2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War Checklist and Trading Card Details


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2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War trading cards recap one of the biggest films of all-time, both at the box office and in scope. It’s a modern release where inserts and premium cards are focal points, so it’s not going to be a snap to put together.

But it does offer a lot of variety as far as card types go. And that includes autographs.

2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War Overview

The base set has a total of 90 cards that go beyond the usual cardboard. Divided into three different tiers of rarity, stocks include some cards using acetate and others with foilboard. According to Upper Deck, Behind the Scenes variant versions are tough pulls.

At the box level, each comes with one premium-style insert. These are either autographs, sketch cards and film cel cards. Boxes also have a Strip Mined Metal card.

On the autograph front, single signature cards are the most common. However, there are dual actor autographs randomly inserted as well. The list of signers has some major names including Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Among the actors getting their first autograph cards in the set are Tom Holland (Spider-Man), Josh Brolin (Thanos) and Elizabeth Olson (Scarlet Witch).

Going with the central theme of the movie and Thanos’ search for the gems are Infinity Stone inserts. Regular versions fall two per box. Parallels come with stones and are one per eight-box inner case.

Road to War inserts recap the events surrounding the film.

2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 3
Packs per box: 9
Boxes per case: 16 (two 8-box inner cases)
Set size: 90 cards
Release date: October, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs, Sketch Cards or Film Cel Cards – 1 (possibly 2)
• Metal Cards – 1
• Infinity Stone Inserts – 2

2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War Checklist


Base Set Checklist

90 cards.
Tier 2- #51-80 (1:2.25 hobby, e-Pack)
Tier 3 – #81-90 (1:15 hobby, e-Pack)

2018 Upper Deck Avengers Infinity War Base

1 Sanctuary 2
2 The Tesseract
3 I Assure You Brother
4 We Have A Hulk
5 Let Him Have His Fun
6 No Resurrections
7 You Might Want A Guide
8 One Last Time
9 The Universe Lies Within Your Grasp
10 He Invades Planets.
11 The Stones
12 Greenwich Village
13 You’re Trespassing
14 Get Lost Squidward
15 I Need A Distraction
16 Hold On
17 One-Way Ticket
18 17A
19 New Suit
20 I Will Take It Off Your Corpse
21 You’re An Avenger Now
22 A Simple Spell
23 Made-Up Names
24 This Might Be Dangerous
25 It’s Not A Competition
26 Rabbit?
27 Nidavellir is real?
28 Is It The Stone Again?
29 Vision’s Sacrifice
30 We Don’t Want To Kill You
31 Glaive
32 You’ll Never Get The Chance Again
33 Reunited
34 I Need To Ask A Favor
35 I’m Sure I’m Invisible
36 Father
37 Waiting For This Moment
38 My Daughter
39 You’re Insane
40 A Small Price
41 You Expect Too Much
42 Ah/ The Boyfriend
43 Rocket and Groot
44 Time To Be The Captain
45 He’s Never Fought Me Twice
46 Thank You Sweet Rabbit
47 What If You’re Wrong?
48 All Fathers/ Give Me Strength
49 Full Force Of A Star
50 Forging Stormbreaker

Tier 2

51 Stormbreakers Handle
52 Avengers
53 Rhodey
54 Sacrifice
55 You Could Never Hurt Me
56 Coming Together
57 Wakanda
58 White Wolf
59 Extracting The Mind Stone
60 I’m Sure You Did Your Best
61 He Came Back With The Soul Stone
62 Fourteen Million Six Hundred and Five
63 Congratulations. You’re A Prophet
64 I Offered A Solution
65 All That For A Drop Of Blood
66 Cursed With Knowledge
67 My Only Curse Is You
68 You Have My Respect/ Stark.
69 He Is In Anguish
70 You’re Full Of Tricks/ Wizard.
71 Spare his Life
72 Outriders Incoming
73 You Are In Wakanda Now
74 We Fight For All
75 Nothing But Dust & Blood
76 Eyes Up/ Stay Sharp
77 On My Position
78 War Machine
79 He’s Here
80 Noblest Ending In History

Tier 3

81 Too High A Price
82 Bring Me Thanos!
83 Pick Up The Pace
84 No Place To Die
85 We Have To Protect It
86 Please. We Are Out Of Time
87 I Just Feel You
88 You Could Never
89 Simple Calculus
90 No Other Way

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2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War Autographs Checklists

Film Cels Autographs Checklist

7 cards.

2018 Upper Deck Avengers Infinity War Film Cels Autographs Tom Vaughn-Lawler

FCA-BW Benedict Wong as Wong /100
FCA-DB Dave Bautista as Drax /100
FCA-EO Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch /100
FCA-JB Josh Brolin as Thanos /100
FCA-KG Karen Gillan as Nebula /100
FCA-TH Tom Holland as Spider-Man /100
FCA-TV Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Ebony Maw /100

Infinite Impressions Checklist

13 cards.
1:42 hobby, e-Pack.
Group A – 1:2,495, Group B – 1:624, Group C – 1:169, Group D – 1:238, Group E – 1:85


  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions.)
    Hemsworth does not have Printing Plates.

II-BW Benedict Wong as Wong E
II-CE Chris Evans as Captain America B
II-CH Chris Hemsworth as Thor B
II-DB Dave Bautista as Drax C
II-EM Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Ebony Maw E
II-EO Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch C
II-JB Josh Brolin as Thanos A
II-KG Karen Gillan as Nebula C
II-MG Pom Klementieff as Mantis D
II-PK Pom Klementieff as Mantis D
II-SW Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch C
II-TH Tom Holland as Spider-Man A
II-WS Benedict Wong as Wong E

Infinite Impressions Inscriptions Checklist

7 cards.
1:554 hobby, e-Pack.
Group A – 1:7,200, Group B – 1:1,800, Group C – 1:900

II-CE Chris Evans – CAP C
II-DB Dave Bautista – DRAX C
II-EO Elizabeth Olsen – Scarlet Witch B
II-KG Karen Gillan – Nebula C
II-MG Pom Klementieff – Mantis C
II-PK Pom Klementieff – Mantis A
II-SW Elizabeth Olsen – Scarlet Witch A

Infinite Impressions Duals Checklist

3 cards.
1:648 packs.

2018 Upper Deck Avengers Infinity War Infinite Impressions Dual Dave Bautista Pom Klemmentieff


  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions.)

IID-BK Dave Bautista as Drax/Pom Klementieff as Mantis
IID-CE Chris Evans as Captain America/Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch
IID-VK Karen Gillan as Nebula/Tom Vaughan-Lawlor as Ebony Maw

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2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War Inserts Checklists

Behind the Scenes Variants Checklist

6 cards.
1:72 hobby, e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Avengers Infinity War Behind the Scenes

BTS1 The Collectors Museum Set
BTS2 Thanos Motion Capture Suit
BTS3 Nebula Prop
BTS4 I Don’t feel So Good
BTS5 Sean Gunn
BTS6 The Russo Brothers

Film Cels Checklist

38 cards.
1:12 hobby, e-Pack.
SP (#FC-29 to FC-38) – 1:108 hobby, e-Pack.

FC1 Children of Thanos
FC2 Who Is This Dude?
FC3 The Plan
FC4 Get What We Need
FC5 The Falcon
FC6 Battle on Wakanda
FC7 Hulkbuster 2.0
FC8 Did You Hear What I Said?
FC9 Mourning A Loss
FC10 Secret Meet-Up
FC11 Thanos. He’s A Plague
FC12 Atack On The Outriders
FC13 Who The Hell Are You Guys?
FC14 Discovering Thors Past
FC15 Taking Your Pod
FC16 Guardians Ship
FC17 Meeting Proxima Midnight
FC18 Aliens
FC19 Landing On Knowhere
FC20 The Collectors Museum
FC21 Nidavellir
FC22 Battle On Titan
FC23 Boost
FC24 Q-Ship
FC25 Sanctuary 2
FC26 Power
FC27 Our Will Equal To Yours
FC28 Thanos Attack
FC29 I Speak For Myself SP
FC30 Improvise SP
FC31 We’re The Avengers man SP
FC32 Engage All Defenses SP
FC33 All Hands On Deck SP
FC34 He’s A Plague SP
FC35 Wipers…Get It off! SP
FC36 I Need A Hammer SP
FC37 Knowhere SP
FC38 Stormbreaker SP

Infinity Crusade Checklist

10 cards.
1:7.5 hobby, e-Pack.

IC1 The Ultimate Battle Against Evil!
IC2 Soldiers of Light
IC3 The Infinity Crusade is Upon us
IC4 Deliverance is A’Coming
IC5 Universal Rapture
IC6 Am I Not The Magus?
IC7 Let Righteousness Triumph!
IC8 Rapture
IC9 If I Fought Alone
IC10 Until Then/ Adam Warlock

Infinity Gauntlet Checklist

10 cards.
1:7.5 hobby, e-Pack.

IG1 Thanos is Coming!
IG2 Infinity Gems
IG3 Courting Death
IG4 Come and Get Me!
IG5 Thanos is Inevitable
IG6 Celestials
IG7 Eternity
IG8 Revenge!
IG9 The Gauntlet
IG10 Let The Conflict End!

Infinity War Checklist

10 cards.
1:7.5 hobby, e-Pack.

IW1 Magus
IW2 Let Adam Know I’m Coming
IW3 What is it you Seek?
IW4 Impostors!
IW5 Another Masterful Move
IW6 Living Tribunal
IW7 The Nullifier
IW8 A New Supreme Being
IW9 Behold The Truth
IW10 A Greater Threat

Mad Titan Checklist

10 cards.
1:7.5 hobby, e-Pack.

MT1 Thanos
MT2 Mad Titan
MT3 The Overmaster
MT4 Avatar of Death
MT5 Perfectly Balanced.
MT6 I Am Supreme
MT7 I’ll Do It Myself
MT8 Dread It.
MT9 Run From It.
MT10 Destiny Still Arrives.

Mind Stone Checklist

7 cards.
1:240 hobby, e-Pack.


  • Precious Stone Relics – /49

YM1 Steve Rogers
YM2 Falcon
YM3 Natasha Romanova
YM4 Proxima Midnight
YM5 Shuri
YM6 Wanda Maximoff
YM7 Vision

Power Stone Checklist

7 cards.
1:9 hobby, e-Pack.


  • Precious Stone Relics – /49

PP1 Loki
PP2 Steve Rogers
PP3 Bucky Barnes
PP4 Okoye
PP5 Nebula
PP6 Doctor Strange
PP7 Thor

Reality Stone Checklist

7 cards.
1:30 hobby, e-Pack.


  • Precious Stone Relics – /49

RR1 Gamora
RR2 Doctor Strange
RR3 Iron Man
RR4 Mantis
RR5 Drax
RR6 Star-Lord
RR7 Thanos

Remarkable People Checklist

20 cards.
1:3.75 hobby, e-Pack.

RP1 Nebula
RP2 Scarlet Witch
RP3 Spider-Man
RP4 Black Panther
RP5 Black Widow
RP6 Captain America
RP7 Thor
RP8 Bucky Barnes
RP9 Doctor Strange
RP10 Okoye
RP11 Gamora
RP12 Iron Man
RP13 Drax
RP14 Star-Lord
RP15 Rocket Raccoon
RP16 Vision
RP17 Loki
RP18 Falcon
RP19 Groot
RP20 Mantis

Road to Infinity War Checklist

40 cards.
1:1.875 hobby, e-Pack.

RTW1 First Avenger
RTW2 Hydra
RTW3 Howard Stark
RTW4 Genius/ Billionaire/Playboy Philanthropist
RTW5 Mark 1
RTW6 Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes
RTW7 Stark Expo
RTW8 Cosmic Cube
RTW9 Doctor Banner
RTW10 The God Of Mischief
RTW11 Budapest
RTW12 Fury
RTW13 Aether
RTW14 S.H.I.E.L.D. Had Nothing to Do With This
RTW15 The Winter Soldier
RTW16 I Do What He Does, Just Slower
RTW17 You Are My Mission
RTW18 The Legendary Outlaw
RTW19 Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy
RTW20 I Have Part of a Plan
RTW21 Ego Has What He Wants
RTW22 I Will Help Them by Killing Thanos
RTW23 Trusting Ego
RTW24 Ultron
RTW25 The Maximoff Twins
RTW26 Let’s Give Him a Fight
RTW27 You Have the Right to Remain Silent
RTW28 Conflict Breeds Catastrophe
RTW29 The Accords
RTW30 Warrior and King
RTW31 Teach Me
RTW32 Mystical Threats
RTW33 Just A Kid
RTW34 Nothing Without the Suit
RTW35 Gray Area
RTW36 Becoming King
RTW37 Dora Milage
RTW38 Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Be Improved
RTW39 The Wise Build Bridges
RTW40 Main Event Time

Soul Stone Checklist

7 cards.
1:60 hobby, e-Pack.


  • Precious Stone Relics – /49

OS1 Thanos
OS2 Gamora
OS3 Doctor Strange
OS4 Star-Lord
OS5 Nebula
OS6 Black Panther
OS7 Spider-Man

Space Stone Checklist

7 cards.
1:128 hobby, e-Pack.


  • Precious Stone Relics – /49

BS1 Iron Man
BS2 Gamora
BS3 Bruce Banner
BS4 Rhodey
BS5 Thor
BS6 Loki
BS7 Doctor Strange

Strip Mined Metals Checklist

35 cards.
1:12 hobby, e-Pack.
SP (#SMM16-SMM25) – 1:54 hobby, e-Pack.
SSP (#SMM26-SMM35 – 1:108 hobby, e-Pack.

SMM1 Falcon
SMM2 Bruce Banner
SMM3 Mantis
SMM4 Groot
SMM5 Iron Man
SMM6 Peter Parker
SMM7 Wong
SMM8 Scarlet Witch
SMM9 Cull Obsidian
SMM10 Ebony Maw
SMM11 Spider-Man
SMM12 Proxima Midnight
SMM13 Tony Stark
SMM14 Thanos
SMM15 Loki
SMM16 The Mad Titan SP
SMM17 Hulkbuster SP
SMM18 Black Widow SP
SMM19 Doctor Strange SP
SMM20 Black Panther SP
SMM21 Nebula SP
SMM22 Vision SP
SMM23 Eitri SP
SMM24 Shuri SP
SMM25 Thor SP
SMM26 Steve Rogers SSP
SMM27 War Machine SSP
SMM28 Corvus Glaive SSP
SMM29 Gamora SSP
SMM30 Stonekeeper SSP
SMM31 Bucky Barnes SSP
SMM32 T’Challa SSP
SMM33 Drax SSP
SMM34 Star-Lord SSP
SMM35 Rocket Raccoon SSP

Time Stone Checklist

7 cards.
1:20 hobby, e-Pack.


  • Precious Stone Relics – /49

GT1 Wanda Maximoff
GT2 Ebony Maw
GT3 Wong
GT4 Iron Spider
GT5 Iron Man
GT6 Bruce Banner
GT7 Doctor Strange

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Sketch Cards

2018 Upper Deck Avengers: Infinity War Sketch Cards Checklist

74 artists.
1:54 hobby, e-Pack.

2018 Upper Deck Avengers Infinity War Sketch Card Marlon Fernandes

Melike Acar
Wyatt Aguirre
Andrei Ausch
Mitch Ballard
Denver Brubaker
Joey Lee Cabral
Kevin Cameron
Glen Canlas
Justin Castaneda
Ethan Castillo
Joshua Christopher
Angelo de Capua
Ed Mark F. dela Cruz
Gary ODD Edmund
Ruben Enriquez
Tim Fagaly
Marlon Fernandes
Adam Fields
Sean Forney
TJ Frias
Rodney Fyke
Harold George
Mick and Matt Glebe
Diana Greenhalgh
Clint Hagler
Kevin Hawkins
Paul Hill
Bryant Howerton
Brad Hudson
Free Isabelo
Seth Ismart
Jamie Joslyn
Synclaire Kaptur
Jayson Kretzer
Shawn Langley

Holden Leung
Andrew Lopez
Steve Mardo
Jesus Marquez
Chris McJunkin
Denis Medri
Al Milgrom
Vicente Moavero
Jason Montoya
Michel Mulipola
Juan Navarro
Rhiannon Owens
Jay Peteranetz
Bob Petrecca
Plinio Marcos Pinto
Limuel Pinzon
Timothy Pittides
Angelika Rasmus
Alan Rodjal
Brian Rogers
Anthony Romrell
Joe Rubinstein
Johnathan Ruple
Sigh Santoro
Richard Sensale
Scott Sherman
Vanessa Solis
Andy Sparke
Mark Stegbauer
Agus Sumantri
Jake Sumbing
Juan Tejada Jr.
Lydi Li Tubillara
Will White
Gordon Wills
Brian Woodward
Shea Zubair

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