2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Checklist Is All Autographs, All Acetate


The 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball checklist has an air of familiarity to it. It’s also fairly straightforward in its approach. That’s because everything in the product is an autograph card done on acetate, putting a different spin on a 2017 Topps Baseball card or one from the company’s past.


2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball boxes come with just one card. They’re signed on-card and done on the clear-style acetate stock.

Clearly Authentic Autographs make up the base portion of the product. These are done with the same general design as the one used in the flagship 2017 Topps Baseball and their Clear parallels. Although the design is the same, the images are different.

Clearly Authentic Autograph parallels come in Green (/99 or less), Red (/50 or less), Blue (/25 or less), and Gold (1/1). Like the flagship set’s parallels, these can be differentiated by the triangular pennants in the background. Of course, the serial number is another easy indicator.

Reprint Autographs are the only other types of cards in 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball. These go back in time to past sets, recreating popular cards on acetate with the signature addition. One-of-one Gold cards are the only parallels for these.

In case you’re wondering what the final card might look like, here’s Omar Vizquel with one of his cards:

Checkout these really cool transparent @omarvizquel13 @topps cards! #omarvizquel #toppscards #autograph #signing

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All cards in 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball come encased in a holder.

Although Topps has used the Clearly Authentic name in the past for autographed memorabilia cards in their Strata releases, this is the brand’s debut as a standalone product. The approach is also different, opting for only autographs and leaving out the memorabilia.

2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball at a glance:

Packs per box: 1
Cards per pack: 1
Boxes per case: 20
Release date: August 16, 2017

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 1

2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Checklist


2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Autographs Checklists

Clearly Authentic Autographs Checklist

82 cards.


• Green – /99 or less
• Red – /50 or less
• Blue – /25 or less
• Gold – 1/1

CAAU-AB Andrew Benintendi
CAAU-ABR Alex Bregman
CAAU-AD Aledmys Diaz
CAAU-AJ Aaron Judge
CAAU-AJO Adam Jones
CAAU-AJU Aaron Judge
CAAU-ALB Alex Bregman
CAAU-AN Aaron Nola
CAAU-ANB Andrew Benintendi
CAAU-AR Alex Reyes
CAAU-ARE Alex Reyes
CAAU-ARI Anthony Rizzo
CAAU-ARU Addison Russell
CAAU-AT Andrew Toles
CAAU-BH Bryce Harper
CAAU-BP Buster Posey
CAAU-CF Carson Fulmer
CAAU-CK Clayton Kershaw
CAAU-CKL Corey Kluber
CAAU-CS Chris Sale
CAAU-CSE Corey Seager
CAAU-DB Dellin Betances
CAAU-DD David Dahl
CAAU-DDU Danny Duffy
CAAU-DO David Ortiz
CAAU-DSW Dansby Swanson
CAAU-DV Dan Vogelbach
CAAU-FF Freddie Freeman
CAAU-GS George Springer
CAAU-HD Hunter Dozier
CAAU-HR Hunter Renfroe
CAAU-HRE Hunter Renfroe
CAAU-I Ichiro
CAAU-JA Jorge Alfaro
CAAU-JAL Jose Altuve
CAAU-JB Javier Baez
CAAU-JC Jharel Cotton
CAAU-JD Jose De Leon
CAAU-JDE Jacob deGrom
CAAU-JH Jeff Hoffman
CAAU-JJ JaCoby Jones

CAAU-JMU Joe Musgrove
CAAU-JP Joe Panik
CAAU-JT Jake Thompson
CAAU-JTA Jameson Taillon
CAAU-JU Julio Urias
CAAU-JV Joey Votto
CAAU-KB Kris Bryant
CAAU-KM Kenta Maeda
CAAU-KSE Kyle Seager
CAAU-LG Lucas Giolito
CAAU-LW Luke Weaver
CAAU-LWE Luke Weaver
CAAU-MF Maikel Franco
CAAU-MFU Michael Fulmer
CAAU-MM Manny Machado
CAAU-MMA Manny Margot
CAAU-MO Matt Olson
CAAU-MT Masahiro Tanaka
CAAU-MTR Mike Trout
CAAU-NS Noah Syndergaard
CAAU-RB Ryan Braun
CAAU-RG Randal Grichuk
CAAU-RGS Robert Gsellman
CAAU-RH Ryon Healy
CAAU-RL Reynaldo Lopez
CAAU-RQ Roman Quinn
CAAU-RT Raimel Tapia
CAAU-SL Seth Lugo
CAAU-SMA Steven Matz
CAAU-TA Tyler Austin
CAAU-TB Ty Blach
CAAU-TG Tyler Glasnow
CAAU-TGL Tyler Glasnow
CAAU-TH Teoscar Hernandez
CAAU-TM Trey Mancini
CAAU-TN Tyler Naquin
CAAU-TS Trevor Story
CAAU-WC Willson Contreras
CAAU-YG Yulieski Gurriel
CAAU-YGU Yulieski Gurriel
CAAU-YM Yoan Moncada

Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs

39 cards.


• Gold – 1/1

CARAU-AG Andres Galarraga
CARAU-AR Addison Russell
CARAU-BJ Bo Jackson
CARAU-BJA Bo Jackson
CARAU-BP Buster Posey
CARAU-CJ Chipper Jones
CARAU-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
CARAU-CY Carl Yastrzemski
CARAU-DJ Derek Jeter
CARAU-DM Don Mattingly
CARAU-FL Francisco Lindor
CARAU-FR Frank Robinson
CARAU-FT Frank Thomas
CARAU-GM Greg Maddux
CARAU-HA Hank Aaron
CARAU-I Ichiro
CARAU-JB Johnny Bench
CARAU-JC Jose Canseco
CARAU-JD Jacob DeGrom

CARAU-JV Joey Votto
CARAU-KB Kris Bryant
CARAU-LB Lou Brock
CARAU-MMC Mark McGwire
CARAU-MT Mike Trout
CARAU-NR Nolan Ryan
CARAU-NRY Nolan Ryan
CARAU-NS Noah Syndergaard
CARAU-OC Orlando Cepeda
CARAU-OS Ozzie Smith
CARAU-OV Omar Vizquel
CARAU-RC Rod Carew
CARAU-RH Rickey Henderson
CARAU-RJ Reggie Jackson
CARAU-RJO Randy Johnson
CARAU-RS Ryne Sandberg
CARAU-SC Steve Carlton
CARAU-SK Sandy Koufax
CARAU-WB Wade Boggs

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Team Sets

2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Team Set Checklists

Want to know what cards your favorite team has in 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball? Here’s the checklist broken down by team. Scroll through or click below to go directly to that team.

Please note that parallels are not included here. Please check the main checklist in the other tab for parallel specifics.

American League

Baltimore Orioles

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AJO Adam Jones
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MM Manny Machado
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TM Trey Mancini
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-CR Cal Ripken Jr.

Checklist Top

Boston Red Sox

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AB Andrew Benintendi
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-ANB Andrew Benintendi
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-CS Chris Sale
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-DO David Ortiz
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-CY Carl Yastrzemski
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-WB Wade Boggs

Checklist Top

Chicago White Sox

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-CF Carson Fulmer
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-LG Lucas Giolito
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RL Reynaldo Lopez
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-YM Yoan Moncada
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-FT Frank Thomas

Checklist Top

Cleveland Indians

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-CKL Corey Kluber
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TN Tyler Naquin
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-FL Francisco Lindor

Checklist Top

Detroit Tigers

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JJ JaCoby Jones
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MFU Michael Fulmer
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-AKA Al Kaline

Checklist Top

Houston Astros

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-ABR Alex Bregman
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-ALB Alex Bregman
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-GS George Springer
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JAL Jose Altuve
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JMU Joe Musgrove
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TH Teoscar Hernandez
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-YG Yulieski Gurriel
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-YGU Yulieski Gurriel

Checklist Top

Kansas City Royals

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-DDU Danny Duffy
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-HD Hunter Dozier
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-BJ Bo Jackson
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-BJA Bo Jackson

Checklist Top

Los Angeles Angels

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MTR Mike Trout
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-MT Mike Trout
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-NRY Nolan Ryan – California Angels

Checklist Top

Minnesota Twins

Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-RC Rod Carew

Checklist Top

New York Yankees

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AJ Aaron Judge
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AJU Aaron Judge
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-DB Dellin Betances
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MT Masahiro Tanaka
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TA Tyler Austin
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-DJ Derek Jeter
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-DM Don Mattingly

Checklist Top

Oakland Athletics

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JC Jharel Cotton
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MO Matt Olson
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RH Ryon Healy
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-JC Jose Canseco
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-MMC Mark McGwire
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-RH Rickey Henderson
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-RJ Reggie Jackson

Checklist Top

Seattle Mariners

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-DV Dan Vogelbach
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-KSE Kyle Seager
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-I Ichiro
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-OV Omar Vizquel

Checklist Top

Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays have no cards in this set.

Checklist Top

Texas Rangers

The Rangers have no cards in this set.

Checklist Top

Toronto Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have no cards in this set.

Checklist Top

National League

Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks have no cards in this set.

Checklist Top

Atlanta Braves

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-DSW Dansby Swanson
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-FF Freddie Freeman
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-CJ Chipper Jones
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-HA Hank Aaron – Milwaukee Braves

Checklist Top

Chicago Cubs

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-ARI Anthony Rizzo
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-ARU Addison Russell
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JB Javier Baez
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-KB Kris Bryant
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-WC Willson Contreras
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-AR Addison Russell
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-GM Greg Maddux
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-KB Kris Bryant
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-RS Ryne Sandberg

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Cincinnati Reds

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JV Joey Votto
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-FR Frank Robinson
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-JB Johnny Bench
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-JV Joey Votto

Checklist Top

Colorado Rockies

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-DD David Dahl
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JH Jeff Hoffman
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RT Raimel Tapia
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TS Trevor Story

Checklist Top

Los Angeles Dodgers

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AT Andrew Toles
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-CK Clayton Kershaw
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-CSE Corey Seager
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JD Jose De Leon
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JU Julio Urias
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-KM Kenta Maeda
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-SK Sandy Koufax – Brooklyn Dodgers

Checklist Top

Miami Marlins

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-I Ichiro

Checklist Top

Milwaukee Brewers

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RB Ryan Braun

Checklist Top

New York Mets

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JDE Jacob deGrom
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-NS Noah Syndergaard
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RGS Robert Gsellman
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-SL Seth Lugo
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-SMA Steven Matz
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-JD Jacob DeGrom
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-NR Nolan Ryan
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-NS Noah Syndergaard

Checklist Top

Philadelphia Phillies

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AN Aaron Nola
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JA Jorge Alfaro
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JT Jake Thompson
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MF Maikel Franco
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RQ Roman Quinn

Checklist Top

Pittsburgh Pirates

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JTA Jameson Taillon
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TG Tyler Glasnow
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TGL Tyler Glasnow

Checklist Top

San Diego Padres

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-HR Hunter Renfroe
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-HRE Hunter Renfroe
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-MMA Manny Margot

Checklist Top

San Francisco Giants

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-BP Buster Posey
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-JP Joe Panik
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-TB Ty Blach
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-BP Buster Posey
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-OC Orlando Cepeda

Checklist Top

St. Louis Cardinals

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AD Aledmys Diaz
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-AR Alex Reyes
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-ARE Alex Reyes
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-LW Luke Weaver
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-LWE Luke Weaver
Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-RG Randal Grichuk
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-LB Lou Brock
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-OS Ozzie Smith
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-SC Steve Carlton

Checklist Top

Washington Nationals

Clearly Authentic Autographs CAAU-BH Bryce Harper
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-AG Andres Galarraga – Montreal Expos
Clearly Authentic Reprint Autographs CARAU-RJO Randy Johnson – Montreal Expos

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Comments? Questions? Contact Ryan Cracknell on Twitter @tradercracks.


Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. JEROME J. WOOD S.R. 2 April, 2017 at 18:52

    I really do like this concept but it does remind me of High-Tec, and Strata. Depending on the cost though this could be a very interesting product due to being based off of Topps flagship. Wondering though what they will do with Hi-Tec/Strata?

  2. Matt B 30 July, 2017 at 01:13

    I have a case coming. I hope its loaded with good player auto’s and not a bunch of filler autos. There are 20 box’s, which, mean 20 auto’s. You would think you can land something significant out of 20 opportunities. Hopefully I can pull a Trout, Judge, or Jeter from this case. Or maybe luck out and get all 3. LOL… No way Topps will let that happen in my case…

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