2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball Checklist Includes Shohei Ohtani


2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball

2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball has the game’s prospects covered. If you’re familiar with Leaf Trinity, you know the drill. It’s all autographs with cards coming in three different styles.

Each box has six cards.


Things begin with Patch Autographs. These have on-card autographs as well as over-sized swatches taken from player-worn jerseys.

Clear Autographs use an acetate design, giving them a translucent appearance. Again, these cards are hard-signed.

Finally, there are Trinity Autographs. These have an elegant but understated design. That’s because the majority of them come with inscriptions as well as the signatures.

As usual, all three card types come with parallels.

Players in 2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball are a mix of recent draft picks and other prospects. Brendan McKay, Ronald Acuna, Gleyber Torres and Kevin Maitan fall under this category. The checklist also has a few big names who made their MLB debuts in 2017, such as Cody Bellinger, Rhys Hoskins and Victor Robles.

A small number of Shohei Ohtani autographs were added late to the product.

2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball at a glance:

Packs per box: 1
Cards per pack: 6
Boxes per case:
Release date: March 30, 2018

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 6

2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball Checklist

Clear Autographs

79 cards.

2017 Leaf Trinity Baseball Clear Autographs Blue Ian Anderson


• Blue – /25
• Green – /10
• Red – /5
• Gold – 1/1
• Printing Plates – 1/1 (each has Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow versions)

The following players do not have Printing Plates: Anderson, Armenteros, Bellinger, Collins, Crouse, Gurriel, Gonzalez, Pint, Puk

CA-AB1 Austin Beck
CA-AF1 Alex Faedo
CA-AG1 Andres Gimenez
CA-AH1 Adam Haseley
CA-AL1 Alex Lange
CA-AR1 Amed Rosario
CA-BH1 Blake Hunt
CA-BL1 Brendon Little
CA-BM1 Brendan McKay
CA-BM3 Bryan Mata
CA-BR1 Brent Rooker
CA-BT1 Bubba Thompson
CA-CB1 Cody Bellinger
CA-CB2 Coleman Brannen
CA-CR1 Corey Ray
CA-CS1 Christopher Seise
CA-CS2 Clarke Schmidt
CA-CW1 Colton Welker
CA-DA1 Domingo Acevedo
CA-DE1 Drew Ellis
CA-DLH D.L. Hall
CA-DW1 Drew Waters
CA-ER1 Edwin Rios
CA-FT1 Fernando Tatis Jr.
CA-FT2 Freddy Tarnok
CA-GC1 Griffin Canning
CA-GD1 Greg Deichmann
CA-GH1 Garrett Hampson
CA-GS1 Gavin Sheets
CA-GT1 Gleyber Torres
CA-HC1 Hans Crouse
CA-HD1 Hagen Danner
CA-HR1 Heliot Ramos
CA-IA1 Ian Anderson
CA-JA1 Jo Adell
CA-JBB J.B. Bukauskas
CA-JD1 Jeter Downs
CA-JK1 Jeren Kendall
CA-JN1 James Nelson

CA-JP1 Joe Perez
CA-KH1 Keston Hiura
CA-KM1 Kevin Maitan
CA-KW1 Kyle Wright
CA-LA1 Lazaro Armenteros
CA-LB1 Lewis Brinson
CA-LC1 Luis Campusano
CA-LE1 Luis Escobar
CA-LG1 Lourdes Gurriel
CA-LW1 Logan Warmoth
CA-MB1 Michel Baez
CA-MG1 MacKenzie Gore
CA-MG2 Merandy Gonzalez
CA-MJM MJ Melendez
CA-MK1 Mitch Keller
CA-MS1 Matt Sauer
CA-MV1 Mark Vientos
CA-NA1 Nick Allen
CA-NP1 Nate Pearson
CA-NP2 Nick Pratto
CA-NR1 Norge Ruiz
CA-PM1 Patrick Mazeika
CA-PS1 Pavin Smith
CA-RA1 Ronald Acuna
CA-RH1 Rhys Hoskins
CA-RL1 Royce Lewis
CA-RP1 Riley Pint
CA-RV1 Ryan Vilade
CA-SB1 Shane Baz
CA-SC1 Sam Carlson
CA-SL1 Shedric Long
CA-SR1 Seth Romero
CA-TC1 Trevor Clifton
CA-TH1 Tanner Houck
CA-TL1 Tristen Lutz
CA-TR1 Trevor Rogers
CA-VR1 Victor Robles
CA-WS1 Will Smith
CA-ZC1 Zack Collins

Flashback 2016 Clear Autographs

1 card.


• Blue – /25
• Green – /10
• Red – /5
• Gold – 1/1

BA-LA1 Lazaro Armenteros

Flashback 2016 Signatures

1 card.


• Blue – /25
• Green – /10
• Red – /5
• Gold – 1/1

A-LA1 Lazaro Armenteros

Patch Autographs

65 cards.


• Platinum Spectrum Holofoil – /25
• Red Spectrum Holofoil – /10
• Silver Spectrum Holofoil – /5
• Gold Spectrum Holofoil – 1/1

PA-AB1 Austin Beck
PA-AF1 Alex Faedo
PA-AH1 Adam Haseley
PA-AL1 Alex Lange
PA-AR1 Amed Rosario
PA-BL1 Brendon Little
PA-BM1 Brendan McKay
PA-BR1 Brent Rooker
PA-BT1 Bubba Thompson
PA-CB1 Cody Bellinger – Redemption
PA-CB2 Coleman Brannen
PA-CS1 Christopher Seise
PA-CS2 Clarke Schmidt
PA-CW1 Colton Welker
PA-DE1 Drew Ellis
PA-DLH D.L. Hall
PA-DW1 Drew Waters
PA-ER1 Edwin Rios – Redemption
PA-FT1 Freddy Tarnok
PA-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr.
PA-GC1 Griffin Canning – Redemption
PA-GD1 Greg Deichmann
PA-GH1 Garrett Hampson
PA-GS1 Gavin Sheets
PA-GT1 Gleyber Torres
PA-HD1 Hagen Danner
PA-HR1 Heliot Ramos
PA-JA1 Jo Adell – Redemption
PA-JBB J.B. Bukauskas
PA-JD1 Jeter Downs
PA-JK1 Jeren Kendall
PA-JN1 James Nelson
PA-JP1 Joe Perez

PA-KH1 Keston Hiura
PA-KM1 Kevin Maitan
PA-KW1 Kyle Wright
PA-LB1 Lewis Brinson
PA-LC1 Luis Campusano
PA-LG1 Lourdes Gurriel
PA-LW1 Logan Warmoth
PA-MG1 MacKenzie Gore
PA-MG2 Merandy Gonzalez
PA-MJM MJ Melendez
PA-MK1 Mitch Keller
PA-MS1 Matt Sauer
PA-MV1 Mark Vientos
PA-NA1 Nick Allen
PA-NP1 Nate Pearson
PA-NP2 Nick Pratto – Redemption
PA-NR1 Norge Ruiz
PA-PM1 Patrick Mazeika
PA-PS1 Pavin Smith
PA-RA1 Ronald Acuna
PA-RH1 Rhys Hoskins
PA-RL1 Royce Lewis
PA-RV1 Ryan Vilade
PA-SB1 Shane Baz
PA-SC1 Sam Carlson
PA-SL1 Shedric Long
PA-SR1 Seth Romero – Redemption
PA-TC1 Trevor Clifton
PA-TH1 Tanner Houck
PA-TL1 Tristen Lutz
PA-TR1 Trevor Rogers
PA-VR1 Victor Robles


64 cards.


• Platinum Spectrum Holofoil – /25 (Ohtani /7)
• Red Spectrum Holofoil – /10 (Ohtani /5)
• Silver Spectrum Holofoil – /5 (Ohtani /3)
• Gold Spectrum Holofoil – 1/1

A-AB1 Austin Beck
A-AF1 Alex Faedo
A-AH1 Adam Haseley
A-AL1 Alex Lange
A-AR1 Amed Rosario
A-BL1 Brendon Little
A-BM1 Brendan McKay
A-BR1 Brent Rooker
A-BT1 Bubba Thompson – Some Via Redemption
A-CB1 Coleman Brannen
A-CS1 Christopher Seise
A-CW1 Colton Welker
A-DE1 Drew Ellis
A-DLH D.L. Hall
A-DW1 Drew Waters
A-ER1 Edwin Rios – Redemption
A-FT1 Freddy Tarnok
A-FTJ Fernando Tatis Jr.
A-GC1 Griffin Canning – Redemption
A-GD1 Greg Deichmann
A-GH1 Garrett Hampson
A-GS1 Gavin Sheets
A-GT1 Gleyber Torres
A-HD1 Hagen Danner
A-HR1 Heliot Ramos
A-JA1 Jo Adell – Redemption
A-JBB J.B. Bukauskas
A-JD1 Jeter Downs
A-JK1 Jeren Kendall
A-JN1 James Nelson
A-JP1 Joe Perez
A-KH1 Keston Hiura

A-KM1 Kevin Maitan
A-KW1 Kyle Wright
A-LB1 Lewis Brinson
A-LC1 Luis Campusano
A-LG1 Lourdes Gurriel
A-LW1 Logan Warmoth
A-MG1 MacKenzie Gore
A-MG2 Merandy Gonzalez
A-MJM MJ Melendez
A-MK1 Mitch Keller
A-MS1 Matt Sauer
A-MV1 Mark Vientos
A-NA1 Nick Allen
A-NP1 Nate Pearson
A-NP2 Nick Pratto
A-NR1 Norge Ruiz
A-PM1 Patrick Mazeika
A-PS1 Pavin Smith
A-RA1 Ronald Acuna
A-RH1 Rhys Hoskins
A-RL1 Royce Lewis
A-RV1 Ryan Vilade
A-SB1 Shane Baz
A-SC1 Sam Carlson
A-SL1 Shedric Long
A-SO1 Shohei Ohtani /10
A-SR1 Seth Romero – Redemption
A-TC1 Trevor Clifton
A-TH1 Tanner Houck
A-TL1 Tristen Lutz
A-TR1 Trevor Rogers
A-VR1 Victor Robles

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Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. Richard 30 October, 2017 at 13:58

    You’d think Leaf would get as much respect as Panini given that they are both licensed only by the players.
    Honestly, if their cards can be counted as RCs now, why not leaf?

    • Ryan Cracknell 30 October, 2017 at 14:37

      Leaf’s products tend to be 99.9% prospects. In instances like those, no matter whether a license is held or not, cards don’t get the RC tag. In a roundabout way, I guess licenses do matter be I know some of the players associations only allow for a couple current players at maximum to be in a product before they step in saying it needs a license. I believe in baseball a company can use one or two current players before the MLBPA requires a license from them. That’s why Leaf has used Ichiro and Albert Pujols in the past but not a lot of current guys. It’s a similar situation in football for sure as well. Not 100% on others.

  2. Randy J. 30 March, 2018 at 14:18

    It’s interesting in the Lourdes sample as well as some of the cards in the group shot that they are clearly using a logo patch swatch but can’t show that same image on the player himself.

    • Ryan Cracknell 1 April, 2018 at 23:16

      @Randy — These come from player-worn jerseys. If I understand things properly, because Leaf owns the jerseys, they can do what they like with them even though they don’t have a license.

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