2019 Dynamite KISS Ultra Premium Trading Cards Checklist and Details


As they embark on their final tour, one of the greatest rock bands of all-time is returning to cardboard. 2019 Dynamite KISS trading cards take a premium pack approach that focuses largely on autographs and sketch cards.

While there are other elements, these are the product drivers with one signed card per pack to go along with a pair of sketch cards.

2019 Dynamite KISS Ultra Premium Trading Cards Overview

The product does have a base set, although a brief one that’s nothing like past sets from Donruss and Press Pass. This time around, the base portion of the checklist has just 18 cards. That said, finishing it will still be a challenge as each pack has just two.

2019 Dynamite KISS Base

If you go from a bulk perspective, most of the autograph signers in 2019 Dynamite KISS come from the creative teams behind recent comics. However, there are a couple members of the band — and they’re big ones. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley each have two different autograph cards. Over a 12-pack box, there’s at least one Simmons or Stanley autograph.

With such a visual look to the band and their make-up, sketch cards are a natural fit for the product. More than 50 artists worked on the set, providing for a variety of takes and styles.

2019 Dynamite KISS Ultra Premium has a couple of other insert sets. Black and White Line Art and Puzzle cards are both one per pack. There are also two box toppers, one of which is in every sealed box.

2019 Dynamite KISS Ultra Premium trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 7
Packs per box: 12
Set size: 18 cards
Release date: March, 2019

What to expect in a premium pack:

  • Autographs – 1
  • Sketch Cards – 2
  • Black and White Art Inserts – 1
  • Puzzle Inserts – 1
  • Base Cards – 2

2019 Dynamite KISS Checklist

Base Set

18 cards.
2 cards per pack.

1 The Demon
2 The Starchild
3 The Spaceman
4 The Catman
5 Legendary KISS
6 Legendary Logo
7 Cinematic KISS
8 KISS Army
9 KISS: It’s All in the Name
10 KISS Spirity of ’76
11 Ultimate Band
12 Immortal Rockers
13 Demon’s Fire
14 Living Legends
15 Where It All Began…
16 Award Winning KISS
17 KISS Philanthropy
18 Explosive KISS

Autographs Checklist

14 cards.
1 per pack.

1 Gene Simmons
2 Gene Simmons
3 Paul Stanley
4 Paul Stanley
5 Amy Chu
6 Anthony Marques
7 Charles Wilson III
8 Tom Mandrake
9 Kyle Strahm
10 Rodney Buchemi
11 Michael Adams
12 Kewber Baal
13 Bryan Hall
14 Roberto Castro

Black and White Pencil Line Art Checklist

12 cards.
1 per pack.

1 The Elder featuring The Starchild
2 The Elder featuring The Starchild
3 The Elder featuring The Demon
4 The Elder featuring The Demon
5 The Elder featuring The Catman
6 The Elder featuring The Catman
7 The Elder featuring The Spaceman
8 The Elder featuring The Spaceman
9 The Elder featuring The Spaceman
10 The Elder featuring The Catman
11 The Elder featuring The Starchild
12 The Elder featuring The Demon

Box Topper Checklist

2 cards.
1 per sealed box.

1 The Demon/Gene Simmon
2 The Starchild/Paul Stanley

Puzzle Checklist

9 cards.
1 per pack.

2019 Dynamite KISS Ultra Premium Puzzle


Sketch Cards

2 per pack.

2019 Dynamite KISS Ultra Premium Sketch Cards Scott Rorie

Mitch Ballard
Jeffrey C. Benitez
Bobby Blakey
Andy Bohn
Roger Bonet Martinez
Lee Brown
Matt Buttich
Chris Caniano
Kevin B. Cleveland
Roy Cover
Dan Curto
Joe DelBeato
Allen Douglas
Andrew Edge
Ryan Finley
Dana Fitcher
Sarah Fletcher
Rusty Gilligan
Daniel Gorman
Kevin Graham
Ken Haeser
Scott Harrell
Christopher Hoffman
Karl Jones
Carl Kent
Brian Kong
Mike Lilly
Pablo Marcos

Christian Martinez
Jim Mehsling
Steven Miller
Rich Molinelli
Logan Monette
Jason Mooers
Mariano Nicieza
CJ Oechsle
Jorge Pacheco
Carlos Parker
John Pleak
Gordon Purcell
Fabio Ramacci
Wilson Ramos
Barry Renshaw
Scott Rorie
Jim Sabo
Edward Santia
Chad Scheres
Brent Scotchmer
Tim Shay
Michael Spivey
Matt Stewart
Adam Talley
Mick Trimble
Sanna U.
Martheus Wade
Adam Worton


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