2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Trading Cards Checklist and Details

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2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp trading cards carry out a similar team-up theme that’s found in the film. The checklist pairs traditional elements with modern ones. Regular-sized cards are teamed with mini cards.

Hobby boxes promise a pair of memorabilia cards and an exclusive Wasp Wing insert. Other premium cards like autographs and sketch cards are also possible.

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Overview

The 2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp base set has 100 cards. These recap key events and story points. All base cards are shrunken down for a Mini parallel. On top of that, 50 high number cards are available only in the smaller format. Mini card parallels and high series cards combine to land one per pack.

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Base

Memorabilia cards use costume pieces from the film’s production. These come in a variety of forms, some with multiple swatches.

Autographs average out to approximately every fourth box. That means collectors can expect four of them in every 16-box case.

Besides traditional single-signature cards, autographed memorabilia, mini card autographs and multi-signed cards can also be found.

Sketch cards also average about four per hobby case.

Other inserts look at different themes. Wasp Wing cards, which are only in hobby packs, use a die-cut design to explore Evangeline Lilly’s character. Other inserts include Tiny Tech, Behind the Scenes and X-Con Background Check.

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Wasp Wing

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 15
Boxes per case: 16
Set size: 100 cards (150 including High Series Mini cards)
Release date: November 28, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Memorabilia Cards – 2
• Wasp Wing Inserts – 1
• Additional Inserts – 12
• Mini Cards – 15

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Checklist


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.


• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1 Cardboard Heist
2 Best Grandma
3 Luis
4 Trophy
5 Ankle Monitor
6 Agent Woo
7 Cassie
8 Quantum
9 Leaving A Message
10 A Few More Days
11 Hope
12 Pym Lab
13 Quantum Tunnel
14 The Suit
15 Janet
16 Makeshift Lab
17 Where Are We?
18 In The Lab
19 Pym Particles
20 Potential Security Threats
21 Toy Cars
22 Pym Building
23 Uzman
24 Burch’s Restaurant
25 The Wasp

26 Hope Van Dyne
27 Wings & Blasters
28 In The Kitchen
29 Salt
30 New Suit
31 Ant-Man & The Wasp
32 A Place To Hide
33 X-Con Security
34 Ghost
35 Dr. Foster
36 Stakeout
37 Taking Flight
38 Cassies School
39 Not Much Room
40 Kid Size
41 Disguise
42 Teamwork
43 Germany
44 Ghost Lair
45 Ghost Chamber
46 Blueprints
47 Kurt & Dave
48 Interrogation
49 Dilemma
50 Sonny Burch

51 Unstable
52 Ava
53 Threats
54 Calculations
55 Hope & Scott
56 Soccer Cleats
57 Shrunken Lab
58 The Feds
59 Muir Woods
60 You Guys Again
61 You Need A Partner
62 Birthday
63 On The Fence
64 Blue Goliath
65 Race Against Time
66 Escape Vehicle
67 X-Con Van
68 Pay The Price
69 Bringing Janet Back
70 Battle Tested
71 Wear & Tear
72 Saving Ghost
73 Don’t Drop It!
74 Mini Car Chase
75 Water Bear

76 Phasing
77 Got Him
78 Ghost & X-Con
79 In Pursuit
80 Car Crash
81 Hitching A Ride
82 Too Big
83 In The Wrong hands
84 The Remote
85 Smaller Than a Nail
86 Flying Ant
87 Giant Man
88 Translucent
89 Taser
90 Rejuvination Chamber
91 Within The Chamber
92 New & Improved
93 Access The Quantum Realm
94 Up & Running
95 Quantum Energy
96 Teamwork
97 Mission Accomplished
98 The Cops Are Here
99 Get In!
100 Making A Call


150 cards.
1 per pack.

T1 Cardboard Heist
T2 Best Grandma
T3 Luis
T4 Trophy
T5 Ankle Monitor
T6 Agent Woo
T7 Cassie
T8 Quantum
T9 Leaving A Message
T10 A Few More Days
T11 Hope
T12 Pym Lab
T13 Quantum Tunnel
T14 The Suit
T15 Janet
T16 Makeshift Lab
T17 Where Are We?
T18 In The Lab
T19 Pym Particles
T20 Potential Security Threats
T21 Toy Cars
T22 Pym Building
T23 Uzman
T24 Burch’s Restaurant
T25 The Wasp

T26 Hope Van Dyne
T27 Wings & Blasters
T28 In The Kitchen
T29 Salt
T30 New Suit
T31 Ant-Man and The Wasp
T32 A Place To Hide
T33 X-Con Security
T34 Ghost
T35 Dr. Foster
T36 Stakeout
T37 Taking Flight
T38 Cassies School
T39 Not Much Room
T40 Kid Size
T41 Disguise
T42 Teamwork
T43 Germany
T44 Ghost Lair
T45 Ghost Chamber
T46 Blueprints
T47 Kurt & Dave
T48 Interrogation
T49 Dilemma
T50 Sonny Burch

T51 Unstable
T52 Ava
T53 Threats
T54 Calculations
T55 Hope & Scott
T56 Soccer Cleats
T57 Shrunken Lab
T58 The Feds
T59 Muir Woods
T60 You Guys Again
T61 You Need A Partner
T62 Birthday
T63 On The Fence
T64 Blue Goliath
T65 Race Against Time
T66 Escape Vehicle
T67 X-Con Van
T68 Pay The Price
T69 Bringing Janet Back
T70 Battle Tested
T71 Wear & Tear
T72 Saving Ghost
T73 Don’t Drop It!
T74 Mini Car Chase
T75 Water Bear

T76 Phasing
T77 Got Him
T78 Ghost & X-Con
T79 In pursuit
T80 Car Crash
T81 Hitching A Ride
T82 Too Big
T83 In The Wrong hands
T84 The Remote
T85 Smaller Than a Nail
T86 Flying Ant
T87 Giant Man
T88 Translucent
T89 Taser
T90 Rejuvination Chamber
T91 Within The Chamber
T92 New & Improved
T93 Access The Quantum Realm
T94 Up & Running
T95 Quantum Energy
T96 Teamwork
T97 Mission Accomplished
T98 The Cops Are Here
T99 Get In!
T100 Making A Call

T101 Drummer
T102 Waeving Through Traffic
T103 Falling Debris
T104 Saddle-Up
T105 Press The Button
T106 In Formation
T107 Hallway
T108 Weekend With Dad
T109 Maggie & Paxton
T110 Jimmy Woo
T111 Maggie Lang
T112 Jim Paxton
T113 Stature
T114 We Call Her The Ghost
T115 Business
T116 New Business Venture
T117 Trophy Heist
T118 Flashlight
T119 We Found It!
T120 The Trophy
T121 Don’t Repeat This Stuff
T122 Professor
T123 Fire Escape
T124 X-Con Office
T125 Dave

T126 Giving In
T127 Going Out Of Business
T128 Proposition
T129 Uzman
T130 Close Eye On The Pyms
T131 Complications
T132 Security Consultants
T133 Answer The Call
T134 Equations
T135 Contemplation
T136 Ready For Action
T137 In The Tunnel
T138 Work Together
T139 Real Identities
T140 Post Fight
T141 Exiting The Van
T142 I Don’t Have It
T143 How Long Have You Had That
T144 Living In Secret
T145 Shrinking Building
T146 Slowing Down The Decay
T147 Kitchen Knife
T148 Know Who You’re Fighting
T149 Seagulls
T150 Whale Watching

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2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Autographs Checklists

Mini Giants Autos Checklist

4 cards.
1:480 packs.

MG-EL Evangeline Lilly
MG-HK Hannah John Kamen
MG-JG Judy Greer
MG-WG Walton Goggins

Quantum Anomaly Auto Relics Checklist

7 cards.
1:480 packs.

QM-AG Hannah John Kamen
QM-DD David Dastmalchian
QM-EL Evangeline Lilly
QM-GK Goran Kostic
QM-HD Evangeline Lilly
QM-HK Hannah John Kamen
QM-WG Walton Goggins

Quantum Stars Autos – Portrait Checklist

8 cards.
1:160 packs.
Group A – 1:536, Group B – 1:182

QS-DD David Dastmalchian B
QS-EL Evangeline Lilly B
QS-GK Goran Kostic A
QS-HK Hannah John Kamen A
QS-JG Judy Greer B
QS-TG Hannah John Kamen A
QS-TW Evangeline Lilly B
QS-WG Walton Goggins A

Quantum Stars Autos – Torso Checklist

8 cards.
1:320 packs.
Group A – 1:1,720, Group B – 1:516

QST-DD David Dastmalchian B
QST-EL Evangeline Lilly B
QST-GK Goran Kostic B
QST-HK Hannah John Kamen A
QST-JG Judy Greer B
QST-TG Hannah John Kamen A
QST-TW Evangeline Lilly B
QST-WG Walton Goggins A

Quantum Stars Autos – Full Body Checklist

8 cards.
1:640 packs.
Group A – 1:945, Group B – 1:493

QSF-DD David Dastmalchian A
QSF-EL Evangeline Lilly A
QSF-HK Hannah John Kamen A
QSF-JG Judy Greer A
QSF-SB Walton Goggins B
QSF-TG Hannah John Kamen A
QSF-TW Evangeline Lilly A
QSF-WG Walton Goggins B

Quantum Stars Autos – Variant Photo Checklist

7 cards.
1:640 packs.

QSV-DD David Dastmalchian
QSV-EL Evangeline Lilly
QSV-HK Hannah John Kamen
QSV-JG Judy Greer
QSV-TG Hannah John Kamen
QSV-TW Evangeline Lilly
QSV-WG Walton Goggins

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2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Quantum Anomaly Relics Checklist

18 cards.
1:15 packs.
Group A – 1:71, Group B – 1:25

QM1 Ghost – Ghost Costume B
QM2 Wasp – Wasp Costume B
QM3 Scott Lang – Bathrobe B
QM4 Luis – Jeans A
QM5 Dave – Polo B
QM6 Kurt – Shirt A
QM7 Anitolov – Shirt B
QM8 Ant-Man – Ant-Man Costume B
QM9 Sonny Burch – Blazer B
QM10 Uzman – Suit Jacket A
QM11 Bill Foster – Sweater B
QM12 Ava – Ava Costume A
QM13 Cassie Lang – Dress A
QM14 Hope – Hope Van Dyne Costume B
QM15 Ghost – Ghost Costume B
QM16 Wasp – Wasp Costume B
QM17 Dave – Polo B
QM18 Scott Lang – Ant-Man Costume B

Quantum Anomaly Dual Relics Checklist

14 cards.
1:45 packs.
Group A – 1:283, Group B – 1:63

QMD1 Ghost/Wasp – Ghost Costume/Wasp Costume A
QMD2 Ant-Man/Wasp – Ant-Man Suit/Wasp Suit B
QMD3 Sonny Burch/Luis – Jeans/Blazer B
QMD4 Anitolov/Dave – Shirt/Polo B
QMD5 Dave/Kurt – Shirt/Polo B
QMD6 Scott Lang/Luis – Bathrobe/Jeans B
QMD7 Uzman/Sonny Burch – Blazer/Suit B
QMD8 Cassie Lang/Scott Lang – Dress/Scott Lang Outfit A
QMD9 Uzman/Luis – Suit/Jeans B
QMD10 Ant-Man/Dave – Ant-Man Costume/Polo B
QMD11 Ant-Man/Kurt – Ant-Man Costume/Shirt B
QMD12 Ghost/Bill Foster – Ghost Costume/Sweater B
QMD13 Ant-Man/Ghost – Ghost Costumer/Ant-Man Costume B
QMD14 Luis/Ghost – Jeans/Ghost Costume A

Quantum Anomaly Triple Relics Checklist

9 cards.
1:90 packs.
Group A – 1:275, Group B – 1:136

QMT1 Ghost/Wasp/Ant-Man – Ghost Costume/Ant-Man Costume A
QMT2 Scott Lang/Cassie Lang/Hope Van Dyne – Bathrobe/Shirt/Dress A
QMT3 Luis/Dave/Kurt – Polo/Shirt/Jeans A
QMT4 Ghost/Ava/Bill Foster – Ghost Costume/Ava Costume/Sweater B
QMT5 Anitolov/Uzman/Sonny Burch – Jacket/Blaze/Shirt B
QMT6 Wasp/Hope Van Dyne/Ant-Man – Hope Van Dyne Costume/Wasp Costume/Ant-Man Costume B
QMT7 Luis/Scott Lang/Ant-Man – Scott Lang Costume/Ant-Man Costume/Jeans A
QMT8 Uzman/Dave/Kurt – Polo/Shirt/Suit B
QMT9 Ghost/Ant-Man/Wasp – Ghost Costume/Ant-Man Costume/Wasp Costume B

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2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Inserts Checklists

Behind the Lens Checklist

15 cards.
1:2.22 packs.


• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

BTL1 Action!
BTL2 Interrogation Set
BTL3 School Set
BTL4 Creating The Vision
BTL5 Makeshift Lab Set
BTL6 Reed & Evangeline
BTL7 Getting Ready To Run
BTL8 Peyton Reed
BTL9 Ghost Close Up
BTL10 Wasp Direction
BTL11 Close Up
BTL12 Sparks Flying
BTL13 Ghost Direction
BTL14 Toy Car Chase
BTL15 Scott Lang As A Kid

Tiny Tech Checklist

15 cards.
1:2.22 packs.


• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

TT1 Pym Vehicle Tech
TT2 Quantum Ship
TT3 Pym Particle Vials
TT4 Pym Helmet
TT5 Clothes Pin
TT6 The Collection
TT7 Toy Cars
TT8 Pym Technologies Building
TT9 Quantum Ship
TT10 Wasp Wings
TT11 Ant Man & The Wasp
TT12 Pym Tech
TT13 Ant-Man Belt
TT14 Wasp Gauntlet
TT15 Wasp Helmet

Wasp Wing Checklist

18 cards.
1:15 hobby packs.

WW1 Wasp
WW2 Hope Pym
WW3 You Owe Us
WW4 The Woods
WW5 Susan
WW6 I Won’t Help You
WW7 New Wasp Suit
WW8 Outsmarting Ghost
WW9 Quantum Signal
WW10 Van Dyne
WW11 Burch & His Goon
WW12 Pym’s Daughter
WW13 Chandelier
WW14 Kitchen Brawl
WW15 Tiny Wasp
WW16 Don’t Need Your Help
WW17 Driving
WW18 Wasp Wings

X-Con Background Check Checklist

10 cards.
1:10 packs.


• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

XCB1 Ant-Man
XCB2 Wasp
XCB3 Cassie Lang
XCB4 Maggie Lang
XCB5 Ghost
XCB6 Dr. Bill Foster
XCB7 Sonny Burch
XCB8 Jimmy Woo
XCB9 Luis
XCB10 Kurt

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Sketch Cards

2018 Upper Deck Ant-Man and the Wasp Sketch Card Checklists

62 artists.
1:60 packs.

Sergio Azevedo
Mitch Ballard
Isiah X Bradley
Matty Brown
Alex Chung
Mathew Dariol
Angelo de Capua
Michael Diaz
Douglas Docelino
Charles Drake
Marlon Fernandes
Eric Fournier
Brendon and Brian Fraim
Clint Hagler
Anthony Helmer
Fred Ian
Free Isabelo
Jamie Joslyn
Nick Justus
Clint Langley
Shawn Langley
David Lee
Holden Leung
Lydi Li Tubillara
Daniel Logan
Matthew Lopez
Omid Maksoos
Randy Martinez
Michael Mastermaker
Gemma McCulloch
Chris McJunkin
David Newbold
Ryan Odagawa
Fabian Quintero
Ian Quirante

Radioactive Rabbit (RR)
Dominic Racho
Raymundo Racho
Cathy Razim
Rob Retiano
Holly Ringsell
Ruben Rosas
Sherwin Santiago
Tim Shinn
Brian Soriano
Omar Soto
Jake Sumbing
Matthew Sutton
Alfredo Jose Tasso
Marcelo Trom
Angel Velasquez
Ashley Villers
Brandon Warren
Michael Watson
Luke Welch
Chris Willdig
Gordon Wills
Shaquan Woody

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When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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