2017 Topps Warcraft Trading Cards Checklist and Team Set Lists


The original plan was for Topps to put out a set of Warcraft trading cards to coincide with the film’s theatrical release — in 2016.

That didn’t happen.

The original release was cancelled shortly before it was slated to come out. Domestically, the movie went on to be relatively poorly received although it was a big international hit.

Fast forward a year and the cancelled set has reemerged, albeit in a much more abbreviated form. 2017 Topps Warcraft trading cards are an online-exclusive focusing solely on premium cards.

Each pack of 2017 Topps Warcraft trading cards comes with one card that is either an autograph, memorabilia card, manufactured relic or sketch card. The original cost on the Topps website was $15 per pack.

A total of ten actors have signatures in the revamped product. While none are among Hollywood’s current A-list, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any notable names. Topping the list is Ben Foster who has appeared in a wide variety of critical and box office successes. Hell or High WaterX-Men: The Last Stand and HBO’s Six Feet Under are among his credits.

In addition to regular autographs, 2017 Topps Warcraft has a small number of Dual and Triple Autographs.

Relics come with a mix of costume and prop pieces. They also come with signed and unsigned versions. The autograph subjects here are the same as with the regular autographs.

Faction Flag Patch cards make up the product’s manufactured relics. These highlight which group lead characters come from.

Sketch cards with original artwork are also randomly inserted in the single-card packs.

2017 Topps Warcraft trading cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 1
Release date: August 14, 2017

2017 Topps Warcraft Movie Checklist


2017 Topps Warcraft Autographs Checklists


10 cards.

Michael Adamthwaite as Magni
Burkely Duffield as Callan Lothar
Ben Foster as Medivh
Anna Galvin as Draka
Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim
Terry Notary as Grom Hellscream
Callum Keith Rennie as Moroes
Tommy Rieder as Young Medivh
Ryan Robbins as Karos
Dylan Schombing as Varian Wrynn

Dual Autographs

3 cards.

Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim/Anna Galvin as Draka
Dylan Schombing as Varian Wrynn/Tommy Rieder as Young Medivh
Ben Foster as Medivh/Callum Keith Rennie as Moroes

Triple Autographs

2 cards.

Terry Notary as Grom Hellscream/Robert Kazinsky as as Orgrim/Anna Galvin as Draka
Ben Foster as Medivh/Callum Keith Rennie as Moroes/Tommy Rieder as Young Medivh

Autographed Costume Cards

7 cards.

Michael Adamthwaite as Magni – Alliance Costume
Burkely Duffield as Callan Lothar – Alliance Costume
Ben Foster as Medivh – Alliance Costume
Callum Keith as Rennie Moroes – Alliance Costume
Tommy Rieder as Young Medivh – Alliance Costume
Ryan Robbins as Karos – Alliance Costume
Dylan Schombing as Varian Wrynn – Alliance Costume

Autographed Relic Cards

3 cards.

Anna Galvin as Draka – Animal Hide Prop Relic
Robert Kazinsky as Orgrim – Animal Hide Prop Relic
Terry Notary as Grom Hellscream – Animal Hide Prop Relic

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2017 Topps Warcraft Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Costume Cards

12 cards.

Anduin Lothar – Alliance Costume
Antonidas – Alliance Costume
Callan Lothar – Alliance Costume
Karos – Alliance Costume
Khadgar – Alliance Costume
King Llane Wrynn – Alliance Costume
Lady Taria Wrynn – Alliance Costume
Magni – Alliance Costume
Medivh – Alliance Costume
Moroes – Alliance Costume
Varian Wrynn – Alliance Costume
Varis – Alliance Costume

Relic Cards

3 cards.

Draka – Animal Hide Prop Relic
Durotan – Animal Hide Prop Relic
Khadgar – Conceptual Costume Relic

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2017 Topps Warcraft Manufactured Relics Checklist

Faction Flag Patch Cards

15 cards.

Anduin Lothar – The Alliance
Antonidas – The Mages
Blackhand – The Horde
Callan Lothar – The Alliance
Draka – The Horde
Durotan – The Horde
Grom Hellscream – The Horde
Gul’dan – The Horde
Khadgar – The Mages
King Llan Wrynn – The Alliance
Lady Taria Wrynn – The Alliance
Medivh – The Mages
Moroes – The Mages
Ogrim – The Horde
Varian Wrynn – The Alliance

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