2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball Cards Blast to a Distant Past


2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball cards are like a time capsule for both the sport and collecting. The checklist highlights current stars and prospects alongside those from the past — some from baseball’s earliest years. As for the cards themselves, there are new designs and themes like you’d expect, but Panini gives nods to their past and some of the hobby’s iconic releases from over a century ago.

Hobby boxes have a dozen packs with each delivering both an autograph and a memorabilia card. Retail configurations also exist, each with their own exclusives.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball Base Set Basics

The base set has 150 cards. Of those, 50 are short prints. Veterans, rookies and retired players are all included.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball Base

Hobby boxes come with four total parallels, one Artist Proof and three Framed cards, which come in a variety of colors. Retail blaster boxes are the only place to find Purple and Rapture versions. Blasters also have a bonus pack with with a pair of Blue and Holo Gold cards. Red Frame parallels are exclusive to retail fat packs.


Every 2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball hobby pack should have an insert of some kind. These are where many themes from the past are showcased.

DK Flashbacks take it back to the early parts of 20 players’ careers.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball DK Flashbacks

Dick Perez didn’t debut Diamond Kings until 1982 Donruss Baseball. 1919 Diamond Kings play ‘What If?’ with the line, imagining a design that might have existed if they were around 100 years ago along with the players to match.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball 1919 Diamond Kings

DK 205 draws inspiration from 1911 T205 Gold Border, one of the most iconic tobacco sets of all-time. Active and retired stars are included on these. Select cards also have autograph versions.

The 300 is a ten-card tribute to pitchers who reached the 300-win plateau over the course of their careers.

Other inserts include Squires, Team Heroes, HOF Heroes, Masters of the Game and tributes to both Babe Ruth and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

Autographs and Memorabilia Cards

2019 Panini Diamond Kings has a handful of autograph and memorabilia card inserts.

DK Signatures and DK Material Signatures both have veterans, prospects and past players on their checklists. The regular autographs have four levels of parallels, all with 99 copies or less.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball DK Signatures

DK Material Signatures cards come with a pair of memorabilia pieces. These are also Panini’s first autographed memorabilia cards for 2019 rookies.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball DK Materials Signatures

Retro 1983 DK Material Signatures also have two swatches to go with the autograph. These draw inspiration from the 1983 Diamond Kings subset for their look.

Cut signatures from baseball legends can be found in both Diamond Cuts and Diamond Material Cuts, which also add memorabilia.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball Diamond Material Cuts Signatures

Additional memorabilia cards are available in the returning Bat Kings, Jersey Kings and DK Materials.

2019 Panini Diamond Kings Baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 8, Blaster – TBA, Fat Packs – 20
Packs per box: Hobby – 12, Blaster – 7, Fat Packs – 12
Boxes per case: Hobby – 24 (two 12-box inner cases)
Set size: 150 cards
Release date: April 9, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 1
  • Memorabilia Cards – 1
  • Inserts – 12
  • Parallels – 4

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