Better Than Underoos: 2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Trading Cards


Whether you need them or not, it might be time for some new underwear. Hanes and Upper Deck have teamed up for a set of promo cards dedicated to a mutual partner. The 2018-9 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan card set celebrates 30 years of the basketball icon as a spokesman for the undergarment company. And to get them — you’re going to have to buy some underwear.

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Red Foil MJ-38

Specially marked packages of Hanes products have a pack of 2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan cards. Each pack has five cards.

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Pack

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Trading Cards Details

The design plays off the 30th anniversary theme and has plenty of nostalgia. It’s based on the 1988-89 Fleer Basketball set. This includes both the main base set and All-Stars subset.

The set spotlights Michael Jordan as a Hanes pitchman. That means a variety of images taken from commercials and ad campaigns. You get Jordan playing basketball, baseball, golf and even a nod to football. Several simply have Jordan making various reactions. And in some, he’s holding up pairs of briefs. Safe to say, this isn’t your typical series of Michael Jordan cards.

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary MJ-41

Card backs offer a look back at Jordan’s career as both a basketball star and a Hanes spokesman. Highlights from the court are mixed with a behind-the-scenes peek at several of Jordan’s ad campaigns.

The exact size of the set is not yet known. Based on what’s been listed on eBay thus far, it appears as though the base set has 50 cards. The cards have a couple of different parallels, Red Foil that are almost two per pack, and Blue Foil (1:2.5 packs).

Packs come with an All-Star card as well. These have Gold versions, which are 1:10 packs. Ten cards make up this set.

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary All-Star HA-7

Doing some quick math, this isn’t going to be an easy set to put together. While packs have five cards, two of those are likely to be parallels and a third is an All-Star card.

As for autographs, they’re possible but just not very likely. Odds on finding one are more than 1:100,000 packs. Just ten total autographs exist.

Production Numbers and Where to Find Cards

According to Hanes, more than 800,000 2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary card packs were produced. They are not store-specific. Rather, packs can be found with specially marked Hanes products at places like Walmart, Target, JC Penny, Kohl’s and Dollar General. The Hanes website will also have them.

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 5
Set size: 50 cards
Release date: March 11, 2019

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary Checklist

We hope to have a detailed 2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary checklist soon. Here’s a breakdown of what the set consists of as well as odds for inserts and parallels.

Shop for 2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary cards on eBay.

Base Set

50 cards.

2018-19 Fleer Hanes Michael Jordan 30th Anniversary MJ-31


Red Foil – 1:0.625
Blue Foil – 1:2.5

Checklist briefly describes the images on the card fronts.

MJ-1 Michael Jordan – sitting, hands together, white shirt
MJ-2 Michael Jordan – talking, black vest, white shirt
MJ-3 Michael Jordan – painful expression, white shirt
MJ-4 Michael Jordan – sitting in brown chair, smirking
MJ-5 Michael Jordan – close-up, colorful cap not full visible
MJ-6 Michael Jordan – jacket on shoulder, close-up
MJ-7 Michael Jordan – close-up, white shirt and black vest, hoop earring
MJ-8 Michael Jordan – head tilted, listening, black jacket
MJ-9 Michael Jordan – sitting, blue tank top
MJ-10 Michael Jordan – sitting in plane, looking up from seat

MJ-11 Michael Jordan – shrug, close-up
MJ-12 Michael Jordan – holding basketball, black vest
MJ-13 Michael Jordan – white cap, red shirt, golf glove visible
MJ-14 Michael Jordan – sitting in car, red shirt
MJ-15 Michael Jordan – store lights above, black jacket, white shirt
MJ-16 Michael Jordan – thumb in pocket, standing in front of railing
MJ-17 Michael Jordan – smiling, close-up
MJ-18 Michael Jordan – holding leaf
MJ-19 Michael Jordan – red shirt, holding golf club
MJ-20 Michael Jordan – confident smile, close-up

MJ-21 Michael Jordan – jacket on shoulder, smiling
MJ-22 Michael Jordan – looking to side, gray shirt
MJ-23 Michael Jordan – lips tucked in, looking up
MJ-24 Michael Jordan – red sweater, arms crossed
MJ-25 Michael Jordan – palming pumpkin
MJ-26 Michael Jordan – looking serious, black shirt
MJ-27 Michael Jordan – holding tartan-print boxers at waist
MJ-28 Michael Jordan – black and white photo, wearing bandana
MJ-29 Michael Jordan – close-up looking forward, black jacket, white shirt
MJ-30 Michael Jordan – sitting in golf cart

MJ-31 Michael Jordan – holding jacket on shoulder
MJ-32 Michael Jordan – holding baseball
MJ-33 Michael Jordan – puzzled expression
MJ-34 Michael Jordan – wearing golf hat, bag on shoulder
MJ-35 Michael Jordan – holding up boxer shorts
MJ-36 Michael Jordan – three Jordans in mirror
MJ-37 Michael Jordan – looking at tag
MJ-38 Michael Jordan – “Ooooo…” look, black shirt
MJ-39 Michael Jordan – looking up from seat, red shirt
MJ-40 Michael Jordan – shrugging, white shirt

MJ-41 Michael Jordan – colorful cap fully visible
MJ-42 Michael Jordan – peace sign, black and white photo
MJ-43 Michael Jordan – looking down, gray, long-sleeve shirt
MJ-44 Michael Jordan – looking upward, black jacket
MJ-45 Michael Jordan – red shirt, sunglasses on white cap
MJ-46 Michael Jordan – looking to side, black jacket, white shirt
MJ-47 Michael Jordan – palming football helmet
MJ-48 Michael Jordan – red tank top, leaning forward
MJ-49 Michael Jordan – looking down, black jacket
MJ-50 Michael Jordan – arms crossed, white shirt


10 cards.
1:1.11 packs.


Gold – 1:10

HA-1 Michael Jordan – leaning forward, white shirt
HA-2 Michael Jordan – shrugging, white shirt
HA-3 Michael Jordan – leaning forward, red shirt
HA-4 Michael Jordan – red shirt, white cap
HA-5 Michael Jordan – hands on hips, white shirt
HA-6 Michael Jordan – surprised face
HA-7 Michael Jordan – holding up striped boxers
HA-8 Michael Jordan – gray shirt, waist-up
HA-9 Michael Jordan – sitting, gray long-sleeve shirt
HA-10 Michael Jordan – sitting, black vest, white shirt

Base Autographs

10 total cards.
1:108,625 packs.


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