2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Covers Legends from the Sporting Spectrum


Leaf is no stranger to the Ultimate line. They’ve done the high-end autograph and memorabilia line several times over, most notably in hockey. But now it’s going broad. 2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports covers a wide variety of areas including baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer and more. As for players, the checklist includes legends from several generations including current stars.

2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports hobby boxes have three cards. All are either autographs or memorabilia.

2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports Autographs

Ultimate Signatures cover a variety of sports. Alongside single-signed cards are some with as many as eight. Stephen Curry, Pele, Conor McGregor, Lionel Messi, Brett Favre, Nolan Ryan and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the athletes with autographs in the set.

It’s champions-only in Ultimate Triumph.

Ultimate Auto Memorabilia combines swatches and sigs.

The Immortal 4 are quad signature cards with stars from different sports.

2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports isn’t just athletes. Big Screen Signatures features autographs from actors from sports movies. Burt Reynolds, Charlie Sheen and Tatum O’Neal are among those on the checklist.

Memorabilia Cards

The Exceptional Ones are all one-of-a-kind cards. These come with things like logos and tags. Players include Thurman Munson, Kobe Bryant and Barry Bonds.

Also taking the jumbo route are Fat Bat cards. These have large pieces from the likes of Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols.

The Ultimate Card has eight pieces of memorabilia from a single player. Variety is one of the keys here as cards aren’t necessarily limited to just jerseys.

Going back in time is Ultimate Pioneers. These spotlight players like Ruth and Arthur Ashe who helped shape their respective sports.

Ultimate Career Patch has multiple pieces from the same player, each coming from a different team that they played for.

Several memorabilia sets have swatches and gear from multiple players. Ultimate Relics 3 have oversized pieces, including some patches, from a trio of athletes.

Quad-swatch themes include The Core 4, Ultimate #1 Picks (only first overall picks from several sports), Ultimate Patch 4, Ultimate Pioneers 4, and Ultimate Records.

Taking it up to eight swatches are Ultimate Franchise and Ultimate Domin8tors.

In addition to these are Ultimate Memorabilia 4, 6 and 8 cards with the corresponding number of pieces.

2019 Leaf Ultimate Sports at a glance:

Cards per pack: 3
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 10
Release date: April, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs or Memorabilia Cards – 3 Total

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