2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball and the Art of the Hit


2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball definitely walks on the high-end side. However, it’s a product that’s configured in a way that most collectors can partake, even if it’s not a full hobby box. The smaller configuration is also one that’s ripe for group breaks with four packs per box, each having one of four different types of hits.

Across a hobby box, collectors will find an autograph relic, an on-card autograph, one quad relic and one additional memorabilia card.

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Base Set Basics

As usual, collectors can find both current players and retired stars on the checklist. But with just 100 total cards, bigger names get the attention. Each pack has three base cards. Factoring in the price and these will not be the easiest to find in any sort of bulk.

Every pack also has one parallel from the following:

  • Copper
  • Sapphire – /150
  • Amethyst – /99
  • Ruby – /50
  • Emerald – 1/1


As clean as the base set might be, the vast majority of people busting Museum Collection are probably more focused on the hits.

All regular autographs in the product — the ones that aren’t accompanied by memorabilia — have on-card ink. Among the places on the checklist where this is most prominent is Archival Autographs. All of these have no more than 299 copies each. Parallels include Copper (/50), Gold (/25) and Emerald (1/1).

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Archival Autographs

Superstar Showpieces (/25) use action photography as its central theme.

Despite having multiple signers, Dual (/15) and Triple Autographs (/5) are still on-card.

One of Museum Collection’s calling cards are Museum Framed Autographs. Landing as a case hit, these have four different versions: Silver Frame (/15), Gold Frame (/10), Black Frame (/5) and Wood Frame (1/1).

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Museum Framed Autograph

Framed Autograph Patch and Framed Dual Autograph Patch Book Cards are all one-of-ones.

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball Framed Dual Autograph Patch

Single Player Signature Swatches lead the autograph relics, at least when it comes to quantity. These have both dual- and triple-swatch versions numbered to 399 or less as well as additional Copper (/50), Gold (/25) and Emerald (1/1) parallels.

One of the new additions in 2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball is Autographed Jumbo Lumber Bat Relics (/5 or less). These have a large piece of a game-used bat to go along with the signature.

Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autographs (/15) return. A massive memorabilia swatch anchors the card. Besides Gold (/5) and Emerald (1/1) parallels, there are also dual versions done as book cards. These have just five copies each plus one-of-one Emerald parallels.

Memorabilia Cards

Meaningful Material Relics and two-player Dual Meaningful Material Relics all come numbered to 50 or less and have game-used pieces. The checklist is a mix of current and past players. Copper (/35), Ruby (/10) and Emerald (1/1) versions are also available.

Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics (/5) traditionally come with some of the biggest baseball swatches of the year.

2020 Topps Museum Collection has three one-of-one relic inserts: Museum Memorabilia, which have a MLB Silhouetted logo taken from a game-used uniform, Museum Memorabilia Laundry Tags, and Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relics.

The one-per-box Primary Pieces quad relics come in three general themes: single-player (/99), quad-player (/99) and legends (/25). Single- and quad-player versions have Copper (/75), Gold (/25) and Emerald (1/1) parallels. For legends, it’s just Gold (/10) and Emerald (1/1).

Canvas Collection

Art gets a place on the checklist, although the cards are tough. Canvas Collection Originals return. These one-of-ones all feature original art. Similar Shaped Sketch Cards have a die-cut canvas, making for a different dynamic.

Finally, there are Canvas Collection Originals Player Autographs. These maintain the original art aspect but also have a signature from the featured athlete.

2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 4
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: June 17, 2020

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autograph Relics – 1
  • Autographs – 1
  • Quad Relics – 1
  • Additional Relics – 1
  • Parallels – 4

The full 2020 Topps Museum Collection Baseball checklist and team set lists will be added as soon as they’re available — likely shortly before it comes out. Check out our full listing of 2020 baseball card sets and checklists.


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