2019 Leaf Trinity Football Checklist and Details


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2019 Leaf Trinity Football offers up a similar mix of cards as years past only with a new group of prospects. The high-end draft release is all autographs. As always, they come with three distinct styles.

2019 Leaf Trinity Football Patch Auto B

First up are Trinity Signatures. These are on-card autographs on elegantly designed cards. Although it’s not a guarantee on all cards, some also have inscriptions.

Patch Autographs combine the signature with a premium jumbo swatch taken from a player-worn jersey.

Finally, there are Clear Autographs. These use acetate stock.

In addition to base versions, cards have a variety of parallels.

Each hobby box has five cards.

2019 Leaf Trinity Football cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 10
Release date: August 30, 2019

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What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 5

2019 Leaf Trinity Football Checklist

Clear Autographs Checklist

81 cards.

Buy on:


Red Foil – /25
Green Foil – /10
Spectrum Silver HoloFoil – /5
Spectrum Gold HoloFoil – 1/1

CA-AB1 Alex Barnes
CA-AI1 Andy Isabella
CA-AJ1 Anthony Johnson
CA-AJB A.J. Brown
CA-AO1 Amani Oruwariye
CA-ARW Anthony Ratliff-Williams
CA-AW1 Antoine Wesley
CA-AW2 Aeris Williams
CA-BR1 Brett Rypien
CA-BSJ Benny Snell Jr.
CA-CF1 Clelin Ferrell
CA-CT1 Clayton Thorson
CA-CW1 Caleb Wilson
CA-CW2 Christian Wilkins
CA-CW3 Chase Winovich
CA-DB1 Deandre Baker
CA-DBJ Devin Bush II
CA-DH1 Damien Harris – Redemption
CA-DH2 Dwayne Haskins
CA-DH3 Darrell Henderson

CA-DJ1 Daniel Jones
CA-DJ2 Diontae Johnson
CA-DKM D.K. Metcalf
CA-DL1 Drew Lock
CA-DL2 DaMarkus Lodge
CA-DL3 Dexter Lawrence
CA-DM1 David Montgomery
CA-DMJ Dre’Mont Jones
CA-DS1 Deebo Samuel
CA-DS2 Devin Singletary
CA-DSV David Sills V
CA-DT1 Deionte Thompson
CA-DW1 Devin White
CA-EH1 Emanuel Hall
CA-EH2 Elijah Holyfield
CA-EO1 Ed Oliver
CA-HB1 Hakeem Butler
CA-IB1 Isaiah Buggs
CA-ISJ Irv Smith Jr.
CA-JA1 Josh Allen

CA-JD1 Johnnie Dixon
CA-JH1 Justice Hill
CA-JH3 Jalen Hurd
CA-JJ1 Jalen Jelks
CA-JJ3 Josh Jacobs
CA-JJA JJ Arcega-Whiteside
CA-JS1 Jarrett Stidham
CA-JS2 Jeffery Simmons
CA-JS3 Jace Sternberger
CA-JS4 Jordan Scarlett
CA-JS5 Jaylen Smith
CA-JW1 Jamarius Way
CA-KH2 Karan Higdon
CA-KK1 Kyle Kempt
CA-KM1 Kyler Murray
CA-KS1 Kaden Smith
CA-KS2 Kyle Shurmur
CA-KSJ KeeSean Johnson – Redemption
CA-LJH Lil’Jordan Humphrey

CA-MB1 Marquise Brown
CA-MB2 Miles Boykin
CA-MG3 Myles Gaskin
CA-MH1 Mecole Hardman
CA-MS2 Miles Sanders
CA-MW1 Mike Weber
CA-NB1 Nick Bosa
CA-NF1 Noah Fant
CA-NKH N’Keal Harry
CA-QW1 Quinnen Williams – Redemption
CA-RA1 Rodney Anderson
CA-RR1 Riley Ridley
CA-SM1 Stanley Morgan Jr.
CA-TB1 Tyre Brady
CA-TH1 Travis Homer
CA-TJ1 Tyree Jackson
CA-TL1 Tre Lamar
CA-TM1 Trace McSorley
CA-TW1 Trayveon Williams
CA-WG1 Will Grier
CA-ZA1 Zach Allen

Patch Autographs Checklist

57 cards.

Buy on:


Platinum Spectrum Holofoil – /25
Red Spectrum Holofoil – /10
Silver Spectrum Holofoil – /5
Gold Spectrum Holofoil – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions

* = no Plates

PA-AB1 Alex Barnes
PA-AI1 Andy Isabella
PA-AJB A.J. Brown
PA-AO1 Amani Oruwariye
PA-ARW Anthony Ratliff-Williams
PA-CF1 Clelin Ferrell
PA-CT1 Clayton Thorson
PA-CW1 Caleb Wilson
PA-CW3 Chase Winovich *
PA-DB1 Deandre Baker
PA-DBJ Devin Bush II *
PA-DH1 Damien Harris
PA-DH2 Dwayne Haskins – Redemption *
PA-DKM D.K. Metcalf
PA-DL1 Drew Lock
PA-DL2 DaMarkus Lodge
PA-DL3 Dexter Lawrence
PA-DMJ Dre’Mont Jones
PA-DS1 Deebo Samuel
PA-DSV David Sills V *

PA-DT1 Deionte Thompson
PA-DW1 Devin White
PA-IB1 Isaiah Buggs
PA-ISJ Irv Smith Jr.
PA-JD1 Johnnie Dixon
PA-JH1 Justice Hill
PA-JH3 Jalen Hurd
PA-JJ1 Jalen Jelks
PA-JJ3 Josh Jacobs
PA-JJA JJ Arcega-Whiteside
PA-JS1 Jarrett Stidham
PA-JS3 Jace Sternberger
PA-JS4 Jordan Scarlett
PA-JS5 Jaylen Smith
PA-JT1 Jerry Tillery *
PA-KH1 Kelvin Harmon
PA-KK1 Kyle Kempt
PA-KM1 Kyler Murray *
PA-KS1 Kaden Smith
PA-KS2 Kyle Shurmur

PA-KSJ KeeSean Johnson – Redemption *
PA-LJH Lil’Jordan Humphrey
PA-MG3 Myles Gaskin
PA-MS2 Miles Sanders
PA-MW1 Mike Weber
PA-NB1 Nick Bosa
PA-NF1 Noah Fant
PA-RA1 Rodney Anderson
PA-RF1 Ryan Finley
PA-RR1 Riley Ridley
PA-SM1 Stanley Morgan Jr.
PA-TB1 Tyre Brady
PA-TL1 Tre Lamar *
PA-TW1 Trayveon Williams
PA-WG1 Will Grier
PA-ZA1 Zach Allen

Signatures Checklist

82 cards.

Buy on:


Platinum Spectrum Holofoil – /25
Red Spectrum Holofoil – /10
Silver Spectrum Holofoil – /5
Gold Spectrum Holofoil – 1/1
Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions

* = no Plates

A-AB1 Alex Barnes /60
A-AI1 Andy Isabella /60
A-AJ1 Anthony Johnson /60
A-AJB A.J. Brown /60
A-AO1 Amani Oruwariye /60
A-ARW Anthony Ratliff-Williams /60
A-AW1 Antoine Wesley /60
A-AW2 Aeris Williams /60
A-BR1 Brett Rypien /60
A-BSJ Benny Snell Jr. /60
A-CF1 Clelin Ferrell /60
A-CT1 Clayton Thorson /60
A-CW1 Caleb Wilson /60
A-CW3 Chase Winovich /60 *
A-DB1 Deandre Baker /60
A-DBJ Devin Bush II /60 *
A-DH1 Damien Harris /60
A-DH2 Dwayne Haskins /60 – Redemption *
A-DH3 Darrell Henderson /60
A-DJ1 Daniel Jones /60

A-DJ2 Diontae Johnson /60 *
A-DKM D.K. Metcalf /60
A-DL1 Drew Lock /60
A-DL2 DaMarkus Lodge /60
A-DL3 Dexter Lawrence /60
A-DM1 David Montgomery /60
A-DMJ Dre’Mont Jones /60
A-DS1 Deebo Samuel /60
A-DS2 Devin Singletary /60
A-DSV David Sills V /60 *
A-DT1 Deionte Thompson /60
A-DW1 Devin White /60
A-EH1 Emanuel Hall /60
A-EH2 Elijah Holyfield /60 *
A-EO1 Ed Oliver /60
A-HB1 Hakeem Butler /60
A-IB1 Isaiah Buggs /60
A-ISJ Irv Smith Jr. /60
A-JA1 Josh Allen /60
A-JD1 Johnnie Dixon /60

A-JH1 Justice Hill /60
A-JH3 Jalen Hurd /60
A-JJ1 Jalen Jelks /60
A-JJ3 Josh Jacobs /60
A-JJA JJ Arcega-Whiteside /60
A-JS1 Jarrett Stidham /60
A-JS3 Jace Sternberger /60
A-JS4 Jordan Scarlett /60
A-JS5 Jaylen Smith /60
A-JT1 Jerry Tillery /60 *
A-JW1 Jamarius Way /60
A-KH1 Kelvin Harmon /60
A-KH2 Karan Higdon /60
A-KK1 Kyle Kempt /60
A-KM1 Kyler Murray /60 *
A-KS1 Kaden Smith /60
A-KS2 Kyle Shurmur /60
A-KSJ KeeSean Johnson /60 – Redemption *
A-LJH Lil’Jordan Humphrey /60
A-LJS LJ Scott /60

A-MB1 Marquise Brown /60 – Redemption *
A-MB2 Miles Boykin /60
A-MG3 Myles Gaskin /60
A-MH1 Mecole Hardman /60
A-MS1 Montez Sweat /60 *
A-MS2 Miles Sanders /60
A-MW1 Mike Weber /60
A-NB1 Nick Bosa /60
A-NF1 Noah Fant /60
A-QW1 Quinnen Williams /60 – Redemption *
A-RA1 Rodney Anderson /60
A-RF1 Ryan Finley /60
A-RR1 Riley Ridley /60
A-SM1 Stanley Morgan Jr. /60
A-TB1 Tyre Brady /60
A-TH1 Travis Homer /60
A-TJ1 Tyree Jackson /60 *
A-TL1 Tre Lamar /60 *
A-TM1 Trace McSorley /60
A-TW1 Trayveon Williams /60
A-WG1 Will Grier /60
A-ZA1 Zach Allen /60


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