiju Checklist

8 cards.
1:13 hobby, 1:13 e-Pack.

Buy on:


  • Artist Autograph (J.P. Targete) – /60

K-1 Devil Dinosaur
K-2 Krakoa
K-3 Orrgo
K-4 Mangog
K-5 Fin Fang Foom
K-6 Monstrom
K-7 Man-Thing
K-8 Xemnu

Mechanized Checklist

10 cards.
1:10 hobby, 1:10 e-Pack.

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Mechanized


  • Artist Autograph (Jonathan Koelsch) – /60

M-1 Wolverine
M-2 Spider-Man
M-3 Black Widow
M-4 Captain America
M-5 Magneto
M-6 Storm
M-7 Hawkeye
M-8 Punisher
M-9 Deadpool
M-10 Scarlet Witch

Sketch Cards

105 artists.
1:80 hobby, 1:80 e-Pack.

Buy on:

Cathleen Abalos
Nikki Abrego
Melike Acar
Akane’s Chibi Art
Adam Angel
Brian Atkins
Andrei Ausch
Trey Baldwin
Wayne Barnes
Isiah X Bradley
Leon Braojos
Jomar Bulda
Kenny Calderon
Trever Scott Cameron
Kate Carleton
Eman Casallos
Aurelio Ceccacci
Marco Celix
Ahjay Cerezo
Kursat Cetiner
Daniel Chavez
Juri H Chinchilla
Justin Chung
Rene Cordova
Ra Dantas
Angelo de Capua
George Deep
Allen Douglas
Andy Duggan
Michael Locoduck Duron
Tony Esteves
Tim Fagaly
Andrew Fernandes
Mauro Fodra
Chris Foreman
Carlos Furuzono
Abdul Ghofur
Craig Hallums
Daniel HDR
Ray-Anthony Height
Anthony Helmer
Luro Hersal
Paul Hill
Martin Hsu
Fred Ian
Mai Irving
Jucylande Junior
Esin Karabenli
Tolunay Keskin
Henry Liao
Timothy Lim
Cleber Lima
Daniel Logan
Erick Marshall
Marlo L. Martos
Joven Mendoza
Barush Merling
Al Milgrom
Vicente Moavero
Hanie Mohd
Peach Momoko
Jason Montoya
Jake Myler
Don Nguyen
Ryan Odagawa
Dustin Panzino
Geoff Pascual
Gener Pedrina
Cathy Razim
Giovanni Ricco
Aaron Roberts
Sherwin Santiago
Mikhail Mythallica Sebastian
Tim Shinn
Yuriko Shirou
Scott D.M. Simmons
Tim Smith 3
Brian Soriano
Omar Soto
Sean Stannard
Anthony Tan
Joe Tolliver
Andre Toma
Lydi Li Tubillara
Sanna U.
K Van Dam
Gerardo “Todd” Vertiz
Long Vo
Brad Voth
J. Lynn Warner
Brandon Warren
Kaila Webb


1:16 hobby, 1:16 e-Pack.
SP – 1:180 hobby, 1:180 e-Pack.

Buy on:

Middle Layer

SS-1A Black Knight
SS-2A Cable
SS-3A Blade
SS-4A Howard The Duck
SS-5A She-Hulk
SS-6A Hulk
SS-7A Spider-Woman
SS-8A Sentry
SS-9A Namor
SS-10A Moon Knight
SS-11A Captain America SP
SS-12A Wolverine SP
SS-13A Iron Man SP
SS-14A Spider-Man SP
SS-15A Doctor Strange SP

Top Layer

SS-1B Black Knight
SS-2B Cable
SS-3B Blade
SS-4B Howard The Duck
SS-5B She-Hulk
SS-6B Hulk
SS-7B Spider-Woman
SS-8B Sentry
SS-9B Namor
SS-10B Moon Knight
SS-11B Captain America SP
SS-12B Wolverine SP
SS-13B Iron Man SP
SS-14B Spider-Man SP
SS-15B Doctor Strange SP

Bottom Layer

SS-1C Black Knight
SS-2C Cable
SS-3C Blade
SS-4C Howard The Duck
SS-5C She-Hulk
SS-6C Hulk
SS-7C Spider-Woman
SS-8C Sentry
SS-9C Namor
SS-10C Moon Knight
SS-11C Captain America SP
SS-12C Wolverine SP
SS-13C Iron Man SP
SS-14C Spider-Man SP
SS-15C Doctor Strange SP

2020 Upper Deck Marvel Anime Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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