2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge! Trading Cards Checklist and Details


You’d think one day the Martians would learn. But they keep coming back, even after 55 years. 2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge! brings back the iconic trading card franchise as a premium factory set.


Each box set of the hobby-only product has a full base set, a bunch of parallels, a sketch card and an additional premium insert.

Base Set

The 2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge! base set has 110 cards. It’s a new story about a new invasion. The new tale of retribution is told over 55 cards. The second half of the set looks at the production side, offering  reproductions of early sketches and planning.

As with previous Mars Attacks sets, this is a collaborative effort. Fred Harper and Layron DeJarnette did the final paintings based off of the pencils and storyboards of Brent Engstrom. Comic veteran, Gary Carlson, did the writing.

Images are gruesome and violent, just as should be expected from the franchise. The design is based on the original 1962 Mars Attacks.

2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge Base Rats

Each box set has 25 Emerald Green parallels. Additional parallels are randomly inserted as bonus cards: Yellow (/199), Red (/99), Black (/55), Bronze (/25), Silver (/10) and Gold (/2). Printing Plates are also available as one of the additional box hits.

Sketch Cards

Sketch cards fall one per box set. And while there are traditional sketch with art drawn directly on the card. But there are some non-traditional styles as well.

Shaped Sketch Cards are die-cut in the shape of the Martian saucer. Panoramic Sketch Cards fold out, offering double the area for art. Finally, Puzzle Sketch Cards are four separate sketches that go together. These are packaged together in sets so there’s no need to hunt and hope that all of them show up.

2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge Shaped Sketch Card

Additional Inserts

2017 Mars Attacks: The Revenge! has a couple of additional inserts. Medallion cards come with a piece of metal that’s either a Martian ray gun or spaceship.

2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge Medallion Card Saucer

Autographs come in a couple of forms. Len Brown, writer of the original Mars Attacks set, signed copies of all 100 base cards. Illustrator Autographs take a similar approach, only with the current crew.

2017 Topps Mars Attacks The Revenge Len Brown Autograph

This is the first Mars Attacks product since the Kickstarter-exclusive Mars Attacks: Occupation.

2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge! at a glance:

Cards per box set: 137
Boxes per case: 8
Set size: 110 cards
Release date: September 6, 2017

What to expect in a hobby box set:

• 110-Card Base Set
• Emerald Green Parallels – 25
• Sketch Cards – 1
• Additional Sketch Cards, Autographs, Printing Plates or Medallion Cards – 1

2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge Checklist


Base Set Checklist

110 cards.


• Emerald Green – 25 per box set
• Yellow – /199
• Red – /99
• Black – /55
• Bronze – /25
• Len Brown Autographs – /10
• Silver – /10
• Gold – /2
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1 (#1-55 only)
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1 (#1-55 only)
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1 (#1-55 only)
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1 (#1-55 only)

2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge 1 Mars Destroyed

1 Mars Destroyed
2 The Tractor Beam
3 Into Mars’ Orbit
4 Landing on “Mars II”
5 Compatible Atmosphere
6 Cleaning up the Cities
7 New Martian Factories
8 Rebuilding the Robot Army
9 UFO Sightings
10 The Complacent Human Race
11 Alien Abduction
12 Martian Experiments
13 The Human Abomination
14 Subjects of Experiments
15 Studying the Human Face
16 Human Disguises
17 Sleeper Cells Sent to Earth
18 Becoming “Human”
19 Deadly Rendezvous
20 Attacked by Rats
21 Nine Lives Destroyed
22 Headshot
23 A Human Shish Kebab
24 Making Change
25 Bonding Time
26 White House in Flames
27 Fire Power vs. Flower Power
28 Liberty for None
29 Terror in the Toy Aisle
30 Hunted by Hounds
31 Secret Underground Bunkers
32 Freshly Squeezed
33 Crushed by Tanks
34 Leaders of the World Meet
35 The Rush to Area 51
36 Martian P.O.W.
37 Probing the Mind
38 Building the Ray Gun
39 Firing the Ray
40 The Robots Crumble
41 The Saucers Crash
42 On the Run
43 Overpowered and Outnumbered
44 Cornered by Dogs
45 Nature Strikes Back
46 Split in Two
47 The Children’s Revenge
48 Targeting Mars II
49 Mars II Powerless
50 Watch them Burn
51 Clearing out the Neighborhood
52 The Earth Celebrates
53 Martians Flee Earth
54 Plotting the Next Attack
55 Checklist

2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge Base P-1

P-1 Mars Destroyed
P-2 The Tractor Beam
P-3 Into Mars’ Orbit
P-4 Landing on “Mars II”
P-5 Compatible Atmosphere
P-6 Cleaning up the Cities
P-7 New Martian Factories
P-8 Rebuilding the Robot Army
P-9 UFO Sightings
P-10 The Complacent Human Race
P-11 Alien Abduction
P-12 Martian Experiments
P-13 The Human Abomination
P-14 Subjects of Experiments
P-15 Studying the Human Face
P-16 Human Disguises
P-17 Sleeper Cells Sent to Earth
P-18 Becoming “Human”
P-19 Deadly Rendezvous
P-20 Attacked by Rats
P-21 Nine Lives Destroyed
P-22 Headshot
P-23 A Human Shish Kebab
P-24 Making Change
P-25 Bonding Time
P-26 White House in Flames
P-27 Fire Power vs. Flower Power
P-28 Liberty for None
P-29 Terror in the Toy Aisle
P-30 Hunted by Hounds
P-31 Secret Underground Bunkers
P-32 Freshly Squeezed
P-33 Crushed by Tanks
P-34 Leaders of the World Meet
P-35 The Rush to Area 51
P-36 Martian P.O.W.
P-37 Probing the Mind
P-38 Building the Ray Gun
P-39 Firing the Ray
P-40 The Robots Crumble
P-41 The Saucers Crash
P-42 On the Run
P-43 Overpowered and Outnumbered
P-44 Cornered by Dogs
P-45 Nature Strikes Back
P-46 Split in Two
P-47 The Children’s Revenge
P-48 Targeting Mars II
P-49 Mars II Powerless
P-50 Watch them Burn
P-51 Clearing out the Neighborhood
P-52 The Earth Celebrates
P-53 Martians Flee Earth
P-54 Plotting the Next Attack
P-55 Checklist

Checklist Top


2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge Autographs Checklists

Artist Autographs

110 cards.

1 Fred Harper /10
2 Fred Harper /10
3 Fred Harper /10
4 Fred Harper /10
5 Fred Harper /10
6 Fred Harper /10
7 Fred Harper /10
8 Fred Harper /10
9 Fred Harper /10
10 Fred Harper /10
11 Fred Harper /10
12 Fred Harper /10
13 Fred Harper /10
14 Fred Harper /10
15 Fred Harper /10
16 Fred Harper /10
17 Fred Harper /10
18 Fred Harper /10
19 Fred Harper /10
20 Fred Harper /10
21 Fred Harper /10
22 Fred Harper /10
23 Fred Harper /10
24 Fred Harper /10
25 Fred Harper /10
26 Fred Harper /10
27 Fred Harper /10
28 Layron DeJarnette /10
29 Layron DeJarnette /10
30 Layron DeJarnette /10
31 Layron DeJarnette /10
32 Layron DeJarnette /10
33 Fred Harper /10
34 Fred Harper /10
35 Fred Harper /10
36 Layron DeJarnette /10
37 Layron DeJarnette /10
38 Layron DeJarnette /10
39 Layron DeJarnette /10
40 Fred Harper /10
41 Layron DeJarnette /10
42 Fred Harper /10
43 Layron DeJarnette /10
44 Layron DeJarnette /10
45 Layron DeJarnette /10
46 Layron DeJarnette /10
47 Layron DeJarnette /10
48 Layron DeJarnette /10
49 Layron DeJarnette /10
50 Fred Harper /10
51 Fred Harper /10
52 Fred Harper /10
53 Layron DeJarnette /10
54 Layron DeJarnette /10
55 Brent Engstrom /10

P-1 Fred Harper /10
P-2 Fred Harper /10
P-3 Fred Harper /10
P-4 Fred Harper /10
P-5 Fred Harper /10
P-6 Fred Harper /10
P-7 Fred Harper /10
P-8 Fred Harper /10
P-9 Fred Harper /10
P-10 Fred Harper /10
P-11 Fred Harper /10
P-12 Fred Harper /10
P-13 Fred Harper /10
P-14 Fred Harper /10
P-15 Fred Harper /10
P-16 Fred Harper /10
P-17 Fred Harper /10
P-18 Fred Harper /10
P-19 Fred Harper /10
P-20 Fred Harper /10
P-21 Fred Harper /10
P-22 Fred Harper /10
P-23 Fred Harper /10
P-24 Fred Harper /10
P-25 Fred Harper /10
P-26 Fred Harper /10
P-27 Fred Harper /10
P-28 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-29 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-30 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-31 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-32 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-33 Fred Harper /10
P-34 Fred Harper /10
P-35 Fred Harper /10
P-36 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-37 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-38 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-39 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-40 Fred Harper /10
P-41 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-42 Fred Harper /10
P-43 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-44 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-45 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-46 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-47 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-48 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-49 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-50 Fred Harper /10
P-51 Fred Harper /10
P-52 Fred Harper /10
P-53 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-54 Layron DeJarnette /10
P-55 Brent Engstrom /10

Checklist Top

Medallion Cards

2017 Topps Mars Attacks: The Revenge Medallion Cards Checklists

Commemorative Medallion Cards

20 cards.

CM-BC Burning Cattle – Saucer
CM-BF Burning Flesh – Raygun
CM-BN Burning Navy Ships – Saucer
CM-BS Battle in the Sky – Saucer
CM-CS Blood on City Streets – Raygun
CM-DC “Destroy the City” – Raygun
CM-DD Destroying a Dog – Raygun
CM-DI Death by Impalement – Saucer
CM-EM Earthmen Land on Mars – Raygun
CM-HT The Human Torch – Saucer
CM-IB The Invasion Begins – Saucer
CM-MA Martians Approaching – Saucer
CM-MS Moscow Under Siege – Saucer
CM-PP Panic in Parliament – Raygun
CM-RA Robot Army Attacks – Raygun
CM-SB A Soldier Fights Back – Raygun
CM-SC Saucers Invade China – Saucer
CM-SE Smashing the Enemy – Raygun
CM-SR The Shrinking Ray – Raygun
CM-ST The Skyscraper Tumbles – Saucer

Checklist Top

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