2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Checklist and Details

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2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary trading cards delve into eight decades of comic history, but it does so with a modern twist. Available exclusively through Upper Deck’s e-Pack platform, it’s a mix of digital and physical elements.

Packs are opened digitally through e-Pack. And while some of the cards don’t have physical versions, all of the chase elements do.

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Base Set Basics

Besides the pack opening, the digital portion of 2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary is the base set. That means there are no actual copies to put in boxes and binders. Collections for these are held entirely through online e-Pack accounts.

It features 100 cards plus another 100 high series short prints, which land one per pack.

All are character-based.

A pair of parallels are also available. Like other inserts, these are physical cards that can be delivered. Retro cards can be found in packs. Color Spike parallels are unlocked by combining five copies of the same digital base card.

Retro Parallel

Color Spike Parallel


Like parallels, all inserts are available for delivery.

Comic Cover 3D Lenticular cards are just that. They take 18 iconic covers through the years and give them a new layer of depth — not to mention shrinking them down. The first dozen cards are 1:18 packs while six short prints are 1:90 packs.

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary 3D Lenticular Cover Spider-Man

Greatest Stories Puzzles take six major storylines and convert them each into a nine-card puzzle. At least one card in each puzzle is a short print, which combine to land 1:15 packs. Non-SPs are 1:1.1 packs.

It’s tough for a non-movie or TV Marvel set to have memorabilia cards as there aren’t any costumes to work with. Comic Clippings fill the void using panels and pieces of actual books. Each of these also highlight one of the comic’s creators with autograph versions available for some.

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Comic Clippings Daredevil

Sketch cards primarily cycle through different Marvel eras: Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age. Each has a different mix of characters. Oversized 3.5″ by 5″ sketch cards can also be found.

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary trading cards at a glance:

Set size: 200 cards
Release date: January 8, 2020

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Checklist


Base Set Checklist

200 cards.
High Series – #101-200.
Base versions are all digital.


Have physical copies available.

  • Retro – (Base – 1:5 packs, High Series – 1:2 packs)
  • Color Spike – (redeem 5 copies of the same digital Base or High Series card)

1 Namor
2 Ka-Zar
3 Captain America
4 Bucky Barnes
5 Blazing Skull
6 Black Marvel
7 Destroyer
8 Whizzer
9 Patsy Walker
10 Namora
11 Groot
12 Dr. Druid
13 Hank Pym
14 The Hulk
15 Rick Jones
16 Spider-Man
17 Thor
18 Balder The Brave
19 Heimdall
20 Iron Man
21 Nick Fury
22 Wasp
23 Doctor Strange
24 Angel
25 Beast

26 Cyclops
27 Iceman
28 Jean Grey
29 Professor X
30 Magneto
31 Quicksilver
32 Scarlet Witch
33 Lady Sif
34 Black Widow
35 Daredevil
36 Hawkeye
37 Wonder Man
38 Hercules
39 Mary Jane Watson
40 Gwen Stacey
41 Fandral
42 Hogun
43 Volstagg
44 Black Bolt
45 Medusa
46 Karnak
47 Gorgon
48 Triton
49 Lockjaw
50 Sharon Carter

51 Peggy Carter
52 Black Panther
53 Bill Foster
54 Banshee
55 Black Knight
56 Captain Marvel
57 Carol Danvers
58 Vision
59 Polaris
60 Major Victory
61 Martinex
62 Yondu
63 Havok
64 Falcon
65 Stingray
66 Sunfire
67 Red Wolf
68 Valkyrie
69 Man-Thing
70 Mockingbird
71 Morbius The Living Vampire
72 Werewolf By Night
73 Adam Warlock
74 Namorita
75 Luke Cage

76 Ghost Rider
77 Tigra
78 Shanna The She-Devil
79 Thundra
80 Drax The Destroyer
81 Mantis
82 Blade
83 Brother Voodoo
84 Daimon Hellstrom
85 Killmonger
86 Shang-Chi
87 Punisher
88 Iron Fist
89 Colleen Wing
90 Wolverine
91 Misty Knight
92 Pip the Troll
93 Jamie Madrox
94 Colossus
95 Storm
96 Thunderbird
97 Gamora
98 Moon Knight
99 Star-Lord
100 Hellcat

High Series

101 Jack of Hearts
102 Rocket Raccoon
103 Ikaris
104 Nova
105 Captain Britain
106 Spider-Woman
107 3-D Man
108 Corsair
109 Sabretooth
110 Quasar
111 Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy
112 Scott Lang
113 Aurora
114 Guardian
115 Northstar
116 Sasquatch
117 Black Cat
118 Kitty Pryde
119 Emma Frost
120 Dazzler
121 She-Hulk
122 Karma
123 Elektra
124 Rachel Summers
125 Siryn

126 Caliban
127 Rogue
128 Cloak and Dagger
129 Spectrum
130 Cannonball
131 Moonstar
132 Sunspot
133 Wolfsbane
134 Callisto
135 Cloud
136 Magma
137 Beta Ray Bill
138 Cypher
139 Magik
140 Venom
141 Warpath
142 Warlock
143 Forge
144 Silver Sable
145 Strong Guy
146 Demolition-Man
147 Boom-Boom
148 Psylocke
149 Jubilee
150 Cable

151 Living Lightning
152 Deadpool
153 Darkhawk
154 Squirrel Girl
155 Bishop
156 Domino
157 War Machine
158 Genis-Vell
159 Marrow
160 Blink
161 Scarlet Spider
162 Atlas
163 Maggott
164 Cecilia Reyes
165 May Parker
166 Winter Guard
167 Sentry
168 Doop
169 Jessica Jones
170 Nico Minoru
171 Alex Wilder
172 Phyla-Vell
173 X-23
174 Daisy Johnson
175 Winter Soldier

176 Amadeus Cho
177 Maria Hill
178 Iron Lad
179 Hulkling
180 Patriot
181 Wiccan
182 Hawkeye
183 Eric O’Grady
184 Hope Summers
185 Red Hulk
186 Skaar
187 A-Bomb
188 Blue Marvel
189 Agent Venom
190 Miles Morales
191 Miss America
192 Nova
193 Superior Spider-Man
194 Ms. Marvel
195 Silk
196 Spider-Gwen
197 Gwenpool
198 Ironheart
199 Voyager
200 Cosmic Ghost Rider

Checklist Top


2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Inserts Checklists

Comic Cover 3D Lenticular Checklist

18 cards.
1:18 packs.
SP – 1:90 packs.

3D-1 Incredible Hulk #77
3D-2 Iron Man #77
3D-3 Marvel Comics Presents #77
3D-4 Marvel Fanfare #7
3D-5 Marvel Comics Presents #95
3D-6 Marvels #0
3D-7 Uncanny X-Men #172
3D-8 Captain America #332
3D-9 Daredevil #162
3D-10 Doctor Strange #171
3D-11 Daredevil #259
3D-12 The Amazing Spider-Man #278
3D-13 Captain America #6 SP
3D-14 Daredvil #180 SP
3D-15 Avengers #1 SP
3D-16 Uncanny X-Men #1 SP
3D-17 Tales of Suspense #39 SP
3D-18 The Invincible Iron Man #55 SP

Greatest Stories Puzzles Checklist

54 cards.
1:1.1 packs.
SP – 1:15 packs

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Greatest

TGS-1 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 1
TGS-2 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 2
TGS-3 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 3
TGS-4 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 4
TGS-5 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 5
TGS-6 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 6
TGS-7 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 7
TGS-8 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 8 SP
TGS-9 The Night Gwen Stacy Died 9 SP

TGS-10 Dark Phoenix Saga 1
TGS-11 Dark Phoenix Saga 2
TGS-12 Dark Phoenix Saga 3
TGS-13 Dark Phoenix Saga 4
TGS-14 Dark Phoenix Saga 5
TGS-15 Dark Phoenix Saga 6
TGS-16 Dark Phoenix Saga 7
TGS-17 Dark Phoenix Saga 8
TGS-18 Dark Phoenix Saga 9 SP

TGS-19 The Infinity Gauntlet 1
TGS-20 The Infinity Gauntlet 2
TGS-21 The Infinity Gauntlet 3
TGS-22 The Infinity Gauntlet 4
TGS-23 The Infinity Gauntlet 5
TGS-24 The Infinity Gauntlet 6
TGS-25 The Infinity Gauntlet 7
TGS-26 The Infinity Gauntlet 8
TGS-27 The Infinity Gauntlet 9 SP

TGS-28 House Of M 1
TGS-29 House Of M 2
TGS-30 House Of M 3
TGS-31 House Of M 4
TGS-32 House Of M 5
TGS-33 House Of M 6
TGS-34 House Of M 7
TGS-35 House Of M 8
TGS-36 House Of M 9 SP

TGS-37 Civil War 1
TGS-38 Civil War 2
TGS-39 Civil War 3
TGS-40 Civil War 4
TGS-41 Civil War 5
TGS-42 Civil War 6
TGS-43 Civil War 7
TGS-44 Civil War 8
TGS-45 Civil War 9 SP

TGS-46 Secret Wars 1
TGS-47 Secret Wars 2
TGS-48 Secret Wars 3
TGS-49 Secret Wars 4
TGS-50 Secret Wars 5
TGS-51 Secret Wars 6
TGS-52 Secret Wars 7
TGS-53 Secret Wars 8 SP
TGS-54 Secret Wars 9 SP

Comic Clippings Checklist

55 cards.

CC-AA Arthur Adams – The New Mutants Special #1
CC-AK Adam Kubert – Wolverine Vol.1 #75
CC-AM Al Milgrom – Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 1 #95
CC-AN Neal Adams – X-Men #58
CC-BF Frank Brunner – Giant Size Man-Thing #4
CC-BL Bob Layton – The Invincible Iron Man Vol.1 #126
CC-BM Mark Bagley – The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #361
CC-BMC Bob McLeod – The New Mutants Vol.1 #1
CC-BS Bill Sienkiewicz – The New Mutants Vol.1 #18
CC-CC Chris Claremont – The Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #222
CC-DA David Aja – Hawkeye Vol.4 #1
CC-DM David Michelinie – Venom: Lethal Protector #1
CC-DS Dan Slott – The Amazing Spider-Man #700
CC-FC Frank Cho – Avengers vs. X-Men #0
CC-FCH Frank Cho – Marvel Knight: Spider-Man #5

CC-FMI Frank Miller – Daredevil #181
CC-FQ Frank Quitely – New X-Men #114
CC-GC Gerry Conway – The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #149
CC-GP George Perez – The Infinity Gauntlet #4
CC-HC Howard Chaykin – Amazing Adventures Vol.1 #18
CC-JG Jackson Guice – X-Factor Vol.1 #1
CC-JH Jonathan Hickman – Infinity #1
CC-JK Klaus Janson – Daredevil #158
CC-JL Jae Lee – Inhumans Vol.2 #1
CC-JQ Joe Quesada – Daredevil Vol.2 #1
CC-JR John Romita Sr. – The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #106
CC-JRJ John Romita Jr. – Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1
CC-JRS John Romita Sr. – Amazing Spider-Man #87
CC-JS Jim Starlin – Warlock Vol.1 #9
CC-KJ Klaus Janson – Punisher Vol.2 #1

CC-LJ Jae Lee – Sentry #1
CC-LL John Romita Sr. – The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 King Size Special #5
CC-LLI Larry Lieber – Journey Into Mystery #92
CC-MB Mark Bagley – Ultimate Spider-Man #5
CC-MF Mike Freidrich – The Invincible Iron-Man Vol.1 #48
CC-MFR Mike Freidrich – Adventure Into Fear #20
CC-MR Mike Royer – The Eternals Vol.1 #5
CC-MRO Mike Royer – Black Panther #1
CC-MZ Mike Zeck – Web of Spider-Man Vol.1 #32
CC-NA Neal Adams – The Avengers Vol.1 #95
CC-PD Peter David – The Incredible Hulk Vol.1 #339
CC-PS Paul Smith – The Uncanny X-Men Vol.1 #173
CC-QF Frank Quitely – New X-Men #115
CC-QJ Joe Quesada – Daredevil Vol. 2 #9
CC-RT Roy Thomas – The Avengers Vol.1 #89

CC-SB Sal Buscema – Captain Ameriica Vol.1 #176
CC-SI Stuart Immonen – Secret Avengers Vol.1 #21
CC-SM Steve McNiven – Civil War #1
CC-SP Sara Pichelli – Ultimate Comics: All-New Spider-Man #1
CC-SY Skottie Young – AVX: A-Babies vs X-Babies #1
CC-TA Terry Austin – The X-Men Vol.1 #108
CC-TP Tom Palmer – Dr. Strange Vol.1 #180
CC-WJ Joss Whedon – Astonishing X-Men #1
CC-WM Marv Wolfman – The Tomb of Dracula Vol.1 #13
CC-ZM Mike Zeck – The Punisher: Return to Big Nothing #1

Comic Clippings Autographs Checklist

27 cards.

CCA-AM1 Al Milgrom Venom: Lethal Protector #1
CCA-AM2 Al Milgrom Captain Marvel #50
CCA-AM3 Al Milgrom Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol.1 #95
CCA-AM4 Al Milgrom The Incredible Hulk #271
CCA-AM5 Al Milgrom Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol.1 #38
CCA-AM6 Al Milgrom The Incredible Hulk #240
CCA-BS1 Bill Sienkiewicz The New Mutants Vol.1 #18
CCA-BS3 Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra Assassin #1
CCA-BS4 Bill Sienkiewicz The New Mutants #22
CCA-BS6 Bill Sienkiewicz Elektra Assassin #3
CCA-GC1 Gerry Conway The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #149
CCA-GC2 Gerry Conway The Amazing Spider-Man #135
CCA-GC3 Gerry Conway The Amazing Spider-Man #122
CCA-GC4 Gerry Conway The Amazing Spider-Man #143
CCA-GC5 Gerry Conway The Amazing Spider-Man #144
CCA-GC6 Gerry Conway The Amazing Spider-Man #148

CCA-JS1 Jim Steranko Captain America #110
CCA-JS2 Jim Steranko X-Men #51
CCA-JS3 Jim Steranko Captain America #111
CCA-JS4 Jim Steranko Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1
CCA-JS5 Jim Steranko Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3
CCA-JS6 Jim Steranko Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #5
CCA-MF1 Marv Wolfman The Man Called Nova Vol.1 #1
CCA-MF3 Marv Wolfman Daredevil Vol.1 #131
CCA-MF4 Marv Wolfman Tomb Of Dracula #12
CCA-MF5 Marv Wolfman The Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #200
CCA-MF6 Marv Wolfman The Tomb of Dracula #13

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Sketch Cards

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Sketch Cards Checklists

Sketch Cards – Bronze Age Checklist

40 cards.
1:80 packs.

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Sketch Cards Bronze Age Blade

SKT-AW Adam Warlock
SKT-BC Black Cat
SKT-BL Blade
SKT-BV Brother Voodoo
SKT-CB Captain Britain
SKT-CO Colossus
SKT-EF Emma Frost
SKT-GA Gamora
SKT-GR Ghost Rider
SKT-HC Hellcat
SKT-HS Hellstorm
SKT-IF Iron Fist
SKT-JH Jack of Hearts
SKT-LC Luke Cage
SKT-MA Mantis
SKT-MB Mockingbird
SKT-MD Moondragon
SKT-MK Misty Knight
SKT-MM Multiple Man

SKT-MO Moon Knight
SKT-MR Morbius
SKT-MT Man-Thing
SKT-PH Phoenix
SKT-PU Punisher
SKT-RR Rocket Raccoon
SKT-RW Red Wolf
SKT-SC Shang-Chi
SKT-SF Sunfire
SKT-SL Star-Lord
SKT-SR Storm
SKT-ST Sabretooth
SKT-SW Spider-Woman
SKT-TB Thunderbird
SKT-TI Tigra
SKT-TN Thanos
SKT-VK Valkyrie
SKT-WO Wolverine
SKT-WW Werewolf By Night

Sketch Cards – Golden Age Checklist

5 cards.
1:210 packs.

SKT-BB Bucky Barnes
SKT-CA Captain America
SKT-NA Namor
SKT-RS Red Skull
SKT-WH Whizzer

Sketch Cards – Silver Age Checklist

15 cards.
1:126 packs.

2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Sketch Cards Silver Age

SKT-AM Ant-Man
SKT-AN Angel
SKT-BE Beast
SKT-CY Cyclops
SKT-DD Daredevil
SKT-DO Doctor Octopus
SKT-DS Doctor Strange
SKT-HU The Hulk
SKT-IM Iron Man
SKT-JG Jean Grey
SKT-MG Magneto
SKT-NF Nick Fury
SKT-PX Professor X
SKT-SM Spider-Man

Sketch Cards – 3.5″ x 5″

51 artists.
1:260 packs.

Wyatt Aguirre
Isiah X Bradley
Rob Broussard
John Bruce
Joey Lee Cabral
Marco Carrillo
Rodrigo Catraca
Joshua Christopher
Ed Mark F. dela Cruz
Charles Drake
Ruben Enriquez
Tim Fagaly
Marlon Fernandes
Sean Forney
Rodney Fyke
Ulisses Gabriel
Diana Greenhalgh
Ray Griffin
Paul Hill
Brad Hudson
Fred Ian
Ramil Ibay

Seth Ismart
Holden Leung
Rick Marcks
Jesus Marquez
Marlo L. Martos
Denis Medri
Al Milgrom
Vicente Moavero
Jason Montoya
Michel Mullpola
Emil Nordtomme
Jay Peteranetz
Bob Petrecca
Plinio Marcos Pinto
Limuel Pinzon
Daniel Riveron
Rodney Roberts
Anthony Romrell
Joe Rubinstein
Johnathan Ruple
Mike J. Sealie
Omar Soto
Agus Sumantri
Bryan Tillman
Shea Zubair

Sketch Cards – 2-Piece Puzzle Checklist

1 artist.

SKT2 Jay Peteranetz

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2019 Upper Deck Marvel 80th Anniversary Achievements Checklists

Marvel History Achievements Checklist

6 cards.

MH-1 M
MH-2 A
MH-3 R
MH-4 V
MH-5 E
MH-6 L

Original Comic Art Achievements Checklist

10 available.

OG-1 Fear Itself #6
OG-2 Avengers: The Initiative #22
OG-3 X-Men #173
OG-4 Captain America #8
OG-5 Incredible Hulk #289
OG-6 Avengers #1
OG-7 Hulk! #18
OG-8 Shadowland: Power Man #2
OG-9 Avengers Annual #8
OG-10 X-Men: Second Coming #2

Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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    You guys can check my approved card set over my webpage :

    Congrats if you got my artist sketch cards. Also congrats to all of the Sketch Card Artists and to the trading Card series!

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