2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations Short Prints and SSP Guide


As the first 2019 Topps Baseball cards surface, so too follow the short prints. Once again, the 2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball variations add alternate photos to select base cards. And there are lots of them.

But it’s not just active players that are in on the variations. Several legends are part of the tough Super Short Print checklist as well.

As per usual, variations take on the same design as the base set. Because they look so similar, you might not even notice that you’ve pulled something special and, potentially, much more rare. So here’s where some help comes in. We’ve made it easy for you to not only spot the 2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball variations, but how you can identify one with a simple glance.

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations: The Short Prints

The Short Print Variations, or SP, are all veterans and rookies. As a whole, these are more common than the legends. But even then, there are 75 total. So making a full run or set is challenging. But finding a card or two of your favorite player or team should be pretty easy and not overly expensive.

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations Mookie Betts

Here are the 2019 Topps Series 1 SP odds for most pack types:

Short Print Variations Odds

  • Hobby – 1:15
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:17
  • Blaster – 1:39
  • Hanger – 1:20

Basic Short Print Variations are listed as 1:17 hobby jumbo packs. But widespread issues have been reported with them not showing up. And we’re not talking one or two missing here and there. Several breakers have opened cases of jumbo boxes and not received any. Only hobby jumbo box appear to have been impacted.

2019 Topps Series 1 SSP Variations

Retired stars aren’t new to Topps variations. In fact, they have been used most years since Topps starting doing extensive intentional variations. However, the approach this year is a little different. They provide a theme for the scarce Super Short Print cards. Players cover generations of Hall of Famers and future Cooperstown inductees.

And while they have baseball in common, not all of the images are baseball images. Some show players more candidly. For instance, an older Babe Ruth is golfing. Ted Williams is shown as a pilot from his days serving in the Marines.

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball SSP Variations 50 Ted Williams

In addition to those, there is Nolan Ryan who is going full cowboy.

2019 Topps Series 1 SSP Variations are extremely tough to pull.

Super Short Prints Odds

  • Hobby – 1:444
  • Hobby Jumbo – 1:495
  • Blaster – 1:1,160
  • Hanger – 1:574

It does not appear the issue of SP cards not showing up in hobby jumbo packs is a problem with the SSP legends.

Sharp Dressed Cards

The 2019 Topps Baseball variations don’t have a theme that threads all the photos together. But there’s definitely something about what a lot of players are wearing. Some are in throwbacks, which, while interesting, isn’t a novel concept. They’re among the most coveted variations in Topps Heritage every year.

Other outfits stand out much more.

Seven players are shown in their dapper duds from the 2018 All-Star Game Red Carpet event last summer. Mike Trout, Francisco Lindor and Aaron Judge are among them. It’s part of a growing number of special event surrounding the Midsummer Classic and ties in nicely to the annual parade. It’s also an excuse for fans to see another side of players outside of their usual uniforms.

A couple of other SP clothing choices have even deeper stories. For example, there’s Javier Baez. His SP variation¬† stands out for the suit jacket he’s shown wearing. But it’s not just something he picked up at the store. It’s actually a jacket that once belonged to Roberto Clemente. Baez borrowed it from the Roberto Clemente Museum and wore it last season at the Home Run Derby. Now the jacket makes its way onto a baseball card.

The 2019 Topps Series 1 Variations also act as a reminder of one of 2018’s most touching stories. Last August, Khris Davis worked with the Make-a-Wish-Foundation to honor Anthony Slocumb, a young boy who had been battling cancer, which went into remission. After that, Davis flipped the script and asked Anthony to sign his jersey. Following that, the slugger then went out and hit a home run that same night while wearing the signed jersey.

Besides these, Corey Kluber’s variation shows him in his Player’s Weekend gear. Meanwhile, Justus Sheffield is wearing his USA jersey from the Futures Game.

How to Use Card Backs to Confirm 2019 Topps Series 1 Variations

Looking for an easy way to confirm if you have a variation short print before you even look at the front of the card? Once again, the fine print on the back has a bit of a cheat code. As part of the production process, Topps assigns a CMP code to different card types. However, it’s not meant for collector use. But over the past few years, it has become a telltale sign for variations in a lot of sets.

2019 Topps Series 1 is one of them.

To find this code, look to the string of numbers at the end of the fine print. If you have a base card, they all end in 910. However, if you have a card with a code that ends in 967 or 968, it’s a variation.

Codes of note for variation hunting:

  • Base – 910
  • Short Print Variations (SP) – 967
  • Super Short Print Variations (SSP) – 968

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variation Short Prints Checklist

Here’s a quick list of all the 2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Short Print Variations. A SSP checklist follows as well as a massive gallery of what the cards look like.

If you’re looking for a specific card, click on the link to see what’s available on eBay.

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Legends SSP Variations Checklist

In addition to the regular SP variations, here’s a list of the 2019 Topps Series 1 Legend Super Short Print Variations.

If you’re looking for a specific card, click on the link to see what’s available on eBay.

10 Sandy Koufax
21 Ozzie Smith
32 Cal Ripken Jr.
46 Frank Thomas
50 Ted Williams
57 Nolan Ryan
100 Hank Aaron
150 Don Mattingly
172 Mike Piazza
176 Ty Cobb
178 Jackie Robinson
215 Derek Jeter
230 Lou Gehrig
238 Rickey Henderson
250 Babe Ruth
253 Roberto Clemente
260 Reggie Jackson
262 Wade Boggs
276 Brooks Robinson
280 Bob Gibson
289 Mark McGwire
292 Ichiro
330 Bo Jackson
344 Pedro Martinez
350 Carl Yastrzemski

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations Gallery

1 Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta Braves

2018 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variation Short Prints Ronald Acuna Jr.

Variation – hand sign

Base – batting

7 Gleyber Torres, New York Yankees

Variation – warm-up shirt

Base – pinstripe uniform

10 Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – crouching

Base – pitching

10 Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles Dodgers

SSP Variation – Sandy Koufax

Base – Clayton Kershaw

16 Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies

Variation – Red Carpet Show

Base – purple jersey

21 Ozzie Smith, San Diego Padres

SSP Variation – Ozzie Smith

Base – Jean Segura

32 Carlos Correa, Houston Astros

Variation – leg up

Base – batting

32 Cal Ripken Jr., Baltimore Orioles

SSP Variation – Cal Ripken Jr. juggling soccer ball

Base – Carlos Correa

34 Josh Donaldson, Cleveland Indians

Variation – cap off

Base – batting

37 Marcus Stroman, Toronto Blue Jays

Variation – sitting with warm-ups, white cap

Base – pitching, blue cap

41 Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – warm-up shirt

Base – batting

46 Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox

Variation – sunglasses, covered face

Base – batting

46 Frank Thomas, Chicago White Sox

SSP Variation – Frank Thomas

Base – Jose Abreu

49 Michael Kopech, Chicago White Sox

Variation – Vienna Beef sign

Base – face showing

50 Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox

Variation – crouching

Base – batting

50 Ted Williams, Boston Red Sox

SSP Variation – Ted Williams (pilot)

Base – Mookie Betts

52. J.T. Realmuto, Miami Marlins

Variation – ’25’ patch on sleeve

Base – mask on head

53 Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants

Variation – holding bat

Base – fielding

57 Nolan Ryan, Houston Astros

SSP Variation – Nolan Ryan

Base – Justin Verlander

57 Justin Verlander, Houston Astros

Variation – Red Carpet Show, suit

Base – pitching

60 Kyle Tucker, Houston Astros

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations 60 Kyle Tucker

Variation – sitting in dugout

Base – running

62 Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers

Variation – blue jersey

Base – red jersey

77 J.D. Martinez, Boston Red Sox

Variation – red jersey, bat on shoulder

Base – white jersey

84 Matt Carpenter, St. Louis Cardinals

Variation – sitting on bench

Base – black helmet, batting

100 Hank Aaron, Milwaukee Brewers

SSP Variation – Hank Aaron

Base – Mike Trout

100 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Variation – Red Carpet Show, suit

Base – leaping at wall

107 Scooter Gennett, Cincinnati Reds

Variation – red jersey, fielding

Base – gray jersey, running

109 Michael Conforto, New York Mets

Variation – hands on waist, blue jersey

Base – batting, pinstripe jersey

110 Trevor Bauer, Cleveland Indians

Variation – wearing GoPro camera

Base – pitching

112 Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers

Variation – blue jersey

Base – gray jersey

119 Willson Contreras, Chicago Cubs

Variation – wearing batting helmet

Base – wearing catcher’s gear

125 Paul DeJong, St. Louis Cardinals

Variation – fielding ball

Base – throwing

128 Yoenis Cespedes, New York Yankees

Variation – sunglasses, blue shirt

Base – batting, pinstripe jersey

130 Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays

Variation -Red Carpet Show, suit

Base – pitching

133 Ryan Zimmerman, Washington Nationals

Variation – pointing up, white jersey

Base – batting, gray jersey

137 Carlos Rodon, Chicago White Sox

Variation – throwback jersey, high-five

Base – black jersey, pitching

139 Mitch Haniger, Seattle Mariners

Variation – diving into stands

Base – running

149 Khris Davis, Oakland Athletics

Variation – Anthony Slocumb autograph on jersey

Base – swinging, ‘2’ visible on jersey front

150 Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

Variation – Red Carpet Show, suit

Base – batting

150 Don Mattingly, New York Yankees

SSP Variation – Don Mattingly

Base – Aaron Judge

157 Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants

Variation – stars and stripes gear

Base – batting

161 Eric Hosmer, San Diego Padres

Variation – backwards cap

Base – batting

163 Aaron Nola, Philadelphia Phillies

Variation – ball not visible

Base – ball visible

166 Matt Chapman, Oakland Athletics

Variation – hand out

Base – throwing ball

168 Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals

Variation – touching cap

Base – batting

172 Mike Piazza, New York Mets

SSP Variation – Mike Piazza

Base – Brandon Nimmo

176 Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers

SSP Variation – Ty Cobb

Base – Trea Turner

176 Trea Turner, Washington Nationals

Variation – holding helmet

Base – leaping

178 Jose Altuve, Houston Astros

Variation – warm-up shirt, bat on shoulder

Base – batting, wearing helmet

178 Jackie Robinson, Brooklyn Dodgers

SSP Variation – Jackie Robinson

Base – Jose Altuve

180 Justin Turner, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – Gatorade bath

Base – batting

183 Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves

Variation – high-fives

Base – batting

200 Jacob deGrom, New York Mets

Variation – batting

Base – pitching

209 Nicholas Castellanos, Detroit Tigers

Variation – sitting on Gatorade cooler

Base – catching ball

210 Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

Variation – sitting on bench pondering the end of Inception

Base – batting

213 Juan Soto, Washington Nationals

Variation – sunglasses

Base – batting

215 Didi Gregorius, New York Yankees

Variation – wearing goggles on head

Base – leaping slide

215 Derek Jeter, New York Yankees

SSP Variation – Derek Jeter

Base – Didi Gregorius

221 Luis Severino, New York Yankees

Variation – pinstripe jersey

Base – gray jersey

222 Zack Greinke, Arizona Diamondbacks

Variation – ball in two hands

Base – pitching, ball in one hand

223 Jose Ramirez, Cleveland Indians

Variation – sitting at batting cage

Base – batting

225 Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals

Variation – mask close-up

Base – throwing

228 Rafael Devers, Boston Red Sox

Variation – sitting in dugout

Base – fielding

230 Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Variation – gray jersey, wearing cap

Base – batting, white jersey

230 Lou Gehrig, New York Yankees

SSP Variation – Lou Gehrig

Base – Miguel Cabrera

238 Rickey Henderson, Oakland Athletics

SSP Variation – Rickey Henderson

Base – Whit Merrifield

238 Whit Merrifield, Kansas City Royals

Variation – wearing helmet

Base – fielding

250 Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels

Variation – bat on shoulder

Base – swinging

250 Babe Ruth, New York Yankees

SSP Variation – Babe Ruth golfing

Base – Shohei Ohtani

253 Roberto Clemente, Pittsburgh Pirates

SSP Variation – Roberto Clemente

Base – Starling Marte

253 Starling Marte, Pittsburgh Pirates

Variation – warm-ups with teammates

Base – batting

258 Eddie Rosario, Minnesota Twins

Variation – spraying bat

Base – leading off base

260 Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees

SSP Variation – Reggie Jackson

Base – Aaron Hicks

262 Wade Boggs, Boston Red Sox

SSP Variation – Wade Boggs

Base – Mitch Moreland

262 Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles

Mitch Moreland is #262 in the base set.

Variation – black jersey (#262)

Base – orange jersey (#8)

269 Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations Francisco Lindor

Variation – Red Carpet Show

Base – running

276 Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies

Variation – doughnut on bat

Base – one hand on bat

276 Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Orioles

SSP Variation – Brooks Robinson

Base – Nolan Arenado

279 Rhys Hoskins, Philadelphia Phillies

Variation – peace sign

Base – batting

280 Bob Gibson, St. Louis Cardinals

SSP Variation – Bob Gibson

Base – Miles Mikolas

284 Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds

Variation – Red Carpet Show, suit

Base – kneeling

287 Jesus Aguilar, Milwaukee Brewers

Variation – throwback jersey, hands up

Base – looking up, gray jersey

289 Mark McGwire, Oakland Athletics

SSP Variation – Mark McGwire

Base – Matt Olson

292 Dee Gordon, Seattle Mariners

Variation – arms out

Base – dropping bat

292 Ichiro, Seattle Mariners

SSP Variation – Ichiro

Base – Dee Gordon

297 Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks

Variation – purple jersey

Base – red jersey

300 Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers

Variation in front of netting, bat in one hand

Base – bat in two hands

302 Jose Berrios, Minnesota Twins

Variation – pointing

Base – pitching, red jersey

306 Justus Sheffield, New York Yankees

Variation – USA jersey

Base – Yankees jersey

310 Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs

Variation – suit jacket

Base – fielding, wearing sunglasses

311 Jake Bauers, Tampa Bay Rays

Variation – sitting, holding cup

Base – batting

313 Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners

Variation – sitting in dugout

Base – wearing glove

323 George Springer, Houston Astros

Variation – clapping

Base – leaping slide

330 Lorenzo Cain, Milwaukee Brewers

Variation – kneeling at base

Base – holding helmet

330 Bo Jackson, Kansas City Royals

SSP Variation – Bo Jackson

Base – Lorenzo Cain

336 Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians

Variation – black Players Weekend socks

Base – gray jersey

344 Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox

SSP Variation – Pedro Martinez

Base – Max Scherzer

344 Max Scherzer, Washington Nationals

2019 Topps Series 1 Baseball Variations 344 Max Scherzer

Variation – black shirt

Base – white jersey

349 Kyle Schwarber, Chicago Cubs

Variation – sunglasses

Base – batting

350 Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox

SSP Variation – Carl Yastrzemski

Base – Nick Markakis


Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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    • Ryan Cracknell 24 January, 2019 at 14:49

      @david – I’ve seen images of live Ronald Acuna Highlights so that points to Walmart packs.

  1. Eric D Lussier 30 January, 2019 at 07:57

    Justus Sheffield went to the Mariners in November 19th and Topps still has him as a Yankee? Anyone know how far ahead are cards generally planned and printed?

    • Ryan Cracknell 30 January, 2019 at 10:31

      @Eric – It can vary from product to product, but from what I’ve been told in the past, something like a set like this, the main checklist is pretty much set several months out. Historically, if they’ve done last-second additions, the cards are short prints or variations like Acuna and Torres in Series 2 last year.

  2. Harvey Winfred Miller 31 January, 2019 at 20:30

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the Josh Hader card is an error card? My nephew bought the cards today and for his 2018 Stats his WHIP stats show 0.00 but his 2018 WHIP Stats are .811. Does anyone else have the same stats on their card?

  3. Keith Schimke 2 February, 2019 at 12:37

    You have the Hobby odd wrong in the article. They are not 1 in 5 they are 1 in 15 according to the wrappers and that is the rate they seem to be from what I have opened.

  4. Tim Ownbey 2 February, 2019 at 14:00

    Is Topps *ever* going to care enough to fix the errors on the back of the SSP Jackie Robinson variations cards? Every time they print these the stats on the back say that he led the league in Slugging Percentage in 1947 and 1949 (which he did not) and they don’t indicate that he did lead the league in Stolen Bases in those years. Such carelessness when it comes to not only a baseball hero but a true American hero! Come on, Topps, get it right!

  5. Chris 3 February, 2019 at 17:32

    Anyone else notice the stinginess of this product? In prior years one could find an entire set in every jumbo plus dozens of doubles. This year, not. I came up 82 short in just one box, and it too did not have a short print, and only two gold parallels AND was missing one of the guaranteed relics. Fewer cards for more money…thanks for nothing, Topps.

  6. Steve 13 February, 2019 at 01:13

    Has anyone noticed certain cards specifically #196 Adam Engel on back all black and white (and grey) Is that done bc team colors or is it a variation? Thanks

  7. Greg 25 February, 2019 at 19:30

    I noticed what looks to be a statistical error for Ross Stripling’s career ERA on the back of card #267. I can not figure out how they came up with his career ERA of 5.99, when in his 3 years of MLB service he has had ERA’s of 3.96, 3.75 and 3.02. Even in the minor leagues, his highest ERA was 3.88. He has pitched a total of 296.1 innings and given up a total of 116 earned runs, which comes out to about 3.53. I also noticed a lot of mistakes on career WHIP for a number of pitchers but don’t have any of the cards in front of me to cite. Has anyone else noticed these types of errors?

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