2020 Dreams Fulfilled Negro Leagues Legends Baseball Cards Checklist and Details

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Sadly, very few sets have dug deep into the Negro Leagues. But that’s changing with a release that coincides with its 100th anniversary. 2020 Dreams Fulfilled Negro Leagues Legends is a comprehensive set that spotlights more than 150 players who bashed and barnstormed over the decades.

Released by Dreams Fulfilled and the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame, it has a 184-card checklist. Fronts feature paintings by renowned artist Graig Kreindler. Card collectors may be familiar with some of his work through the painted portraits in the online-exclusive 2019 Topps 150 Years of Baseball release.

Backs come with extensive player bios and information.

Sold in factory set form, there’s a production run of 5,000 sets. Each box set comes numbered.

2020 Dreams Fulfilled Negro League Legends Baseball Cards Set

There are a couple of places to get 2020 Dreams Fulfilled Negro Leagues Legends. Negro Leagues History has a standard set available for $59.95. The National Bobblehead Museum is selling a couple of different packages with other items. One comes with the set and a mystery Negro Leagues bobblehead for $80. Another package has the cards, mystery bobblehead and Negro Leagues Centennial postcard set for $100. Finally, there’s one with all items plus an additional Negro Leagues postcard set that costs $120. Postcards include more Kreindler artwork.

2020 Dreams Fulfilled Negro Leagues Legends at a glance:

Set size: 184 cards
Release date: June 22, 2020

2020 Dreams Fulfilled Negro Leagues Legends Checklist

184 cards.

2020 Negro League Legends Alejandro Oms

1 Ray Brown, Homestead Grays
2 William Clarance Matthews, Harvard Crimson
3 Cool Papa Bell, Dragones de Ciudad Trujillo
4 Alex Radcliff, Leones de Habana
5 Frank Leland, Leland Giants
6 Cool Papa Bell, St. Louis Stars
7 Henry McHenry, Philadelphia Stars
8 Elston Howard, Kansas City Monarchs
9 Nap Gulley, Seattle Steelheads
10 Jackie Robinson, Kansas City Monarchs
11 Satchel Paige, Kansas City Monarchs
12 Frank “Weasel” Warfield, Leopardos de Santa Clara
13 Home Run Johnson, Page Fence Giants
14 Ray Wilson, Cuban X-Giants
15 Fats Jenkins, Harrisburg Giants
16 Monte Irvin, Newark Eagles
17 Luis Tiant, Petroleros de Cienfuegos
18 Josh Gibson, Cangrejeros de Santurce
19 Newt Allen, Kansas City Monarchs
20 Halley Harding, Philadelphia Bacharach Giants

21 Alex Pompez, New York Cubans
22 Rube Foster, Royal Poinciana Hotel
23 Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Negro League World Series
24 Double Duty Radcliffe, Bismarck Churchills
25 Jose Munoz, Stars of Cuba
26 Pete Hill, Leland Giants
27 Perucho Cepeda, Ponce Leones
28 Chino Moran, Cuban Stars of Havana
29 Louis Santop, Brooklyn Royal Giants
30 Mule Suttles, Newark Eagles
31 Luis Padron, Poughkeepsie Colts
32 Satchel Paige, Pittsburgh Crawfords
33 Lenny Pearson, Newark Eagles
34 William Binga, Chicago Leland Giants
35 Jelly Roll Gardner, Chicago American Giants
36 Verdell Mathis, Memphis Red Sox
37 Tubby Scales, Baltimore Elite Giants
38 Goose Tatum, Cincinnati Clowns
39 Jose Mendez, Almendares
40 Frank Duncan, Kansas City Monarchs

41 Satchel Paige, Birmingham Black Barons
42 Cool Papa Bell, Petroleros de Cienfuegos
43 Cool Papa Bell, Detroit Wolves
44 Gus Greenlee, Pittsburgh Crawfords
45 Artie Wilson, Birmingham Black Barons
46 Cannonball Jackman, Philadelphia Colored Giants
47 Martin Dihigo, Anguillas de Santiago
48 Bill Foster, Cuban Baseball Club
49 Clint Thomas, Hilldale
50 Chet Brewer, Cleveland Buckeyes
51 Josh Gibson, Dragones de Ciudad Trujillo
52 Topeka Jack Johnson, Chicago Union Giants
53 Billy Williams, Chaska White Diamonds
54 Walter Ball, St. Paul Colored Gophers
55 Roy Campanella, Sultanes de Monterrey
56 Turkey Stearnes, Detroit Stars
57 Jackie Robinson, Kansas City Monarchs
58 Hank Thompson, Kansas City Monarchs
59 Turkey Stearnes, Kansas City Monarchs
60 Lazaro Salazar, Industriales de Monterrey

61 Big Bill Gatewood, St. Louis Giants
62 Sam Streeter, Pittsburgh Crawfords
63 Dobie Moore, 25th Infantry Wreckers
64 Slim Jones, Philadelphia Stars
65 Cum Posey, Homestead Grays
66 Alejandro Oms, Leopardos de Santa Clara
67 C.I. Taylor, Indianapolis ABCs
68 Ashby Dunbar, Schenectady Mohawk Colored Giants
69 Vic Harris, Homestead Grays
70 Bill Perkins, Brujos de Guayama
71 Pop Lloyd, Brooklyn Royal Giants
72 John Donaldson, All Nations
73 Satchel Paige, Kansas City Monarchs
74 Cristobal Torriente, Elefantes de Marianao
75 Judy Johnson, Hilldale Club
76 Hilton Smith, Kansas City Monarchs
77 Wild Bill Wright, Washington Elite Giants
78 Ghost Marcell, Leopardos de Santa Clara
79 Hank Aaron, Indianapolis Clowns
80 Roy Campanella, Baltimore Elite Giants

81 Bullet Joe Rogan, Kansas City Monarchs
82 Quincy Trouppe, Cleveland Buckeyes
83 William Lambert, USS Maine
84 Henry Kimbro, Baltimore Elite Giants
85 Newt Joseph, Kansas City Monarchs
86 William Edward White, Providence Grays
87 Rube Foster, Chicago American Giants
88 Connie Morgan, Indianapolis Clowns
89 Eddie Dwight, Kansas City Monarchs
90 Terris McDuffie, Cangrejeros de Santurce
91 Silvio Garcia, Petroleros de Cienfuegos
92 Cannonball Dick Redding, New York Lincoln Stars
93 Willie “El Diablo” Wells, St. Louis Stars
94 Bill Byrd, Baltimore Elite Giants
95 Oscar Charleston, Harrisburg Giants
96 Larry Doby, Newark Eagles
97 Leroy Matlock, Pittsburgh Crawfords
98 George “Rabbit” Shively, West Baden Sprudels
99 Jimmy Claxton, Cuban House of David
100 Ben Taylor, Indianapolis ABCs

101 Rap Dixon, Hilldale Giants
102 Sam Jethroe, American All Stars
103 Nip Winters, Almendares
104 Candy Jim Taylor, Indianapolis ABCs
105 Gervasio Gonzalez, Almendares
106 Andy Cooper, Detroit Stars
107 Mike Gonzalez, Leones de Habana
108 Charles “Tommy” Thomas, Ohio Wesleyan University
109 Rube Foster, Chicago American Giants
110 Fleet Walker, Philadelphia Giants
111 Felton Snow, Washington Elite Giants
112 Josh Gibson, Estellas de Ramirez
113 Rube Foster, Philadelphia Giants
114 Ramon Bragana, Azules de Veracruz
115 Gentleman Dave Malarcher, Chicago American Giants
116 Sammy Hughes, Columbus Elite Giants
117 Bill “Ready” Cash, Philadelphia Stars
118 Webster McDonald, Chicago American Giants
119 Biz Mackey, Philadelphia Royal Giants
120 Minnie Minoso, New York Cubans

121 Bingo Demoss, Chicago American Giants
122 Pancho Coimbre, New York Cubans
123 Cool Papa Bell, Pittsburgh Crawfords
124 Tank Carr, Hilldale Club
125 Josh Gibson, Pittsburgh Crawford Giants
126 George Williams, York Colored Giants
127 Satchel Paige, Baltimore Black Sox
128 Unknown, Brown’s Tennessee Rats
129 Frank Wickware, Schenectady Mohawk Colored Giants
130 Schoolboy Griffith, Dragones de Ciudad Trujillo
131 Crush Holloway, Baltimore Black Sox
132 Smokey Joe Williams, New York Lincoln Giants
133 Neil Robinson, Memphis Red Sox
134 Satchel Paige, Cleveland Cubs
135 Spot Poles, Philadelphia Giants
136 Sol White, Wheeling Green Stockings
137 Bud Fowler, Findlay Sluggers
138 Jud Wilson, Philadelphia Stars
139 Bill Pettus, Breakers Hotel
140 Pete Hill, Milwaukee Bears

141 Willard Brown, Overseas Invasion Service Expedition All-Stars
142 John Beckwith, Chicago Giants
143 Bill Holland, Detroit Stars
144 Rube Foster, Leland Giants
145 Edgar Wesley, Habana
146 Dave Brown, Chicago American Giants
147 Lou Dials, Chicago American Giants
148 Effa Manley, Newark Eagles
149 Bruce Petway, Chicago American Giants
150 Chino Smith, Leones de Habana
151 Tetalo Vargas, New York Cubans
152 Jackie Robinson, American All Stars
153 Oscar “Heavy” Johnson, Baltimore Black Sox
154 Doc Sykes, Hilldale
155 Frank Grant, Philadelphia Giants
156 Esteban Bellan, Troy Haymakers
157 Leon Day, Tiburones de Aguadilla
158 Home Run Johnson, Cuban X-Giants
159 Buck O’Neil, Kansas City Monarchs
160 Jimmie Lyons, St. Louis Giants

161 Josh Gibson, Homestead Grays
162 Octavius Catto, Pythian Base Ball Club of Philadelphia
163 Ed Bolden, Hilldale
164 Eustaquio Pedroso, Club Fe
165 Sam Bankhead, Leopardos de Santa Clara
166 Regino Garcia, Almendares
167 Toni Stone, Indianapolis Clowns
168 Bill Monroe, Philadelphia Giants
169 Dick Lundy, Atlantic City Bacharach Giants
170 Ray “Hoops” Dandridge, Azules de Veracruz
171 Chappie Johnson, Chicago Columbia Giants
172 Red Ryan, Brooklyn Royal Giants
173 Satchel Paige, Brujos de Guayama
174 Roy Partlow, Washington Homestead-Grays
175 Buck Leonard, Homestead Grays
176 Buck O’Neil
177 J.L. Wilkinson, Kansas City Monarchs
178 Hurley McNair, Kansas City Monarchs
179 Peanut Johnson, Indianapolis Clowns
180 Dick Seay, Cangreros de Santurce

181 Charlie Grant, Page Fence Giants
182 Cool Papa Bell, Washington-Homestead Grays
183 Dizzy Dismukes, Indianapolis ABCs
184 Buck O’Neil, Yaquis de Obregon

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Paul Angilly 25 June, 2020 at 12:19

    Ordered this set when I saw this article and just got it in the mail today – it’s absolutely beautiful! The hobby needs more collector’s issue sets like this – a throwback to 1970s and early ’80s collector issue sets. Some beautiful artwork and informative text. Great cards of under-represented Hall of Fame players and others. Couldn’t be happier!

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