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By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

A general design isn’t the only thing that 2017 Topps WWE shares with its baseball counterpart. For the first time in five years, the main set has variants. We’re not just talking a couple, either. The 2017 Topps WWE variations are much more ambitious in size than the rare instances they’ve been used before.

The 2017 Topps WWE variation short prints follow a familiar pattern (at least in other sports) of offering an alternate photo. Some are more dramatic than the regular card (like the Undertaker’s smoky silhouette), while others are fairly similar.

We haven’t seen exact odds, but the variations are tough. It’s likely they’ll become even harder to track down once most of the stock has dried up and made its way into personal collections.

Identifying 2017 Topps WWE Variations

Topps cards have a code on the back at the end of the fine print. It’s not intended for identification purposes, but sometimes it can be helpful in confirming variations. This is one of those instances.

The code for regular base cards ends in 658. For variations, it’s 665.


2017 Topps WWE Variations Checklist

Here’s a quick look at the confirmed 2017 Topps WWE variations. More are likely.

If you’re looking for a particular card, click on the link to see what’s available on eBay.

2017 Topps WWE Variations Gallery

More to come as confirmed.

1 The Rock

2017 Topps WWE Variations 1 The Rock

Variation – wearing shirt

Base – no shirt

5 Bayley

2017 Topps WWE 5 Bayley SSP

Variation – jumping, no RC logo

2017 TWWE 5 Bayley

Base – standing, wearing jacket

7 Big E

Variation – jumping

2017 TWWE 7 Big E

Base – Uso in hold

9 The Brian Kendrick

Variation – white jacket

2017 TWWE 9 Brian Kendrick

Base – blue jacket

10 Brock Lesnar

Variation – outside ring

2017 TWWE 10 Brock Lesnar

Base – hands over head

13 Chris Jericho

Variation – Walls of Jericho

2017 TWWE 13 Chris Jericho

Base – standing alone

17 Finn Bálor

2017 Topps WWE 17 Finn Balor SSP

Variation – entrance, long hair, no RC logo

Base – in ring, short hair

18 Goldberg

Variation – wearing jacket

2017 TWWE 18 Goldberg

Base – no jacket

22 Kofi Kingston

Variation – jumping, no horn

2017 TWWE 22 Kofi Kingston

Base – with unicorn horn, standing on turnbuckle

26 Nia Jax

2017 Topps WWE Nia Jax Variation

Variation – yellow stripes in background, no RC logo

2017 TWWE 26 Nia Jax

Base – purple top, RC logo

33 Triple H

Variation – no microphone

Base – with microphone

36 Alexa Bliss

Variation – jumping, no RC logo

2017 TWWE 36 Alexa Bliss

Base – standing in ring

38 Carmella

Variation – with microphone, no RC logo

2017 TWWE 38 Carmella

Base – no microphone

48 Kane

2017 Topps WWE 48 Kane SSP

Variation – walking forward

2017 TWWE 48 Kane

Base – orange glow on body

53 The Miz

2017 Topps WWE Variations 58 The Miz

Variation – no shirt

2017 Topps WWE The Miz

Base – pointing, wearing jacket and sunglasses

55 Randy Orton

Variation – RKO on Erick Rowan

2017 TWWE 55 Randy Orton

Base – standing along in ring

58 Undertaker

2017 Topps WWE 58 Undertaker SSP

Variation – silhouette

2017 TWWE 58 Undertaker

Base – kneeling

62 Asuka

2017 Topps WWE Variations Asuka

Variation – with mask

2017 Topps WWE Asuka

Base – no mask

63 Austin Aries

2017 Topps WWE 63 Austin Aries SSP Front

Variation – wearing cape

Base – no cape

86 Shinsuke Nakamura

2017 TWWE Var Shinsuke Nakamura

Variation – red jacket

2017 TWWE Shinsuke Nakamura

Base – no shirt

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