2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains Includes Iggy Pop Autographs

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2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains trading cards mark the first time the show has had a dedicated set of its own in more than a decade. While the product has a character-driven checklist, there are plenty of different inserts and other angles to flesh it out.

2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains

One of those is autographs. Landing three per box, these include a mix of DS9 regulars, dual autographs and some notable guest stars. Among them? Punk legend and Stooges frontman, Iggy Pop.

Base Set

The 2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains main set has 100 cards. Protagonists and antagonists from across the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants are included.

Each card comes with a Metal parallel. These land one per box.


Signed cards come in a few different forms. Some of the biggest names from the show are featured on Silver Signature Autographs. Among them are Avery Brooks (Benjamin Sisko), Terry Farrell (Dax), Michael Dorn (Worf), Armin Shimerman (Quark) and Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys).

Silver Signatures come with a horizontal layout and black background. The autographs are done in silver ink for added pop.

Notable guest stars are featured on a separate design. Although it’s new, the layout is similar to one of the main autograph designs used for The Next Generation. This is where Iggy Pop comes in. Other autographs include Vanessa Williams, Bill Mumy and Steven Weber.

There’s also Bernie Casey, the late football player turned actor. His many other roles include Mr. Ryan, the history teacher in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Casey passed away in September, 2017.

2018 Rittenhouse Deep Space Nine: Heroes and Villains also has a handful of dual autographs that have signatures from a pair of actors.

Memorabilia Cards and Relics

In case you’ve dreamed a piece of Star Trek, 2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains has a Display Panel Relic card (1:288 packs).

The presence of Bernie Casey among the autographs isn’t the set’s only crossover into sports. A dozen “Niners” Baseball Jersey Patch cards are a nod to the seventh season episode “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.” These land 1:44 packs or about two per case.

Sketch Cards are considered a case hit in Deep Space Nine: Heroes and Villains. Mike James, Charles Hall, Emily Tester and Carlos Cabalerio are among the artists working on the set.

Communicator Pin cards (two cards, 1:864 packs) and Archive Cut Comic cards (15 cards, 1:144 packs) are also available in packs.


Plenty of other inserts and chase cards are available in 2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains. Some are found in every box. Others are case hits. Others still are even more scarce.

Rules of Acquisition (36 cards, 1:8 packs) feature original artwork by Warren Martineck. Each card actually has two pieces of art, one of the front and another on the reverse. The original art used to create the cards is randomly inserted in packs as well.

Aliens (1:24 packs) and Ships of Line (1:48) from the show are each given nine-card sets.

Deep Space Nine DVD Covers (1:48) recreate the artwork from the show’s seven seasonal releases. All seven cards also have Metal parallels (1:288).

DS9 had a lot of complex character interactions over the years. They’re the subject of Relationships, one of the tougher insert sets in Heroes and Villains. Featuring 18 cards, these are inserted 1:144 packs. They also come serial numbered. The exact print run is not yet known, but each card will have no more than 99 copies.

Incentive Cards

Rittenhouse is big on special incentive cards, acting as a bonus for dealers ordering in bulk.

It begins with a pair of Montage case toppers. One highlights the ‘Heroes’ side of the checklist while the second spotlights the ‘Villains.’ One of the cards comes with each case.

The six-case incentive is an exclusive dual autograph with Nana Visitor and Terry Farrell.

Those ordering nine cases get an Avery Brooks Legends of Star Trek Autograph.

Finally there’s a 2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains Archive Box that’s available only as an 18-case exclusive. These come with nearly every card in the product plus some exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else.

Among them are seven Archive Box-exclusive autographs from Visitor, Iggy Pop, Bill Mumy, Chase Masterson, Felecia Bell, Deborah Lacey and Andrew Robinson.

Archive Boxes also have a set of four printing plates used to create one of the base cards.


2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains has its own binder. Available on its own, it comes with an exclusive promo card.

2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Packs per box: 24
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 100 cards
Release date: March 21, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 3
• Inserts – 4
• Metal Parallels – 1

2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains Checklist Outline

Here’s what has been confirmed for the product thus far. The final checklist will be added once it’s released.


Base Set Checklist

100 cards.


• Metal – (1:24 packs)
• Printing Plates – 1/1 (one set of four matching Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow Printing Plates in each Archive Box)

1 Captain Benjamin Sisko
2 Odo
3 Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax
4 Lt. Ezri Dax
5 Lt. Commander Worf
6 Jake Sisko
7 Chief Miles O’Brien
8 Quark
9 Doctor Julian Bashir
10 Colonel Kira Nerys
11 Gul Dukat
12 Vedek Bareil Antos
13 Jennifer Sisko
14 Damar
15 Keiko O’Brien
16 Weyoun)
17 Brunt)
18 Vic Fontaine
19 Enabran Tain
20 Nog
21 Kai Winn Adami
22 Rom
23 Martok
24 The Female Changeling
25 Kasidy Yates
26 Sarah Sisko
27 Leeta
28 Admiral Alynna Nechayev
29 Gowron
30 Shakaar Edon
31 Elim Garak
32 Luther Sloan
33 Kai Opaka Sulan
34 Grand Negus Zek
35 Mora Pol
36 Maihar’du
37 Lursa and B’Etor
38 Morn
39 Tosk
40 The Hunter
41 Q
42 Vash
43 Ty Kajada
44 Aamin Marritza
45 Jaro Essa
46 Li Nalas
47 General Krim
48 Verad
49 Mareel
50 Melora Pazlar

51 Pel
52 Haneek
53 Martus Mazur
54 Alexander Rozhenko
55 Gul Evek
56 Cal Hudson
57 Raymond Boone
58 Michael Eddington
59 Grilka
60 Thomas Riker
61 Korinas
62 Detective Preston
63 Michael Webb
64 Legate Turrel
65 Gilora Rejal
66 Vedek Yarka
67 The Intendant
68 Adult Jake Sisko
69 GoranAgar
70 Tora Ziyal
71 Faith Garland
72 Admiral Leyton
73 Kurn
74 Onaya
75 Tomantorax
76 Trevean
77 Arne Darvin
78 Arandis
79 Fullerton Pascal
80 Thrax
81 Captain Sanders
82 Ikat’ika
83 Dr. Lewis Zimmerman)
84 Arissa
85 Yelgrun
86 Kimara Cretak
87 Ishka
88 Lwaxana Troi
89 Admiral William Ross
90 Joseph Sisko
91 Mullibok
92 Varani
93 Colyus
94 Rurigan
95 Kor
96 Koloth
97 Kang
98 Kovat
99 Lt. General Rex Denning
100 Regent of Palamar

Checklist Top


2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains Autographs Checklists

Signers list is tentative and expected to grow.


Marc Alaimo as Dukat
Feleica Bell as Jennifer Sisko
Bernie Casey as Calvin Hudson
Max Grodenchik as Rom
Salome Jens as Female Changeling
Deborah Lacey as Sarah Sisko
Andrea Martin as Ishka
Chase Masteron as Leeta
Bill Mumy as Kellin
Courtney Peldon as Farris
Iggy Pop as Yelgrun
Andrew Robinson as Garak
Mark Allen Shepherd as Morn
Melanie Smith as Ziyal
Susanna Thompson as Dr. Lenara Kahn
Deborah Van Valkenburgh as Det. Preston
Steven Weber as Col. Day Kannu
Vanessa Williams as Arandis

Legends of Star Trek Autographs

1 card.
Nine-case insentive.

Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko

Dual Autographs

Rene Auberjonois as Odo/Nana Visitor as Kyra
Max Grodenchik as Rom/Chase Masterson as Leeta
Armin Shimerman as Quark/Max Grodenchik as Rom
Armin Shimerman as Quark/Wallace Shawn as Grand Negus Zek
Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys/Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Silver Signature Autographs

Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko
Nana Visitor as Kira
Michael Dorn as Worf
Alexander Siddig as Bashir
Terry Farrell as Dax
Armin Shimerman as Quark
Rene Auberjonois as Odo
Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Archive Box Exclusive Autographs

Cards use either a different design or variation image from those included in regular packs.

Felecia Bell
Deborah Lacey
Chase Masterson
Bill Mumy
Iggy Pop – Aliens
Andrew Robinson
Nana Visitor – Mirror Universe

Checklist Top


2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains Relic Cards Checklists

Archive Cut Comic Cards

15 cards.
1:144 packs.

CC01 Judgment Day
CC02 Judgment Day, The Conclusion!
CC03 The Cancer Within: Part 1
CC04 The Cancer Within: Part 2
CC05 The Shadow Group
CC06 Risk: Part 1
CC07 Risk: The Conclusion
CC08 Public Enemies, Private Lives
CC09 Public Enemies, Private Lives: Conclusion
CC10 Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom
CC11 Four Funerals and a Wedding
CC12 Telepathy War: Part 2: Command Decisions
CC13 Telepathy War: Part 3: Day of Honor
CC14 Nobody Knows the Tribbles I’ve Seen
CC15 Requiem in Obsidian

Communicator Pin Cards

2 cards.
1:864 packs.

Captain Benjamin Sisko
Kira Nerys

Display Panel Relic

1 card.
1:288 packs

RC1 Routines and Duty Roster Display Panel

Niners Baseball Patch Cards

12 cards.
1:144 packs.

BP01 Benjamin Sisko
BP02 Jake Sisko
BP03 Julian Bashir
BP04 Miles O’Brien
BP05 Worf
BP06 Leeta
BP07 Ezri Dax
BP08 Rom
BP09 Quark
BP10 Kira Nerys
BP11 Nog
BP12 Kasidy Yates

Checklist Top


2018 Rittenhouse Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heroes and Villains Inserts Checklists


9 cards.
1:24 packs.

A1 Arbazan/Argrathi/Bajoran/Benzite/Betazoid/Bolian
A2 Boslic/Breen/Cardassian/Changeling/Dosi/El-Aurian
A3 Elaysian/Ennis/Ferengi/Finnean/Flaxian/Halanan
A4 Hunter/Hupyrian/Idanian/Jem’Hadar/Karemma/Kellerun
A5 Klaestron/Klingon/Kobheerian/Kobliad/Kressari/Lethean
A6 Lissepians/Lurian/Markalian/Miradorn/Nausicaan/Nol-Ennis
A7 Pah-wraith/Pakled/Palamarian/Paradan/Prophet/Rakhari
A8 Risian/Romulan/Skrreea/Teplan/T’Lani/Tosk
A9 Trill/Vorta/Vulcan/Wadi/Yaderan/Yridian

DVD Character Cover Art

7 cards.
1:48 packs


• Metal – (1:288 packs)

D1 Sisko and Dax
D2 Sisko and Kira
D3 Sisko and Quark
D4 Sisko and Worf
D5 Sisko and Odo
D6 Sisko and O’Brien
D7 Sisko and Bashir

Montage Case Toppers

2 cards.
1 per case.

CT1 Heroes Montage
CT2 Villains Montage

Rendered Art Metal Cards

1 card.
Exclusive to Rittenhouse Rewards program.

Captain Sisko


18 cards.
1:144 packs.

R1 Benjamin Sisko/Michael Eddington
R2 Benjamin Sisko/Jake Sisko
R3 Benjamin Sisko/Jennifer Sisko (Mirror Universe)
R4 Kira Nerys/Dukat
R5 Kira Nerys/Bareil Antos
R6 Jadzia Dax/Quark
R7 Jadzia Dax/Lenara Kahn
R8 Odo/Quark
R9 Odo/Weyoun
R10 Miles O’Brien/Julian Bashir
R11 Worf/Gowron
R12 Quark/Brunt
R13 Julian Bashir/Elim Garak
R14 Rom/Miles O’Brien
R15 Jake Sisko/Nog
R16 Damar/Dukat
R17 Elim Garak/Tora Ziyal
R18 Dukat/Winn Adami

Rules of Acquisition ArtiFex

36 cards.
1:8 packs.
Art by Warren Martineck.


• Original Art – 1/1 (1:2,304 packs)

RA01 Rule #1
RA02 Rule #3
RA03 Rule #6
RA04 Rule #7
RA05 Rule #9
RA06 Rule #10
RA07 Rule #16
RA08 Rule #17
RA09 Rule #18
RA10 Rule #21
RA11 Rule #22
RA12 Rule #31
RA13 Rule #33
RA14 Rule #33
RA15 Rule #35
RA16 Rule #47
RA17 Rule #48
RA18 Rule #57

RA19 Rule #59
RA20 Rule #62
RA21 Rule #75
RA22 Rule #76
RA23 Rule #94
RA24 Rule #98
RA25 Rule #102
RA26 Rule #103
RA27 Rule #109
RA28 Rule #111
RA29 Rule #112
RA30 Rule #125
RA31 Rule #139
RA32 Rule #168
RA33 Rule #190
RA34 Rule #194
RA35 Rule #203
RA36 Rule #208

Ships of Line

9 cards.
1:48 packs.

SL28 Jem Hadar and Runabout
SL29 Defiant and Jem Hadar
SL30 USS Defiant and Deep Space Nine
SL31 USS Defiant
SL32 USS Defiant and Cardassian Battlecruiser
SL33 USS Defiant
SL34 USS Defiant
SL35 USS Defiant
SL36 Battle of Cardassia

Sketch Cards

26 artists.
1:288 packs.

Kristin Allen
Jennifer Allyn
Leon Braojos
Lee Brown
Carlos Cabalerio
Adam Cleveland
Bill Crabb
Louise Draper
Marcia Dye
Connie Faye
Sammy Gomez
Javier Gonzalez
Dan Gorman

Kevin Graham
Charles Hall
Danny Hayman
Debbie Jackson
Mike James
Lee Lightfoot
Rich Molinelli
Gener Pedrina
Brent Ragland
Mark Shadows
Emily Tester
Huy Truong
Brad Utterstrom

Checklist Top

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