2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist and Details


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2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions paints broad and varied strokes on several fronts. For starters, there’s the people and subjects on the checklist. Covering several sports, many of which don’t get many trading cards, entertainers, nature and more, it’s one of the most eclectic out there. The mix of card styles is also expansive.

Once again, hobby boxes come with three hits, which can be autographs, memorabilia, relics, manufactured patches or 3-D lenticular inserts. Collectors can also expect several standard chase and mini cards as well.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Base Set Basics

The main 2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions base set has two parts. For starters, there’s the 100-card shell checklist. This is where you can find athletes from a bunch of sports and other personalities. Some of the names may be familiar while others may require a little research (or reading over the text on the back).

Splash of Color short prints return for a second year. These add an additional 50 cards to the set.

Mini parallels, which combine to land seven per hobby box, come in a few forms. Besides basic versions, there are Lumberjack (1:20) and Black Wood Lumberjack (/8) Minis.


Goodwin Autographs (1:60) bring over signatures from many of the base set subjects. Signers for the set include two of the year’s biggest basketball rookies, Luka Doncic and Deandre Ayton. Boxers Buster Douglas and Julio Cesar Chavez as well as Victor Robles, the young Washington Nationals player are among the other athletes.

On the pop culture side, there’s Jennifer Love Hewitt, Icubus singer Brandon Boyd, and the members of the band 311. 2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions is also the first set to have certified autograph cards from Zazie Beetz who played Domino in Deadpool 2. Inscription versions of select cards come numbered.

Splash of Color Autographs are tough, landing 1:1,280 packs.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Splash of Color Autographs Jennifer Love Hewitt

The Goudey name is used for a trio of signature inserts: Goudey Autographs (1:480), Goudey Sport Royalty (1:4,800) and Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs (1:25,000).

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Goudey Autographs Hailie Deegan

Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks return in 2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. Numbered to 35 or less, each card comes with a swatch from the athlete’s signature sneaker. Soles, laces, logos and leather can all be found. Autographs for these are all on-card. The last time Signature Kicks appeared was in 2013-14 Exquisite Collection.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Exquisite Signature Kicks Michael Jordan B

Genuine Heroes Signatures (1:320) return. These celebrate people who have done amazing things to help people. Honorees include Anthony Sadler who helped stop an attack on a Paris-bound train in 2015, Mandy Manning, the 2018 National Teacher of the Year, and Donald E. Ballard, a Vietnam Medal of Honor recipient.

A limited number of one-of-one Goodwin Cut Signatures are randomly inserted in packs.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champion Relics

Goodwin Memorabilia (1:40) offers a traditional take on relic cards. Besides regular versions, there are also Dual Swatch (1:300) and Splash of Color Memorabilia (1:600). Each of these has numbered Premium swatch parallels for select cards.

Goudey Memorabilia (1:300), Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia (1:1,520) and Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Swatch (1:2,880) cards spotlight some of the biggest athletes in the product. Like Goodwin Memorabilia and its various forms, Premium piece parallels are also available.

Not all relics in 2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions are worn by people. Some come in the form of historical artifacts.

For the second year in a row, Museum Collection takes on an aviation theme. These come in both traditional (1:480) and oversized versions. Jumbo Museum Collection cards are via redemption.

President John F. Kennedy also has Museum Collection cards (1:4,000) with pieces of a briefcase he owned. Among them is a one-of-one jumbo card that also has a cut signature.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Museum Collection JFK Presidential Briefcase

Both the World Traveler Map (1:50) and National Parks Vintage Map Relic sets continue for another year. National Parks cards come with a handful of themes, each with varying quantities: Joshua Tree (/94), Badlands (/78), Carlsbad Caverns (/30) and Glacier (/10).

Art of Ages painted cards are back. These are trading card recreations of famous paintings. Each is one-of-a-kind.

Ancient Currencies (1:1,504) relics are also available.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Over the years, several classic books have been used in Goodwin Champions to create both relic and sketch cards. The Wizard of OzAlice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book are some of the examples from the past. For 2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions it’s Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Illustration Relics (1:1,200) come with pieces from vintage books.

The stories are also used to inspire Sketch Booklets (1:720) and Dual Sketch Booklets (1:2,160).

Patch Cards and Other Inserts

At 1:4 packs, Goudey cards are among the most common inserts in the product.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champion has a pair of manufactured patch sets. First up are more Animal Kingdom Patches. The set had its original three-year run from 2011 to 2013. These are available in six tier, providing some extremely tough short prints. Tier 1 cards start at 1:260 packs. By contrast, Tier 6 are 1:10,000. In the past, the size of each tier has varied, but the highest levels are always scarce.

New this year are Civic Symbols. These have North American flag patches. Like their Animal Kingdom counterparts, tiers come into play here as well. Spread over five levels, insertion rates vary from 1:76 pack (Tier 1) to 1:7,500 (Tier 5).

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Bounty Program

Upper Deck is bringing its UD Bounty program to 2019 Goodwin Champions. Similar to the previous year, some Splash of Color cards have Lenticular versions that have a Bounty code on the back. Those that build the full set and enter them into a special website receive exclusive cards not available in packs.

Splash of Color Lenticular inserts have three levels of rarity: Tier 1 – 1:40, Tier 2 – 1:200, and Tier 3 – 1:800.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 20
Boxes per case: 16 (two 8-box inner cases)
Set size: 150 cards
Release date: June 26, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs, Relics, Manufactured Patches or 3-D Cards – 3 Total
  • Splash of Color or Goudey Cards – 10 Total
  • Mini Cards – 7

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist


Base Set Checklist

150 cards.

Base – #1-50
Horizontal – #51-100
Splash of Color – #101-150 (1:4 hobby, 1:4 e-Pack, 1:24 Mega)

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2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions John F Kennedy


Blank Back
Mini – (1:3.3 hobby, 1:2.5 e-Pack, 1:4 Mega)
Blank Back Mini
Wood Lumberjack Mini – (1:20 hobby, 1:20 e-Pack)
Black Wood Lumberjack Mini – /8
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

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1 Michael Jordan – Basketball
2 DeAndre Ayton – Basketball
3 Crystal Dunn – Soccer
4 Ryan Garcia – Boxing
5 Martina Hingis – Tennis
6 Jessica Eye – MMA
7 Zazie Beetz – Actress
8 Brian Ortega – MMA
9 Molly Qerim – Media
10 Serena Williams – Tennis
11 Coco Ho – Surfing
12 Danielle Harris – Actress
13 Jess Harnell – Voice Actor
14 Robert Pollard – Musician
15 Brandon Boyd – Musician
16 Kristen Ledlow – Media
17 Hailie Deegan – Motorsports
18 Allison Fisher – Billiards
19 Michael Gallup – Football
20 Ben Simmons – Basketball
21 Jennifer Love Hewitt – Actress
22 Ali Krieger – Soccer
23 Craig Kilborn – Media
24 Alexandra O’Laughlin – Media
25 Tiger Woods – Golf

26 Cici Bellis – Tennis
27 Michael Chang – Tennis
28 Lloyd Ahlquist – Entertainer
29 Aries Spears – Comedian
30 Luka Doncic – Basketball
31 Jack Johnson – Boxing
32 Walter Ray Williams Jr. – Bowling
33 Rob Paulsen – Voice Actor
34 Trey Lippe-Morrison – Boxing
35 John F. Kennedy – President
36 Mike McGill – Skateboarding
37 Georgia Ellenwood – Heptathlete
38 John McCain – Politics
39 Red Dela Cruz – Ring Girl
40 Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
41 Steve Caballero – Skateboarding
42 Wright Brothers – Aviation
43 Sean O’Malley – MMA
44 George H.W. Bush – President
45 Miles Bridges – Basketball
46 Pete Weber – Bowling
47 Robert F. Kennedy – Politics
48 Buster Douglas – Boxing
49 Victor Robles – Baseball
50 LeBron James – Basketball



Mini – (1:3.3 hobby, 1:2.5 e-Pack, 1:4 Mega)
Wood Lumberjack Mini – (1:20 hobby, 1:20 e-Pack)
Black Wood Lumberjack Mini – /8
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

51 Michael Jordan – Basketball
52 DeAndre Ayton – Basketball
53 Crystal Dunn – Soccer
54 Ryan Garcia – Boxing
55 Martina Hingis – Tennis
56 Jessica Eye – MMA
57 Zazie Beetz – Actress
58 Brian Ortega – MMA
59 Molly Qerim – Media
60 Serena Williams – Tennis
61 Coco Ho – Surfing
62 Danielle Harris – Actress
63 Jess Harnell – Voice Actor
64 Robert Pollard – Musician
65 Brandon Boyd – Musician
66 Kristen Ledlow – Media
67 Hailie Deegan – Motorsports
68 Allison Fisher – Billiards
69 Michael Gallup – Football
70 Ben Simmons – Basketball
71 Jennifer Love Hewitt – Actress
72 Ali Krieger – Soccer
73 Craig Kilborn – Media
74 Alexandra O’Laughlin – Media
75 Tiger Woods – Golf

76 Cici Bellis – Tennis
77 Michael Chang – Tennis
78 Lloyd Ahlquist – Entertainer
79 Aries Spears – Comedian
80 Luka Doncic – Basketball
81 Jack Johnson – Boxing
82 Walter Ray Williams Jr. – Bowling
83 Rob Paulsen – Voice Actor
84 Trey Lippe-Morrison – Boxing
85 John F. Kennedy – President
86 Mike McGill – Skateboarding
87 Georgia Ellenwood – Heptathlete
88 John McCain – Politics
89 Red Dela Cruz – Ring Girl
90 Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
91 Steve Caballero – Skateboarding
92 Wright Brothers – Aviation
93 Sean O’Malley – MMA
94 George H.W. Bush – President
95 Miles Bridges – Basketball
96 Pete Weber – Bowling
97 Robert F. Kennedy – Politics
98 Buster Douglas – Boxing
99 Victor Robles – Baseball
100 LeBron James – Basketball

Splash of Color


Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

101 Michael Jordan – Basketball
102 DeAndre Ayton – Basketball
103 Crystal Dunn – Soccer
104 Ryan Garcia – Boxing
105 Martina Hingis – Tennis
106 Jessica Eye – MMA
107 Zazie Beetz – Actress
108 Brian Ortega – MMA
109 Molly Qerim – Media
110 Serena Williams – Tennis
111 Coco Ho – Surfer
112 Danielle Harris – Actress
113 Jess Harnell – Voice Actor
114 Robert Pollard – Musician
115 Brandon Boyd – Musician
116 Kristen Ledlow – Media
117 Hailie Deegan – Motorsports
118 Allison Fisher – Billiards
119 Michael Gallup – Football
120 Ben Simmons – Basketball
121 Jennifer Love Hewitt – Actress
122 Ali Krieger – Soccer
123 Craig Kilborn – Media
124 Alexandra O’Laughlin – Media
125 Tiger Woods – Golf

126 Cici Bellis – Tennis
127 Michael Chang – Tennis
128 Lloyd Ahlquist – Entertainer
129 Aries Spears – Comedian
130 Luka Doncic – Basketball
131 Jack Johnson – Boxing
132 Walter Ray Williams Jr. – Bowling
133 Rob Paulsen – Voice Actor
134 Trey Lippe-Morrison – Boxing
135 John F. Kennedy – President
136 Mike McGill – Skateboarding
137 Georgia Ellenwood – Heptathlete
138 John McCain – Politics
139 Red Dela Cruz – Ring Girl
140 Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
141 Steve Caballero – Skateboarding
142 Wright Brothers – Aviation
143 Sean O’Malley – MMA
144 George H.W. Bush – President
145 Miles Bridges – Basketball
146 Pete Weber – Bowling
147 Robert F. Kennedy – Politics
148 Buster Douglas – Boxing
149 Victor Robles – Baseball
150 LeBron James – Basketball

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2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs Checklists

Autographs Checklist

42 cards.
1:60 hobby, 1:60 e-Pack, 1:1,440 Mega
Group A – 1:11,048, Group B – 1:9,187, Group C – 1:3,896, Group D – 1:1,494, Group E – 1:1,014, Group F – 1:595, Group G – 1:452, Group H – 1:223, Group I – 1:162

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A-311 311 A
A-AF Allison Fisher E
A-AO Alexandra O’Laughlin I
A-AS Aries Spears G
A-AW Aaron “P-Nut” Wills H
A-BB Brandon Boyd E
A-BD Buster Douglas F
A-BO Brian Ortega G
A-CB Cici Bellis I
A-CD Crystal Dunn C
A-CK Craig Kilborn I
A-CS Chad Sexton H
A-DA DeAndre Ayton B
A-DH Danielle Harris I
A-DM Doug “SA” Martinez H
A-GE Georgia Ellenwood I
A-HD Hailie Deegan E
A-JC Julio Cesar Chavez D
A-JE Jessica Eye I
A-JH Jess Harnell H
A-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt F

A-KL Kristen Ledlow F
A-LA Lloyd Ahlquist I
A-LD Luka Doncic B
A-MB Miles Bridges F
A-MC Michael Chang F
A-MG Michael Gallup D
A-MH Martina Hingis G
A-MM Mike McGill E
A-NH Nick Hexum G
A-PA Rob Paulsen H
A-PW Pete Weber D
A-RD Red Dela Cruz G
A-RG Ryan Garcia D
A-RP Robert Pollard F
A-SC Steve Caballero H
A-SO Sean O’Malley I
A-TM Tim Mahoney H
A-TW Tiger Woods A
A-WG Wayne Gretzky A
A-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. E
A-ZB Zazie Beetz F

Autographs Inscribed Checklist

53 cards.

Buy on:

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs Inscriptions Zazie Beetz

A-AF Allison Fisher “The Duchess Of Doom” /25
A-AF Allison Fisher “2009 HOF” /25
A-AO Alexandra O’Laughlin “Go Flyers” /25
A-AO Alexandra O’Laughlin Two–Time Acadmic All-American” /25
A-AS Aries Spears “Dollar Bill” /50
A-BD Buster Douglas “42 to 1” /25
A-BD Buster Douglas “Heavyweight Champ” /25
A-BO Brian Ortega “T-City” /50
A-CB Cici Bellis “Necomer Of The Year” /75
A-CD Crystal Dunn “Go Tar Heels” /25
A-CK Craig Kilborn “The Daily Show” /25
A-DA DeAndre Ayton “2018 #1 Pick /25
A-DA DeAndre Ayton “Go Wildcats” /25
A-DH Danielle Harris “Scream Queen” /50
A-GE Georgia Ellenwood “Go Badgers” /25
A-GE Georgia Ellenwood “2018 Heptathlon /25

A-HD Hailie Deegan “Next Class” /25
A-JC Julio Cesar Chavez “El Gran Campeon Mexicano” /75
A-JC Julio Cesar Chavez “El Len de Culiacon” /50
A-JE Jessica Eye “Evil” /76
A-JH Jess Harnell “Wakko Warner” /50
A-JH Jess Harnell “Ironhide” /25
A-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt “Party Of Five” /25
A-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt “I Know What You Did Last Summer” /25
A-KL Kristen Ledlow “Go Fire” /25
A-KL Kristen Ledlow “Inside Stuff” /25
A-LA Lloyd Ahlquist “EpicLLOYD” /75
A-MB Miles Bridges “Buzz City” /25
A-MB Miles Bridges “Flint Town” /25
A-MC Michael Chang “89′ French Open Champ” /75
A-MG Michael Gallup “Go Rams” /25
A-MG Michael Gallup “We Dem Boyz” /25

A-MH Martina Hingis “2013 HOF” /50
A-MH Martina Hingis “5x Single Major Winner” /25
A-MM Mike McGill “McTwist” /25
A-MM Mike McGill “Bones Brigade” /25
A-PA Rob Paulsen “Raphael” /25
A-PA Rob Paulsen “Donatello” /25
A–PA Rob Paulsen “Pinky” /25
A-PW Pete Weber “PDW” /25
A-PW Pete Weber “10 PBA Majors” /25
A-RD Red Dela Cruz “Ring Girl Of The Year” /50
A-RG Ryan Garcia “King Ry” /50
A-RP Robert Pollard “Uncle Bob” /50
A-RP Robert Pollard “Zeppelin Over China” /75
A-SC Steve Caballero “Bones Brigade” /25
A-SO Sean O’Malley “Sugar” /75

A-VR Victor Robles “#16” /50
A-VR Victor Robles “Vamos Nationals” /25
A-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. “Deadeye” /25
A-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. “8 PBA Majors” /25
A-ZB Zazie Beetz “Domino” /25
A-ZB Zazie Beetz “Sophie Dumond” /25

Cut Signatures Checklist

36 cards.

AL Art Linkletter 1/1
BD Bob Dole 1/1
BR Bobby Riggs 1/1
BW Barbara Walters 1/1
CC Cab Calloway 1/1
CP Cool Papa Bell 1/1
DB Don Budge 1/1
DC David Copperfield 1/1
DD Dave DeBusschere 1/1
DR Don Rickles 1/1
DS Dolph Schayes 1/1
EA Ed Asner 1/1
EF Ella Fitzgerald 1/1
EH Ernie Harwell 1/1
EL Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch 1/1
FM Frank McGuire 1/1
GM George Mikan 1/1
HG Hank Greenberg 1/1

JC Joan Crawford 1/1
JF Joe Frazier 1/1
JM Jackie Mason 1/1
JR Dr. Jack Ramsey 1/1
JW John Wooden 1/1
LD Lorraine Day 1/1
NV Norm Van Brocklin 1/1
OG Otto Graham 1/1
OW Orville Wright 1/1
PD Phyllis Diller 1/1
PR Pete Rozelle 1/1
RB Roger Bannister 1/1
RJ Raul Julia 1/1
RS Ron Santo 1/1
SM Stan Musial 1/1
SS Susan Sarandon 1/1
TA Tim Allen 1/1
YB Yogi Berra 1/1

Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks Checklist

5 cards.
Insertion rates and production numbers not announced.

Buy on:

SKH-DA DeAndre Ayton
SKH-LD Luka Doncic
SKH-MJ11 Michael Jordan
SKH-MJ12 Michael Jordan
SKH-TW Tiger Woods

Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks Laces Checklist

5 cards.
Insertion rates and production numbers not announced.

Buy on:

SKH-DA DeAndre Ayton
SKH-LD Luka Doncic
SKH-MJ11 Michael Jordan
SKH-MJ12 Michael Jordan
SKH-TW Tiger Woods

Exquisite Rookie Autographs

Full list TBA.

Buy on:

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Exquisite Luka Doncic Autograph

03T-DA Deandre Ayton AUTO MEM /99
03T-LD Luka Doncic AUTO MEM /99
03T-VR Victor Robles AUTO MEM /99
09T-DA Deandre Ayton AUTO /99
09T-LD Luka Doncic AUTO /99
09T-VR Victor Robles AUTO /99

Genuine Heroes Signatures Checklist

6 cards.
1:320 hobby, 1:320 e-Pack, 1:1,200 Mega

Buy on:

GH-AS Anthony Sadler
GH-DB Donald E. Ballard
GH-JS James Shaw Jr.
GH-JT Joe Torrillo
GH-MM Mandy Manning
GH-SD Sammy L. Davis

Goudey Autographs Checklist

15 cards.
1:480 hobby, 1:480 e-Pack, 1:280 Mega
Group A 1:58,122, Group B 1:27,282, Group C 1:13,368, Group D 1:3,190, Group E 1:2,057, Group F 1:866

Buy on:

GA-AF Allison Fisher F
GA-CD Crystal Dunn D
GA-DA DeAndre Ayton B
GA-HD Hailie Deegan D
GA-KL Kristen Ledlow C
GA-LD Luka Doncic A
GA-MC Michael Chang E
GA-MG Michael Gallup E
GA-MM Mike McGill F
GA-MQ Molly Qerim F
GA-PW Pete Weber E
GA-RD Red Dela Cruz F
GA-RG Ryan Garcia D
GA-RP Robert Pollard F
GA-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. F

Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs Checklist

7 cards.
1:8,000 hobby, 1:8,000 e-Pack
Group A 1:308,000, Group B 1:8,213

Buy on:

SRA-JC Julio Cesar Chavez B
SRA-MH Martina Hingis B
SRA-MJ Michael Jordan A
SRA-PW Pete Weber B
SRA-SC Steve Caballero B
SRA-TW Tiger Woods B
SRA-WG Wayne Gretzky B

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs Checklist

3 cards.
1:25,000 hobby, 1:25,000 e-Pack

Buy on:

SRA-DA Luka Doncic/DeAndre Ayton
SRA-MC Mike McGill/Steve Caballero
SRA-WW Pete Weber/Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Museum Collection JFK Presidential Legacy Relics Cut Signature

1 card.
Inserted as redemption.

RED Vanity Case Insignia w/Cut Signature 1/1

Splash of Color Autographs Checklist

12 cards.
1:1,280 hobby, 1:1,280 e-Pack

Buy on:

SCA-BB Brandon Boyd
SCA-BD Buster Douglas
SCA-BO Brian Ortega
SCA-DA DeAndre Ayton
SCA-DH Danielle Harris
SCA-JC Julio Cesar Chavez
SCA-JH Jennifer Love Hewitt
SCA-LD Luka Doncic
SCA-MH Martina Hingis
SCA-SC Steve Caballero
SCA-VR Victor Robles
SCA-ZB Zazie Beetz

Splash of Color Bounty Autograph Checklist

1 card.
Bounty reward for completing Splash of Color 3-D set.
Not available in packs.

LSCA-LD Luka Doncic

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2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Ancient Currencies Relics Checklist

6 cards.
1:1,503 hobby, 1:1,503 e-Pack.

Buy on:

AC-1 New World Pirate Era Spanish Bronze Coins (1400 A.D -1600 A.D)
AC-2 Medieval Coins Bronze Nummis (1000-1690 A.D.)
AC-3 Byzantine Coins (491-1200 A.D)
AC-4 Roman Sized Widow’s Mites
AC-5 Greek Coins (400 B.C.-300 A.D.)
AC-6 Constantine Roman Coins (307-330 A.D.)

Botanical Wonders Relics Checklist

32 cards.
1:417 hobby, 1:417 e-Pack.

Buy on:

Tier 1 – 1:720

BW-1 Cosmos Orange
BW-2 Cosmos Yellow
BW-3 Orange Larkspur
BW-4 Purple Larkspur
BW-5 Rose Larkspur
BW-6 Pink Larkspur
BW-7 Desert Marigolds
BW-8 Green Hydrangea
BW-9 Orange Hydrangea
BW-10 Red Hydrangea
BW-11 Blue Hydrangea
BW-12 Purple Violas
BW-13 Green Daisy
BW-14 Purple Daisy

Tier 2 – 1:1,500

BW-15 Heather
BW-16 Pink Verbena
BW-17 Blue Verbena
BW-18 Red Verbena
BW-19 Purple Verbena
BW-20 Purple Lobelia
BW-21 Purple Alyssum
BW-22 Pink Alyssum
BW-23 Blue Salvia
BW-24 Caspia

Tier 3 – 1:3,600

BW-25 Forget-Me-Nots
BW-26 Four O’Clocks
BW-27 Boronia
BW-28 Johnny Jump Ups
BW-29 Hawaiian Star
BW-30 White Queen Anne’s Lace

Tier 4 – 1:14,800

BW-31 Rosebuds Reds
BW-32 Four-Leaf Clover

Botanical Wonders Jumbo Relics Checklist

6 cards.
Distributed via redemption.
Odds not announced.

Buy on:

BWJR-HH Hollyhock
BWJR-JM Japanese Maple
BWJR-ML Maple Leaf
BWJR-OS Orange Sunflower
BWJR-PQ Pasque
BWJR-SL Smoketree Leaves

Goudey Memorabilia Checklist

18 cards.
1:300 hobby, 1:600 e-Pack
Group A 1:28,500, Group B 1:7,125, Group C 1:7,125, Group D 1:331

Buy on:

GM-AF Allison Fisher A
GM-AK Ali Krieger D
GM-BB Brandon Boyd D
GM-BS Ben Simmons B
GM-CD Crystal Dunn B
GM-CH Coco Ho D
GM-DA DeAndre Ayton C
GM-HD Hailie Deegan D
GM-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt D
GM-KL Kristen Ledlow D
GM-MC Michael Chang D
GM-MG Michael Gallup D
GM-MH Martina Hingis D
GM-MQ Molly Qerim D
GM-SC Steve Caballero D
GM-SO Sean O’Malley D
GM-VR Victor Robles D
GM-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. D

Goudey Memorabilia Premium Checklist

17 cards.

Buy on:

GM-AF Allison Fisher /25
GM-AK Ali Krieger /20
GM-BB Brandon Boyd /25
GM-BS Ben Simmons /25
GM-CD Crystal Dunn /20
GM-CH Coco Ho /50
GM-DA DeAndre Ayton /10
GM-HD Hailie Deegan /50
GM-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt /50
GM-KL Kristen Ledlow /25
GM-MC Michael Chang /25
GM-MG Michael Gallup /10
GM-MQ Molly Qerim /50
GM-RD Red Dela Cruz /10
GM-SC Steve Caballero /20
GM-SO Sean O’Malley /10
GM-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. /50

Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Checklist

3 cards.
1:1,520 hobby, 1:1,520 e-Pack.
Group A 1:6,587, Group B 1:1,976

Buy on:

SRM-BS Ben Simmons B
SRM-JC Julio Cesar Chavez B
SRM-SW Serena Williams A

Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Premium Checklist

5 cards.

Buy on:

SRM-BS Ben Simmons /10
SRM-JC Julio Cesar Chavez /10
SRM-MJ Michael Jordan /10
SRM-SW Serena Williams /10
SRM-TW Tiger Woods /10

Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Dual Swatch Checklist

4 cards.
1:2,880 hobby, 1:2,880 e-Pack.
Group A 1:7,200, Group B 1:4,800

Buy on:

SRM2-BD Ben Simmons/DeAndre Ayton A
SRM2-JB Julio Cesar Chavez/Buster Douglas A
SRM2-MM Martina Hingis/Michael Chang B
SRM2-SM Steve Caballero/Mike McGill B

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual-Swatch Memorabilia Premium Checklist

5 cards.

Buy on:

SRM2-BD Ben Simmons/DeAndre Ayton /15
SRM2-JB Julio Cesar Chavez/Buster Douglas /15
SRM2-MM Martina Hingis/Michael Chang /15
SRM2-MT Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods /10
SRM2-SM Steve Caballero/Mike McGill /15

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Illustration Relics Checklist

13 cards.
1:1,200 hobby, 1:1,200 e-Pack
Group A 1:156,720, Group B 1:46,094, Group C 1:37,314, Group D 1:32,650, Group E 1:27,021, Group F 1:24,488, Group G 1:6,996, Group H 1:4,837, Group I 1:3,122

Buy on:

  • eBay

GF1 Rapunzel E
GF2 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs E
GF3 Cinderella A
GF4 Hansel and Gretel D
GF5 Rumpelstiltskin C
GF6 Little Red Riding Hood B
GF7 The Frog Prince B
GF8 The Elves and the Shoemaker D
GF9 Little Briar Rose C
GF10 The Golden Goose F
GF11 1909 Edition I
GF12 1912 Edition H
GF13 1914 Edition G

Memorabilia Checklist

39 cards.
1:40 hobby, 1:300 e-Pack.
Group A – 1:11:200, Group B – 1:1,400, Group C – 1:1,244, Group D – 1:233, Group E – 1:108, Group F – 1:102

Buy on:

M-AF Allison Fisher E
M-AK Ali Krieger E
M-AO Alexandra O’Laughlin E
M-AS Aries Spears E
M-AW Aaron “P-Nut” Wills F
M-BB Brandon Boyd F
M-BD Buster Douglas E
M-BO Brian Ortega E
M-BS Ben Simmons B
M-CB Cici Bellis F
M-CD Crystal Dunn D
M-CH Coco Ho D
M-CK Craig Kilborn E
M-CS Chad Sexton E
M-DA DeAndre Ayton D
M-DH Danielle Harris E
M-DM Doug “SA” Martinez E
M-GA Michael Gallup D
M-GE Georgia Ellenwood B
M-HA Jess Harnell D

M-HD Hailie Deegan B
M-JC Julio Cesar Chavez A
M-JE Jessica Eye F
M-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt C
M-KL Kristen Ledlow D
M-LA Lloyd Ahlquist F
M-MC Michael Chang F
M-MH Martina Hingis F
M-MM Mike McGill E
M-MQ Molly Qerim E
M-NH Nick Hexum E
M-PA Rob Paulsen F
M-RG Ryan Garcia B
M-RP Robert Pollard F
M-SC Steve Caballero D
M-SO Sean O’Malley F
M-TM Tim Mahoney D
M-VR Victor Robles C
M-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. F

Memorabilia Premium Checklist

38 cards.

Buy on:

M-AF Allison Fisher /25
M-AK Ali Krieger /25
M-AO Alexandra O’Laughlin /10
M-AS Aries Spears /25
M-AW Aaron “P-Nut” Wills /65
M-BB Brandon Boyd /25
M-BD Buster Douglas /10
M-BO Brian Ortega /25
M-BS Ben Simmons /15
M-CB Cici Bellis /10
M-CD Crystal Dunn /15
M-CH Coco Ho /65
M-CK Craig Kilborn /15
M-CS Chad Sexton /65
M-DA DeAndre Ayton /10
M-DM Doug “SA” Martinez /25
M-GA Michael Gallup /25
M-GE Georgia Ellenwood /25
M-HA Jess Harnell /50
M-HD Hailie Deegan /65

M-JC Julio Cesar Chavez /10
M-JE Jessica Eye /10
M-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt /50
M-KL Kristen Ledlow /25
M-LA Lloyd Ahlquist /65
M-MC Michael Chang /25
M-MM Mike McGill /25
M-MQ Molly Qerim /10
M-NH Nick Hexum /50
M-PA Rob Paulsen /25
M-RD Red Dela Cruz /10
M-RG Ryan Garcia /50
M-RP Robert Pollard /65
M-SC Steve Caballero /25
M-SO Sean O’Malley /65
M-TM Tim Mahoney /25
M-VR Victor Robles /25
M-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. /50

Memorabilia Dual Swatch Checklist

15 cards.
1:300 hobby, 1:600 e-Pack
Group A – 1:3,450, Group B – 1:329

Buy on:

M2-AK Ali Krieger B
M2-AW Aaron “P-Nut” Wills B
M2-BO Brian Ortega B
M2-CD Crystal Dunn B
M2-CS Chad Sexton B
M2-DA DeAndre Ayton B
M2-JH Jennifer Love Hewitt A
M2-KL Nick Hexum A
M2-MC Michael Chang B
M2-MH Martina Hingis B
M2-RP Robert Pollard B
M2-SA Doug “SA” Martinez B
M2-SO Sean O’Malley B
M2-TM Tim Mahoney B
M2-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. B

Memorabilia Dual Swatch Premium Checklist

14 cards.

Buy on:

M2-AK Ali Krieger /25
M2-AW Aaron “P-Nut” Wills /25
M2-BO Brian Ortega /25
M2-CD Crystal Dunn /10
M2-CS Chad Sexton /25
M2-DA DeAndre Ayton /10
M2-JH Jennifer Love Hewitt /10
M2-KL Nick Hexum /25
M2-MC Michael Chang /25
M2-RP Robert Pollard /15
M2-SA Doug “SA” Martinez /10
M2-SO Sean O’Malley /25
M2-TM Tim Mahoney /10
M2-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. /35

Museum Collection Aviation Relics Checklist

30 cards.
1:480 hobby, 1:480 e-Pack.
Group A 1:7,780, Group B 1:778, Group C 1:1,494

Buy on:

MCA-172 Cessna 172 Skyhawk Flight Suit B
MCA-182 Cessna 182 Skylane Flight Suit B
MCA-206 Air Patrol Cessna 206 Flight Suit B
MCA-233 Schweizer SGS 2-33 Flight Suit B
MCA-235 Maule MT-235 Flight Suit B
MCA-AP9 Apollo 9 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A10 Apollo 10 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A11 Apollo 11 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A12 Apollo 12 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A13 Apollo 13 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A14 Apollo 14 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A15 Apollo 15 Thermal Blanket B
MCA-A16 Apollo 16 Thermal Blanket B

MCA-A20 Douglas A-20 Havoc Flight Suit B
MCA-A36 North American A-36 Apache Flight Suit B
MCA-ASK Schleicher ASK 21 Flight Suit B
MCA-AT6 North American AT-6 Texan Flight Suit B
MCA-CG4 Waco CG-4 Flight Suit A
MCA-F4P McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Ejection Seat A
MCA-GAA GippsAero GA8 Airvan Flight Suit B
MCA-ISS International Space Station Compression Pants A
MCA-LET LET L-23 Super Blanik Flight Suit B
MCA-MSS Mir Space Station Compression Pants A
MCA-P35 Seversky P-35 Flight Suit B

MCA-SCH Space Shuttle Challenger Staging Area Bag C
MCA-SEN Space Shuttle Enterprise Recovery Flotation Device C
MCA-SPA Space Shuttle Atlantis Parachute Suspension C
MCA-SPC Space Shuttle Columbia Netting Assembly A
MCA-SPD Space Shuttle Discovery Stowage Assembly Unit C
MCA-SPE Space Shuttle Endeavour Recovery Flotation Device C

Museum Collection Aviation Jumbo Relics Checklist

22 cards.
Group A 1:135 Redemptions, Group B 1:14 Redemptions, Group C 1:5 Redemptions, Group D 1:4, Group E 1:2 Redemptions

Buy on:

2.5 x 3.5

MCAJ-F4EB F4E-Phantom Martin Baker Ejection Seat Survival Pack E
MCAJ-SSRB Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Flotation Device E

3.5 x 5

MCAJ-MBES F4E-Phantom Martin Baker Ejection Seat Survival Pack E
MCAJ-SDCA US South Dakota Civil Air Patrol Flight Suit E
MCAJ-SMMA Space Lab Module Markers E
MCAJ-SRFD Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Flotation Device E
MCAJ-SSNA Space Shuttle Netting Assembly B

4 x 6

MCAJ-ESSP F4E-Phantom Martin Baker Ejection Seat Survival Pack B
MCAJ-KATB Kapton Thermal Blanket D
MCAJ-NBCP Nikolai Budarin’s Compression Pants E
MCAJ-SDCA US South Dakota Civil Air Patrol Flight Suit D
MCAJ-SPSL Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Parachute Suspension Line D
MCAJ-SRFD Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Flotation Device D
MCAJ-SSNA Space Shuttle Netting Assembly C

5 x 7

MCAJ-BUCP Nikolai Budarin’s Compression Pants C
MCAJ-KTHB Kapton Thermal Blanket C
MCAJ-PMBE F4E-Phantom Martin Baker Ejection Seat Survival Pack D
MCAJ-SDAP US South Dakota Civil Air Patrol Flight Suit A
MCAJ-SMLS Space Lab Module Large Staging Area Bag E
MCAJ-SMSA Space Lab Module Stowage Assembly Unit C
MCAJ-SNAS Space Shuttle Netting Assembly B
MCAJ-SRFD Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Recovery Flotation Device C

Museum Collection JFK Presidential Legacy Relics Checklist

8 cards.
1:4,000 hobby, 1:4,000 e-Pack.

Buy on:

JFK-1 Getting Elected as President
JFK-2 Inaugural Address
JFK-3 Creation of the Peace Corps
JFK-4 Bay Of Pigs Invasion
JFK-5 Vienna Conference
JFK-6 Space Race
JFK-7 Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK-8 Moral Crisis Speech

National Parks Vintage Map Relics Checklist

24 cards.

Buy on:

NP-73 Badlands – Loop Road /78
NP-74 Badlands – Badlands Wall /78
NP-75 Badlands – Pinnacles Overlook /78
NP-76 Badlands – Big Badlands Overlook /78
NP-77 Badlands – Yellow Mounds Overlook /78
NP-78 Badlands – Door Trail /78
NP-79 Carlsbad Caverns – Big Room /30
NP-80 Carlsbad Caverns – King’s Palace /30
NP-81 Carlsbad Caverns – Giant Dome /30
NP-82 Carlsbad Caverns – Green Lake /30
NP-83 Carlsbad Caverns – Natural Entrance /30
NP-84 Carlsbad Caverns – Sitting Bull Falls /30

NP-85 Joshua Tree – Arch Rock /94
NP-86 Joshua Tree – Cap Rock /94
NP-87 Joshua Tree – Hall Of Horrors /94
NP-88 Joshua Tree – Queen Valley Road /94
NP-89 Joshua Tree – Lost Horse Mine /94
NP-90 Joshua Tree – Joshua Tree Ranch /94
NP-91 Glacier – Grinnell Glacier /10
NP-92 Glacier – Going To The Sun Road /10
NP-93 Glacier – Iceberg Lake Trail /10
NP-94 Glacier – Virginia Falls /10
NP-95 Glacier – Highline Trail /10
NP-96 Glacier – Swiftcurrent Lake /10

Splash Of Color Memorabilia Checklist

14 cards.
1:600 hobby, 1:1,200 e-Pack.
Group A 1:6,100, Group B 1:3,050, Group C 1:851

Buy on:

SM-BB Brandon Boyd C
SM-BD Buster Douglas C
SM-CH Coco Ho C
SM-DA DeAndre Ayton C
SM-DH Danielle Harris C
SM-GE Georgia Ellenwood A
SM-HD Hailie Deegan A
SM-JC Julio Cesar Chavez A
SM-MM Mike McGill B
SM-MQ Molly Qerim C
SM-RG Ryan Garcia B
SM-SC Steve Caballero C
SM-SO Sean O’Malley C
SM-VR Victor Robles B

Splash of Color Memorabilia Premium Checklist

13 cards.

Buy on:

SM-BB Brandon Boyd /25
SM-BD Buster Douglas /20
SM-CH Coco Ho /25
SM-DA DeAndre Ayton /10
SM-GE Georgia Ellenwood /15
SM-HD Hailie Deegan /25
SM-JC Julio Cesar Chavez /25
SM-MM Mike McGill /20
SM-MQ Molly Qerim /20
SM-RG Ryan Garcia /25
SM-SC Steve Caballero /20
SM-SO Sean O’Malley /25
SM-VR Victor Robles /20

World Traveler Map Relics Checklist

1:50 hobby, 1:50 e-Pack.
Group A 1:57,794, Group B 1:3,853, Group C 1:1,541, Group D 1:937, Group E 1:608, Group F 1:537, Group G 1:242, Group H 1:96

Buy on:

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions World Traveler Map Relic Lincoln Memorial

WT-151 Isle of Skye, Scotland G
WT-152 Dachstein Glacier, Austria B
WT-153 Cordillera Paine, Patagonia, Chile E
WT-154 Buenos Aires, Argentina F
WT-155 Walla Walla, Washington G
WT-156 Marrakesh, Morocco B
WT-157 Archipelago Sea, Finland E
WT-158 Giant’s Causeway, Ireland G
WT-159 Meteora, Greece H
WT-160 Amman, Jordan D
WT-161 Sao Paulo, Brazil H
WT-162 Copenhagen, Denmark H
WT-163 Brussels, Belgium F
WT-164 Tel Aviv, Israel H
WT-165 Ka’anapali Beach, Lahaina, Hawaii G
WT-166 South Beach, Miami, Florida G
WT-167 Santa Monica Beach, California H
WT-168 French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana C
WT-169 Dublin, Ireland H
WT-170 Charleston, South Caroilina H

WT-171 Park City, Utah G
WT-172 Napa Valley, California F
WT-173 Florence, Italy E
WT-174 Zanzibar, Tanzania E
WT-175 Dubrovnik, Croatia E
WT-176 Orkney, Scotland D
WT-177 Milan Cathedral, Milano, Italy G
WT-178 Bath, England F
WT-179 Alhambra Palace, Grenada, Spain E
WT-180 Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia H
WT-181 Lake Lugano, Switzerland E
WT-182 Reine, Norway F
WT-183 Chefchaouen, Morocco D
WT-184 Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland F
WT-185 Monteverde, Costa Rica G
WT-186 Skeleton Coast, Namibia B
WT-187 Svalbard, Norway E
WT-188 Stockholm, Sweden H
WT-189 Mackinac Island, Michigan F
WT-190 Tokyo, Japan H

WT-191 Lhasa, Tibet G
WT-192 Plain of Jars, Laos C
WT-193 Amsterdam, Netherlands H
WT-194 Budapest, Hungary H
WT-195 Cologne, Germany H
WT-196 Rainbow Mountain, Peru G
WT-197 Shahara Bridge, Yemen H
WT-198 Oaxaca, Mexico E
WT-199 Etretat, Northern France F
WT-200 The Nazca Lines, Peru F
WT-201 Glass Beach, Calif C
WT-202 French Riviera H
WT-203 Kampong Thom, Cambodia G
WT-204 Windmills at Kinderdijk, Holland H
WT-205 Luxor Temple Luxor, Egypt H
WT-206 Helsinki, Finland G
WT-207 Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania G
WT-208 Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. G
WT-209 El Valle de Anton, Panama D
WT-210 Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica G

WT-211 Borgarfjordur, Iceland H
WT-212 Theth, Albania D
WT-213 Calaguas Island, Philippines C
WT-214 Baguio City, Philippines D
WT-215 Esfahan, Iran E
WT-216 Minsk, Belarus D
WT-217 Lund Cathedral, Sweden H
WT-218 Ein Gedi, Israel B
WT-219 Fingal’s Cave, Scotland C
WT-220 Douro Valley, Portugal A
WT-221 Mornington Peninsula, Australia B
WT-222 Antelope Canyon, Arizona H
WT-223 Warsaw, Poland H
WT-224 Watkins Glen, NY C
WT-225 Ronda, Spain D
WT-226 Mecca, Saudi Arabia H
WT-227 Kronborg Castle, Denmark C
WT-228 Kiev, Ukraine H
WT-229 Lalibela, Ethiopia C
WT-230 Jaipur, India D

WT-231 Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi H
WT-232 Nuuk, Greenland E
WT-233 Stelvio Pass, Italy H
WT-234 Mexico City, Mexico D
WT-235 Twelve Apostles, Australia B
WT-236 Lake Retba, Senegal D
WT-237 Whale Bone Alley, Siberia H
WT-238 Spotted Lake, British Columbia H
WT-239 Algiers, Algeria C
WT-240 Thor’s Well, Oregon G
WT-241 Hong Kong H
WT-242 Manarola, Italy C
WT-243 Bran Castle, Romania H
WT-244 Luang Prabang, Laos F
WT-245 The Peloponnese, Greece E
WT-246 Auckland, New Zealand E
WT-247 Multnomah Falls, Oregon H
WT-248 Jacmel, Haiti D
WT-249 Antigua, Guatemala H
WT-250 White Cliffs of Dover, England H

Checklist Top


2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Inserts Checklists

Animal Kingdom Patches Checklist

50 cards.
1:160 hobby, 1:160 e-Pack.

Buy on:

Tier 1 – 1:260

AK-301 Yellow Armadillo
AK-302 Brown-Throated Sloth
AK-303 Black-Backed Jackal
AK-304 African Brush-Tailed Porcupine
AK-305 Canada Lynx
AK-306 Western Grey Kangaroo
AK-307 Blue Monkey
AK-308 Wild Boar
AK-309 Mountain Goat
AK-310 California Sea Lion
AK-311 Gray Wolf
AK-312 Borneo Fruit Bat
AK-313 Yellow Baboon
AK-314 Pale Fox
AK-315 Elk
AK-316 Sable Antelope
AK-317 Jungle Cat
AK-318 Brown Bear

Tier 2 – 1:600

AK-319 Ivory Gull
AK-320 Tibetan Antelope
AK-321 Blackbuck
AK-322 Brown Hyena
AK-323 Asian Golden Cat
AK-324 East African Oryx
AK-325 Black Wallaroo
AK-326 Ibiza Wall Lizard
AK-327 Green Salamander
AK-328 Atlantic Walrus
AK-329 Onager
AK-330 Bull Shark
AK-331 Royal Penguin

Tier 3 – 1:2,400

AK-332 Northern Giraffe
AK-333 New England Cottontail
AK-334 African Leopard
AK-335 Sperm Whale
AK-336 Rhinoceros Iguana
AK-337 Meadow Viper

Tier 4 – 1:3,500

AK-338 Bonobo
AK-339 Numbat
AK-340 Indian Pangolin
AK-341 Goliath Frog
AK-342 Toque Macaque

Tier 5 – 1:4,200

AK-343 Malayian Tiger
AK-344 Tamaraw
AK-345 Cozumel Raccon
AK-346 Amsterdam Albatross
AK-347 Tapanuli Orangutan

Tier 6 – 1:10,000

AK-348 Tasmanian Tiger
AK-349 Stegasaurus
AK-350 Dragon

Civic Symbols Patches Checklist

50 cards.
1:64 hobby, 1:64 e-Pack, 1:240 Mega.

Buy on:

Tier 1 – 1:76

USF-1 Delaware
USF-2 Pennsylvania
USF-3 New Jersey
USF-4 Georgia
USF-5 Connecticut
USF-6 Massachusetts
USF-7 Maryland
USF-8 South Carolina
USF-9 New Hampshire
USF-10 Virginia
USF-11 New York
USF-12 North Carolina
USF-13 Rhode Island
USF-14 Vermont
USF-15 Kentucky
USF-16 Tennessee
USF-17 Ohio
USF-18 Louisiana
USF-19 Indiana
USF-20 Mississippi
USF-21 Illinois
USF-22 Alabama
USF-23 Maine
USF-24 Missouri
USF-25 Arkansas

Tier 2 – 1:240

USF-26 Michigan
USF-27 Florida
USF-28 Texas
USF-29 Iowa
USF-30 Wisconsin
USF-31 California
USF-32 Minnesota
USF-33 Oregon
USF-34 Kansas
USF-35 West Virginia
USF-36 Nevada
USF-37 Nebraska

Tier 3 – 1:660

USF-38 Colorado
USF-39 North Dakota
USF-40 South Dakota
USF-41 Montana
USF-42 Washington
USF-43 Idaho

Tier 4 – 1:1,250

USF-44 Wyoming
USF-45 Utah
USF-46 Oklahoma
USF-47 New Mexico
USF-48 Arizona

Tier 5 – 1:7,500

USF-49 Alaska
USF-50 Hawaii

Goodwin Masterpieces Art of the Ages Checklist

100 cards.

2019 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Art of the Ages Three

GMAA-ABSN Albert Bierstadt – Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California 1/1
GMAA-AGFS Albert Gleizes – Musician (Florent Schmitt) 1/1
GMAA-AHWR Albert Herter – Woman with Red Hair 1/1
GMAA-AVCH Anthony Van Dyck – Charles I at the Hunt 1/1
GMAA-AVCT Anthony Van Dyck – Charles I In Three Positions 1/1
GMAA-BDKS Asher Brown Durand – Kindred Spirits 1/1
GMAA-BJMP Frank Blackwell Mayer – Independence (Squire Jack Porter) 1/1
GMAA-BRTP Georges Braque – The Portuguese 1/1
GMAA-CBJF George Caleb Bingham – The Jolly Flatboatmen 1/1
GMAA-CFCM Caspar David Friedrich – The Cross In the Mountains 1/1
GMAA-CFTM Caspar David Friedrich – Two Men Contemplating the Moon 1/1
GMAA-CFWS Caspar David Friedrich – Wanderer above the Sea of Fog 1/1

GMAA-CMGW Claude Monet – The Green Wave 1/1
GMAA-CMPP Claude Monet – Portrait of Poly, Fisherman at Kervillaouen 1/1
GMAA-CMPT Claude Monet – Palm Tree at Bordighera 1/1
GMAA-CMSE Claude Monet – Stormy Sea in Etretat 1/1
GMAA-CMWB Claude Monet – Waterloo Bridge 1/1
GMAA-CTBM George Catlin – Portraits of Grizzly Bear and Mouse 1/1
GMAA-DVLM Diego Velaquez – Las Meninas 1/1
GMAA-DVOW Diego Velaquez – Old Woman Frying Eggs 1/1
GMAA-DVTB Diego Velaquez – The Triumph Of Bacchus 1/1
GMAA-EDLL Eugene Delacroix – The Liberty Leading the People 1/1
GMAA-EDMC Eugene Delacroix – Massacre of Chios 1/1
GMAA-EDSG Eugene Delacroix – Christ on the Sea of Galilee 1/1

GMAA-EGCO El Greco – The Burial Of The Count Of Orgaz 1/1
GMAA-EGDC El Greco – The Disrobing Of Christ 1/1
GMAA-EGFA El Greco – Fable 1/1
GMAA-EGVT El Greco – View Of Toledo 1/1
GMAA-EHPS Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – The Return Of The Prodigal Sun 1/1
GMAA-EJLB Eastman Johnson – The Girl I Left Behind Me 1/1
GMAA-EMMA Edvard Munch – Madonna 1/1
GMAA-EMNS Edvard Munch – Night In St. Cloud 1/1
GMAA-EMPU Edvard Munch – Puberty 1/1
GMAA-EMSP Edvard Munch – Spring Ploughing 1/1
GMAA-FCAC Frederic Edwin Church – Above the Clouds at Sunrise 1/1
GMAA-FGSS Francisco de Goya – The Snowstorm (Winter) 1/1

GMAA-FMRD Franz Marc – Red Deer II 1/1
GMAA-FRGF Frederic Remington – The Grass Fire 1/1
GMAA-GWAG Grant Wood – American Gothic 1/1
GMAA-GWPR Grant Wood – The Midnight Ride Of Paul Revere 1/1
GMAA-GWSI Grant Wood – Stone City, Iowa.H 1/1
GMAA-HRFB Henri Rousseau – The Fishermen and the Biplane 1/1
GMAA-IABC Ivan Aivazovsky – Battle of Cesme at Night 1/1
GMAA-IACH Ivan Aivazovsky – Chaos (The Creation) 1/1
GMAA-IVNWM Ivan Aivazovsky – The Ninth Wave 1/1
GMAA-JALH John James Audubon – Louisiana Heron 1/1
GMAA-JAWE John James Audubon – Washington Sea Eagle 1/1
GMAA-JBMU Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida – The Musketeer 1/1

GMAA-JFTB Jean-Honore Fragonard – The Bathers 1/1
GMAA-JFTS Jean-Honore Fragonard – The Seesaw 1/1
GMAA-JHTS Jean-Honore Fragonard – The Swing 1/1
GMAA-JIGO Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres – La Grande Odalisque 1/1
GMAA-JINI Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres – Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne 1/1
GMAA-JMNO Jean-Francois Millet – Portrait of a Naval Officer 1/1
GMAA-JSBE John Singer Sargent – Bedouins 1/1
GMAA-JVAN Jan Van Eyck – Annunciation 1/1
GMAA-JVAP Jan Van Eyck – The Arnolfini Portrait 1/1
GMAA-LDLS Leonardo Da Vinci – The Last Supper 1/1
GMAA-LDSM Leonardo Da Vinci – Salvador Mundi 1/1
GMAA-LDSW Leonardo Da Vinci – Leda and the Swan 1/1

GMAA-MAOM Edouard Manet – The Old Musician 1/1
GMAA-MEHM Max Ernst – The Hat Makes the Man 1/1
GMAA-MKMA August Macke – Market in Algiers 1/1
GMAA-MMFT Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – The Fortune Teller 1/1
GMAA-MNWB John Marin – Woolworth Building, no. 31 1/1
GMAA-OTAM Henry Ossawa Tanner – Portrait of the Artist’s Mother 1/1
GMAA-PELI Pieter Bruegel the Elder – Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus 1/1
GMAA-PETB Pieter Bruegel the Elder – The Tower Of Babel 1/1
GMAA-PPSC Pablo Picasso – Science and Charity 1/1
GMAA-PPSO Pablo Picasso – The Soup 1/1
GMAA-PPTT Pablo Picasso – The Tragedy 1/1

GMAA-PRGW Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Girl With A Watering Can 1/1
GMAA-PRRG Pierre-Auguste Renoir – The Rose Garden At Wargemont 1/1
GMAA-PRRJ Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Roses And Jasmine In A Delft Vase 1/1
GMAA-PUSD Paolo Uccello – St. George And The Dragon 1/1
GMAA-PUSR Paolo Uccello – The Battle Of San Romano 1/1
GMAA-RABC Raphael – Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione 1/1
GMAA-RHDA Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – Danae 1/1
GMAA-RHNW Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – The Night Watch 1/1
GMAA-RHSG Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – The Storm On The Sea of Galilee 1/1
GMAA-RRSM Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – St. Matthew and the Angel 1/1

GMAA-RUFP Peter Paul Rubens – The Four Philosophers 1/1
GMAA-RUTS Peter Paul Rubens – Two Satyrs 1/1
GMAA-SCWS John Singleton Copley – Watson and the Shark 1/1
GMAA-SKAI William Sergeant Kendall – An Interlude 1/1
GMAA-SMBG John Smibert – The Bermuda Group (Dean Berkeley and his Entourage) 1/1
GMAA-TCOB Thomas Cole – The Oxbow 1/1
GMAA-TEGC Thomas Eakins – The Gross Clinic 1/1
GMAA-TEHR Thomas Eakins – Home Ranch 1/1
GMAA-TEHW Thomas Eakins – Portrait of Dr. Horatio Wood Jr. 1/1
GMAA-TEIM Thomas Eakins – In the Mid-Time 1/1

GMAA-TIRF Titian – Portrait of Ranuccio Farnese 1/1
GMAA-UBCL Umberto Boccioni – The Charge of the Lancers 1/1
GMAA-VVLA Vincent Van Gogh – Langlois Bridge at Arles 1/1
GMAA-VVRJ Vincent Van Gogh – Women at the Peat Moor 1/1
GMAA-VVTR Vincent Van Gogh – Tree Roots 1/1
GMAA-WAMT John William Waterhouse – Miranda, The Tempest 1/1
GMAA-WHEB Winslow Homer – Eight Bells 1/1
GMAA-WHVF Winslow Homer – The Veteran in a New Field 1/1
GMAA-WPAM Charles Wilson Peale – The Artist in His Museum 1/1

Goudey Checklist

50 cards.
1:4 hobby, 1:4 e-Pack, 1:24 Mega.

Buy on:


3D Lenticular
Mini – (1:3.3 hobby, 1:2.5 e-Pack, 1:4 Mega)
Blank Back Mini
Wood Lumberjack Mini – (1:20 hobby, 1:20 e-Pack)
Black Wood Lumberjack Mini – /8
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

G1 LeBron James
G2 Luka Doncic
G3 Ryan Garcia
G4 Allison Fisher
G5 Zazie Beetz
G6 Michael Gallup
G7 Jennifer Love Hewitt
G8 Danielle Harris
G9 Coco Ho
G10 Wayne Gretzky
G11 Hailie Deegan
G12 Michael Chang
G13 Jess Harnell
G14 Jessica Eye
G15 Buster Douglas
G16 Crystal Dunn
G17 Ali Krieger
G18 Mike McGill
G19 Cici Bellis
G20 Serena Williams
G21 John McCain
G22 Aries Spears
G23 Michael Jordan
G24 Wright Brothers
G25 Ben Simmons

G26 Alexandra O’Laughlin
G27 Robert F. Kennedy
G28 Kristen Ledlow
G29 Sean O’Malley
G30 Brandon Boyd
G31 Georgia Ellenwood
G32 Brian Ortega
G33 Lloyd Ahlquist
G34 Craig Kilborn
G35 Martina Hingis
G36 Robert Pollard
G37 George H.W. Bush
G38 Jack Johnson
G39 Walter Ray Williams Jr.
G40 DeAndre Ayton
G41 Rob Paulsen
G42 Steve Caballero
G43 Miles Bridges
G44 Red Dela Cruz
G45 John F. Kennedy
G46 Trey Lippe-Morrison
G47 Victor Robles
G48 Pete Weber
G49 Molly Qerim
G50 Tiger Woods

Grimms’ Fairy Tales Sketch Booklets Checklist

20 cards.
1:720 hobby, 1:720 e-Pack.

Buy on:

GFS-1 Cinderella
GFS-2 Rapunzel
GFS-3 Hansel and Gretel
GFS-4 Snow White
GFS-5 Little Red Riding Hood
GFS-6 The Big Bad Wolf
GFS-7 The Frog Prince
GFS-8 The Elves
GFS-9 Sleeping Beauty
GFS-10 Simpleton
GFS-11 The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs
GFS-12 Seven Dwarves
GFS-13 Cinderella Step Sisters
GFS-14 Evil Queen
GFS-15 The Fisherman and his Wife
GFS-16 Rumpelstiltskin
GFS-17 The Golden Goose
GFS-18 Dame Gothel
GFS-19 Witch
GFS-20 Shoemaker

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Dual Sketch Booklets Checklist

16 cards.
1:2,160 hobby, 1:2,160 e-Pack

Buy on:

GFDS-1 Cinderella
GFDS-2 Rapunzel
GFDS-3 Snow White
GFDS-4 Little Red Riding Hood
GFDS-5 The Frog Prince
GFDS-6 Sleeping Beauty
GFDS-7 The Giant with the Three Golden Hairs
GFDS-8 The Fisherman and his Wife
GFDS-9 Rumpelstiltskin
GFDS-10 The Golden Goose
GFDS-11 Seven Dwarves
GFDS-12 Evil Queen
GFDS-13 The Big Bad Wolf
GFDS-14 Witch
GFDS-15 Hansel and Gretel
GFDS-16 The Elves and the Shoemaker

Splash of Color 3D Lenticulars Checklist

50 cards.
1:32 hobby.
Tier 1 1:40, Tier 2 1:200, Tier 3 1:800

Buy on:

LS-AF Allison Fisher – Tier 1
LS-AK Ali Krieger – Tier 2
LS-AO Alexandra O’Laughlin – Tier 1
LS-AS Aries Spears – Tier 1
LS-BB Brandon Boyd – Tier 2
LS-BD Buster Douglas – Tier 1
LS-BO Brian Ortega – Tier 1
LS-BS Ben Simmons – Tier 3
LS-CB Cici Bellis – Tier 1
LS-CD Crystal Dunn – Tier 1
LS-CH Coco Ho – Tier 1
LS-CK Craig Kilborn – Tier 1
LS-DA DeAndre Ayton – Tier 3
LS-DH Danielle Harris – Tier 1
LS-GB George H.W. Bush – Tier 1
LS-GE Georgia Ellenwood – Tier 1
LS-HD Hailie Deegan – Tier 2
LS-JC Julio Cesar Chavez – Tier 2
LS-JE Jessica Eye – Tier 1
LS-JH Jess Harnell – Tier 1
LS-JK John F. Kennedy – Tier 2
LS-JL Jennifer Love Hewitt – Tier 2
LS-JM John McCain – Tier 1
LS-KL Kristen Ledlow – Tier 1
LS-LA Lloyd Ahlquist – Tier 1

LS-LD Luka Doncic – Tier 3
LS-LJ LeBron James – Tier 3
LS-MB Miles Bridges – Tier 1
LS-MC Michael Chang – Tier 1
LS-MG Michael Gallup – Tier 1
LS-MH Martina Hingis – Tier 2
LS-MJ Michael Jordan – Tier 3
LS-MM Mike McGill – Tier 1
LS-MQ Molly Qerim – Tier 1
LS-PO Robert Pollard – Tier 2
LS-PW Pete Weber – Tier 1
LS-RD Red Dela Cruz – Tier 1
LS-RG Ryan Garcia – Tier 2
LS-RP Rob Paulsen – Tier 1
LS-SC Steve Caballero – Tier 2
LS-SO Sean O’Malley – Tier 1
LS-SW Serena Williams – Tier 3
LS-TL Trey Lippe-Morrison – Tier 1
LS-TM Robert F. Kennedy – Tier 1
LS-TW Tiger Woods – Tier 3
LS-VR Victor Robles – Tier 2
LS-WB Wright Brothers – Tier 1
LS-WG Wayne Gretzky – Tier 3
LS-WW Walter Ray Williams Jr. – Tier 1
LS-ZB Zazie Beetz – Tier 2

Checklist Top


2018 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Updates Checklists


1 card.
Some have inscriptions: “Conquista o Sonho” and “Forca Portugal”

A-AS Andre Silva

Splash of Color Autographs

1 card.

SCA-AS Andre Silva

Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs Checklist

1 card.

SRA-SO Shohei Ohtani

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs

1 card.

SRA-GR Patrick Roy/Wayne Gretzky

Checklist Top


Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. Richard 4 February, 2019 at 17:12

    The Goodwin bounty programs are tough to complete.
    The 2018 Goodwin just closed on the first 5 bounties which has the Ohtani, leaving 29 Simmons yet to be claimed.
    I have to wonder how many people will actually claim then now given the costs of the Jordan and Lebron cards.
    Now that the last Ohtain has been claimed, they might drop to the point they get scratched, but ….

    Given their current pattern, I expect that Luka Doncic be in this years bounty program.

  2. Geoff Harper 5 May, 2019 at 09:06

    I have been a Troup card away from completing the bounty for more than 6 months. I just can’t find that one card (and it’s not even supposed to be that rare!).

  3. Richard 23 May, 2019 at 17:33

    Yes, there are a few of the bounty cards that appear to be a bit rarer.
    I think it has to do with the fact the cards have code and non-code versions.
    I paid a premium on some of them just to ensure I could get the bounty.

  4. Richard 17 June, 2019 at 11:33

    Well, it looks like they are making this year’s bounty even harder.
    I’m sure there will be people putting it, or at least trying to put it together,
    but I can’t see doing it myself just yet.
    I’d rather have the Luka “Kick” card and it will be cheaper to buy that than to buy the
    code cards of Jordan, Lebron, Tiger, Gretzky, Luka, DeAndre Ayton, let alone getting all 50.

    Now if they manage to get Zion in the mix, it could be worth it. Or if the Luka was done exquisite style.
    Even last years group of 20 stopped having real interest once they were down to just the Ben Simmons card.
    People paid stupid money for some of the commons to ensure they could the Ohtani.

    I think if the set got listed a bit more fully in the guide, not just the handful of cards, but such that people could see the Gretzky and Tiger Woods cards, the set would gain a bit more traction. Listing only the few basketball cards in the basketball guide makes it look like there is nothing in it worth getting.

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