2020 Upper Deck Lion King Checklist and Trading Card Details


The Lion King wasn’t just one of the biggest box office smashes of the 1990s, but its corresponding card set was pretty big, too (thanks in part to packs being distributed in Burger King kids meals). A lot has changed in the world of trading cards since then. 2020 Upper Deck Lion King trading cards reflect that, not only offering a more modern spin but a different distribution method as well, landing on the company’s e-Pack platform.

Like a lot of their non-sport products distributed this way, there are both digital and physical elements.

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Base Set Basics

The complete base set has 125 cards. However, this is where the digital comes in. The first 100 cards are digital-only through e-Pack. There are no actual physical copies of the base versions. Parallels do have actual cards though.

Silver copies are unlocked by combining five copies of the same digital base card. There are also Light FX (/249) and Gold Light FX (/94) versions. These have etched foil highlights in the background.

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Gold Light FX

The final 25 cards all have physical versions, including the base. They’re short prints, landing 1:4 packs. Additional Light FX (/149) and Gold Light FX (/94) parallels are also available here.

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Inserts

SkyBox’s original Lion King set has inserts, but they’re a sign of their time. Pop-ups and coloring cards appeal to the youngest of collectors. More fanciful elements are limited to foil and relatively tough lenticular motion cards. 2020 Upper Deck Lion King brings things more in line with the modern hobby. It’s not entirely high-end, but the checklist uses a variety of technologies.

A Lion’s Pride (20 cards, 1:10 packs) and Hakuna Matata (30 cards, 1:7 packs) start things out with a basic approach. Both of these have Light FX (/99) and Gold Light FX (/25) parallels like the base set.

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Hakuna Matata

Circle of Life embed a piece of film in the middle of the card, giving the window a see-through effect. A total of 28 cards are available in packs spread across three different tiers of rarity. Those who complete a set on the e-Pack platform can unlock an exclusive Achievement card as well that isn’t in packs.

Film Cels (1:24, SP – 1:60) display a key moment from the movie on a piece of manufactured celluloid. These are actual cels taken from prints shown in cinemas. Those can be found among the inserts in Upper Deck’s Disney Treasures line from the early 2000s. Collecting all 31 of the Film Cels inserts on e-Pack give collectors a change at an additional Achievement card bringing the checklist up to 32 cards.

Giving a nod to the toughest of the 1994 SkyBox Lion King inserts is Majestic Motion. This 38-card insert set goes back to lenticular technology. These have three levels of rarity ranging from 1:19 packs to 1:156 packs.

Shadow Box inserts make their Disney debut in 2020 Upper Deck Lion King. These are tough, falling 1:120 packs.

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Shadow Box

Mark of the Shaman Achievement Cards

Finally, there’s Mark of the Shaman, which are done on etched wood. These ten cards are all Achievements and not in packs. Collectors who build a full set of 38 Majestic Motion cards can unlock one of these. Needless to say, individual copies could prove to be tough to find.

2020 Upper Deck Lion King trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5 (4 digital, 1 physical)
Packs per box: 18
Boxes per case: 6
Set size: 125 cards
Release date: May 13, 2020

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Checklist


Base Set Checklist

125 cards.
Regular versions of #1-100 are digital only.
SP (#101-125) have physical versions.
SP – 1:4 packs.
All parallels are physical cards.



  • Silver – (combine five digital copies of the same card to unlock)
  • LTFX – /249
  • Gold LTFX – /94

Buy parallels on eBay.

1 Sunrise
2 Mufasa
3 Rafiki
4 Mufasa
5 Mufasa & Rafiki
6 Mufasa & Sarabi
7 Simba
8 Rafiki
9 Rafiki
10 Simba
11 Mufasa & Sarabi
12 Mufasa’s Family
13 Rafiki
14 Simba & Rafiki
15 Scar
16 Zazu
17 Scar
18 Scar & Zazu
19 Zazu
20 Mufasa & Scar
21 Mufasa & Scar
22 Mufasa
23 Mufasa & Scar
24 Mufasa & Scar
25 Mufasa & Zazu

26 Rafiki
27 Rafiki
28 Simba
29 Simba & Friends
30 Simba
31 Mufasa’s Family
32 Mufasa & Simba
33 Mufasa & Simba
34 Zazu
35 Mufasa & Simba
36 Zazu
37 Zazu
38 Mufasa
39 Mufasa
40 Simba
41 Scar & Simba
42 Scar & Simba
43 Scar & Simba
44 Nala
45 Simba & Nala
46 Simba & Nala
47 Simba & Nala
48 Simba & Friends
49 Simba
50 Simba & Friends

51 Simba & Friends
52 Simba & Nala
53 Simba & Nala
54 Simba
55 Simba & Friends
56 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
57 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
58 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
59 Zazu
60 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
61 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
62 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
63 Simba
64 Simba
65 Mufasa
66 Simba
67 Simba
68 Simba
69 Mufasa & Simba
70 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
71 Scar & Friends
72 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
73 Scar
74 Scar
75 Scar

76 Scar
77 Scar
78 Scar
79 Rafiki
80 Rafiki
81 Pumbaa & Timon
82 Pumbaa & Timon
83 Simba, Pumbaa & Timon
84 Simba & Timon
85 Simba & Friends
86 Pumbaa
87 Timon
88 Simba & Friends
89 Simba & Nala
90 Simba & Nala
91 Simba & Nala
92 Simba & Friends
93 Nala
94 Simba
95 Simba & Nala
96 Simba & Nala
97 Simba & Rafiki
98 Simba & Rafiki
99 Simba & Nala
100 Simba & Nala

Short Prints

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Base SP


  • LTFX – /149
  • Gold LTFX – /94

101 Simba
102 Simba & Friends
103 Scar
104 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
105 Scar
106 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
107 Timon
108 Pumbaa
109 Simba & Scar
110 Simba & Scar
111 Nala & Sarabi
112 Simba & Scar
113 Simba & Scar
114 Scar
115 Pumbaa & Timon
116 Rafiki
117 Pumbaa
118 Simba
119 Simba & Scar
120 Simba & Scar
121 Scar
122 Scar
123 Simba & Rafiki
124 Simba & Friends
125 Simba & Friends

Checklist Top


2020 Upper Deck Lion King Inserts Checklists

A Lion’s Pride Checklist

20 cards.
1:10 packs.

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2020 Upper Deck Lion King A Lion's Pride


  • LTFX – /99
  • Gold LTFX – /25

LP-1 Mufasa & Simba
LP-2 Mufasa & Simba
LP-3 Nala’s Family
LP-4 Nala’s Family
LP-5 Mufasa & Simba
LP-6 Mufasa & Simba
LP-7 Simba, Pumbaa, & Timon
LP-8 Simba, Pumbaa, & Timon
LP-9 Simba, Pumbaa, & Timon
LP-10 Simba’s Family
LP-11 Simba’s Family
LP-12 Simba’s Family
LP-13 Simba’s Family
LP-14 Simba & Nala
LP-15 Simba & Nala
LP-16 Simba
LP-17 Mufasa & Simba
LP-18 Mufasa’s Family
LP-19 Mufasa’s Family
LP-20 Mufasa’s Family

Circle of Life Checklist

29 cards.

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Circle of Life

Tier 1

1:42 packs.

CL-1 Rafiki
CL-2 Simba
CL-3 Simba
CL-4 Simba
CL-5 Mufasa
CL-6 Simba
CL-7 Simba
CL-8 Simba
CL-9 Simba
CL-10 Simba
CL-11 Simba
CL-12 Simba
CL-13 Simba
CL-14 Simba
CL-15 Simba
CL-16 Simba

Tier 2

1:125 packs.

CL-17 Simba
CL-18 Simba
CL-19 Simba
CL-20 Simba
CL-21 Simba
CL-22 Simba
CL-23 Simba
CL-24 Simba

Tier 3

1:375 packs.

CL-25 Simba
CL-26 Simba
CL-27 Simba
CL-28 Simba


Achievement for completing 28-card set.

CL-29 Simba

Film Cels Checklist

1:24 packs.
SP (#) – 1:60 packs.
F-32 – Achievement for completing set.

Buy on:

F-1 African Bucks
F-2 Meerkats
F-3 Marabou Storks
F-4 Mufasa
F-5 Simba
F-6 Zazu
F-7 Scar
F-8 Mufasa & Zazu
F-9 Rafiki
F-10 Simba & Nala
F-11 Simba
F-12 Mufasa & Simba
F-13 Zazu
F-14 Zazu
F-15 Simba
F-16 Simba
F-17 Simba & Nala
F-18 Simba & Nala
F-19 Simba & Nala
F-20 Simba & Nala
F-21 Zazu
F-22 Zazu
F-23 Simba & Zazu
F-24 Simba & Rafiki SP
F-25 Simba’s Family SP
F-26 Simba & Scar SP
F-27 Simba & Scar SP
F-28 Simba’s Family SP
F-29 Simba’s Family SP
F-30 Simba & Nala SP
F-31 Simba SP
F-32 Simba – Achievement

Hakuna Matata Checklist

30 cards.
1:7 packs.

Buy on:


  • LTFX – /99
  • Gold LTFX – /25

HM-1 Timon
HM-2 Pumbaa & Timon
HM-3 Pumbaa & Timon
HM-4 Simba & Friends
HM-5 Simba & Friends
HM-6 Timon
HM-7 Simba & Friends
HM-8 Simba & Timon
HM-9 Pumbaa
HM-10 Simba & Friends
HM-11 Simba & Friends
HM-12 Simba & Friends
HM-13 Simba & Friends
HM-14 Simba
HM-15 Simba & Friends
HM-16 Timon
HM-17 Timon
HM-18 Simba & Friends
HM-19 Simba & Friends
HM-20 Simba & Friends
HM-21 Pumbaa & Timon
HM-22 Simba & Friends
HM-23 Simba & Friends
HM-24 Simba & Friends
HM-25 Simba & Friends
HM-26 Simba
HM-27 Simba
HM-28 Nala
HM-29 Timon
HM-30 Timon

Majestic Motion Checklist

38 cards.

Buy on:

Tier 1

1:19 packs

MM-1 Sunset
MM-2 Rafiki
MM-3 Rafiki & Mufasa’s Family
MM-4 Rafiki
MM-5 Mufasa & Simba
MM-6 Simba Practices His Roar
MM-7 Simba & Zazu
MM-8 Simba, Nala & Zazu
MM-9 Simba & Nala
MM-10 Animals Dance in Unison
MM-11 Simba & Giraffes
MM-12 Word Travels Fast
MM-13 Zazu
MM-14 Zazu
MM-15 Simba & Nala
MM-16 Birds of a Feather
MM-17 Dancing Giraffes
MM-18 Simba & Zazu

Tier 2

1:45 packs

MM-19 Banzai and Ed
MM-20 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
MM-21 Rafiki
MM-22 Simba & Timon
MM-23 Simba, Pumbaa & Timon
MM-24 Simba, Pumbaa & Timon
MM-25 Timon
MM-26 Timon
MM-27 Pride Lands
MM-28 Simba & Nala
MM-29 Simba Introduces Nala
MM-30 Simba

Tier 3

1:156 packs

MM-31 Mufasa
MM-32 Simba & Rafiki
MM-33 Simba & Scar
MM-34 Pride Lands
MM-35 Rafiki & Simba’s Family
MM-36 Pride Lands

MM-37 Mufasa – Tier 1
MM-38 Mufasa & Simba – Tier 1

Mark of the Shaman Acheivements Checklist

10 cards.
1 given for redeeming a Majestic Motion set.

Buy on:

2020 Upper Deck Lion King Mark of the Shaman

MS-1 Mufasa
MS-2 Scar
MS-3 Rafiki
MS-4 Nala
MS-5 Pumbaa
MS-6 Zazu
MS-7 Shenzi, Banzai & Ed
MS-8 Simba
MS-9 Timon
MS-10 Simba

Shadow Box Checklist

10 cards.
1:120 packs.

Buy on:

S-1 Mufasa & Simba
S-2 Simba, Pumbaa & Timon
S-3 Simba & Nala
S-4 Simba’s Family
S-5 Simba & Nala
S-6 Rafiki
S-7 Mufasa
S-8 Simba’s Family
S-9 Simba & Scar
S-10 Simba’s Family

Checklist Top


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