2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Keeps Clear Direction


2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey isn’t exactly the same as it has been in the past, but the main components are still there. The big one — the set’s acetate foundation — remains. So, too, does the promise of all autographs being on-card.

Hobby boxes come with five packs of five cards. Box hits include one autograph, either a memorabilia or Exquisite Collection card, a handful of inserts and parallels and two Ice Premieres Rookie Cards.

2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Base Set Basics

The base set comes in a couple of parts. The plastic-style designs remain throughout. The shell set features a variety of veterans.

2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Base

One of the more noticeable changes come with their parallels as the number of available colors grow. These include one-per-pack Green, Orange (1:6 packs), Ice Cube (1:40), Red (/5) and Black (1/1). In 2018-19, the only base parallels were Green, Black and Red. Select cards also have Jersey (1:20) and Patch (/15) versions.

Rookie Cards stick with the Ice Premieres theme. Also hanging around are the multiple tiers of cards players fall under:

  • L1 – /99
  • L2 – /249
  • L3 – /499
  • L4 – /999
  • L5 – /1499

These combine to land two per box. Like veterans, Jersey versions are available, falling 1:12 packs. Black parallels are one-of-ones.

2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Ice Premieres

Ice Premieres autograph parallels have print runs between 399 and 99 copies. Autograph Patch Variations have ten copies.

Autographs, Memorabilia Cards and Other Inserts

Autographs in 2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey come in a variety of themes.

Under the Glass Signatures use a layered shadow box design. Rookies are 1:200 packs. Veterans are a little tougher at 1:220. Both have Red parallels numbered to 5.

Ice Buckets also have separate checklists for first-year players and vets. Rookies have either 199 or 99 copies each. For everyone else, Tier 1 cards are numbered to 99 while Tier 2 have 25 copies.

Fire and Ice are separate but complimentary autograph inserts. Odds for both are 1:120 packs.

Other 2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey hits include Glacial Graphs (1:75), Signature Swatches, Superb Script (/49 or /25), Superb Script Portraits (/15 or /10), and Rookie Relic Jumbos (/199).

Sub Zero inserts combine to land one per hobby box. Rookies are numbered to 999. Stars don’t get serial numbers. Rather, they’re 1:20 packs. Gold parallels are tough with 24 copies for first-year players and eight for veterans. There are also Rookie Variants, which fall 1:240 packs.

Blue Autographs are 1:50 packs on the rookie side and 1:360 for vets. Rookie Variant Green Autographs are limited to 25.

Another Round of 2019-20 Upper Deck Exquisite Hockey

2019-20 Upper Deck Exquisite gets a second installment of cards here, following their debut in Black Diamond. These come in a few forms.

Exquisite Rookies are numbered to either 399 or 299. Corresponding parallels include Gold (/19) and Black (1/1). There are also Exquisite Rookies Signatures (/199 or /99) that have Gold (/25) and Black (1/1) versions.

A pair of Exquisite Rookie Autograph Patch designs from the past get the Tribute treatment in 2019-20 Ice. First up is the landmark 2003-04, which are numbered to 25. 2009-10 cards have 99 copies each. Both designs also have tougher Gold and Black (1/1) parallels.

It’s not just rookies with Exquisite cards in Ice. Exquisite Signatures and Exquisite Material Signatures cards are also inserted along with corresponding parallels in Gold (/5) and Black (1/1).

2019-20 Upper Deck Ice Hockey cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 5
Boxes per case: 24 (three 8-box inner cases)
Set size: TBA
Release date: April 15, 2020

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs – 1
  • Memorabilia or Exquisite Cards – 1
  • Sub Zero – 1
  • Green Parallels – 5
  • Ice Premieres Rookie Cards – 2

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