2018 Donruss Baseball Variations Gallery


For some sets, variations are a major chase element where rarity plays a significant factor. The 2018 Donruss Baseball variations are more set on just getting collectors to look at their cards a little closer. A chase is there in the fact that the variations make for new cards but they’re not going to be terribly hard to find.

Like past years, the 2018 Donruss Baseball variations take a smorgasbord approach. They don’t stick with any one particular theme. Rather, they integrate a few different elements. Alternate photos, nicknames, notable stats on the front, color alterations are some of the possibilities. Some of the variants mix multiple elements at the same time.

2018 Donruss Baseball Variations

They’re generally not hard to spot and they make regular appearances. But the sheer number of 2018 Donruss Baseball variations requires some tracking to keep them sorted out.

Panini released a full list of players with variations in 2018 Donruss Baseball. All told, 54 cards. However, what the original checklist from the manufacturer didn’t show is that some of those 54 cards have multiple variations.

Because of the multiple approaches to the cards, there’s no one easy way to spot a variant at first glance. However, when you see a nickname on the front or a black and white photo, it’s a flag of sorts that something’s up. With these cards, you’re not looking for a hidden object or something so subtle that even a CSI investigator might miss. For the most part, they’re meant to be obvious.

The fact that there are multiple 2018 Donruss Baseball variations in every box, even blasters, is a sign that rarity isn’t the main priority with these.

2018 Donruss Baseball Variations Parallels

Variations get a full slate of parallels in addition to the regular cards. These include Blank Back, Career Stat Line, Game Day Stat Line, Teal Border (/199), Gold Press Proof (/99), Father’s Day Ribbon (/49), Mother’s Day Ribbon (/25), Artist Proof (/10), Press Proof (/5) and one-of-one Printing Plates.

2018 Donruss Baseball Variations Checklist

Here’s a quick checklist of all the 2018 Donruss Baseball variations. If you’re looking for a specific card, click on the links to see what’s currently available on eBay.

2018 Donruss Baseball Variations Gallery

We will be looking to fill in the gaps over the next couple of days. If any additional variations pop up, those will be added as well. Many spots below have missing images but note what to look for on the variation.

59 Eddie Mathews, Milwaukee Braves

Variation – 12x All-Star

Base – Milwaukee

64 Cal Ripken, Baltimore Orioles

Variation – Iron Man

Base – Cal Ripken

65 Jim Palmer, Baltimore Orioles

Variation – black and white photo

Base – color photo

69 Jackie Bradley Jr., Boston Red Sox

Variation – JBJ

Base – Jackie Bradley Jr.

86 Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox

Variation – black and white photo

Base – color photo

87 Frank Thomas, Chicago White Sox

Variation – Big Hurt

Base – Frank Thomas

92 Joe Morgan, Cincinnati Reds

Variation – Big Red Machine

Base – Cincinnati

100 Roberto Alomar, Cleveland Indians

Variation – Robbie Alomar

Base – Roberto Alomar

104 Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies

Variation – 42 on jersey

Base – 19 on jersey

108 Reggie Jackson, Oakland Athletics

Variation – white jersey

Base – green jersey

110 Al Kaline, Detroit Tigers

Variation – Kaline

Base – Al Kaline

120 George Brett, Kansas City Royals

Variation – black and white photo

Base – color photo

123 Rod Carew, California Angels

Variation – black and white photo

Base – color photo

134 Marcell Ozuna, St. Louis Cardinals

Variation – batting

Base – pointing up

141 Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs

Variation – running

Base – batting

142 Kirby Puckett, Minnesota Twins

Variation – 10x All-Star

Base – Minnesota

143 Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees

Variation – Mike Stanton

Base – Giancarlo Stanton

144 Noah Syndergaard, New York Mets

Variation – Lion

Base – Noah Syndergaard

148 Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

Variation – NY 12th Judicial District, All Rise

Variation – ROY

Base – Aaron Judge

149 Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – Unanimous ROY

Variation – Running

Base – Los Angeles

150 Gary Sanchez, New York Yankees

Variation – The Kraken

Base – Gary Sanchez

153 Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians

Variation – Klubot

Base – Corey Kluber

154 Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – The Humanitarian

Base – Los Angeles

155 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Variation – Millville Meteor

Base – Mike Trout

157 Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians

Variation – Mr. Smile, orange jersey

Base – Francisco Lindor, dark jersey

158 Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers

Variation – sunglasses on cap

Base – no sunglasses on cap

159 Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates

Variation – Cutch

Base – Andrew McCutchen

162 Alex Bregman, Houston Astros

Variation – pink sleeve. pink 2 on jersey

Base – blue 2 on jersey, no sleeve

163 Carlos Correa, Houston Astros

Variation – Showrrea, batting

Base – fielding, Carlos Correa

165 Tony Gwynn, San Diego Padres

Variation – Gwynn

Base – Tony Gwynn

166 Jose Altuve, Houston Astros

Variation – Tuve, 2017 MVP, pink bat

Base – orange jersey

167 Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants

Variation – Gerald Dempsey Posey

Variation – red sleeves

Base – no undershirt

169 Andrew Benintendi, Boston Red Sox

Variation – Benny Baseball

Variation – sepia photo

Base – color photo, Andrew Benintendi

172 Nolan Arenado, Colorado Rockies

Variation – gray jersey

Base – purple jersey

173 Jose Ramirez, Cleveland Indians

Variation – orange jersey

Base – dark jersey

175 Ken Griffey Jr., Seattle Mariners

Variation – The Kid

Base – Ken Griffey Jr.

176 Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals

Variation – Yadi

Base – Yadier Molina

183 Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs

Variation – no sunglasses

Variation – Sepia, KB

Base – color photo, wearing sunglasses

187 Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers

Variation – The Ryan Express

Base – Nolan Ryan

189 Manny Machado, Baltimore Orioles

Variation – batting

Base – fielding

191 Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox

Variation – Markus Lynn Betts

Variation – Perfect 300

Base – Mookie Betts

192 Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

Variation – Mondo

Base – Bryce Harper

195 Chipper Jones, Atlanta Braves

Variation – Larry Wayne Jones

Base – Chipper Jones

200 Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees

Variation – The Commerce Comet

Base – Mickey Mantle

225 Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs – Retro 1984

Variation – waist-up photo

Base – full-body photo

227 Andrew Benintendi, Boston Red Sox – Retro 1984

Variation – back of jersey

Base – full-body photo

228 Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs – Retro 1984

Variation – batting

Base – throwing

230 Yoan Moncada, Chicago White Sox – Retro 1984

Variation – black jersey

Base – white jersey

234 Francisco Lindor, Cleveland Indians – Retro 1984

Variation – fielding

Base – batting

242 Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – Retro 1984

Variation – gray jersey

Base – red jersey

243 Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers – Retro 1984

Variation – running

Base – batting

253 Aaron Judge, New York Yankees – Retro 1984

Variation – black jerey, All Rise

Base – running

254 Mickey Mantle, New York Yankees – Retro 1984

Variation – wearing cap

Base – wearing helmet

256 Nolan Ryan, New York Mets – Retro 1984

Variation – number on back of jersey visible

Base – knee up

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  1. Paul K 22 March, 2018 at 18:13

    Looks like the variations for the non-1984s have a black baseball on the back and the 1984s have a white baseball on the back???

  2. Greg Edwards 2 April, 2018 at 23:17

    Wanted to let you know I pulled a Mookie Betts #191 variation that you don’t have listed. Where is has BOSTON in the bottom right hand corner, this one has PERFECT 300.

  3. David Renshaw 25 April, 2018 at 21:30

    Paul, you are correct about the baseballs in the backs. That makes for a super fast way to quickly pull all variations from packs.

  4. Giles Solly 30 April, 2018 at 18:11

    Is there any value to buying these cards? I have a Charlie Blackmon card that is blank on the back, was this done on purpose?

  5. Matthew Hemstrought 10 January, 2020 at 11:17

    Does anyone have any clue what number print run the blank backs are out of in 2018??

  6. John Sabo 8 June, 2020 at 22:17

    I have Marcus Lynn Betts (Mookie Betts) and back of card is blank beside some writing at the bottom. Got it listed on EBay right now and never seen any info or any listed??

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