2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series Checklist and Details


In recent years, things on the Wacky Packages front have been relatively quiet. A couple of small online releases have arrived as well as several appearances alongside Garbage Pail Kids in similar print-on-demand sets. 2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series keeps with the online exclusivity trend. However, it also broadens its scope to be something bigger, albeit with incremental steps.

2020 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 5 Slay's

2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series: How to Get Cards

Each week, a new batch of five cards are released through the Topps website. But with each week, the checklist continues to grow with more gags for more products. So, individual batches are small. However, when complete, 2020 Topps Wacky Package Weekly Series should resemble something closer to a traditional full release. That said, each month the checklist resets back to #1.

In addition to the five base cards, each batch has a pair of inserts. These come from three possible places: Ludlow Backs, Coupon Backs and Wonky Packages. Guest Artist inserts were introduced in June. In August, Wonky Packages were replaced by Wacky Initials.

The cost of each weekly set, which is available for seven day, runs $15 or $135 for a bundle of ten.

As print runs are determined by the number of sets ordered, totals will vary over the series’ run.

Topps has not announced how long the set will run.

2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series at a glance:

Cards per pack: 7
Set size: 5 new cards each week (full set TBD)
Release date: May 6, 2020

2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series Checklist


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – November

Week 1

Available: November 4
Print Run: 644 sets

1 Flex ‘N Seal
2 Little Seesaws Pizza
3 Nesquid
4 Bawl Frog
5 Tingles

Guest Artist
GA1 Criminal Critters by Greg13*

Wonky Packages
WP1 Fatuna

Week 2

Available: November 11
Print Run: 665 sets

6 Geese’s Peanut Butter Ducks
7 Sham
8 Stinkies
9 Wiggley’s Spoilmint
10 Blown Pop

Guest Artist
GA2 Detroit Asphalt by Jason Chalker

Wonky Packages
WP2 No Hairy!

Week 3

Available: November 18
Print Run: TBA

11 Wackiki Packages
12 Coolgate
13 Butterbald
14 Odder Pops
15 Forest Flakes

Guest Artist
GA3 Amongus Beans by Mike McHugh

Wonky Packages
WP3 Purr Furball


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – October

Week 1

Available: October 7
Print Run: 730 sets

26 Maulo Cup
27 Picky Stix
28 Starcurst
29 3 Monsterteers
30 Hearsey’s

Guest Artist
GA1 Kind Of by Jeff Dionise

Wonky Packages
WP1 Gargoyle Baby Food

Week 2

Available: October 14
Print Run: 754 sets

31 Milky Slay
32 Sparker
33 Whatchamacabre
34 Marathing
35 Snatchers

Guest Artist
GA2 Toasty Toes by Dan Contois

Wonky Packages
WP2 Witchies

Week 3

Available: October 21
Print Run: 756 sets

11 Shriekers
12 Creeps
13 Ghoul & Plenty
14 Resewn Pieces
15 Goth Avenue

Guest Artist
GA3 Fancy Fleeced by Jasmine Contois

Wonky Packages
WP3 Ghoul

Week 4

Available: October 28
Print Run: 723 sets

16 Bye Bye Ruth
17 Tutsie Roll
18 MoNsters
19 JuJu Beast
20 Blood Pop

Guest Artist
GA4 Smog by Nik Castaneda

Wonky Packages
WP4 Dracola Crayons


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – September

Week 1

Available: September 2
Print Run: 714 sets

1 Ditz
2 Brrrzooka
3 Quaker Oafs
4 Slay-Doh
5 Doritoads

Guest Artists

GA1 Cluckles by Simone Arena

Wonky Packages

WP1 Flabby’s Lard’s Juice

Week 2

Available: September 9
Print Run: 677 sets

6 McPotomus Hippo Meal
7 Emerold
8 Froot Gloops
9 Yoo-Moo
10 Wimpex

Guest Artists

GA2 Wide by Paul Harris

Wonky Packages

WP2 Rich Boy Paint

Week 3

Available: September 16
Print Run: 701 sets

11 Fetch A Sketch
12 Tikis
13 Count Chuckula
14 Hurt’s Bees
15 Wrong Pop

Guest Artists

GA2 Gravy Brain by Darrin Pepe

Wonky Packages

WP2 Crime Dog Chow

Week 4

Available: September 23
Print Run: 716 sets

16 Dogfish
17 Buddafed
18 Hairybo Fuzzybears
19 Sea-Punkeys
20 Farties

Guest Artists

GA4 Snacky Packages by Pete Zies

Wonky Packages

WP4 Frodos

Week 5

Available: September 23
Print Run: 718 sets

21 Flysol
22 Mitt’s
23 Ogreo
24 Hawaiian Hunch
25 Jimmy Mean

Guest Artists

GA5 Choboney by Matthew Kirscht

Wonky Packages

WP5 Snore


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – August

Week 1

Available: August 5
Print Run: 715 sets

1 Frowny
2 Players Peanuts
3 Cap’N Punch
4 Starschmucks
5 Wounded Bread

Guest Artist
GA1 Great Beyond Burgers by Pat Chaimuang

Wacky Initials

Week 2

Available: August 12
Print Run: 734 sets

6 Ball Prank
7 Prankin’ Berry
8 Cocoa Cuffs
9 Ions
10 Racer’s

Guest Artist
GA2 Ring Mop by Dustin Graham

Wacky Initials


Week 3

Available: August 19
Print Run: 699 sets

11 Jerky Cat
12 Hoppy Packages
13 Lucky Charred
14 8uup
15 Fisterine

Guest Artist
GA3 Ghastlee by Robert “Floydman” Sumner

Wacky Initials

Week 4

Available: August 26
Print Run: 688 sets

16 Kentucky Flies Sicken
17 Florida’s Super Natural
18 Trax
19 Scrappy
20 Lunchjumbles

Guest Artists
GA4 Zip Loch by Jason Brower

Wacky Initials


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – July

Week 1

Available: July 1
Print Run: 944 sets

1 Yehtee
2 Baby Ruthless
3 Smarmy Food
4 Ice Rubes
5 Black & Blue Cat

Guest Artist
GA1 Dorkacell by Fred Wheaton

Wonky Packages
WP1 Popsi-Cola

Week 2

Available: July 8
Print Run: TBA

6 Fantom
7 Marchin Roman
8 Pineapple Princess
9 Vlasick
10 Death

Guest Artist
GA2 Silt by John Zeleznik

Wonky Packages
WP1 Popsi-Cola

Week 3

Available: July 15
Print Run: 901 sets

11 Made Magazine
12 Socky
13 Ghostitos
14 Loco-Cola
15 Mike in Ice

Guest Artist
GA3 Ignoranic by Joseph Grossberg

Wonky Packages
WP3 Tar-Kist

Week 4

Available: July 22
Print Run: 755 sets

16 Peter Prank
17 Skul
18 Ever Glades
19 SheBarf
20 Caprison

Guest Artist
GA4 Diminished by Sam Gambino

Wonky Packages
WP4 Crypt

Week 5

Available: July 29
Print Run: 784 sets

21 Tattootsie Roll
22 Sun Chimps
23 Gang Scouts
24 Sore Boy
25 Neck-L-Nip

Guest Artist
GA5 Cyclop Sickle

Wonky Packages
WP5 Viceine by Chris Meeks


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – June

Week 1

Available: June 4
Print Run: 1,000 sets

1 Band-Ape
2 Livin’ Dead
3 Peep Tarts
4 Blistext
5 Thingles

Guest Artist

GA1 Pezzimist by Robert Jimenez

Wonky Packages

WP1 Gatorage

Week 2

Available: June 10
Print Run: 952 sets

6 Combust
7 Tylenold
8 Pork
9 Bicyclone
10 Wagu

Guest Artist

GA2 Old Lice by Chad Scheres

Wonky Packages

WP2 Pit-O-Money

Week 3

Available: June 17
Print Run: 891 sets

11 Milk Dads
12 Chef BoneYardee
13 Hot Sockets
14 Mary Pain
15 Yo Plain

Guest Artist

GA3 Paesan Chees by Chenduz

Wonky Packages

WP3 Crummy

Week 4

Available: June 24
Print Run: 935 sets

16 Pet Puffed
17 Milky Weight
18 Red Bulk
19 Brix
20 Dissolve

Guest Artist

GA4 Silm by Jon Gregory

Wonky Packages

WP4 Ponds


2020 Topps Wacky Packages Weekly Series – May Checklist

Week 1

Available: May 6
Print Run: 886 sets

1 Crunch Boogies
2 Thick Tac
3 Chips Destroy
4 Magic Meatball
5 Slay’s

Wonky Packages

WP1 Baby Rant

Week 2

Available: May 13
Print Run: 745 sets

6 Cup Snakes
7 Mrs. Gutterworth’s
8 Mr. Teen
9 Gapetto’s Chips
10 Recku TV

Wonky Packages

WP2 Crumbs

Week 3

Available: May 20
Print Run: 739 sets

11 Celestial
12 2-Tips
13 Ghoul-Aid
14 Globslopper
15 Stone Cold Cremation

Wonky Packages

WP3 Clumsy

Week 4

Available: May 27
Print Run: 740 sets

16 Hounds
17 Good and Punky
18 Sun Maid
19 Sun Fright
20 Echo Duh

Wonky Packages

WP4 Top Snob



Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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