2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Isn’t Transcendent But It’s Still Going to Cost You – Checklist and Team Set Lists Added


As the realm of super premium products continues to evolve, 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball marks the brand’s debut in the sport. Like the 2015 football set that preceded it, the checklist consists exclusively of a variety of high-end autographs and memorabilia cards. But that’s what should be expected and demanded for a product that carries an initial price tag approaching $1,000 per box.

Each 2017 Topps Definitive Baseball box has a distinct mix of four autographed relics, a dual autograph, rookie autograph and a pair of patch cards.


As one would expect from something costing so much, on-card autographs are the focus throughout the 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball checklist. While the sales material doesn’t specify that this is in every instance, on-card signatures are mentioned in virtually every instance.

Autograph Inscription Collection cards come with added notes to go with their signatures. The player list includes current stars, rookies and retired players. While all are numbered, one-of-one Red cards are the only parallels.

Legendary Autograph Collection cards note an accomplishment from the featured player’s career. This might be a World Series Championship, All-Star selection or a major award (insert your own A Christmas Story joke here). Base versions come serial numbered while parallels are limited to Purple (/5 or less) and Red (1/1).

The number of products with Framed Autograph cards continues to expand with 2017 Topps Definitive Baseball. More than 20 elite veterans, rookies and Hall of Famers have cards that are enclosed by metal frames. Parallels come in Purple (/10 or less) and Red (1/1). Each box has one Framed Autograph.

Deinfitive Rookie Autographs are another aspect of the product that’s one per box. Over 30 rookies are included, some of which have photo variations as well. Parallels include Green (/25), Purple (/10) and Red (1/1).

Landing one per box, Dual Autographs all come hard-signed and numbered. These mix up stars of today, tomorrow and years past. Green (/10 or less), Purple (/5 or less) and Red (1/1) are the parallels.

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball also has a limited number of cut signature cards, all of which are one-of-ones.

Autographed Relics

With as many as 40 players, Base Autograph Relics take one of the larger portions of the 2017 Topps Definitive Baseball checklist. While a lot of Topps products use memorabilia pieces that are on the smaller side, all are large here. Parallels come in a few different forms starting with Green (/25 or less) and Purple (/10 or less). Red versions are available in five forms, each of which is a one-of-one: Team Logo Patch, MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo, Majestic Logo, Button and Laundry Tag.

Definitive Autograph Relic Collection cards take a similar appeaoch but with a slightly different design and not quite as big a piece of memorabilia. All are numbered and have on-card autographs. Parallels are Green (/10), Purple (/5) and Red (1/1).

Regular autographs aren’t the only framed cards in 2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball. Framed Autograph Patch Collection cards add a large piece of memorabilia to the mix. Signatures are still on-card with parallels falling in Purple (/10 or less) and Red (1/1).

Dual Autograph Relics are exactly as they sound. Each has signatures and memorabilia from a pair of players with Purple (/10 or less) and Red (1/1) parallels joining that numbered base versions.

Of all the signed cards, Autograph Patch Book Collection have the biggest pieces of memorabilia. The cards open up with a massive patch taking up much of one panel and an autograph on the other.

Memorabilia Cards

While most of the cards in 2017 Topps Definitive Baseball are signed, there are some that aren’t. Instead, these have premium memorabilia pieces.

Jumbo Relic and Patch Collection cards have more than 30 current players. Some of the swatches come from special 2016 games and uniforms like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and July the 4th. Parallels are offered in Purple (/35 or less), Green (/25 or less), Blue (/10 or less) and Red (1/1).

Definitive Patch Collection cards have jumbo swatches from distinct parts of the jersey. Definitive Nameplate Collection cards have a letter from the back of a player’s jersey. All cards in these two relic inserts are one-of-ones.

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball at a glance:

Packs per box: 1
Cards per pack: 8
Boxes per case: 3
Release date: August 30, 2017

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Definitive Autograph Relics – 1
• Base Autograph Relics – 1
• Dual Autographs Relics – 1
• Framed Autograph Patch Cards – 1
• Dual Autographs – 1
• Framed Autographs – 1
• Rookie Autographs – 1
• Jumbo Patch Cards – 1

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Checklist


2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Autographs Checklists

Autograph Inscription Collection Checklist

39 cards.


• Red – 1/1

DCAI-AB Andrew Benintendi
DCAI-ABR Alex Bregman
DCAI-AG Andres Galarraga
DCAI-AJ Aaron Judge
DCAI-AR Anthony Rizzo
DCAI-BH Bryce Harper
DCAI-BJ Bo Jackson
DCAI-BP Buster Posey
DCAI-CK Clayton Kershaw
DCAI-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
DCAI-CS Corey Seager
DCAI-CY Carl Yastrzemski
DCAI-DJ Derek Jeter
DCAI-DM Don Mattingly
DCAI-DS Dansby Swanson
DCAI-FL Francisco Lindor
DCAI-FT Frank Thomas
DCAI-GM Greg Maddux
DCAI-I Ichiro
DCAI-JB Johnny Bench

DCAI-JS John Smoltz
DCAI-JU Julio Urias
DCAI-KB Kris Bryant
DCAI-KM Kenta Maeda
DCAI-MM Manny Machado
DCAI-MMC Mark McGwire
DCAI-MT Masahiro Tanaka
DCAI-MTR Mike Trout
DCAI-NR Nolan Ryan
DCAI-NS Noah Syndergaard
DCAI-OS Ozzie Smith
DCAI-OV Omar Vizquel
DCAI-PM Pedro Martinez
DCAI-RH Rickey Henderson
DCAI-RJ Reggie Jackson
DCAI-RJO Randy Johnson
DCAI-RS Ryne Sandberg
DCAI-WB Wade Boggs
DCAI-YM Yoan Moncada

Autograph Patch Book Checklist

19 cards.


• Red – 1/1

DAPB-BH Bryce Harper
DAPB-BP Buster Posey
DAPB-CC Carlos Correa
DAPB-CK Clayton Kershaw
DAPB-CSE Corey Seager
DAPB-DO David Ortiz
DAPB-DP Dustin Pedroia
DAPB-FF Freddie Freeman
DAPB-FL Francisco Lindor
DAPB-I Ichiro
DAPB-JA Jose Altuve
DAPB-JD Jacob deGrom
DAPB-JV Joey Votto
DAPB-KB Kris Bryant
DAPB-KM Kenta Maeda
DAPB-MCA Matt Carpenter
DAPB-MM Manny Machado
DAPB-MT Mike Trout
DAPB-NS Noah Syndergaard

Autograph Relic Collection Checklist

47 cards.


• Green – /25 or less
• Purple – /10 or less
• Red Button – 1/1
• Red Laundry Tag – 1/1
• Red Majestic Logo – 1/1
• Red MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo – 1/1
• Red Team Logo Patch – 1/1

ARC-AB Andrew Benintendi
ARC-ABR Alex Bregman
ARC-AD Aledmys Diaz
ARC-AJ Adam Jones
ARC-AJU Aaron Judge
ARC-AR Alex Reyes
ARC-BH Bryce Harper
ARC-BP Buster Posey
ARC-CC Carlos Correa
ARC-CK Clayton Kershaw
ARC-CKL Corey Kluber
ARC-CSE Corey Seager
ARC-DD David Dahl
ARC-DO David Ortiz
ARC-DP Dustin Pedroia
ARC-DPR David Price
ARC-DS Dansby Swanson
ARC-FF Freddie Freeman
ARC-FL Francisco Lindor
ARC-GSP George Springer
ARC-I Ichiro
ARC-JA Jose Altuve
ARC-JB Javier Baez
ARC-JD Jacob deGrom

ARC-JDO Josh Donaldson
ARC-JP Joe Panik
ARC-JPE Joc Pederson
ARC-JU Julio Urias
ARC-JV Joey Votto
ARC-KB Kris Bryant
ARC-KM Kenta Maeda
ARC-KS Kyle Schwarber
ARC-KSE Kyle Seager
ARC-MCA Matt Carpenter
ARC-MF Maikel Franco
ARC-MM Manny Machado
ARC-MS Miguel Sano
ARC-MT Masahiro Tanaka
ARC-MTR Mike Trout
ARC-NM Nomar Mazara
ARC-NS Noah Syndergaard
ARC-RB Ryan Braun
ARC-SM Starling Marte
ARC-SMA Steven Matz
ARC-SP Stephen Piscotty
ARC-TS Trevor Story
ARC-WC Willson Contreras

Definitive Autograph Relic Checklist

50 cards.


• Green – /10
• Purple – /5
• Red – 1/1

DCAR-AD Andre Dawson
DCAR-AG Andres Galarraga
DCAR-AP Andy Pettitte
DCAR-BH Bryce Harper
DCAR-BJ Bo Jackson
DCAR-BL Barry Larkin
DCAR-CB Craig Biggio
DCAR-CC Carlos Correa
DCAR-CJ Chipper Jones
DCAR-CK Clayton Kershaw
DCAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
DCAR-CS Corey Seager
DCAR-CY Carl Yastrzemski
DCAR-DJ Derek Jeter
DCAR-DM Don Mattingly
DCAR-DO David Ortiz
DCAR-DP Dustin Pedroia
DCAR-FF Freddie Freeman
DCAR-FL Francisco Lindor
DCAR-FT Frank Thomas
DCAR-GM Greg Maddux
DCAR-HA Hank Aaron
DCAR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
DCAR-JC Jose Canseco
DCAR-JD Johnny Damon

DCAR-JS John Smoltz
DCAR-JV Joey Votto
DCAR-KB Kris Bryant
DCAR-KS Kyle Schwarber
DCAR-MM Manny Machado
DCAR-MMC Mark McGwire
DCAR-MP Mike Piazza
DCAR-MTR Mike Trout
DCAR-NR Nolan Ryan
DCAR-NS Noah Syndergaard
DCAR-OS Ozzie Smith
DCAR-OSM Ozzie Smith
DCAR-PM Pedro Martinez
DCAR-RA Roberto Alomar
DCAR-RC Rod Carew
DCAR-RCL Roger Clemens
DCAR-RH Rickey Henderson
DCAR-RJ Reggie Jackson
DCAR-RJO Randy Johnson
DCAR-RS Ryne Sandberg
DCAR-RY Robin Yount
DCAR-SC Steve Carlton
DCAR-TG Tom Glavine
DCAR-TS Trevor Story
DCAR-WB Wade Boggs

Definitive Cut Signatures Checklist

49 cards.

DCS-BD Bill Dickey 1/1
DCS-BF Bob Feller 1/1
DCS-BFE Bob Feller 1/1
DCS-BH Billy Herman 1/1
DCS-BL Bob Lemon 1/1
DCS-BLE Buck Leonard 1/1
DCS-BR Babe Ruth 1/1
DCS-CG Charlie Gehringer 1/1
DCS-DD Dizzy Dean 1/1
DCS-DDR Don Drysdale 1/1
DCS-DS Duke Snider 1/1
DCS-DSN Duke Snider 1/1
DCS-EA Earl Averill 1/1
DCS-EB Ernie Banks 1/1
DCS-EM Eddie Mathews 1/1
DCS-ES Enos Slaughter 1/1
DCS-FF Frankie Frisch 1/1
DCS-GK George Kell 1/1
DCS-GKE George “High Pockets” Kelly 1/1
DCS-HG Hank Greenberg 1/1
DCS-HWI Hoyt Wilhelm 1/1
DCS-JD Joe DiMaggio 1/1
DCS-JF Jimmie Foxx 1/1
DCS-JH Jim “Catfish” Hunter 1/1
DCS-JM Johnny Mize 1/1

DCS-JR Jackie Robinson 1/1
DCS-LA Luke Appling 1/1
DCS-LB Lou Boudreau 1/1
DCS-LD Larry Doby 1/1
DCS-LW Lloyd Waner 1/1
DCS-MI Monte Irvin 1/1
DCS-PR Pee Wee Reese 1/1
DCS-PRI Phil Rizzuto 1/1
DCS-RFE Rick Ferrell 1/1
DCS-RK Ralph Kiner 1/1
DCS-RM Roger Maris 1/1
DCS-RS Ron Santo 1/1
DCS-RSC Ray Schalk 1/1
DCS-SC Stan Coveleski 1/1
DCS-SM Stan Musial 1/1
DCS-SMU Stan Musial 1/1
DCS-SP Satchel Paige 1/1
DCS-TC Ty Cobb 1/1
DCS-TJ Travis Jackson 1/1
DCS-TL Ted Lyons 1/1
DCS-TW Ted Williams 1/1
DCS-WH Waite Hoyt 1/1
DCS-WS Warren Spahn 1/1
DCS-WST Willie Stargell 1/1

Definitive Rookie Autographs Checklist

35 cards.


• Green – /25
• Purple – /10
• Red – 1/1

DCRA-AB Andrew Benintendi
DCRA-ABE Andrew Benintendi
DCRA-ABR Alex Bregman
DCRA-ABRE Alex Bregman
DCRA-AJ Aaron Judge
DCRA-AJU Aaron Judge
DCRA-AR Alex Reyes
DCRA-ARE Alex Reyes
DCRA-CF Carson Fulmer
DCRA-DD David Dahl
DCRA-DS Dansby Swanson
DCRA-DSW Dansby Swanson
DCRA-DV Dan Vogelbach
DCRA-GC Gavin Cecchini
DCRA-HD Hunter Dozier
DCRA-HR Hunter Renfroe
DCRA-HRE Hunter Renfroe
DCRA-JA Jorge Alfaro

DCRA-JC Jharel Cotton
DCRA-JD Jose De Leon
DCRA-JH Jeff Hoffman
DCRA-JJ JaCoby Jones
DCRA-JM Joe Musgrove
DCRA-JTH Jake Thompson
DCRA-LW Luke Weaver
DCRA-LWE Luke Weaver
DCRA-MM Manny Margot
DCRA-RH Ryon Healy
DCRA-RL Reynaldo Lopez
DCRA-TG Tyler Glasnow
DCRA-TGL Tyler Glasnow
DCRA-TM Trey Mancini
DCRA-YG Yulieski Gurriel
DCRA-YGU Yulieski Gurriel
DCRA-YMO Yoan Moncada

Dual Autographed Collection Checklist

27 cards.


• Green – /10 or less
• Purple – /5 or less
• Red – 1/1

DCDA-BA Jose Altuve/Craig Biggio
DCDA-BC Alex Bregman/Carlos Correa
DCDA-BR Anthony Rizzo/Kris Bryant
DCDA-BT Kris Bryant/Mike Trout
DCDA-CA Carlos Correa/Jose Altuve
DCDA-CD Matt Carpenter/Aledmys Diaz
DCDA-FS Dansby Swanson/Freddie Freeman
DCDA-GA Bobby Abreu/Andres Galarraga
DCDA-GR Juan Gonzalez/Ivan Rodriguez
DCDA-GV Andres Galarraga/Omar Vizquel
DCDA-JS John Smoltz/Chipper Jones
DCDA-KL Francisco Lindor/Corey Kluber
DCDA-KS Corey Seager/Clayton Kershaw
DCDA-MR Cal Ripken Jr./Manny Machado
DCDA-MU Kenta Maeda/Julio Urias
DCDA-OD David Ortiz/Johnny Damon
DCDA-PO Paul O’Neill/Andy Pettitte
DCDA-RC Rod Carew/Nolan Ryan
DCDA-RYS Noah Syndergaard/Nolan Ryan
DCDA-SB Ryne Sandberg/Kris Bryant
DCDA-SD Jacob deGrom/Noah Syndergaard
DCDA-SG John Smoltz/Tom Glavine
DCDA-SU Corey Seager/Julio Urias
DCDA-TH Mike Trout/Bryce Harper
DCDA-VD Johnny Damon/Jason Varitek
DCDA-VL Francisco Lindor/Omar Vizquel
DCDA-VU Julio Urias/Fernando Valenzuela

Dual Autographed Patch Checklist

25 cards.

Parallels TBD.

DARC-BA Craig Biggio/Jose Altuve
DARC-BC Alex Bregman/Carlos Correa
DARC-CA Jose Altuve/Carlos Correa
DARC-CD Aldemys Diaz/Matt Carpenter
DARC-CP Stephen Piscotty/Matt Carpenter
DARC-FS Dansby Swanson/Freddie Freeman
DARC-GR Juan Gonzalez/Ivan Rodriguez
DARC-JS John Smoltz/Chipper Jones
DARC-KL Corey Kluber/Francisco Lindor
DARC-KS Corey Seager/Clayton Kershaw
DARC-MR Cal Ripken Jr./Manny machado
DARC-MU Kenta Maeda/Julio Urias
DARC-OD David Ortiz/Johnny Damon
DARC-OP David Ortiz/Dustni Pedroia
DARC-PO Andy Pettitte/Paul O’Neill
DARC-PP David Price/Dustin Pedroia
DARC-RC Rod Carew/Nolan Ryan
DARC-RUB Javier Baez/Addison Russell
DARC-RYS Noah Syndergaard/Nolan Ryan
DARC-SD Noah Syndergaard/Jacob deGrom
DARC-SG John Smoltz/Tom Glavine
DARC-SU Julio Urias/Corey Seager
DARC-TH Mike Trout/Bryce Harper
DARC-TK Mike Trout/Clayton Kershaw
DARC-VU Fernando Valenzuela/Julio Urias

Framed Autograph Collection Checklist

41 cards.


• Purple – /10 or less
• Red – 1/1

DCFA-AB Andrew Benintendi
DCFA-ABR Alex Bregman
DCFA-AG Andres Galarraga
DCFA-AJ Aaron Judge
DCFA-AR Anthony Rizzo
DCFA-BH Bryce Harper
DCFA-BJ Bo Jackson
DCFA-BL Barry Larkin
DCFA-BP Buster Posey
DCFA-CC Carlos Correa
DCFA-CJ Chipper Jones
DCFA-CK Clayton Kershaw
DCFA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
DCFA-CS Corey Seager
DCFA-CY Carl Yastrzemski
DCFA-DJ Derek Jeter
DCFA-DM Don Mattingly
DCFA-DO David Ortiz
DCFA-FL Francisco Lindor
DCFA-GM Greg Maddux
DCFA-HA Hank Aaron

DCFA-I Ichiro
DCFA-JB Johnny Bench
DCFA-JD Josh Donaldson
DCFA-JS John Smoltz
DCFA-JU Julio Urias
DCFA-KB Kris Bryant
DCFA-MM Manny Machado
DCFA-MMC Mark McGwire
DCFA-MT Masahiro Tanaka
DCFA-MTR Mike Trout
DCFA-NR Nolan Ryan
DCFA-NS Noah Syndergaard
DCFA-OS Ozzie Smith
DCFA-OV Omar Vizquel
DCFA-PM Pedro Martinez
DCFA-RH Rickey Henderson
DCFA-RJO Randy Johnson
DCFA-RS Ryne Sandberg
DCFA-SK Sandy Koufax
DCFA-YM Yoan Moncada

Framed Autograph Patch Collection Checklist

38 cards.


• Purple – /10 or less
• Red – 1/1

DFAP-AB Andrew Benintendi
DFAP-ABR Alex Bregman
DFAP-AD Aledmys Diaz
DFAP-AJ Adam Jones
DFAP-AJU Aaron Judge
DFAP-BH Bryce Harper
DFAP-BP Buster Posey
DFAP-CC Carlos Correa
DFAP-CK Clayton Kershaw
DFAP-CSE Corey Seager
DFAP-DO David Ortiz
DFAP-DP Dustin Pedroia
DFAP-DPR David Price
DFAP-DS Dansby Swanson
DFAP-FF Freddie Freeman
DFAP-FL Francisco Lindor
DFAP-I Ichiro
DFAP-JA Jose Altuve
DFAP-JB Javier Baez

DFAP-JD Jacob deGrom
DFAP-JDO Josh Donaldson
DFAP-JP Joc Pederson
DFAP-JU Julio Urias
DFAP-JV Joey Votto
DFAP-KB Kris Bryant
DFAP-KM Kenta Maeda
DFAP-KS Kyle Schwarber
DFAP-KSE Kyle Seager
DFAP-MCA Matt Carpenter
DFAP-MM Manny Machado
DFAP-MS Miguel Sano
DFAP-MT Masahiro Tanaka
DFAP-MTR Mike Trout
DFAP-NS Noah Syndergaard
DFAP-RB Ryan Braun
DFAP-SM Starling Marte
DFAP-SP Stephen Piscotty
DFAP-TS Trevor Story

Legendary Autograph Collection Checklist

36 cards.


• Purple – /5 or less
• Red – 1/1

DCLA-AD Andre Dawson
DCLA-AG Andres Galarraga
DCLA-AK Al Kaline
DCLA-AR Alex Rodriguez
DCLA-BJ Bo Jackson
DCLA-BL Barry Larkin
DCLA-CB Craig Biggio
DCLA-CJ Chipper Jones
DCLA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
DCLA-CY Carl Yastrzemski
DCLA-DJ Derek Jeter
DCLA-DM Don Mattingly
DCLA-DO David Ortiz
DCLA-GM Greg Maddux
DCLA-HA Hank Aaron
DCLA-IR Ivan Rodriguez
DCLA-JB Johnny Bench
DCLA-JD Johnny Damon

DCLA-JS John Smoltz
DCLA-LB Lou Brock
DCLA-MM Mark McGwire
DCLA-MP Mike Piazza
DCLA-NR Nolan Ryan
DCLA-OS Ozzie Smith
DCLA-OV Omar Vizquel
DCLA-PM Pedro Martinez
DCLA-RA Roberto Alomar
DCLA-RC Rod Carew
DCLA-RCL Roger Clemens
DCLA-RH Rickey Henderson
DCLA-RJO Randy Johnson
DCLA-RS Ryne Sandberg
DCLA-SC Steve Carlton
DCLA-SK Sandy Koufax
DCLA-TG Tom Glavine
DCLA-WB Wade Boggs

Checklist Top


2017 Topps Definitive Collection Baseball Memorabilia Cards Checklists

Definitive Helmet Collection Checklist

10 cards.

DHC-AB Alex Bregman
DHC-AR Anthony Rizzo
DHC-GS George Springer
DHC-JB Javier Baez
DHC-JH Jason Heyward
DHC-JM J.D. Martinez
DHC-JU Justin Upton
DHC-MM Manny Machado
DHC-SP Stephen Piscotty
DHC-VM Victor Martinez

Definitive Patch Collection Checklist

99 cards.

DPC-AM Andrew McCutchen 1/1
DPC-AMC Andrew McCutchen 1/1
DPC-AP Albert Pujols 1/1
DPC-APE Andy Pettitte 1/1
DPC-APU Albert Pujols 1/1
DPC-APUJ Albert Pujols 1/1
DPC-AR Anthony Rizzo 1/1
DPC-ARU Addison Russell 1/1
DPC-BH Bryce Harper 1/1
DPC-BL Barry Larkin 1/1
DPC-BP Brandon Phillips 1/1
DPC-BPO Buster Posey 1/1
DPC-CA Chris Archer 1/1
DPC-CB Carlos Beltran 1/1
DPC-CC Carlos Correa 1/1
DPC-CCO Carlos Correa 1/1
DPC-CG Carlos Gonzalez 1/1
DPC-CGO Carlos Gonzalez 1/1
DPC-CGR Curtis Granderson 1/1
DPC-CH Cole Hamels 1/1
DPC-CJ Chipper Jones 1/1
DPC-CK Clayton Kershaw 1/1
DPC-CKL Corey Kluber 1/1
DPC-CSE Corey Seager 1/1
DPC-CY Christian Yelich 1/1
DPC-CYE Christian Yelich 1/1
DPC-DB Dellin Betances 1/1
DPC-DJ Derek Jeter 1/1
DPC-DO David Ortiz 1/1
DPC-DOR David Ortiz 1/1
DPC-DP Dustin Pedroia 1/1
DPC-EH Eric Hosmer 1/1
DPC-EL Evan Longoria 1/1
DPC-ELO Evan Longoria 1/1
DPC-FF Freddie Freeman 1/1
DPC-FH Felix Hernandez 1/1
DPC-FHE Felix Hernandez 1/1
DPC-FL Francisco Lindor 1/1
DPC-GB Craig Biggio 1/1
DPC-GBR George Brett 1/1
DPC-GM Greg Maddux 1/1
DPC-GP Gregory Polanco 1/1
DPC-GS Giancarlo Stanton 1/1
DPC-I Ichiro 1/1
DPC-IC Ichiro 1/1
DPC-ICH Ichiro 1/1
DPC-JA Jose Altuve 1/1
DPC-JAR Jake Arrieta 1/1
DPC-JB Javier Baez 1/1
DPC-JBA Jose Bautista 1/1

DPC-JC Johnny Cueto 1/1
DPC-JD Jacob deGrom 1/1
DPC-JDE Jacob deGrom 1/1
DPC-JDO Josh Donaldson 1/1
DPC-JL Jon Lester 1/1
DPC-JLE Jon Lester 1/1
DPC-JM Joe Mauer 1/1
DPC-JP Joe Panik 1/1
DPC-JS John Smoltz 1/1
DPC-JV Justin Verlander 1/1
DPC-JVE Justin Verlander 1/1
DPC-JVO Joey Votto 1/1
DPC-KB Kris Bryant 1/1
DPC-KG Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1
DPC-KS Kyle Schwarber 1/1
DPC-KSE Kyle Seager 1/1
DPC-MB Mookie Betts 1/1
DPC-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1
DPC-MCO Michael Conforto 1/1
DPC-MH Matt Harvey 1/1
DPC-MM Manny Machado 1/1
DPC-MMCG Mark McGwire 1/1
DPC-MP Mike Piazza 1/1
DPC-MT Masahiro Tanaka 1/1
DPC-MTE Mark Teixeira 1/1
DPC-MTR Mike Trout 1/1
DPC-NA Nolan Arenado 1/1
DPC-NC Nelson Cruz 1/1
DPC-NM Nomar Mazara 1/1
DPC-NR Nolan Ryan 1/1
DPC-NS Noah Syndergaard 1/1
DPC-OS Ozzie Smith 1/1
DPC-PG Paul Goldschmidt 1/1
DPC-RA Roberto Alomar 1/1
DPC-RB Ryan Braun 1/1
DPC-RC Robinson Cano 1/1
DPC-RH Rickey Henderson 1/1
DPC-SM Starling Marte 1/1
DPC-SMA Steven Matz 1/1
DPC-SS Stephen Strasburg 1/1
DPC-TG Tom Glavine 1/1
DPC-TT Troy Tulowitzki 1/1
DPC-WB Wade Boggs 1/1
DPC-YC Yoenis Cespedes 1/1
DPC-YCE Yoenis Cespedes 1/1
DPC-YD Yu Darvish 1/1
DPC-YM Yadier Molina 1/1
DPC-YP Yasiel Puig 1/1
DPC-ZG Zack Greinke 1/1

Jumbo Relic Collection Checklist

40 cards.


• Purple – /35 or less
• Green – /25 or less
• Blue – /10 or less
• Red – 1/1

DJRC-AM Andrew McCutchen
DJRC-AMC Andrew McCutchen
DJRC-AP Albert Pujols
DJRC-BP Brandon Phillips
DJRC-CA Chris Archer
DJRC-CB Carlos Beltran
DJRC-CC Carlos Correa
DJRC-CG Carlos Gonzalez
DJRC-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
DJRC-CGR Curtis Granderson
DJRC-CH Cole Hamels
DJRC-CK Corey Kluber
DJRC-CS Carlos Santana
DJRC-CY Christian Yelich
DJRC-CYE Christian Yelich
DJRC-DB Dellin Betances
DJRC-EL Evan Longoria
DJRC-ELON Evan Longoria
DJRC-FH Felix Hernandez
DJRC-GP Gregory Polanco

DJRC-GPO Gregory Polanco
DJRC-JB Jose Bautista
DJRC-JD Jacob deGrom
DJRC-JDO Josh Donaldson
DJRC-JL Jon Lester
DJRC-JP Joe Panik
DJRC-JV Justin Verlander
DJRC-KS Kyle Seager
DJRC-MC Michael Conforto
DJRC-MH Matt Harvey
DJRC-MS Miguel Sano
DJRC-MTE Mark Teixeira
DJRC-NC Nelson Cruz
DJRC-NM Nomar Mazara
DJRC-RB Ryan Braun
DJRC-SM Starling Marte
DJRC-SMA Steven Matz
DJRC-TT Troy Tulowitzki
DJRC-YC Yoenis Cespedes
DJRC-ZG Zack Greinke

Rookie Nameplate Collection Checklist

9 cards.

DRNC-ABR Alex Bregman 1/1
DRNC-DD David Dahl 1/1
DRNC-DS Dansby Swanson 1/1
DRNC-HR Hunter Renfroe 1/1
DRNC-JB Josh Bell 1/1
DRNC-LW Luke Weaver 1/1
DRNC-TG Tyler Glasnow 1/1
DRNC-YG Yulieski Gurriel 1/1
DRNC-YM Yoan Moncada 1/1

Veteran Nameplate Collection Checklist

40 cards.

DVNC-AM Andrew McCutchen 1/1
DVNC-AP Albert Pujols 1/1
DVNC-AR Anthony Rizzo 1/1
DVNC-BL Barry Larkin 1/1
DVNC-BP Brandon Phillips 1/1
DVNC-BPO Buster Posey 1/1
DVNC-CB Craig Biggio 1/1
DVNC-CC Carlos Correa 1/1
DVNC-CCO Carlos Correa 1/1
DVNC-CG Carlos Gonzalez 1/1
DVNC-DO David Ortiz 1/1
DVNC-EH Eric Hosmer 1/1
DVNC-EL Evan Longoria 1/1
DVNC-FH Felix Hernandez 1/1
DVNC-GB George Brett 1/1
DVNC-GM Greg Maddux 1/1
DVNC-GS Giancarlo Stanton 1/1
DVNC-I Ichiro Ichiro 1/1
DVNC-JB Jose Bautista 1/1
DVNC-JD Jacob deGrom 1/1

DVNC-JDO Josh Donaldson 1/1
DVNC-JL Jon Lester 1/1
DVNC-JV Justin Verlander 1/1
DVNC-JVO Joey Votto 1/1
DVNC-KSE Kyle Seager 1/1
DVNC-MB Mookie Betts 1/1
DVNC-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1
DVNC-MM Manny Machado 1/1
DVNC-MMC Mark McGwire 1/1
DVNC-MP Mike Piazza 1/1
DVNC-NS Noah Syndergaard 1/1
DVNC-PM Pedro Martinez 1/1
DVNC-RA Roberto Alomar 1/1
DVNC-RB Ryan Braun 1/1
DVNC-SM Starling Marte 1/1
DVNC-SS Stephen Strasburg 1/1
DVNC-WB Wade Boggs 1/1
DVNC-YC Yoenis Cespedes 1/1
DVNC-YD Yu Darvish 1/1
DVNC-YM Yadier Molina 1/1

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Team Sets

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Team Set Checklists

Want to know what cards your favorite team has in 2017 Topps Definitive Collection? Here’s the checklist broken down by team. Scroll through or click below to go directly to that team.

Please note that parallels are not included here. Please check the main checklist in the other tab for parallel specifics.

American League

Baltimore Orioles

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-MM Manny Machado
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-MM Manny Machado
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-AJ Adam Jones
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-MM Manny Machado
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-MM Manny Machado
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-RFE Rick Ferrell 1/1 – St. Louis Browns
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-SP Satchel Paige 1/1 – St. Louis Browns
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-MM Manny Machado
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MM Manny Machado 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-TM Trey Mancini
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-MR Cal Ripken Jr./Manny Machado
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-MR Cal Ripken Jr./Manny machado
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-MM Manny Machado
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-AJ Adam Jones
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-MM Manny Machado
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-MM Manny Machado 1/1

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Boston Red Sox

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-AB Andrew Benintendi
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-CY Carl Yastrzemski
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-PM Pedro Martinez
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-WB Wade Boggs
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-DO David Ortiz
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-DP Dustin Pedroia
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-AB Andrew Benintendi
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-DO David Ortiz
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-DP Dustin Pedroia
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-DPR David Price
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CY Carl Yastrzemski
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-DO David Ortiz
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-DP Dustin Pedroia
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-JD Johnny Damon
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-PM Pedro Martinez
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RCL Roger Clemens
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-WB Wade Boggs
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-TW Ted Williams 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-DO David Ortiz 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-DOR David Ortiz 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-DP Dustin Pedroia 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MB Mookie Betts 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-WB Wade Boggs 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-AB Andrew Benintendi
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-ABE Andrew Benintendi
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-OD David Ortiz/Johnny Damon
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-VD Johnny Damon/Jason Varitek
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-OD David Ortiz/Johnny Damon
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-OP David Ortiz/Dustni Pedroia
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-PP David Price/Dustin Pedroia
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-AB Andrew Benintendi
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-CY Carl Yastrzemski
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-DO David Ortiz
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-PM Pedro Martinez
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-AB Andrew Benintendi
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-DO David Ortiz
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-DP Dustin Pedroia
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-DPR David Price
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-CY Carl Yastrzemski
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-DO David Ortiz
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-JD Johnny Damon
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-PM Pedro Martinez
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-RCL Roger Clemens
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-WB Wade Boggs
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-YM Yoan Moncada 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-DO David Ortiz 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-MB Mookie Betts 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-WB Wade Boggs 1/1

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Chicago White Sox

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-FT Frank Thomas
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-YM Yoan Moncada
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-FT Frank Thomas
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-HWI Hoyt Wilhelm 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-LA Luke Appling 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-RSC Ray Schalk 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-TL Ted Lyons 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-CF Carson Fulmer
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-YMO Yoan Moncada
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-YM Yoan Moncada

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Cleveland Indians

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-FL Francisco Lindor
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-OV Omar Vizquel
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-FL Francisco Lindor
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-CKL Corey Kluber
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-FL Francisco Lindor
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-FL Francisco Lindor
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-BF Bob Feller 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-BFE Bob Feller 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-BL Bob Lemon 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-EA Earl Averill 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-LB Lou Boudreau 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-LD Larry Doby 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-SC Stan Coveleski 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CKL Corey Kluber 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-FL Francisco Lindor 1/1
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-GV Andres Galarraga/Omar Vizquel
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-KL Francisco Lindor/Corey Kluber
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-VL Francisco Lindor/Omar Vizquel
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-KL Corey Kluber/Francisco Lindor
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-FL Francisco Lindor
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-OV Omar Vizquel
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-FL Francisco Lindor
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CK Corey Kluber
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CS Carlos Santana
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-OV Omar Vizquel

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Detroit Tigers

Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-CG Charlie Gehringer 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-GK George Kell 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-HG Hank Greenberg 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-TC Ty Cobb 1/1
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-JM J.D. Martinez
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-JU Justin Upton
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-VM Victor Martinez
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JV Justin Verlander 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JVE Justin Verlander 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JJ JaCoby Jones
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-JV Justin Verlander
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-AK Al Kaline
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-JV Justin Verlander 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-MC Miguel Cabrera 1/1

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Houston Astros

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-ABR Alex Bregman
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-CC Carlos Correa
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-JA Jose Altuve
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-ABR Alex Bregman
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-CC Carlos Correa
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-GSP George Springer
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JA Jose Altuve
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CB Craig Biggio
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CC Carlos Correa
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-AB Alex Bregman
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-GS George Springer
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CC Carlos Correa 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CCO Carlos Correa 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-GB Craig Biggio 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JA Jose Altuve 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-NR Nolan Ryan 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-ABR Alex Bregman
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-ABRE Alex Bregman
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JM Joe Musgrove
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-YG Yulieski Gurriel
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-YGU Yulieski Gurriel
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-BA Jose Altuve/Craig Biggio
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-BC Alex Bregman/Carlos Correa
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-CA Carlos Correa/Jose Altuve
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-BA Craig Biggio/Jose Altuve
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-BC Alex Bregman/Carlos Correa
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-CA Jose Altuve/Carlos Correa
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-ABR Alex Bregman
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-CC Carlos Correa
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-ABR Alex Bregman
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-CC Carlos Correa
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JA Jose Altuve
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CC Carlos Correa
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-CB Craig Biggio
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-ABR Alex Bregman 1/1
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-YG Yulieski Gurriel 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-CB Craig Biggio 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-CC Carlos Correa 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-CCO Carlos Correa 1/1

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Kansas City Royals

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-BJ Bo Jackson
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-BJ Bo Jackson
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-EH Eric Hosmer 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-GBR George Brett 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-HD Hunter Dozier
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-BJ Bo Jackson
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-BJ Bo Jackson
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-EH Eric Hosmer 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-GB George Brett 1/1

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Los Angeles Angels

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-MTR Mike Trout
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-MT Mike Trout
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-MTR Mike Trout
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-MTR Mike Trout
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RC Rod Carew – California Angels
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-AP Albert Pujols 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-APUJ Albert Pujols 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MTR Mike Trout 1/1
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-BT Kris Bryant/Mike Trout
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-RC Rod Carew/Nolan Ryan
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-TH Mike Trout/Bryce Harper
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-RC Rod Carew/Nolan Ryan
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-TH Mike Trout/Bryce Harper
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-TK Mike Trout/Clayton Kershaw
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-MTR Mike Trout
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-MTR Mike Trout
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-AP Albert Pujols
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-RC Rod Carew
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-AP Albert Pujols 1/1

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Minnesota Twins

Autograph Relic Collection ARC-MS Miguel Sano
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JM Joe Mauer 1/1
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-MS Miguel Sano
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-MS Miguel Sano

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New York Yankees

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-AJ Aaron Judge
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-DJ Derek Jeter
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-DM Don Mattingly
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-MT Masahiro Tanaka
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-RJ Reggie Jackson
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-AJU Aaron Judge
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-MT Masahiro Tanaka
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-AP Andy Pettitte
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-DJ Derek Jeter
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-DM Don Mattingly
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RJ Reggie Jackson
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-BD Bill Dickey 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-BR Babe Ruth 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-JD Joe DiMaggio 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-PRI Phil Rizzuto 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-RM Roger Maris 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-WH Waite Hoyt 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-APE Andy Pettitte 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CB Carlos Beltran 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-DB Dellin Betances 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-DJ Derek Jeter 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-ICH Ichiro 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MT Masahiro Tanaka 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MTE Mark Teixeira 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-AJ Aaron Judge
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-AJU Aaron Judge
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-PO Paul O’Neill/Andy Pettitte
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-PO Andy Pettitte/Paul O’Neill
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-AJ Aaron Judge
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-DJ Derek Jeter
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-DM Don Mattingly
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-MT Masahiro Tanaka
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-AJU Aaron Judge
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-MT Masahiro Tanaka
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CB Carlos Beltran
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-DB Dellin Betances
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-MTE Mark Teixeira
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-AR Alex Rodriguez
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-DJ Derek Jeter
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-DM Don Mattingly

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Oakland Athletics

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-RH Rickey Henderson
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-JC Jose Canseco
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RH Rickey Henderson
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-JF Jimmie Foxx 1/1 – Philadelphia Athletics
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-JH Jim “Catfish” Hunter 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-RH Rickey Henderson 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JC Jharel Cotton
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-RH Ryon Healy
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-RH Rickey Henderson
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-RH Rickey Henderson

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Seattle Mariners

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-RJO Randy Johnson
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-KSE Kyle Seager
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RJO Randy Johnson
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-FH Felix Hernandez 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-FHE Felix Hernandez 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-IC Ichiro 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-KSE Kyle Seager 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-NC Nelson Cruz 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-RC Robinson Cano 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-DV Dan Vogelbach
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-RJO Randy Johnson
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-KSE Kyle Seager
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-FH Felix Hernandez
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-KS Kyle Seager
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-NC Nelson Cruz
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-RJO Randy Johnson
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-FH Felix Hernandez 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-KSE Kyle Seager 1/1

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Tampa Bay Rays

Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CA Chris Archer 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-EL Evan Longoria 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-ELO Evan Longoria 1/1
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CA Chris Archer
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-EL Evan Longoria
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-ELON Evan Longoria
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-EL Evan Longoria 1/1

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Texas Rangers

Autograph Relic Collection ARC-NM Nomar Mazara
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-IR Ivan Rodriguez
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CH Cole Hamels 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-NM Nomar Mazara 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-YD Yu Darvish 1/1
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-GR Juan Gonzalez/Ivan Rodriguez
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-GR Juan Gonzalez/Ivan Rodriguez
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CH Cole Hamels
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-NM Nomar Mazara
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-IR Ivan Rodriguez
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-YD Yu Darvish 1/1

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Toronto Blue Jays

Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JDO Josh Donaldson
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RA Roberto Alomar
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JBA Jose Bautista 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JDO Josh Donaldson 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-TT Troy Tulowitzki 1/1
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-JD Josh Donaldson
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JDO Josh Donaldson
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-JB Jose Bautista
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-JDO Josh Donaldson
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-TT Troy Tulowitzki
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-RA Roberto Alomar
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-JB Jose Bautista 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-JDO Josh Donaldson 1/1

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National League

Arizona Diamondbacks

Definitive Patch Collection DPC-PG Paul Goldschmidt 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-ZG Zack Greinke 1/1
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-ZG Zack Greinke

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Atlanta Braves

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-DS Dansby Swanson
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-GM Greg Maddux
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-JS John Smoltz
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-FF Freddie Freeman
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-DS Dansby Swanson
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-FF Freddie Freeman
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CJ Chipper Jones
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-FF Freddie Freeman
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-GM Greg Maddux
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-HA Hank Aaron
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-JS John Smoltz
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-TG Tom Glavine
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-EM Eddie Mathews 1/1 – Milwaukee Braves
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-WS Warren Spahn 1/1 – Milwaukee Braves
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CJ Chipper Jones 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-FF Freddie Freeman 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-GM Greg Maddux 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JS John Smoltz 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-DS Dansby Swanson
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-DSW Dansby Swanson
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-FS Dansby Swanson/Freddie Freeman
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-JS John Smoltz/Chipper Jones
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-SG John Smoltz/Tom Glavine
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-FS Dansby Swanson/Freddie Freeman
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-JS John Smoltz/Chipper Jones
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-SG John Smoltz/Tom Glavine
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-CJ Chipper Jones
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-GM Greg Maddux
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-HA Hank Aaron
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-JS John Smoltz
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-DS Dansby Swanson
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-FF Freddie Freeman
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-CJ Chipper Jones
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-GM Greg Maddux
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-HA Hank Aaron
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-JS John Smoltz
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-TG Tom Glavine
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-DS Dansby Swanson 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-GM Greg Maddux 1/1

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Chicago Cubs

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-AR Anthony Rizzo
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-KB Kris Bryant
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-RS Ryne Sandberg
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-KB Kris Bryant
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JB Javier Baez
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-KB Kris Bryant
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-KS Kyle Schwarber
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-WC Willson Contreras
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-AD Andre Dawson
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-KB Kris Bryant
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-KS Kyle Schwarber
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RS Ryne Sandberg
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-BH Billy Herman 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-EB Ernie Banks 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-RS Ron Santo 1/1
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-AR Anthony Rizzo
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-JB Javier Baez
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-JH Jason Heyward
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-AR Anthony Rizzo 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-ARU Addison Russell 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JAR Jake Arrieta 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JB Javier Baez 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JL Jon Lester 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JLE Jon Lester 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-KB Kris Bryant 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-KS Kyle Schwarber 1/1
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-BR Anthony Rizzo/Kris Bryant
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-BT Kris Bryant/Mike Trout
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-SB Ryne Sandberg/Kris Bryant
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-RUB Javier Baez/Addison Russell
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-AR Anthony Rizzo
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-KB Kris Bryant
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-RS Ryne Sandberg
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JB Javier Baez
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-KB Kris Bryant
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-KS Kyle Schwarber
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-JL Jon Lester
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-AD Andre Dawson
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-RS Ryne Sandberg
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-AR Anthony Rizzo 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-JL Jon Lester 1/1

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Cincinnati Reds

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-JB Johnny Bench
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-JV Joey Votto
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JV Joey Votto
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-BL Barry Larkin
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-JV Joey Votto
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-BL Barry Larkin 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-BP Brandon Phillips 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JVO Joey Votto 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-KG Ken Griffey Jr. 1/1
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-BL Barry Larkin
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-JB Johnny Bench
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JV Joey Votto
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-BP Brandon Phillips
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-BL Barry Larkin
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-JB Johnny Bench
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-BL Barry Larkin 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-BP Brandon Phillips 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-JVO Joey Votto 1/1

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Colorado Rockies

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-AG Andres Galarraga
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-DD David Dahl
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-TS Trevor Story
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-AG Andres Galarraga
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-TS Trevor Story
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CG Carlos Gonzalez 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CGO Carlos Gonzalez 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-NA Nolan Arenado 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-DD David Dahl
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JH Jeff Hoffman
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-GA Bobby Abreu/Andres Galarraga
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-GV Andres Galarraga/Omar Vizquel
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-AG Andres Galarraga
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-TS Trevor Story
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CG Carlos Gonzalez
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CGO Carlos Gonzalez
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-AG Andres Galarraga
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-DD David Dahl 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-CG Carlos Gonzalez 1/1

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Los Angeles Dodgers

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-CK Clayton Kershaw
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-CS Corey Seager
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-JU Julio Urias
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-KM Kenta Maeda
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-CK Clayton Kershaw
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-CSE Corey Seager
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-KM Kenta Maeda
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-CK Clayton Kershaw
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-CSE Corey Seager
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JPE Joc Pederson
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JU Julio Urias
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-KM Kenta Maeda
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CK Clayton Kershaw
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-CS Corey Seager
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-DDR Don Drysdale 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-DS Duke Snider 1/1 – Brooklyn Dodgers
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-DSN Duke Snider 1/1 – Brooklyn Dodgers
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-JR Jackie Robinson 1/1 – Brooklyn Dodgers
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-PR Pee Wee Reese 1/1 – Brooklyn Dodgers
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CK Clayton Kershaw 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CSE Corey Seager 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-YP Yasiel Puig 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JD Jose De Leon
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-KS Corey Seager/Clayton Kershaw
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-MU Kenta Maeda/Julio Urias
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-SU Corey Seager/Julio Urias
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-VU Julio Urias/Fernando Valenzuela
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-KS Corey Seager/Clayton Kershaw
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-MU Kenta Maeda/Julio Urias
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-SU Julio Urias/Corey Seager
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-TK Mike Trout/Clayton Kershaw
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-VU Fernando Valenzuela/Julio Urias
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-CK Clayton Kershaw
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-CS Corey Seager
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-JU Julio Urias
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-SK Sandy Koufax
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-CK Clayton Kershaw
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-CSE Corey Seager
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JP Joc Pederson
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JU Julio Urias
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-KM Kenta Maeda
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-SK Sandy Koufax

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Miami Marlins

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-I Ichiro
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-I Ichiro
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-I Ichiro
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CY Christian Yelich 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CYE Christian Yelich 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-GS Giancarlo Stanton 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-I Ichiro 1/1
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-I Ichiro
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-I Ichiro
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CY Christian Yelich
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CYE Christian Yelich
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-GS Giancarlo Stanton 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-I Ichiro Ichiro 1/1

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Milwaukee Brewers

Autograph Relic Collection ARC-RB Ryan Braun
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-RY Robin Yount
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-RB Ryan Braun 1/1
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-RB Ryan Braun
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-RB Ryan Braun
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-RB Ryan Braun 1/1

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New York Mets

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-NR Nolan Ryan
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-NS Noah Syndergaard
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-JD Jacob deGrom
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-NS Noah Syndergaard
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JD Jacob deGrom
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-NS Noah Syndergaard
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-SMA Steven Matz
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-MP Mike Piazza
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-NR Nolan Ryan
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-NS Noah Syndergaard
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-CGR Curtis Granderson 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JD Jacob deGrom 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JDE Jacob deGrom 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MCO Michael Conforto 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MH Matt Harvey 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MP Mike Piazza 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-NS Noah Syndergaard 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-RA Roberto Alomar 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-SMA Steven Matz 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-TG Tom Glavine 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-YC Yoenis Cespedes 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-YCE Yoenis Cespedes 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-GC Gavin Cecchini
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-RYS Noah Syndergaard/Nolan Ryan
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-SD Jacob deGrom/Noah Syndergaard
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-RYS Noah Syndergaard/Nolan Ryan
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-SD Noah Syndergaard/Jacob deGrom
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-NR Nolan Ryan
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-NS Noah Syndergaard
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-JD Jacob deGrom
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-NS Noah Syndergaard
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-CGR Curtis Granderson
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-JD Jacob deGrom
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-MC Michael Conforto
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-MH Matt Harvey
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-SMA Steven Matz
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-YC Yoenis Cespedes
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-MP Mike Piazza
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-NR Nolan Ryan
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-JD Jacob deGrom 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-MP Mike Piazza 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-NS Noah Syndergaard 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-PM Pedro Martinez 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-RA Roberto Alomar 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-YC Yoenis Cespedes 1/1

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Philadelphia Phillies

Autograph Relic Collection ARC-MF Maikel Franco
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-SC Steve Carlton
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JA Jorge Alfaro
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-JTH Jake Thompson
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-GA Bobby Abreu/Andres Galarraga
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-SC Steve Carlton

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Pittsburgh Pirates

Autograph Relic Collection ARC-SM Starling Marte
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-LW Lloyd Waner 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-RK Ralph Kiner 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-WST Willie Stargell 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-AM Andrew McCutchen 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-AMC Andrew McCutchen 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-GP Gregory Polanco 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-SM Starling Marte 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-TG Tyler Glasnow
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-TGL Tyler Glasnow
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-SM Starling Marte
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-AM Andrew McCutchen
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-AMC Andrew McCutchen
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-GP Gregory Polanco
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-GPO Gregory Polanco
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-SM Starling Marte
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-JB Josh Bell 1/1
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-TG Tyler Glasnow 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-AM Andrew McCutchen 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-SM Starling Marte 1/1

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San Diego Padres

Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-HR Hunter Renfroe
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-HRE Hunter Renfroe
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-MM Manny Margot
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-HR Hunter Renfroe 1/1

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San Francisco Giants

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-BP Buster Posey
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-BP Buster Posey
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-BP Buster Posey
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-JP Joe Panik
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-GKE George “High Pockets” Kelly 1/1 – New York Giants
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-MI Monte Irvin 1/1 – New York Giants
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-TJ Travis Jackson 1/1 – New York Giants
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-BPO Buster Posey 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JC Johnny Cueto 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-JP Joe Panik 1/1
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-BP Buster Posey
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-BP Buster Posey
Jumbo Relic Collection DJRC-JP Joe Panik
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-BPO Buster Posey 1/1

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St. Louis Cardinals

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-MMC Mark McGwire
Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-OS Ozzie Smith
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-MCA Matt Carpenter
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-AD Aledmys Diaz
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-AR Alex Reyes
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-MCA Matt Carpenter
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-SP Stephen Piscotty
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-MMC Mark McGwire
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-OS Ozzie Smith
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-OSM Ozzie Smith
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-DD Dizzy Dean 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-ES Enos Slaughter 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-FF Frankie Frisch 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-JM Johnny Mize 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-SM Stan Musial 1/1
Definitive Cut Signatures DCS-SMU Stan Musial 1/1
Definitive Helmet Collection DHC-SP Stephen Piscotty
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-APU Albert Pujols 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-MMCG Mark McGwire 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-OS Ozzie Smith 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-YM Yadier Molina 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-AR Alex Reyes
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-ARE Alex Reyes
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-LW Luke Weaver
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-LWE Luke Weaver
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-CD Matt Carpenter/Aledmys Diaz
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-CD Aldemys Diaz/Matt Carpenter
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-CP Stephen Piscotty/Matt Carpenter
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-MMC Mark McGwire
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-OS Ozzie Smith
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-AD Aledmys Diaz
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-MCA Matt Carpenter
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-SP Stephen Piscotty
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-LB Lou Brock
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-MM Mark McGwire
Legendary Autograph Collection DCLA-OS Ozzie Smith
Rookie Nameplate Collection DRNC-LW Luke Weaver 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-MMC Mark McGwire 1/1
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-YM Yadier Molina 1/1

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Washington Nationals

Autograph Inscription Collection DCAI-BH Bryce Harper
Autograph Patch Book DAPB-BH Bryce Harper
Autograph Relic Collection ARC-BH Bryce Harper
Definitive Autograph Relic DCAR-BH Bryce Harper
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-BH Bryce Harper 1/1
Definitive Patch Collection DPC-SS Stephen Strasburg 1/1
Definitive Rookie Autographs DCRA-RL Reynaldo Lopez
Dual Autograph Collection DCDA-TH Mike Trout/Bryce Harper
Dual Autographed Patch DARC-TH Mike Trout/Bryce Harper
Framed Autograph Collection DCFA-BH Bryce Harper
Framed Autograph Patch Collection DFAP-BH Bryce Harper
Veteran Nameplate Collection DVNC-SS Stephen Strasburg 1/1

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