2020 Donruss Baseball Variations Guide and Gallery


The 2020 Donruss Baseball variations take a familiar path. Like recent years, variations fall under multiple themes, offering up some additional variety to a component of the set’s checklist.

Most of the cards land under one of two types: Photo Variations and Nickname Variations. Both are relatively straightforward.

Photo Variations get their name simply for switching up the image on the front of the card. The base card may have the player batting, the variation fielding. It may be a little more subtle than that. No matter what, the difference is in the photo.

2020 Donruss Baseball Variations - Photo Variations

Nickname Variations are even more obvious. These have an alternate name in place on the front of the card. Pete Alonso becomes ‘Polar Bear.’ Cody Bellinger is ‘Cody Love.’ Rickey Henderson becomes, of course, ‘Man of Steal.’

2020 Donruss Baseball Variations - Nickname

For a handful of cards, the city name is switched out on the back for the area’s nickname (ie Boston becomes Beantown). Some of these have slight differences on the front, but it’s usually a little bit of cropping that can be tough to notice like a slight shift to the side.

2020 Donruss Baseball aren’t all together rare. This is in line with past years.


Like the base set, variations also have a fair number of parallels. This includes cards with the debuting emoji-themed borders.

  • Career Stat Line – /# varies
  • Milestone Stat Line – /# varies
  • Season Stat Line – /# varies
  • Baby Shark
  • Blue Holo
  • Independence Day
  • Orange Holo
  • Pink Holo
  • Purple Holo
  • Red Holo
  • Yellow
  • One Hundred – /100
  • On Fire – /75
  • Presidential Collection – /50
  • Look at This – /25
  • Artist Proof – /10
  • Press Proof – /5
  • Number 1 – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

How to Tell a 2020 Donruss Baseball Variation from a Base Card

The Nickname Variations are easy to spot at a glance. Photo Variations? Not so much unless you’ve got them all memorized.

Backs do hold a simple code of sorts that offer some additional certainty, at least for the main player cards. Take a look at the logo. If it’s the black Donruss logo, it’s a base card. If it’s the red icon with the baseball, it’s a variation.

It’s similar but a little different for the Retro 1986 variations at the end of the checklist. The key here is the baseball icon the card number sits in. For regular cards, it’s just an outline. Variations have a black baseball.

2020 Donruss Baseball Variations Checklist

Here’s a list of players with variations in 2020 Donruss Baseball. If you’re looking for a specific card, click on the link to see what’s currently available on eBay.

71 Jacob deGrom
77 Mookie Betts
78 Ketel Marte
83 Fernando Tatis Jr.
84 Cody Bellinger
90 Javier Baez
91 Gleyber Torres
94 Shohei Ohtani
102 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
108 Trea Turner
110 Christian Yelich
111 Aaron Judge
112 Alex Bregman
118 Clayton Kershaw
121 Eloy Jimenez
123 Max Scherzer
127 Paul Goldschmidt
129 Mike Trout
132 Anthony Rizzo
146 Josh Bell
148 Francisco Lindor
159 Jose Altuve
162 Juan Soto
164 Rafael Devers
170 Ronald Acuna Jr.
180 Kris Bryant
193 Bryce Harper
204 Pete Alonso

Retro 1986

217 Kirby Puckett
218 Tony Gwynn
219 Rickey Henderson
224 Cal Ripken
242 Bobby Bradley
243 Logan Allen
247 Zack Collins
250 Travis Demeritte
258 Adbert Alzolay
259 Yu Chang

2020 Donruss Baseball Variations Gallery

71 Jacob deGrom, New York Mets

Name – The deGrominator


77 Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox

Variation – white jersey

Base – navy blue jersey

78 Ketel Marte, Arizona Diamondbacks

Nickname – The Pike

Base – Ketel Marte

83 Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres

2020 Donruss Baseball Variations Fernando Tatis Jr.
Nickname – El Nino

Base – Fernando Tatis Jr.

84 Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers

Nickname – Cody Love

Base – Cody

90 Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs

Nickname – El Mago

Base – Javier Baez

91 Gleyber Torres, New York Yankees

Variation – batting

Base – fielding

94 Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels

Variation – pitching

Base – batting

102 Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays

Variation – throwing

Base – batting

108 Trea Turner, Washington Nationals

Variation – batting

Base – fielding

110 Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers

Nickname – Yeli

Base – Christian Yelich

111 Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

Variation – bat in one hand

Base – bat in two hands

112 Alex Bregman, Houston Astros

Nickname – A-Breg

Base – Alex Bregman

118 Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – Chavez Ravine

Base – Los Angeles

121 Eloy Jimenez, Chicago White Sox

Variation – The South Side

Base – Chicago

123 Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals

Variation – red jersey

Base – white jersey

127 Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals

Variation – gray jersey

Base – baby blue jersey

129 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Variation Back – City of Angels

Base Back – Los Angeles

132 Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs

Variation – Chi-Town

Base – Chicago

146 Josh Bell, Pittsburgh Pirates

Variation – Steel City

Base – Pittsburgh

148 Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

Nickname – Paquito

Base – Francisco Lindor

159 Jose Altuve, Houston Astros

Nickname – Gigante

Base – Jose Altuve

162 Juan Soto, Washington Nationals



164 Rafael Devers, Boston Red Sox

Variation – Beantown

Base – Boston

170 Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braves

Nickname – El de La Sabana

Base – Ronald Acuna Jr.

180 Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

Variation – fielding

Base – batting

193 Bryce Harper, Philadelphia Phillies

Nickname – Bam Bam

Base – Bryce Harper

204 Pete Alonso, New York Mets

Name – Polar Bear

Base – Pete Alonso

217 Kirby Puckett, Minnesota Twins

Variation – HOF

Base – MIN

218 Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres

Name – Anthony

Base – Tony

219 Rickey Henderson, New York Yankees

Variation – Man of Steal

Base – Rickey Henderson

224 Cal Ripken, Baltimore Orioles

Variation – batting stance

Base – swinging

242 Bobby Bradley, Cleveland Indians

Nickname – B2

Base – Bobby Bradley

243 Logan Allen, Cleveland Indians

Variation – ball behind back

Base – ball over head

247 Zack Collins, Chicago White Sox

Variation – black jersey

Base – white pinstripe jersey

250 Travis Demeritte, Detroit Tigers

Variation – no number on jersey front

Base – ’50’ on jersey front

258 Adbert Alzolay, Chicago Cubs

Variation – facing forward

Base – turned to side

259 Yu Chang, Cleveland Indians

Variation – gray jersey

Base – red jersey


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  1. RIcky Jones 7 March, 2020 at 14:27

    Seems like the ’86 Rookie Photo Variation of Travis Demeritte also has a flip stock on the back of the card. Is it like this for the rest of the set?

  2. Brian Boltz 23 May, 2020 at 21:59

    I have a Pete Alonso “Polar Bear” Star ? Emoji that is definitely a flip stock. My 1984 Travis Demeritte variation doesn’t have the flip stock

  3. coybazar 26 September, 2020 at 18:44

    I have a donruss Anthony Rendon #154…on the card it has LA as the team and on the back is Los angeles,but he is in a washington uniform as should be..is this an err card???please assist

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