2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Checklist and Details


Topps is getting into the racing card game, partnering with Formula 1. And to kick things off, they’re going straight to the high-end with 2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty. Like the brand’s baseball sets, the focus is on autographed patches and small print runs. Actually, that accounts for everything in the product. Every card has a signature and a premium memorabilia piece. Nothing has more than ten copies.

2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Overview

Autographed Patch Cards (/10) make up the main part of the Dynasty checklist. The oversized memorabilia pieces are displayed alongside an elegant design. Parallels include Red (/5) and Gold (1/1).

Specific parts of drivers’ suits and equipment are used for additional card styles. These include Glove Patch (/10), Suit Zipper (/5), Flag (/4) and Nameplate Patch (/4). All four of these also have one-of-one Jumbo Patch versions.

2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Autograph Flag Patch

Single-Driver Autographed Dual Relics (/10) double up the patches while Triple Relics (/10) have three. On the Autographed Triple Relics, one of the swatches comes from the driver’s protective suit liner. In both instances, there are Red (/5) and Gold (1/1) versions, too.

Constructor Team Dual Relic Autographs (/10) have signatures and race suit memorabilia from a pair of racers. These have Red (/5) and Gold (1/1) parallels as well.

2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Dual Patch Autograph

2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty racing cards at a glance:

Release date: Febaruary 19, 2021
Cards per pack: 1
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 5

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autograph Patch Cards – 1

2020 Topps Formula 1 Dynasty Checklist

You can also download a customizable spreadsheet copy of the checklist:

Dynasty Autographed Flag Checklist

20 cards.

AFP-AA Alexander Albon /4
AFP-AG Antonio Giovinazzi /4
AFP-CL Charles Leclerc /4
AFP-CS Carlos Sainz /4
AFP-DK Daniil Kvyat /4
AFP-DR Daniel Ricciardo /4
AFP-EC Esteban Ocon /4
AFP-GR George Russell /4
AFP-KM Kevin Magnussen /4
AFP-KR Kimi Räikkönen /4
AFP-LH Lewis Hamilton /4
AFP-LN Lando Norris /4
AFP-LS Lance Stroll /4
AFP-MV Max Verstappen /4
AFP-NL Nicholas Latifi /4
AFP-PG Pierre Gasly /4
AFP-RG Romain Grosjean /4
AFP-SP Sergio Pérez /4
AFP-SV Sebastian Vettel /4
AFP-VB Valtteri Bottas /4

Dynasty Autographed Flag Jumbo Patch Checklist

20 cards.

AFP-AA Alexander Albon 1/1
AFP-AG Antonio Giovinazzi 1/1
AFP-CL Charles Leclerc 1/1
AFP-CS Carlos Sainz 1/1
AFP-DK Daniil Kvyat 1/1
AFP-DR Daniel Ricciardo 1/1
AFP-EC Esteban Ocon 1/1
AFP-GR George Russell 1/1
AFP-KM Kevin Magnussen 1/1
AFP-KR Kimi Räikkönen 1/1
AFP-LH Lewis Hamilton 1/1
AFP-LN Lando Norris 1/1
AFP-LS Lance Stroll 1/1
AFP-MV Max Verstappen 1/1
AFP-NL Nicholas Latifi 1/1
AFP-PG Pierre Gasly 1/1
AFP-RG Romain Grosjean 1/1
AFP-SP Sergio Pérez 1/1
AFP-SV Sebastian Vettel 1/1
AFP-VB Valtteri Bottas 1/1

Dynasty Autographed Patches Checklist

100 cards.


  • Red – /5
  • Gold – 1/1

DAP-AA Alexander Albon /10
DAP-AG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
DAP-ASP Andreas Seidl /10
DAP-ASPI Andreas Seidl /10
DAP-ASPII Andreas Seidl /10
DAP-CAP Cyril Abiteboul /10
DAP-CAPI Cyril Abiteboul /10
DAP-CAPII Cyril Abiteboul /10
DAP-CHP Christian Horner /10
DAP-CHPI Christian Horner /10
DAP-CHPII Christian Horner /10
DAP-CL Charles Leclerc /10
DAP-CS Carlos Sainz /10
DAP-CWP Claire Williams /10
DAP-CWPI Claire Williams /10
DAP-CWPII Claire Williams /10
DAP-DK Daniil Kvyat /10
DAP-DR Daniel Ricciardo /10
DAP-EC Esteban Ocon /10
DAP-FTP Franz Tost /10
DAP-FTPI Franz Tost /10
DAP-FTPII Franz Tost /10
DAP-FVP Frederic Vasseur /10
DAP-FVPI Frederic Vasseur /10
DAP-FVPII Frederic Vasseur /10

DAP-GR George Russell /10
DAP-GSP Guenther Steiner /10
DAP-GSPI Guenther Steiner /10
DAP-GSPII Guenther Steiner /10
DAP-IAA Alexander Albon /10
DAP-IAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
DAP-ICL Charles Leclerc /10
DAP-ICS Carlos Sainz /10
DAP-IDK Daniil Kvyat /10
DAP-IDR Daniel Ricciardo /10
DAP-IEC Esteban Ocon /10
DAP-IGR George Russell /10
DAP-IIAA Alexander Albon /10
DAP-IIAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
DAP-IICL Charles Leclerc /10
DAP-IICS Carlos Sainz /10
DAP-IIDK Daniil Kvyat /10
DAP-IIDR Daniel Ricciardo /10
DAP-IIEC Esteban Ocon /10
DAP-IIGR George Russell /10
DAP-IIIAA Alexander Albon /10
DAP-IIIAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
DAP-IIIGR George Russell /10
DAP-IIILN Lando Norris /10
DAP-IIINL Nicholas Latifi /10

DAP-IIKM Kevin Magnussen /10
DAP-IIKR Kimi Räikkönen /10
DAP-IILH Lewis Hamilton /10
DAP-IILN Lando Norris /10
DAP-IILS Lance Stroll /10
DAP-IIMV Max Verstappen /10
DAP-IINL Nicholas Latifi /10
DAP-IIPG Pierre Gasly /10
DAP-IIRG Romain Grosjean /10
DAP-IISP Sergio Pérez /10
DAP-IISV Sebastian Vettel /10
DAP-IIVB Valtteri Bottas /10
DAP-IKM Kevin Magnussen /10
DAP-IKR Kimi Räikkönen /10
DAP-ILH Lewis Hamilton /10
DAP-ILN Lando Norris /10
DAP-ILS Lance Stroll /10
DAP-IMV Max Verstappen /10
DAP-INL Nicholas Latifi /10
DAP-IPG Pierre Gasly /10
DAP-IRG Romain Grosjean /10
DAP-ISP Sergio Pérez /10
DAP-ISV Sebastian Vettel /10
DAP-IVAA Alexander Albon /10
DAP-IVAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10

DAP-IVB Valtteri Bottas /10
DAP-IVGR George Russell /10
DAP-IVLN Lando Norris /10
DAP-IVNL Nicholas Latifi /10
DAP-KM Kevin Magnussen /10
DAP-KR Kimi Räikkönen /10
DAP-LH Lewis Hamilton /10
DAP-LN Lando Norris /10
DAP-LS Lance Stroll /10
DAP-MBP Mattia Binotto /10
DAP-MBPI Mattia Binotto /10
DAP-MBPII Mattia Binotto /10
DAP-MV Max Verstappen /10
DAP-NL Nicholas Latifi /10
DAP-OSP Otmar Szafnauer /10
DAP-OSPI Otmar Szafnauer /10
DAP-OSPII Otmar Szafnauer /10
DAP-PG Pierre Gasly /10
DAP-RG Romain Grosjean /10
DAP-SP Sergio Pérez /10
DAP-SV Sebastian Vettel /10
DAP-TWP Toto Wolff /10
DAP-TWPI Toto Wolff /10
DAP-TWPII Toto Wolff /10
DAP-VB Valtteri Bottas /10

F1 Dynasty Constructor Team Dual Relic Autographs Checklist

5 cards.


  • Red – /5
  • Gold – 1/1

CDAR-AV Max Verstappen / Alexander Albon /10
CDAR-HB Lewis Hamilton / Valtteri Bottas /10
CDAR-NS Carlos Sainz / Lando Norris /10
CDAR-RO Esteban Ocon / Daniel Ricciardo /10
CDAR-VL Sebastian Vettel / Charles Leclerc /10

F1 Dynasty Single Driver Dual Relic Autographs Checklist

19 cards.


  • Red – /5
  • Gold – 1/1

SDA-AA Alexander Albon /10
SDA-AG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
SDA-CL Charles Leclerc /10
SDA-CS Carlos Sainz /10
SDA-DK Daniil Kvyat /10
SDA-DR Daniel Ricciardo /10
SDA-EC Esteban Ocon /10
SDA-GR George Russell /10
SDA-KM Kevin Magnussen /10
SDA-KR Kimi Räikkönen /10
SDA-LH Lewis Hamilton /10
SDA-LN Lando Norris /10
SDA-MV Max Verstappen /10
SDA-NL Nicholas Latifi /10
SDA-PG Pierre Gasly /10
SDA-RG Romain Grosjean /10
SDA-SP Sergio Pérez /10
SDA-SV Sebastian Vettel /10
SDA-VB Valtteri Bottas /10

F1 Dynasty Single Driver Triple Relic Autographs Checklist

80 cards.


  • Red – /5
  • Gold – 1/1

TRA-AA Alexander Albon /10
TRA-AG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
TRA-AS Andreas Seidl /10
TRA-CA Cyril Abiteboul /10
TRA-CH Christian Horner /10
TRA-CL Charles Leclerc /10
TRA-CS Carlos Sainz /10
TRA-CW Claire Williams /10
TRA-DK Daniil Kvyat /10
TRA-DR Daniel Ricciardo /10
TRA-EC Esteban Ocon /10
TRA-FT Franz Tost /10
TRA-FV Frederic Vasseur /10
TRA-GR George Russell /10
TRA-GS Guenther Steiner /10
TRA-IAA Alexander Albon /10
TRA-IAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
TRA-IAS Andreas Seidl /10
TRA-ICA Cyril Abiteboul /10
TRA-ICH Christian Horner /10

TRA-ICL Charles Leclerc /10
TRA-ICS Carlos Sainz /10
TRA-ICW Claire Williams /10
TRA-IDK Daniil Kvyat /10
TRA-IDR Daniel Ricciardo /10
TRA-IEC Esteban Ocon /10
TRA-IFT Franz Tost /10
TRA-IFV Frederic Vasseur /10
TRA-IGR George Russell /10
TRA-IGS Guenther Steiner /10
TRA-IIAA Alexander Albon /10
TRA-IIAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
TRA-IICL Charles Leclerc /10
TRA-IICS Carlos Sainz /10
TRA-IIGR George Russell /10
TRA-IIIAA Alexander Albon /10
TRA-IIIAG Antonio Giovinazzi /10
TRA-IIICL Charles Leclerc /10
TRA-IIICS Carlos Sainz /10
TRA-IIIGR George Russell /10

TRA-IIIKR Kimi Räikkönen /10
TRA-IIILN Lando Norris /10
TRA-IIIMV Max Verstappen /10
TRA-IIINL Nicholas Latifi /10
TRA-IIISV Sebastian Vettel /10
TRA-IIKR Kimi Räikkönen /10
TRA-IILN Lando Norris /10
TRA-IIMV Max Verstappen /10
TRA-IINL Nicholas Latifi /10
TRA-IISV Sebastian Vettel /10
TRA-IKM Kevin Magnussen /10
TRA-IKR Kimi Räikkönen /10
TRA-ILH Lewis Hamilton /10
TRA-ILN Lando Norris /10
TRA-ILS Lance Stroll /10
TRA-IMB Mattia Binotto /10
TRA-IMV Max Verstappen /10
TRA-INL Nicholas Latifi /10
TRA-IOS Otmar Szafnauer /10
TRA-IPG Pierre Gasly /10

TRA-IRG Romain Grosjean /10
TRA-ISP Sergio Pérez /10
TRA-ISV Sebastian Vettel /10
TRA-ITW Toto Wolff /10
TRA-IVB Valtteri Bottas /10
TRA-KM Kevin Magnussen /10
TRA-KR Kimi Räikkönen /10
TRA-LH Lewis Hamilton /10
TRA-LN Lando Norris /10
TRA-LS Lance Stroll /10
TRA-MB Mattia Binotto /10
TRA-MV Max Verstappen /10
TRA-NL Nicholas Latifi /10
TRA-OS Otmar Szafnauer /10
TRA-PG Pierre Gasly /10
TRA-RG Romain Grosjean /10
TRA-SP Sergio Pérez /10
TRA-SV Sebastian Vettel /10
TRA-TW Toto Wolff /10
TRA-VB Valtteri Bottas /10


Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. Billy Kingsley 6 August, 2020 at 20:42

    I’m really glad to see F1 getting a card set- although I prefer NASCAR I would gladly support other forms of auto racing on cards- but this price point, if it’s like the baseball sets…it’s way off. I don’t see it being successful, and then they will say “racing doesn’t sell” and quit the sport…I’m both happy and disappointed at the same time. Happy F1 is getting cards, disappointed that I won’t be able to afford any.

  2. darren 25 November, 2020 at 04:52

    Much easier and cheaper (free) to email the teams and request an autographed drivers card.
    This year i received a hand signed Pierre Gasley and Daniel Kvyat and a printed autograph card from both Mercedes drivers.

  3. Kathleen Stubelek 19 February, 2021 at 19:45

    Are there any regular formula one cards coming out? Or just these crazy priced super packs?

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