2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders Trading Cards Checklist, Details

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2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders trading cards head to Hell’s Kitchen for a recap of the Netflix shows. That means lots of heroes, several villains and a wide variety of cards to chase.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders hobby boxes come with a couple of premium inserts. For most, the big one is the promise of an autograph or sketch card. Manufactured patch cards are also inserted on a one-per-box level.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders Overview

Covering the first season, the base set breaks down to 100 total cards. It recaps the story that brings together Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist, not to mention some of their friends and rivals. Like many Upper Deck sets, high number cards are short prints. These add another 30 cards with one landing every fourth pack.

Parallels, which are three per box, are done on acetate, giving them a clear look and a plastic feel. Gold versions are on the rare side.

Autographs come from the show’s actors, although a list of signers has not been announced. Dual autographs are also available.

Manufactured patch cards come in multiple styles. First are Letterman Patch cards, which have letters embedded in them. Tough Character Patch have corresponding logos.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders has a few other inserts. Back from the Dead Coffin and The Hand are both case hits. Back from the Dead has randomly inserted autograph versions as well.

Flashback cards go back to the four shows that combine to make The Defenders happen.

Other inserts include Character Headers and The Black Sky.

2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 20
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 130 cards
Release date: December 19, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs or Sketch Cards – 1
• Manufactured Patch Cards – 1
• Acetate Parallels – 3

2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders Checklist


Base Set Checklist

130 cards.
SP (#101-130) – 1:4 packs

Parallels (#1-100 only):

• Acetate – (1:5 packs)
• Acetate Gold – /13

1 Iron Fist. Go Home.
2 The H Word
3 I’m Moving Forward
4 Congratulations Mr. Murdock
5 What’s On Your Mind?
6 Close to Collapse
7 Do Yourself a Favor
8 The Hero of Harlem
9 11th & 49th
10 Always the Same Story
11 Heroes, Your Word Not mine
12 As You Requested
13 It’s Just a City
14 Requesting Backup Immediately
15 Can I Go Now?
16 We Have Allies
17 What Pop Would’ve Wanted
18 It’s a Door
19 Another Kind of Hero
20 Trouble in a Pair-of-Dice
21 Just a Matter of Time
22 It’s Too Late
23 Mean Right Hook
24 Old Friend
25 I’m Your Attorney

26 White Hat
27 Black Sky
28 This Is Who You Are
29 I Know the Drill
30 This Isn’t Going to Work Out
31 They’re Watching Everything
32 Welcome Back Mr. Rand
33 Midland Circle
34 I’m In Charge
35 What Kind of Lawyer Are You?
36 It’s Complicated
37 Who Are You People?
38 Royal Dragon
39 Together We Serve Life Itself
40 How Obvious Does It Have to Be?
41 Weapon of the Hand
42 Just Cover-Ups
43 I Just Want Answers
44 Everything We Need to Know
45 Change of Plans
46 Nod If You Understand Me
47 She’s Something Else
48 Alternatives
49 Who Missed Me?
50 Sowande

51 Work Together
52 What Have They Done To You?
53 Cheap Thrill
54 You’re Skilled. My Child.
55 Of Course Not.
56 Up for The Challenge
57 Soon, Iron Fist
58 Your Two Worlds Colliding
59 They’re Horns
60 Your Weapon Is Defective
61 Afraid of Dying
62 Matt’s Apartment
63 Ashes, Ashes
64 It Was Him or the Kid
65 Not Anymore
66 The Key
67 Pro Bono Lawyer
68 Unity
69 Luke Cage and The Iron Fist
70 Serve Life. Always.
71 D-Sharp
72 Little of This. Little of That.
73 You’ll Serve.
74 Let Me Remind You.
75 No Time For Love

76 About Time You Dealt Me In.
77 Sidekick
78 Nothing Will Get in My Way.
79 Hero or a Martyr
80 Closer Than We’ve Ever Been
81 A Change of Clothes
82 Official Legal Advice
83 You Can Be Free As Well
84 Maybe.
85 You’re Gonna Fail Here.
86 Just As You Failed K’un-Lun.
87 It’s True
88 44th and 11th Ave
89 The Epicenter
90 I’m Not Hugging You.
91 This Is It.
92 I Just Came To Talk.
93 We Got A Plan
94 One Way Out
95 Same Desire
96 Done Hiding
97 Stop Staring. Start Climbing.
98 This Is What Living Feels Like
99 You’ve Got Friends
100 Get Maggie

101 Hunting Members Of The Hand SP
102 They’re Just Kids SP
103 Luke Cage Vs. Iron Fist SP
104 The Living Weapon SP
105 She’s Ready SP
106 He’s A Weapon. You’re A Monster. SP
107 Bullet Proof SP
108 Something Else. SP
109 Elektra? SP
110 Come On! SP
111 Keep Asking. SP
112 Karate SP
113 The Only Language They Speak SP
114 Bring It SP
115 They Say You Can’t Be Broken SP
116 Reunion SP
117 No Way SP
118 The Key SP
119 Don’t Do This SP
120 All Out Of Calm SP
121 Don’t Make Me Use This SP
122 Sorry About This SP
123 It’s Good To See You SP
124 Any Questions? SP
125 Not Just Any Three SP

126 Power Man SP
127 Ran From Destiny SP
128 Don’t Wanna Fight You. Alone. SP
129 One Big Kung Fu Party SP
130 Danny, Light It Up. SP

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2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders Autographs Checklists

Back From The Dead Autographs Checklist

5 cards.

BFD-CC Charlie Cox /25
BFD-EY Elodie Yung /25
BFD-FJ Finn Jones /25
BFD-RR Ramon Rodriguez /25
BFD-YT Yutaka Takeuchi /25

Defenders Connecting Autographs Checklist

3 cards.

DCA-CC Charlie Cox /25
DCA-FJ Finn Jones /25
DCA-KR Krysten Ritter /25

Five Fingers of the Hand Autographs Checklist

5 cards.

5F-BO Babs Olusanmokun /5
5F-EY Elodie Yung /5
5F-RR Ramon Rodriguez /5
5F-WH Wai Ching Ho /5
5F-YT Yutaka Takeuchi /5

Markings of the Royal Dragon Checklist

18 cards.
1:25 packs.
Group A – 1:215, Group B – 1:164, Group C – 1:102, Group D – 1:51

RD-BO Babs Olusanmokun D
RD-CC Charlie Cox B
RD-CL Chloe Levine D
RD-DD Charlie Cox B
RD-DW Deborah Ann Woll B
RD-ED Eka Darville C
RD-EH Elden Henson A
RD-EY Elodie Yung B
RD-FJ Finn Jones A
RD-IF Finn Jones A
RD-KR Krysten Ritter C
RD-MF Michelle Federer D
RD-MK Simone Missick A
RD-PM Peter McRobbie D
RD-RR Ramon Rodriguez C
RD-SM Simone Missick A
RD-WH Wai Ching Ho C
RD-YT Yutaka Takeuchi D

Markings of the Royal Dragon Duals Checklist

8 cards.
1:960 packs.

RD-CM Charlie Cox/Peter McRobbie
RD-CR Charlie Cox/Krysten Ritter
RD-FL Michelle Federer/Chloe Levine
RD-HT Wai Ching Ho/Yutaka Takeuchi
RD-HY Elden Henson/Elodie Yung
RD-JR Finn Jones/Krysten Ritter
RD-RO Ramon Rodriguez/Babs Olusanmokun
RD-WM Deborah Ann Woll/Simone Missick

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2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders Inserts Checklists

Back From the Dead Checklist

15 cards.
1:240 packs.

BFD1 Elodie Yung
BFD2 Ramon Rodriguez
BFD3 Babs Olusanmokun
BFD4 Sigourney Weaver
BFD5 Scott Glenn
BFD6 Simone Missick
BFD7 Jessica Henwick
BFD8 Elodie Yung
BFD9 Mike Colter
BFD10 Charlie Cox
BFD11 Sigourney Weaver
BFD12 Krysten Ritter
BFD13 Sigourney Weaver
BFD14 Wai Ching Ho
BFD15 Elodie Yung

The Black Sky Checklist

9 cards.
1:120 packs.

BS1 Elektra
BS2 It’s Too Late
BS3 Wakizashi
BS4 Only The Black Sky Lives
BS5 Something Else
BS6 I Buried You
BS7 A Weapon Against Our Enemies
BS8 Sai
BS9 This Is Who I’ve Always Been

Defenders Connecting Checklist

Daredevil Letter Patch

8 cards.
1:83 packs.

DC-DD1 Daredevil
DC-DD2 Daredevil
DC-DD3 Daredevil
DC-DD4 Daredevil
DC-DD5 Daredevil
DC-DD6 Daredevil
DC-DD7 Daredevil
DC-DD8 Daredevil

Iron Fist Letter Patch

8 cards.
1:83 packs.

DC-IF1 Iron Fist
DC-IF2 Iron Fist
DC-IF3 Iron Fist
DC-IF4 Iron Fist
DC-IF5 Iron Fist
DC-IF6 Iron Fist
DC-IF7 Iron Fist
DC-IF8 Iron Fist

Jessica Jones Letter Patch

8 cards.
1:83 packs.

DC-JJ1 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ2 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ3 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ4 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ5 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ6 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ7 Jessica Jones
DC-JJ8 Jessica Jones

Luke Cage Letter Patch

8 cards.
1:83 packs.

DC-LC1 Luke Cage
DC-LC2 Luke Cage
DC-LC3 Luke Cage
DC-LC4 Luke Cage
DC-LC5 Luke Cage
DC-LC6 Luke Cage
DC-LC7 Luke Cage
DC-LC8 Luke Cage

The Hand Checklist

5 cards.
1:240 packs.

TH1 Madame Gao
TH2 Alexandra Reid
TH3 Sowande
TH4 Bakuto
TH5 Murakami

Header Cards Checklist

4 cards.
1:480 packs.

HC1 Daredevil
HC2 Jessica Jones
HC3 Luke Cage
HC4 Iron Fist

The Heroes Checklist


15 cards.
1:8 packs.

TH-DD1 Asking Forgiveness
TH-DD2 You Don’t Have to Be Scared
TH-DD3 Fisk
TH-DD4 Symbol to Be Feared
TH-DD5 Went the Distance
TH-DD6 Fisk Is an Animal
TH-DD7 Connections
TH-DD8 One Day at a Time
TH-DD9 No One Escapes This
TH-DD10 Punisher
TH-DD11 One Sinful Life
TH-DD12 Battlin’ Jack’s Boy
TH-DD13 New Client
TH-DD14 The Roxxon Ledger
TH-DD15 We Got a Shot

Iron Fist

15 cards.
1:8 packs.

TH-IF1 Danny Rand
TH-IF2 Rules
TH-IF3 A Place of Respect
TH-IF4 It’s My Name
TH-IF5 A Sharing of Ideas
TH-IF6 Da Jue Zhan
TH-IF7 Responsibility
TH-IF8 You Deny It?
TH-IF9 The Iron Fist
TH-IF10 Off-Limits
TH-IF11 Bakuto
TH-IF12 Guarding K’un-Lun
TH-IF13 Cutting It Close
TH-IF14 A Light
TH-IF15 It’s All My Fault

Jessica Jones

15 cards.
1:8 packs.

TH-JJ1 Hope
TH-JJ2 Something to Overcome
TH-JJ3 He’s Always Here
TH-JJ4 Like Clock Work
TH-JJ5 Simpson
TH-JJ6 Hang In There
TH-JJ7 I Want to Hire You
TH-JJ8 I Need Your Help
TH-JJ9 Oppurtunity
TH-JJ10 Abandon Hope
TH-JJ11 Gifted
TH-JJ12 How Can I Help You?
TH-JJ13 Killgrave
TH-JJ14 Patient Zero
TH-JJ15 Smile

Luke Cage

15 cards.
1:8 packs.

TH-LC1 More Like Ruined It
TH-LC2 We Had Coffee
TH-LC3 Not on My Watch
TH-LC4 Seagate
TH-LC5 Beauty in that Beast
TH-LC6 Carl Lucas
TH-LC7 Done Running
TH-LC8 I’m Really Sorry, Guys
TH-LC9 Revas Files
TH-LC10 Willis Stryker
TH-LC11 I’m No Hero
TH-LC12 Luke Cage Ballads
TH-LC13 You Ain’t Ready, Carl
TH-LC14 Context
TH-LC15 It’s Worthless

Logo Patch Checklist

4 cards.
1:1,920 packs.

CL-DD Daredevil
CL-JJ Jessica Jones
CL-LC Luke Cage
CL-IF Iron Fist

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Sketch Cards

2018 Upper Deck Marvel’s The Defenders Sketch Cards

41 artists.
1:120 packs.

Ben AbuSaada
Keith Akers
Justin Ayers
Mitch Ballard
Jeffrey Benitez
Brian Canio
Charles Drake
Reid Fisher
Othell Flowers
Eric Fournier
Timothy Geathers
Michelle Guerrero
Rich Hennemann
David Hindelang
Karl Jones
Nick Justus
Daniel Logan
Matthew Lopez
Freddy Lopez Jr.
Jason Miller
Rich Molinelli

Tom Nguyen
Emil Nordtomme
Nacho Ortiz
Michael Parla
Darrin Pepe
Ian Quirante
Giovanni Ricco
Ivan Rodriguez
Jezreel Rojales
Ernest Romero
Erwin Ropa
Jason Saldajeno
JoJo Seames
Tim Smith 3
Jason Sobol
Irma Suriani Ahmed
Huy Truong
Luke Welch
Myles Wohl
Adam Worton

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When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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