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2018 Topps Stranger Things trading cards stay true to the source material. And it’s not just recapping the show. The cards themselves come with a throwback style reminiscent of the era in which the show it set, the 1980s. That means glossy card stock and flashy designs give way to something more simple and more like “cardboard.”

But it’s not totally retro. Modern elements like autographs and other chase cards are available as well.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Base Set

In the ’80s, all collectors usually had were the base cards, a sticker and a stick of gum. The gum’s gone but the main set remains (along with the stickers).

Season one is summarized over the course of 100 cards. All are done on retro card stock like what’s used in modern Topps Heritage releases. On the entertainment trading card side, Topps used this kind of stock in Star Wars: Journey to The Last Jedi.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Base B

Another modern element is the inclusion of parallels, rarer versions of the main set. These take a thematic approach with Upside Down (/99), Waffle (/11) and Christmas Light (1/1). Printing Plate versions are also available in Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. All are one-of-ones.


Sticking with the retro theme are two different sets of stickers. Twenty Character Stickers show the season’s stars. There are also separate ten Stranger Things Stickers that have a film strip design similar various non-sport sets have had in the past like Star Wars.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Character Sticker

There’s also a 20-card Characters insert set done as regular cards.

Autographs lead the premium insert chase. Besides the regular versions, these have Orange (/99), Green (/50), Purple (/25), Blue (/10) and Gold (1/1) parallels. Of the regular autographs that are in packs and not redemptions, all are on-card except Millie Bobby Brown. Her signatures come on a sticker.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Autographs Green Millie Bobby Brown

Dual and Triple Autographs are rare with just ten copies each. These come with multiple signatures.

Commemorative Patch Cards have a manufactured patch embedded in them. These have the same levels of parallels as regular autographs. There are also signature versions numbered to 10.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Commemorative Patch Barbara Holland Hawkins School

Sketch cards come with original art done directly on the card. Given the unique nature of each piece, many regard these as one-of-ones.

These aren’t actually the first official Stranger Things trading cards. Among the swag in a special Stranger Things LootCrate was an old-school style wax pack with a small set of 11 cards and two stickers covering seasons one and two.

In addition to hobby boxes, 2018 Topps Stranger Things has retail packs and blasters. It’s worth noting that retail packs do not have autographs.

2018 Topps Stranger Things trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 7
Packs per box: 24
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: Retail – October 31, 2018, Hobby – November 23, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs or Sketch Cards – 1 Total
• Additional Autographs, Sketch Cards, Costume Relics or Commemorative Patch Cards – 1 Total

2018 Topps Stranger Things Checklist


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Base


  • Upside Down – /99 (Hobby 1:62, Retail 1:62, Blaster 1:62)
  • Waffle – /11 (Hobby 1:556, Retail 1:552, Blaster 1:556)
  • Christmas Lights – 1/1 (Hobby 1:6,078, Retail 1:6,624, Blaster 1:6,173)
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (Hobby 1:624, Retail 1:642; each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

1 No Escape
2 The Demogorgon Got Me
3 Monster in the Road
4 Missing
5 The Arm Thing
6 No Big Deal
7 Entering the Quarantine Zone
8 Think Bigger
9 Mirkwood
10 Calling For Help
11 Abandoned Bike
12 Signs of a Struggle
13 Over and Out
14 Benny’s Good Deed
15 Social Services
16 Not Will
17 Another Problem
18 Eleven
19 Good at Hiding
20 Human Anatomy
21 Bad People
22 No Joke
23 Thoughts and Prayers
24 Focus
25 Extraordinary
26 Papa
27 Promise
28 Cement
29 Defining Friends
30 Hiding
31 Waking up in the Upside Down
32 Barb’s Nightmare
33 Sneaking In
34 Flicker of Hope
35 Energy for Our Travels
36 Discovering Television
37 Crushing It
38 Through the Lights
39 Liars
40 No Worries
41 Losers
42 Holly Wanders Off
43 Rebellion
44 Walking Away
45 The Creature in the Woods
46 R.U.N.
47 The Body
48 Anger and Grief
49 Breaking the News
50 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

51 Selfish Steve
52 Make-Over
53 Pretty Good
54 First Man In
55 Busted
56 Pieces of the Puzzle
57 There Then Gone
58 Confrontation
59 It’s Like Home
60 The Funeral
61 Shooting Cabbages
62 Searching on Their Own
63 Doing Our Job
64 Ulterior Motives
65 The Flea and the Acrobat
66 Swing and a Miss
67 Shooting Practice
68 Underwater Eleven
69 Going in Circles
70 First Blood
71 Radio Russia
72 Luring the Monster
73 Stick Together
74 Calling for Her
75 Waffles
76 Battle Preparations
77 Cruel Prank
78 Revenge
79 The Boy Who Could Fly
80 Eleven and the Demogorgon
81 I’m the Monster
82 Still Pretty
83 The Bad Men are Coming
84 On the Run
85 Apology Accepted
86 Weapons of War
87 Stronger Together
88 Looking For Barb
89 In the Bath
90 Making it Float
91 I Got You
92 I Know Everything
93 Into the Upside Down
94 Instant Death
95 Finding Will
96 Scream
97 Gone
98 Joy
99 Making It Right
100 Home Again

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2018 Topps Stranger Things Autographs Checklists

Autographs Checklist

13 cards.
Hobby 1:79, Retail 1:134


  • Orange – /99 (Hobby 1:398, Retail 1:663)
  • Green – /50 (Hobby 1:365, Retail 1:621)
  • Purple – /25 (Hobby 1:730, Retail 1:1,242)
  • Blue – /10 (Hobby 1:1,809, Retail 1:3,312)
  • Gold – 1/1 (Hobby 1:18,232, Retail 1:19,872)

A-11 Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven
A-CA Chelsea Talmadge as Carol
A-CF Catherine Dyer as Connie Frazier
A-DH Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson – Redemption
A-JH David Harbour as Jim Hopper – Redemption
A-KW Cara Buono as Karen Wheeler
A-MD Matt Duffer – Series Co-Creator
A-MH Cynthia Barrett as Marsha Holland
A-RD Ross Duffer – Series Co-Creator
A-SH Joe Keery as Steve Harrington – Redemption
A-TH Chester Rushing as Tommy H.
A-TW Joe Chrest as Ted Wheeler
A-WB Noah Schnapp as Will Byers

Commemorative Patch Card Autographs Checklist

9 cards.
Hobby 1:2,605, Retail 1:4,968

AP-11 Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven – Benny’s Burgers /10
AP-11 Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven – Hawkins National Laboratory /10
AP-CF Catherine Dyer as Connie Frazier – Benny’s Burgers /10
AP-CF Catherine Dyer as Connie Frazier – Hawkins National Laboratory /10
AP-DH Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson – Hawkins Middle School /10
AP-JH David Harbour as Jim Hopper – Benny’s Burgers /10 – Redemption
AP-JH David Harbour as Jim Hopper – Hawkins Police Station /10 – Redemption
AP-SH Joe Keery as Steve Harrington – Hawkins High School /10 – Redemption
AP-WB Noah Schnapp as Will Byers – Hawkins Middle School /10

Costume Relic Card Autographs Checklist

1 card.
Hobby 1:8,110, Retail 1:19,872

David Harbour as Jim Hopper

Dual Autographs

1 card.
Hobby 1:11,520, Retail 1:19,872

Matt Duffer/Ross Duffer – Series Co-Creators /10

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2018 Topps Stranger Things Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Costume Relic Cards Checklist

5 cards.
Hobby 1:249, Retail 1262


• Orange – /99 (Hobby 1:503, Retail 1:523)
• Green – /50 (Hobby 1:1,000, Retail 1:1,046)
• Purple – /25 (Hobby 1:2,008, Retail 1:1,988)
• Blue – /10 (Hobby 1:5,089, Retail 1:4,968)
• Gold – 1/1 (Hobby 1:43,757)

R-JH Jim Hopper
R-JB Jonathan Byers
R-MW Mike Wheeler
R-MWC Mike Wheeler
R-NW Nancy Wheeler

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2018 Topps Stranger Things Inserts Checklists

Character Cards Checklist

20 cards.
Hobby 1:4, Retail 1:4, Blaster 1:4

1 Joyce Byers
2 Jim Hopper
3 Mike Wheeler
4 Eleven
5 Dustin Henderson
6 Lucas Sinclair
7 Will Byers
8 Nancy Wheeler
9 Jonathan Byers
10 Steve Harrington
11 Martin Brenner
12 Barbara Holland
13 Karen Wheeler
14 Ted Wheeler
15 Officer Powell
16 Officer Callahan
17 Connie Frazier
18 Scott Clarke
19 Benny Hammond
20 The Monster

Character Stickers Checklist

20 stickers.
Hobby 1:2, Retail 1:2, Blaster 1:2

1 Joyce Byers
2 Jim Hopper
3 Mike Wheeler
4 Eleven
5 Dustin Henderson
6 Lucas Sinclair
7 Will Byers
8 Nancy Wheeler
9 Jonathan Byers
10 Steve Harrington
11 Martin Brenner
12 Barbara Holland
13 Karen Wheeler
14 Ted Wheeler
15 Officer Powell
16 Officer Callahan
17 Connie Frazier
18 Scott Clarke
19 Benny Hammond
20 The Monster

Commemorative Patch Cards Checklist

24 cards.
Hobby 1:49, Retail 1:29, 1 per Blaster Box.


  • Orange – /99 (Hobby 1:156, Retail 1:94, Blaster Box 1:47)
  • Green – /50 (Hobby 1:309, Retail 1:201, Blaster Box 1:90)
  • Purple – /25 (Hobby 1:617, Retail 1:603, Blaster Box 1:165)
  • Blue – /10 (Hobby 1:1,541, Retail 1:1,242, Blaster Box 1:431)
  • Gold – 1/1 (Hobby 1:15,628, Retail 1:9,936, Blaster Box 1:4,568)

Martin Brenner – Hawkins National Laboratory
Jonathan Byers – Hawkins High School
Will Byers – Hawkins Middle School
Officer Callahan – Hawkins Police Station
Scott Clarke – Hawkins Middle School
Eleven – Benny’s Burgers
Eleven – Hawkins National Laboratory
Florence – Hawkins Police Station
Connie Frazier – Benny’s Burgers
Connie Frazier – Hawkins National Laboratory
Tommy H. – Hawkins High School
Benny Hammond – Benny’s Burgers
Steve Harrington – Hawkins High School
Dustin Henderson – Hawkins Middle School
Barbara Holland – Hawkins High School
Jim Hopper – Benny’s Burgers
Jim Hopper – Hawkins Police Station
Terry Ives – Hawkins National Laboratory
Officer Powell – Benny’s Burgers
Officer Powell – Hawkins Police Station
Shepard – Hawkins National Laboratory
Lucas Sinclair – Hawkins Middle School
Mike Wheeler – Hawkins Middle School
Nancy Wheeler – Hawkins High School

Scene Stickers Checklist

10 cards.
Hobby 1:6, Retail 1:6, Blaster 1:6

1 Concerned Mom
2 Hawkins Chief
3 Motivated Mike
4 Tensions Rise
5 Determined Dustin
6 Sinclair Goes Solo
7 Goin’ for a Ride
8 Nancy Eyes Steve
9 Concerned Brother
10 Steve Eyes Nancy

Sketch Cards

154 artists.
Hobby 1:48, Retail 1:80

2018 Topps Stranger Things Sketch Card Dan Bergren

Jeff Abar
Ben AbuSaada
Jose Acevedo
Jason Adams
Steve Alce
Nick Allsopp
Jennifer Allyn
Monty Anderson
Paul Andrews
Kallan Archer
Andrew Arensberg
Laura Atkinson
Angel Aviles
Nicholas Baltra
Can Baran
Mike Barnard
Adam Beck
Kiley Beecher
Angelina Benedetti
Jerry Bennett
Tina Berardi
Dan Bergren
Joshua Bommer
Bryan Brown
John Bruce
Linzy Busch
Carlos Cabaleiro
Neil Camera
Justin Castaneda
Darren Coburn-James
Charlie Cody
D.J. Coffman
Jamie Cosley
Aston Cover
Carolyn Craggs
Kaela Croft
Ronnie Crowther
Dave Dabila
Patrick Davis
Gorkem Demir
John DiBiase
Jim Dickson
Vincenzo D’Ippolito
Louise Draper
Andy Duggan
Marcia Dye
Madison Emerick
Keith Farnum
Rees Finlay
Ryan Finley
Dave Fowler
Andrew Fry
Humberto Fuentes Navarro
Shane Garvey
Dave Gaskin
Bruce Gerlach
Aleksandar Gigov
Mick and Matt Glebe
Ben Goddard
Sammy Gomez
Dan Gorman
Kevin Graham
Jon Gregory
Allen Grimes
Ingrid Hardy
Kevin Hawkins
Jason Heil
Robert Hendrickson
Rich Hennemann
Matthew Hirons
Brad Hudson
Lee Hunt
Mike James
Mohammad Jilani
George Joseph
Andrew Joynes
Nick Justus

Frank Kadar
Glen Kertes
Brian Kong
Matt Langford
Elfie Lebouleux
Eric Lehtonen
Lee Lightfoot
Andrew Lopez
Matthew Lopez
Ian MacDougall
Jordan Maison
Matt Maldonado
Jay Manchand
Mark Mangum
Laura Martin
Michael Mastermaker
Jon McKenzie
Chris Meeks
Jim Mehsling
Michael Mettlen
Jeff Meuth
Jason Miller
Alex Mines
Greg Mitchell
Ryan Moffett
Solly Mohamed
Rich Molinelli
Nathan Ohlendorf
Ryan Olsen
Ibrahim Özkan
Rey Paez
Christian Parker
Marsha Parkins
Darrin Pepe
Allysa Pirone
John Pleak
Tim Proctor
Bill Pulkovski
Chris Quinn
Maggie Ransom
Michelle Rayner
Jamie Richards
Dylan Riley
Adrian Ropp
Juan Rosales
Stephanie Rosales
Gary Rudisill
Jay Salce
Omar Salinas
Ryan Santos
Chad Scheres
Adam Schickling
Brent Scotchmer
Richard Serrao
Anil Sharma
Rebecca Sharp
Tim Shay
Ward Silverman
Tim Smith
Tod Smith
Todd Aaron Smith
Jason Sobol
Mike Stephens
Matt Stewart
Mark Stroud
Dan Tearle
Chris Thorne
Phillip Trujillo
Huy Truong
Brad Utterstrom
Jose Ventura
Ashley Villers
Kevin P. West
Trent Westbrook
Chris Willdig
Gavin Williams
Adam Worton

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Promo Cards

2018 Topps Stranger Things Promo Cards

2018 Topps Stranger Things Promo Card NYCC-4

NYCC-4 Stronger Together (2018 New York Comic Con)


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