2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Checklist and Details

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Remember Leaf’s baseball run from 1990 to 1992? 2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball is revisiting them. Only this time around, it’s current prospects. Like Leaf’s other hobby products for the sport, it’s all autographs as well.

2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Overview

Each box of 2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball has six autograph cards. The checklist is a mix of recent draft picks, key prospects nearing the majors and, from the looks of it, Shohei Ohtani.

2018 Leaf Ultimate Baseball 1990 Purple

Designs find their roots in three sets. First up in 1990 Leaf, the most famous of the modern Leaf Baseball releases. Other inspirations include 1991 Leaf Gold Leaf Rookies and 1992 Leaf Gold.

2018 Leaf Ultimate Baseball 1991 Bohm

All three designs include multiple parallels, many of them bringing small print runs.

According to Leaf, this set has their smallest print run of the year as far as prospect baseball sets. It’s limited to 200 12-box cases.

2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball at a glance:

Cards per pack: 6
Packs per box: 1
Boxes per case: 12
Release date: January 9, 2019

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 6

2018 Leaf Ultimate Draft Baseball Checklist

1990 Leaf Autographs Checklist

50 cards.


  • Gold – /25
  • Silver Prismatic – /15
  • Gold Prismatic – /10
  • Red – /5
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (select cards only, list below)
  • Purple – 1/1

BA-AB1 Alec Bohm
BA-AK1 Adam Kloffenstein
BA-AK2 Andrew Knizner
BA-AS1 Anthony Seigler
BA-BB2 Bo Bichette
BA-BS1 Brady Singer
BA-CM1 Casey Mize
BA-CP1 Cristian Pache
BA-CW1 Cole Winn
BA-DJP D.J. Peters
BA-EF1 Estevan Florial
BA-FT1 Fernando Tatis Jr. – Redemption
BA-GR1 Grayson Rodriguez
BA-GT1 Gleyber Torres
BA-GV1 George Valera
BA-HR1 Heliot Ramos
BA-JA1 Jo Adell
BA-JA2 Jordyn Adams
BA-JB1 Joey Bart
BA-JG1 Jordan Groshans
BA-JI1 Jonathan India
BA-JK1 Jarred Kelenic
BA-JS1 Jesus Sanchez
BA-JS2 Juan Soto
BA-KR1 Keibert Ruiz

BA-LG1 Logan Gilbert
BA-LR1 Luis Robert
BA-LU1 Luis Urias
BA-MD1 Mason Denaburg
BA-ML1 Matthew Liberatore
BA-NG1 Nolan Gorman
BA-NH1 Nico Hoerner
BA-NM1 Nick Madrigal
BA-NN1 Bo Naylor
BA-OC1 Oneil Cruz
BA-PA1 Peter Alonso
BA-PM1 Parker Meadows
BA-RA1 Ronald Acuna
BA-RH1 Ronaldo Hernandez
BA-RR1 Ryan Rolison
BA-RW1 Ryan Weathers
BA-SB1 Seth Beer
BA-SM1 Shane McClanahan
BA-SO1 Shohei Ohtani
BA-TC1 Triston Casas
BA-TS1 Travis Swaggerty
BA-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
BA-WC1 William Contreras
BA-WF1 Wander Franco
BA-XE1 Xavier Edwards

1990 Leaf Autographs Printing Plates Checklist

32 cards.
Each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions.

BA-AB1 Alec Bohm 1/1
BA-AK1 Adam Kloffenstein 1/1
BA-AK2 Andrew Knizner 1/1
BA-AS1 Anthony Seigler 1/1
BA-BS1 Brady Singer 1/1
BA-CM1 Casey Mize 1/1
BA-CP1 Cristian Pache 1/1
BA-CW1 Cole Winn 1/1
BA-DJP D.J. Peters 1/1
BA-GR1 Grayson Rodriguez 1/1
BA-GV1 George Valera 1/1
BA-JA1 Jo Adell 1/1
BA-JA2 Jordyn Adams 1/1
BA-JB1 Joey Bart 1/1
BA-JG1 Jordan Groshans 1/1
BA-JI1 Jonathan India 1/1

BA-LG1 Logan Gilbert 1/1
BA-MD1 Mason Denaburg 1/1
BA-NG1 Nolan Gorman 1/1
BA-NH1 Nico Hoerner 1/1
BA-NM1 Nick Madrigal 1/1
BA-OC1 Oneil Cruz 1/1
BA-PA1 Peter Alonso 1/1
BA-PM1 Parker Meadows 1/1
BA-RR1 Ryan Rolison 1/1
BA-RW1 Ryan Weathers 1/1
BA-SB1 Seth Beer 1/1
BA-SM1 Shane McClanahan 1/1
BA-TC1 Triston Casas 1/1
BA-WC1 William Contreras 1/1
BA-WF1 Wander Franco 1/1
BA-XE1 Xavier Edwards 1/1

1991 Leaf Rookie Autographs Checklist

32 cards.


  • Gold – /25
  • Silver Prismatic – /15
  • Gold Prismatic – /10
  • Red – /5
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (select cards only, list below)
  • Purple – 1/1

GLR-AB1 Alec Bohm
GLR-BB2 Bo Bichette
GLR-BD1 Bobby Dalbec
GLR-CG1 Cadyn Grenier
GLR-CM1 Casey Mize
GLR-CR1 Cole Roederer
GLR-EF1 Estevan Florial
GLR-EH1 Ethan Hankins
GLR-GC1 Griffin Conine
GLR-GL1 Grant Lavigne
GLR-JA2 Jordyn Adams
GLR-JB1 Josh Breaux
GLR-JI1 Jonathan India
GLR-JJ1 Jeremiah Jackson
GLR-JK1 Jarred Kelenic
GLR-JM1 Jake McCarthy

GLR-JR1 Jeisson Rosario
GLR-KB1 Kris Bubic
GLR-KR1 Keibert Ruiz
GLR-LB1 Luken Baker
GLR-LR1 Luis Robert
GLR-NS1 Nick Schnell
GLR-OC1 Oneil Cruz
GLR-OJ1 Osiris Johnson
GLR-RA1 Ronald Acuna
GLR-RM1 Ronny Mauricio
GLR-SO1 Shohei Ohtani
GLR-SW1 Steele Walker
GLR-TS1 Travis Swaggerty
GLR-TW1 Taylor Widener
GLR-WB1 Will Banfield
GLR-WF1 Wander Franco

1991 Leaf Rookie Autographs Printing Plates Checklist

21 cards.
Each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions.

GLR-AB1 Alec Bohm 1/1
GLR-BD1 Bobby Dalbec 1/1
GLR-CM1 Casey Mize 1/1
GLR-CR1 Cole Roederer 1/1
GLR-EH1 Ethan Hankins 1/1
GLR-GL1 Grant Lavigne 1/1
GLR-JA2 Jordyn Adams 1/1
GLR-JB1 Josh Breaux 1/1
GLR-JJ1 Jeremiah Jackson 1/1
GLR-JM1 Jake McCarthy 1/1
GLR-JR1 Jeisson Rosario 1/1
GLR-KB1 Kris Bubic 1/1
GLR-LB1 Luken Baker 1/1
GLR-NS1 Nick Schnell 1/1
GLR-OC1 Oneil Cruz 1/1
GLR-OJ1 Osiris Johnson 1/1
GLR-RM1 Ronny Mauricio 1/1
GLR-SW1 Steele Walker 1/1
GLR-TW1 Taylor Widener 1/1
GLR-WB1 Will Banfield 1/1
GLR-WF1 Wander Franco 1/1

1992 Leaf Black Gold Autographs Checklist

35 cards.


  • Gold – /25
  • Silver Prismatic – /15
  • Gold Prismatic – /10
  • Red – /5
  • Printing Plates – 1/1 (select cards only, list below)
  • Purple – 1/1

BG-AC1 Alexander Canario
BG-AT1 Alek Thomas
BG-BA1 Braxton Ashcraft
BG-CH1 Carlos Hernandez
BG-CM1 Casey Mize
BG-DL1 Daniel Lynch
BG-FT1 Fernando Tatis Jr. – Redemption
BG-GJ1 Greyson Jenista
BG-GR1 Grayson Rodriguez
BG-GR2 Griffin Roberts
BG-GT1 Gleyber Torres
BG-HR1 Heliot Ramos
BG-JB1 Joey Bart
BG-JG1 Joe Gray
BG-JG2 Jordan Groshans
BG-JH1 Jameson Hannah
BG-JK1 Jackson Kowar
BG-JS1 Jayson Schroeder

BG-JS1 Jesus Sanchez
BG-JS2 Josh Stowers
BG-JS2 Juan Soto
BG-LR1 Lyon Richardson
BG-LU1 Luis Urias
BG-MG1 Michael Grove
BG-ML1 Marco Luciano
BG-MS1 Mike Siani
BG-NM1 Nick Madrigal
BG-NM2 Noelvi Marte
BG-OW1 Owen White
BG-RA1 Ronald Acuna
BG-RG1 Ryder Green
BG-RW1 Ryan Weathers
BG-SO1 Shohei Ohtani
BG-SWR Simeon Woods-Richardson
BG-VG1 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

1992 Leaf Black Gold Autographs Printing Plates Checklist

23 cards.
Each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions.

BG-AT1 Alek Thomas 1/1
BG-BA1 Braxton Ashcraft 1/1
BG-CH1 Carlos Hernandez 1/1
BG-CM1 Casey Mize 1/1
BG-DL1 Daniel Lynch 1/1
BG-GJ1 Greyson Jenista 1/1
BG-GR1 Grayson Rodriguez 1/1
BG-GR2 Griffin Roberts 1/1
BG-JB1 Joey Bart 1/1
BG-JG1 Joe Gray 1/1
BG-JG2 Jordan Groshans 1/1
BG-JH1 Jameson Hannah 1/1
BG-JK1 Jackson Kowar 1/1
BG-JS1 Jayson Schroeder 1/1
BG-JS2 Josh Stowers 1/1
BG-LR1 Lyon Richardson 1/1
BG-MG1 Michael Grove 1/1
BG-MS1 Mike Siani 1/1
BG-NM1 Nick Madrigal 1/1
BG-OW1 Owen White 1/1
BG-RG1 Ryder Green 1/1
BG-RW1 Ryan Weathers 1/1
BG-SWR Simeon Woods-Richardson 1/1

When you click on links to various merchants on this site, like eBay, and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.

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