2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Checklist and Details

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2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces is a trading card showcase for the talents Simone Bianchi. Similar to how the brand’s 2016 reboot focused on Joe Jusko, this time around, Bianchi provides more than 130 new pieces of art for the high-end release.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces 78 Venom 999

Boxes of 2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces have a dozen three-card packs. In each pack is one base card plus two parallels or inserts.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces at a Glance

Bianchi lets loose on the heroes, villains and other residents of the Marvel Universe in the base set. Like 2016, all base cards are serial numbered. Further adding to an already challenging configuration is the fact that there’s a five-tiered structure to the main part of the checklist. That means that some of the cards are short prints.

Tier 1 cards kick off the checklist and come numbered to 1999. Things get progressively tougher the further down the checklist you go (Tier 2 – /1499, Tier 3 – /999, Tier 4 – /99), at least for the main 90 cards. The final ten are Canvas Gallery cards. These aren’t numbered and land 1:13.5 packs.

Canvas Gallery cards are not in most of the parallels.

In addition to regular color-based parallels for the first 90 cards, there’s a series of What If? cards that reimagine the base artwork as a comic cover. These take a similar tiered approach, although in slightly smaller numbers versus the base set (Tier 1 – /1499, Tier 2 – /999, Tier 3 – /499, Tier 4 – /50).

Not surprisingly, sketch cards are a big part of 2018 Marvel Masterpieces, landing one per box.

Other one-per-box inserts include Holofoil and Battle Spectra. There’s also a Preliminary Art card that shows the early steps of an art piece. These include artist comments as well to further showcase the process.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Preliminary Art Daredevil

Battle Spectra cards have Gem parallels numbered to 99 while Holofoil cards have parallels with 99 and 25 copies each.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Battle Spectra Gems

Case hits come in a couple of levels. First, there’s Original Art Autographs featuring Bianchi. One or two of these land in each 12-box case. There’s also a lenticular Mirage card that cycles through four different images. Mirage cards are one of the early high-end inserts from the original Marvel Masterpieces run in the early 1990s.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Mirage B

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces has some premium redemption pieces as well including original art used in the making of the set as well as some of the original layouts.

Redemption cards good for uncut sheets are also randomly inserted.

Bianchi is one of the most renowned artists working in comic today. He’s been with Marvel exclusively for more than a decade. The Italian does both covers and interiors and has worked on several high-profile titles.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces at a glance:

Cards per pack: 3
Packs per box: 12
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: October 31, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Sketch Cards – 1
• Preliminary Art Cards – 1
• Canvas Gallery – 1
• Battle Spectra – 1
• Holofoil -1

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Checklist


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.
Tier 1 (/1999) – #1-36
Tier 2 (/1499) – #37-63
Tier 3 (/999) – #64-81
Tier 4 (/99) – #82-90
Canvas Gallery – #91-100 (1:13.5 packs)

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces 68 Thor 999


• Gold Foil – (Tier 1 – 1:2.6, Tier 2 – 1:5, Tier 3 – 1:14, Tier 4 – 1:288, Canvas Gallery – /99)
• Epic Purple – /199 (#1-90 only)
• Legendary Orange – /99 (#1-90 only)
• Silver Spectrum Foil Autograph – /10 (#1-90 only)
• Red Spectrum Foil – #1-90 – 1/1, #91-100 – /25
• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1 Wonder Man /1999
2 Yellowjacket /1999
3 Valkyrie /1999
4 Misty Knight /1999
5 Wrecker /1999
6 Madame Masque /1999
7 Kraven /1999
8 Lizard /1999
9 Lady Sif /1999
10 Rhino /1999
11 Vulture /1999
12 Absorbing Man /1999
13 Triton /1999
14 Sandman /1999
15 Jessica Jones /1999
16 Electro /1999
17 Leader /1999
18 Adam Warlock /1999
19 Dagger /1999
20 Mysterio /1999
21 Hela /1999
22 Deathlok /1999
23 Cloak /1999
24 Mockingbird /1999
25 Man-Thing /1999
26 Hercules /1999
27 Morbius /1999
28 Beta Ray Bill /1999
29 Mephisto /1999
30 Winter Soldier /1999
31 Kitty Pryde /1999
32 Dormammu /1999
33 Multiple Man /1999
34 War Machine /1999
35 Magik /1999
36 Maria Hill /1999
37 Wasp /1499
38 Nova /1499
39 Spider-Woman /1499
40 Crossbones /1499
41 Havok /1499
42 Baron Zemo /1499
43 Luke Cage /1499
44 Iron Fist /1499
45 Kingpin /1499
46 Karnak /1499
47 Red Hulk /1499
48 Bullseye /1499
49 Gorgon /1499
50 Archangel /1499

51 Crystal /1499
52 Beast /1499
53 Falcon /1499
54 Ghost Rider /1499
55 Iceman /1499
56 Kang The Conquerer /1499
57 Nick Fury /1499
58 Professor X /1499
59 Spider-Gwen /1499
60 Colossus /1499
61 M.O.D.O.K. /1499
62 Psylocke /1499
63 Sabretooth /1499
64 Hawkeye /999
65 Black Widow /999
66 Cyclops /999
67 Storm /999
68 Thor /999
69 Doctor Octopus /999
70 Green Goblin /999
71 Doctor Strange /999
72 Medusa /999
73 Black Panther /999
74 Red Skull /999
75 Black Bolt /999
76 Emma Frost /999
77 Mystique /999
78 Venom /999
79 Carnage /999
80 Daredevil /999
81 Magneto /999
82 Loki /99
83 Phoenix /99
84 Thor /99
85 Captain Marvel /99
86 Hulk /99
87 Wolverine /99
88 Captain America /99
89 Iron Man /99
90 Spider-Man /99
91 Loki
92 Phoenix
93 Thor
94 Captain Marvel
95 Hulk
96 Wolverine
97 Captain America
98 Iron Man
99 Spider-Man
100 Magneto

What If?

90 cards.
Tier 1 (/1499) – #1-36
Tier 2 (/999) – #37-63
Tier 3 (/499) – #64-81
Tier 4 (/50) – #82-90


• Autographs – /10
• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

WI-1 Wonder Man /1499
WI-2 Yellowjacket /1499
WI-3 Valkyrie /1499
WI-4 Misty Knight /1499
WI-5 Wrecker /1499
WI-6 Madame Masque /1499
WI-7 Kraven /1499
WI-8 Lizard /1499
WI-9 Lady Sif /1499
WI-10 Rhino /1499
WI-11 Vulture /1499
WI-12 Absorbing Man /1499
WI-13 Triton /1499
WI-14 Sandman /1499
WI-15 Jessica Jones /1499
WI-16 Electro /1499
WI-17 Leader /1499
WI-18 Adam Warlock /1499
WI-19 Dagger /1499
WI-20 Mysterio /1499
WI-21 Hela /1499
WI-22 Deathlok /1499
WI-23 Cloak /1499
WI-24 Mockingbird /1499
WI-25 Man-Thing /1499
WI-26 Hercules /1499
WI-27 Morbius /1499
WI-28 Beta Ray Bill /1499
WI-29 Mephisto /1499
WI-30 Winter Soldier /1499
WI-31 Kitty Pryde /1499
WI-32 Dormammu /1499
WI-33 Multiple Man /1499
WI-34 War Machine /1499
WI-35 Magik /1499
WI-36 Maria Hill /1499
WI-37 Wasp /999
WI-38 Nova /999
WI-39 Spider-Woman /999
WI-40 Crossbones /999
WI-41 Havok /999
WI-42 Baron Zemo /999
WI-43 Luke Cage /999
WI-44 Iron Fist /999
WI-45 Kingpin /999

WI-46 Karnak /999
WI-47 Red Hulk /999
WI-48 Bullseye /999
WI-49 Gorgon /999
WI-50 Archangel /999
WI-51 Crystal /999
WI-52 Beast /999
WI-53 Falcon /999
WI-54 Ghost Rider /999
WI-55 Iceman /999
WI-56 Kang The Conquerer /999
WI-57 Nick Fury /999
WI-58 Professor X /999
WI-59 Spider-Gwen /999
WI-60 Colossus /999
WI-61 M.O.D.O.K. /999
WI-62 Psylocke /999
WI-63 Sabretooth /999
WI-64 Hawkeye /499
WI-65 Black Widow /499
WI-66 Cyclops /499
WI-67 Storm /499
WI-68 Thor /499
WI-69 Doctor Octopus /499
WI-70 Green Goblin /499
WI-71 Doctor Strange /499
WI-72 Medusa /499
WI-73 Black Panther /499
WI-74 Red Skull /499
WI-75 Black Bolt /499
WI-76 Emma Frost /499
WI-77 Mystique /499
WI-78 Venom /499
WI-79 Carnage /499
WI-80 Daredevil /499
WI-81 Magneto /499
WI-82 Loki /50
WI-83 Phoenix /50
WI-84 Thor /50
WI-85 Captain Marvel /50
WI-86 Hulk /50
WI-87 Wolverine /50
WI-88 Captain America /50
WI-89 Iron Man /50
WI-90 Spider-Man /50

Checklist Top


2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Inserts Checklists

Battle Spectra Checklist

15 cards.
1:13.5 packs.


• Gems – /99

BS-1 Captain America vs. Crossbones
BS-2 Thanos vs. Nova and Star-Lord
BS-3 She-Hulk vs. Titania
BS-4 Agent Venom vs. Spider-Queen
BS-5 Thor Odinson vs. Thor (Jane Foster)
BS-6 Iron Fist vs. Daredevil
BS-7 Spider-Man vs. The New Jackal
BS-8 Silk vs. Black Cat
BS-9 Cyclops vs. Wolverine
BS-10 Hyperion vs. Namor
BS-11 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
BS-12 Hulk vs. Doctor Strange (Zom)
BS-13 Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel
BS-14 Hercules vs. Amatsu-Mikaboshi
BS-15 Cyclops vs. Black Bolt

HoloFoil Checklist

20 cards.
1:14 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Holofoil Deadpool


• Speckle – /99
• Kaleidoscope – /25

1 OF 20 Vision
2 OF 20 X-23
3 OF 20 Radioactive Man
4 OF 20 Quasar
5 OF 20 Elektra
6 OF 20 Thanos
7 OF 20 Gamora
8 OF 20 Drax
9 OF 20 Star-Lord
10 OF 20 Rocket Raccoon
11 OF 20 Groot
12 OF 20 Ultron
13 OF 20 Punisher
14 OF 20 She-Hulk
15 OF 20 Hellcat
16 OF 20 Namor
17 OF 20 Taskmaster
18 OF 20 Ant-Man
19 OF 20 Enchantress
20 OF 20 Deadpool

Mirage Checklist

9 cards.
1:144 packs.

1 Thor/Iron Man/Captain America/Hulk
2 Cyclops/Phoenix/Beast/Archangel
3 Daredevil/Iron Fist/Luke Cage/Jessica Jones
4 Doctor Octopus/Kraven/Electro/Mysterio
5 Black Bolt/Medusa/Karnak/Gorgon
6 Hela/Loki/Thor/Lady Sif
7 Spider-Woman/Spider-Man/Wolverine/Luke Cage
8 Doctor Strange/Iron Man/Black Bolt/Professor X
9 Hercules/Iceman/Black Widow/Ghost Rider

Preliminary Art Checklist

90 cards.
1:12 packs.

PA1 Vision
PA2 Punisher
PA3 Deadpool
PA4 Venom
PA5 Hellcat
PA6 Red Skull
PA7 Morbius
PA8 Nova
PA9 Multiple Man
PA10 Hercules vs. Amatsu-Mikaboshi
PA11 Elektra
PA12 Hyperion vs. Namor
PA13 Hulk
PA14 Wonder Man
PA15 Dagger
PA16 Falcon
PA17 Absorbing Man
PA18 Madame Masque
PA19 Nick Fury
PA20 Ant-Man
PA21 Maria Hill
PA22 Gorgon
PA23 Hercules
PA24 Valkyrie
PA25 Adam Warlock
PA26 Wasp
PA27 Spider-Man
PA28 Bullseye
PA29 Leader
PA30 War Machine
PA31 Taskmaster
PA32 M.O.D.O.K.
PA33 Winter Soldier
PA34 Sabretooth
PA35 Quasar
PA36 Spider-Woman
PA37 Enchantress
PA38 Yellowjacket
PA39 She-Hulk vs. Titania
PA40 Deathlok
PA41 Kitty Pryde
PA42 Beast
PA43 Psylocke
PA44 Magik
PA45 Mockingbird

PA46 Misty Knight
PA47 Cyclops vs. Black Bolt
PA48 Colossus
PA49 Kang
PA50 Baron Zemo
PA51 Dormammu
PA52 Beta Ray Bill
PA53 Iron Fist
PA54 Jessica Jones
PA55 Luke Cage
PA56 Mephisto
PA57 Professor X
PA58 Thanos
PA59 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
PA60 Daredevil
PA61 Red Hulk
PA62 Agent Venom vs. Spider-Queen
PA63 Hulk vs. Doctor Strange
PA64 Lady Sif
PA65 Cloak
PA66 Emma Frost
PA67 Thanos vs. Nova and Star-Lord
PA68 Thor Odinson vs. Thor (Jane Foster)
PA69 Havok
PA70 Karnak
PA71 Hawkeye
PA72 Triton
PA73 Carnage
PA74 Iron Fist vs. Daredevil
PA75 Captain Marvel
PA76 Iceman
PA77 Wrecker
PA78 Drax
PA79 Cyclops
PA80 Thor
PA81 Spider-Gwen
PA82 Phoenix
PA83 Magneto
PA84 Cyclops vs. Wolverine
PA85 Crossbones
PA86 Loki
PA87 Ultron
PA88 Crystal
PA89 Man-Thing
PA90 Spider-Man vs. The New Jackal

Redemption Cards

OP-IC Original Painting (Iceman)
PSR Preliminary Art
UFR1 Uncut Base Set Sheet
UFR2 Uncut Base Set Gold Foil Parallel Sheet
UFR5 Uncut What If?

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Sketch Cards

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Cards Checklist

192 artists.
1:12 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces Sketch Card Ghost Rider Marco Carrillo

A Matthews
Achilleas Kokkinakis
Adalisa Zarate
Adam Fields
Adam Worton
Ahjay Cerezo
Al Milgrom
Alan Rodjal
Allen Geneta
Allen Grimes
Alvin Cleofas
Andre Ribeiro
Andrei Ausch
Andrew Day
Andrew Fernandes
Andy Carreon
Andy Duggan
Anthony Tan
Aposcar Guevara Cruz
Apri Kusbiantoro
Arturo Romero
Basak Cetinkaya
Bekah & Adam Cleveland
Bella Rachlin
Ben AbuSaada
Ben Goddard
Bernie Cooke
Bob Petrecca
Brandon Warren
Brendon and Brian Fraim
Brent Ragland
Brian Balondo
Brian Clegg
Brian Kong
Brian Soriano
Bryan “SilverBaX” Sheppard
Bryan Moss
Caleb King
Carlos Eduardo Cunha
Cesar Flores
Charles Drake
Charlie Cody
Chris Botterill
Chris Foreman
Chris McJunkin
Chris Meeks
Chris Willdig
Clint Hagler
Clint Langley
Corbin Delaney
Criss Mitchell
D.R. Perry
Dan Curto
Daniel Logan
Darrin Pepe
David Hindelang
Dominic Racho
Don Kunkel
Don Mark Noceda
Edde Wagner
Eddie Price
Eli Hyder
Elise Priola
Eric Lehtonen
Erick Marshall
Ernest Romero
Estrella Rivera
Ethan Gray
Fabian Quintero
Felix Morales
Floris Hoolhorst
Fran Fdez
Fred Ian
Free Isabelo
Geoffrey Gwin
George Vega
Glenn Williams
Hayden Davis
Holly Ringsell
Huy Truong
Ian Quirante
Ivan Rodriguez
J. Lynn Warner
Jack Purcell
Jake Lasher
James Rodriguez
Jamie Joslyn
Jason Crosby
Jason Miller
Jason Saldajeno
Jason Sobol

Jayson Kretzer
Jeff Mallinson
Jeff Oleson
Jeff Zapata
Jeffrey Benitez
Jenevieve Broomall
Jerry Bennett
Jhaider Alex Valenzuela
Jim Faustino
Joe Inga
Joel Casimiro
John Johnston
Jomar Bulda
Jon-Peter Buzio
Jordan Butler
Jorge Costa
Jun Premiro
Justin Ayers
Keith Akers
Leon Braojos
Luis Ramos-Rosas
Lydi Li Tubillara
Lynne Anderson
Marcia Dye
Marco Carrillo
Mark Mangum
Marlo Agunos
Marshal Baker
Mason Easley
Mathew Dariol
Matthew Lopez
Melike Acar
Michael Calero
Michael Duron
Michael Mastermaker
Michael Munshaw
Michael Watson
Michelle Guerrero
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mike Hampton
Mike J. Sealie
Mitch Ballard
Monica Ravenwolf
Myles Wohl
Nathan Cole
Nguyen Dong
Nick Dertinger
Nick Hernandez
Nick Justus
Nicolas Quintas
Norvien Basio
Omar Soto
Omid Maksoos
Paul Andrews
Peejay Catacutan
Phil Buckenham
Phillip Bergquist
Randy Martinez
Raymundo Racho
Reid Fisher
Remy “Eisu” Mokhtar
Rhiannon Owens
Rich Hennemann
Robert Chapman (artist)
Roberto Duque
Roberto Mamani
Romer Teodoro
Ron Leary Jr.
Ruben Rosas
Ryan Crosby
Salvador Velazquez
Samuel Shin
Sean Stannard
Sergio Azevedo
Shawn Langley
Sherwin Santiago
Spencer Douglas
Studio Mia
Tim Shinn
Tim Smith 3
Timothy Geathers
Timothy Lim
Tod Smith
Tom Amici
Tony Scott (Artist)
Tou Vue
Uko Smith
Vicente Moavero
William Bowen Donley III
Zachary Rorick

Checklist Top

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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  1. Michael 3 October, 2021 at 06:15

    I still don’t understand this set. Are the Gold Foil Signature parallels or the standard base cards more rare? The Gold Sigs are a parallel, so that normally means they are rarer than the base set, but the base set is numbered, and the Gold Sigs are not. So which one is harder to get? Which one is rarer?

    • Ryan Cracknell 4 October, 2021 at 11:01

      @Michael – It likely varies on the tier. That said, you get base cards in every pack I believe but not parallels. That would make me think there are more base cards overall.

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