2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Trading Cards Head to Wakanda – See the Checklist


2018 Upper Deck Black Panther brings the Marvel film to trading cards with a mix of autographs, memorabilia and several other inserts – like “Vibranium” metal cards.

The base set has 90 cards and uses images from the movie. Each has a variety of parallels. They start with Silver Foil (1:2.5 packs) and Black Foil (/149). Indigo (/50) versions use special UV foil that changes color in sunlight and other UV light. There are also Acetate (1:16) and Gold Acetate (/10) parallels done on clear stock.

Every 2018 Upper Deck Black Panther hobby box has a pair of memorabilia cards. These all have material use in the film’s production. Swatch numbers range from two to four pieces per card.

Also randomly inserted are redemptions for over-sized cards with pieces of one of Black Panther’s suit including claws or teeth from his necklace.

Autographs come in a couple of different forms including single- and double-actor signature cards. The list of signers is limited but each is significant. Signers include Angela Bassett (Ramonda), Florence Kasumba (Ayo) and Martin Freeman (Everett K. Ross). All three have multiple single-signed cards as well as different combinations of dual autographs. Freeman also has a pair of autographed memorabilia cards.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Autograph

The metal card trend continues to grow with a set of Vibranium inserts. Every box has either one of these, an autograph or a sketch card.

Rounding out 2018 Upper Deck Black Panther are several regular insert sets: Behind the Lens, Streets of Wakanda, Language of the People, Wakanda Tech and Wakanda Forever. These dive a little deeper into specific areas of the movie, covering things like characters, technology, locations and the world of Wakanda.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 20
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 90 cards
Release date: May, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs, Sketch Cards or Metal Cards – 1
• Memorabilia Cards – 2
• Acetate Cards – 1
• Additional Inserts or Parallels – 20

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Checklist


Base Set Checklist

90 cards.


• Silver Foil – (1:2.5 hobby and e-Pack)
• Acetate – (1:16 hobby and e-Pack)
• Black Foil – /149
• Indigo – /50
• Acetate Gold – /10

1 Suiting Up
2 Briefing
3 I Never Freeze
4 Dropping In
5 In the Trees
6 Undercover
7 T’Challa Freezes
8 Seeing Nakia
9 A New King
10 Back to Wakanda
11 The Royal Talon Fighter
12 Back Home
13 My Son
14 To the Challgenge Pool
15 Ceremonial Dress
16 Death Herb Drink
17 Awaiting Challengers
18 The Jabari Arrive
19 Watching the Fight
20 M’Baku Yields
21 Eyeing the Artifact
22 Klaue the EMT
23 Wandering the Ancestral Plane
24 Back to Reality
25 Fully Healed
26 Catching Up
27 Stolen Artifact
28 True to Tradition
29 Bring Klaue to Justice
30 Mount Bashenga
31 Shuri’s Lab
32 In the Casino
33 Okoye Looks On
34 Looking for Klaue
35 Klaue’s Buyer
36 Quite the Entourage
37 Vibranium Transaction
38 Chasing Klaue
39 In Pursuit
40 Throwing Spears
41 Trailing Klaue
42 Let’s Have Some Fun
43 Car Trouble
44 Who Gets Klaue
45 All a Front

46 Rescuing Klaue
47 What Do You Know About Wakanda?
48 Observing Klaue
49 Danger Ahead
50 Successful Rescue
51 Ross is Injured
52 New Plans
53 Shootout
54 Advice from Zuri
55 The World is Changing
56 New Weapons
57 You Get to Decide
58 Briefed on Killmonger
59 Unwelcomed Questions
60 Claim to the Throne
61 Ayo and the Dora Milaje
62 W’Kabi’s New Allegiance
63 Challenge Accepted
64 For This Moment
65 Challenge at Warrior Falls
66 Sacrificial Scars
67 Killmonger the Champion
68 Ushered to Safety
69 Loyal to the Throne
70 Departure
71 Seeking the Jabari
72 Killmonger Wakes
73 Burn it All
74 The Last Heart-Shaped Herb
75 Head of the Dora Milaje
76 M’Baku’s Help
77 Reunited
78 Still Alive
79 Return of T’Challa
80 Challenge Denied
81 Prepared for Battle
82 Okoye Takes on Killmonger
83 Killmonger’s New Suit
84 Ready to Fight
85 Panther Gauntlets
86 Killmonger Proves too Strong
87 Flying the Royal Talon
88 Battle of the Panthers
89 Wakanda’s Future
90 King of Wakanda

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2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Autographs Checklists

The King’s Mantle Memorabilia Autographs

2 cards.
1:300 hobby and e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Autographed Costume

KMA-ER Martin Freeman – Jacket
KMA-MF Martin Freeman – Jacket

Wakandan Writings

7 cards.
1:60 hobby and e-Pack.
Group A – 1:2,090, Group B – 1:479, Group C – 1:182, Group D – 1:116

WW-AB Angela Bassett as Ramonda B
WW-AY Florence Kasumba as Ayo D
WW-ER Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross B
WW-FK Florence Kasumba as Ayo C
WW-MF Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross A
WW-RA Angela Bassett as Ramonda C
WW-YO Florence Kasumba as Ayo D

Wakandan Writings Dual

1:240 hobby and e-Pack.
Group A – 1:900, Group B – 1:720, Group C – 1:600

WWD-AR Florence Kasumba as Ayo/Angela Bassett as Ramonda C
WWD-RA Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross/Florence Kasumba as Ayo B
WWD-RR Angela Bassett as Ramonda/Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross A

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2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Memorabilia Cards Checklists

The King’s Mantle Memorabilia

14 cards.
1:20 hobby and e-Pack.
Group A – 1:149, Group B – 1:47, Group C – 1:45

KM-BP Black Panther – Royal Wear-Suit C
KM-EK Erik Killmonger – Pants-Denim B
KM-ER Everett K. Ross – Jacket-Jacket B
KM-KI Erik Killmonger – Pants-Denim A
KM-MB M’Baku – Leather-Suede C
KM-NA Nakia – Silk-Silk B
KM-OK Okoye – Leather-Leather A
KM-RA Ramonda – Dress-Dress A
KM-SH Shuri – Jumpsuit-Vest B
KM-SI Shuri – Vest-Jumpsuit B
KM-TC T’Challa – Tunic-Royal Wear C
KM-UK Ulysses Klaue – Pants-Pants A
KM-WK W’Kabi – Shirt-Shirt B
KM-ZU Zuri – Ripple-Shawl C

The King’s Mantle Dual Memorabilia

14 cards.
1:30 hobby and e-Pack.

KD-BK Black Panther/Erik Killmonger – Tunic/Denim
KD-EN Everett K. Ross/Nakia – Jacket/Body Cover
KD-ET Everett K. Ross/T’Challa – Jacket/Suit
KD-EU Erik Killmonger/Ulysses Klaue – Camo/Pants
KD-MK M’Baku/Erik Killmonger – Suede/Camo
KD-NT Nakia/T’Challa – Silk/Tunic
KD-ON Okoye/Nakia – Leather/Silk
KD-RT Ramonda/T’Challa – Dress/Suit
KD-RZ Ramonda/Zuri – Dress/Ripple
KD-ST Shuri/T’Challa – Vest/Royal Wear
KD-TW T’Challa/W’Kabi – Tunic/Shirt
KD-UE Ulysses Klaue/Everett K. Ross – Suit/Jacket
KD-ZN Zuri/Nakia – Ripple/Body Cover
KD-ZS Zuri/Shuri – Ripple/Vest

The King’s Mantle Triple Memorabilia

15 cards.
1:80 hobby and e-Pack.

KT-BKK Black Panther/Erik Killmonger/Ulysses Klaue – Suit/Denim/Suit
KT-KMK Erik Killmonger/M’Baku/Ulysses Klaue – Denim/Leather/Suit
KT-KRZ Erik Killmonger/Ramonda/Zuri – Denim/Dress/Ripple
KT-KSN Erik Killmonger/Shuri/Nakia – Denim/Jumpsuit/Body Cover
KT-MRB M’Baku/Ramonda/Black Panther – Suede/Dress/Suit
KT-NMT Nakia/M’Baku/T’Challa – Body Cover/Leather/Tunic
KT-NSO Nakia/Shuri/Okoye – Body Cover/Jumpsuit/Leather
KT-NTS Nakia/T’Challa/Shuri – Silk/Royal Wear/Vest
KT-ONK Okoye/Nakia/Ulysses Klaue – Leather/Body Cover/Suit
KT-RKT Everett K. Ross/Ulysses Klaue/T’Challa – Jacket/Pants/Suit
KT-RSR Everett K. Ross/Shuri/Ramonda – Jacket/Vest/Dress
KT-RST Ramonda/Shuri/T’Challa – Dress/Jumpsuit/Tunic
KT-SRZ Shuri/Ramonda/Zuri – Vest/Dress/Ripple
KT-TZR T’Challa/Zuri/Ramonda – Suit/Shawl/Dress
KT-WTZ W’Kabi/T’Challa/Zuri – Shirt/Tunic/Shawl

The King’s Mantle Quad Memorabilia

1:240 hobby and e-Pack.

KQ-BKEK Black Panther/Ulysses Klaue/Erik Killmonger/Everett K. Ross – Tunic/Suit/Camo/Jacket
KQ-BRNZ Black Panther/Ramonda/Nakia/Zuri – Suit/Dress/Silk/Shawl
KQ-KMKB Ulysses Klaue/M’Baku/Erik Killmonger/Black Panther – Suit/Leather/Camo/Tunic
KQ-NSOR Nakia/Shuri/Okoye/Ramonda – Body Cover/Vest/Leather/Dress
KQ-NSRT Nakia/Shuri/Everett K. Ross/T’Challa – Body Cover/Vest/Jacket/Royal Wear
KQ-NTKM Nakia/T’Challa/Erik Killmonger/M’Baku – Body Cover/Royal Wear/Camo/Leather
KQ-OSNT Okoye/Shuri/Nakia/T’Challa – Leather/Vest/Silk/Royal Wear
KQ-RRNS Everett K. Ross/Ramonda/Nakia/Shuri – Jacket/Dress/Body Cover/Vest
KQ-SNOW Shuri/Nakia/Okoye/W’Kabi – Jumpsuit/Body Cover/Leather/Shirt
KQ-SRTN Shuri/Ramonda/T’Challa/Nakia – Jumpsuit/Dress/Royal Wear/Body Cover
KQ-TNOR T’Challa/Nakia/Okoye/Everett K. Ross – Royal Wear/Body Cover/Leather/Jacket
KQ-TSRZ T’Challa/Shuri/Ramonda/Zuri – Royal Wear/Vest/Dress/Shawl
KQ-WMBK W’Kabi/M’Baku/Black Panther/Erik Killmonger – Shirt/Leather/Royal Wear/Camo
KQ-WTKR W’Kabi/T’Challa/Erik Killmonger/Ramonda – Shirt/Royal Wear/Denim/Dress
KQ–TWKZ T’Challa/W’Kabi/Erik Killmonger/Zuri – Tunic/Shirt/Camo/Shawl

The King’s Mantle Oversized Memorabilia

Odds and production run not announced.

OM Redemption Card

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2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Inserts Checklists

Behind the Lens Checklist

14 cards.
1:8 hobby and e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Behind the Lens

BTL1 In Between Scenes
BTL2 The Hall of Kings
BTL3 Keeping Cool
BTL4 Facing the Dora Milaje
BTL5 Working the Beads
BTL6 Klaue’s Arm
BTL7 Ring Blade
BTL8 Comparing Notes
BTL9 Sharing a Laugh
BTL10 Pedal to the Metal
BTL11 Seeking Advice
BTL12 Ready for Action
BTL13 Challenge the Throne
BTL14 Ramonda and Shuri

Language of the People

9 cards.
1:12 hobby and e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Language of the People

LOTP1 Erik Killmonger
LOTP2 Ulysses Klaue
LOTP3 T’Challa
LOTP4 Nakia
LOTP5 Everett K. Ross
LOTP6 Erik Killmonger
LOTP7 Okoye
LOTP8 Ulysses Klaue
LOTP9 Ramonda

Sketch Cards

69 artists.
1:80 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Sketch Card

Andrew Arensberg
Andrei Ausch
Marshal Baker
Mitch Ballard
Emma Burges
Joe Catapano
Christina Charbali
Alex Chung
Jorge Costa
Mathew Dariol
Angelo de Capua
Charles Drake
Michael Duron
Ruben Enriquez
Marlon Fernandes
Lance Footer
Eric Fournier
Brendon and Brian Fraim
Anthony Gay
Ray Griffin
Clint Hagler
Adam Harris
Mike Hartigan
Anthony Helmer
Justin Hunt
Fred Ian
Free Isabelo
Seth Ismart
Jamie Joslyn
Elson Junior
Nick Justus
Danny Kidwell
Shawn Langley

Holden Leung
Daniel Logan
Jaime Lopez
Gemma McCulloch
Chris McJunkin
Rich Molinelli
Jason Montoya
David Newbold
Leo Perez
Luke Petrecca
Ashleigh Popplewell
Fabian Quintero
Radioactive Rabbit
Dominic Racho
Raymundo Racho
Cathy Razim
Brian Schillinger
Doug Snodgrass
Mark Stegbauer
Jerimy Stoltz
Jake Sumbing
Matthew Sutton
Anthony Tan
Alfredo Jose Tasso
Marcelo Trom
Lydi Li Tubillara
Angel Velasquez
Ashley Villers
Michael Watson
Luke Welch
Chris Willdig
Gordon Wills
Shaquan Woody

Streets of Wakanda

14 cards.
1:8 hobby and e-Pack.

SW1 In the Jungle
SW2 A Brand New Suit
SW3 Striking a Balance
SW4 Defending Wakanda
SW5 Claiming the Throne
SW6 Deadly Claws
SW7 A Wakandan Disguise
SW8 A Family Genius
SW9 Wakandan Weapons
SW10 A Colorful Community
SW11 An Enigmatic Spy
SW12 The Golden Jaguar
SW13 Protecting T’Challa
SW14 Wakandan Pride

Wakanda Forever

14 cards.
1:8 hobby and e-Pack.

WF1 Erik Killmonger
WF2 W’Kabi
WF3 Zuri
WF4 Ayo
WF5 Everett K. Ross
WF6 Ulysses Klaue
WF7 Shuri
WF8 Ramonda
WF9 W’Kabi
WF10 M’Baku
WF11 T’Challa
WF12 Nakia
WF13 Okoye
WF14 Erik Killmonger

Wakandan Tech

4 cards.
1:28 hobby and e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Wakandan Tech

WT1 Royal Talon Fighter
WT2 Kimoyo Beads
WT3 Wakandan Shield
WT4 Wakandan Artifact

Wakandan Vibranium

20 cards.
1:80 hobby and e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Black Panther Vibranium

WV-1 Black Panther
WV-2 Shuri
WV-3 Okoye
WV-4 Everett K. Ross
WV-5 Black Panther
WV-6 Erik Killmonger
WV-7 Shuri
WV-8 Black Panther
WV-9 Erik Killmonger
WV-10 M’Baku
WV-11 Everett K. Ross
WV-12 Nakia
WV-13 T’Challa
WV-14 Okoye
WV-15 Erik Killmonger
WV-16 Black Panther
WV-17 Nakia
WV-18 Erik Killmonger
WV-19 Black Panther
WV-20 Erik Killmonger

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