2016 Upper Deck USA Football Cards Checklist and Details


Since acquiring the USA Football license, Upper Deck has tried a couple of different format including premium factory sets and traditional packs and boxes. 2016 Upper Deck USA Football changes things up again, going exclusively to the e-Pack platform.

Autographs and memorabilia cards continue to be a focal point, although the digital pack opening experience and setup makes for some new wrinkles and challenges.

While 2016 Upper Deck USA Football has packs, boxes and cases like a traditional product, it can only be opened on e-Pack. That means no wrappers. It also means that all of the cards start out in the collector’s online portfolio where they can be traded, listed for sale on COMC or have shipped (for an additional cost).

Base Set

The base set has 200 cards. It covers the USA U-19, U-18 and U-17 squads as well as Canada’s U-19 team. This is a prospecting sort of product in that players haven’t started their college play, let alone pro careers. So it’s likely that if a star emerges from the product, it won’t hit the mainstream collecting world for a few years.

Regular white-bordered base cards are digital-only. To get physical versions, collectors have to amass ten copies of the same card. Those can then be melded into a Flag Wave parallel card that’s physical.

Autographs and Memorabilia Cards

2016 Upper Deck USA Football autographs combine to land five per box. Basic autographs come from USA Football’s U-19 and U-18 teams. U-17 players are paired up for dual autographs.

Each box also has two memorabilia cards. Future Swatch returns as the running theme with a variety of basic jersey, patch and autographed patch cards for players from both sides of the border.

Achievement Cards

A handful of 2016 Upper Deck USA Football cards are not in packs. They’re only available to collectors who complete various parts of the set. For example, those that get all 200 of the Flag Wave parallels receive a Tristan Wallace card. Other Achievement Cards can be unlocked by finishing autograph and jersey card sets.

Each pack of 2016 Upper Deck USA Football costs $3.99 on the e-Pack site while 20-pack boxes run $76.99.

2016 Upper Deck USA Football at a glance:

Packs per box: 10
Cards per pack: 20
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: December 20, 2016

What to expect in a box:

• Autographs – 5
• Memorabilia Cards – 2

2016 Upper Deck USA Football Checklist

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Base Set
Memorabilia Cards

Base Set

200 cards.



• Flag Wave – combine 10 copies of same digital card.

Base cards do not have physical versions outside of Flag Wave.

1 Trevon Diggs, USA Football
2 Mohamed Jabbie, USA Football
3 Jared Mayden, USA Football
4 Mecole Hardman Jr., USA Football
5 Tristen Wallace, USA Football
6 Kameron Martin, USA Football
7 Dwayne Haskins Jr, USA Football
8 Reid Harrison-Ducros, USA Football
9 Auston Robertson, USA Football
10 Vosean Joseph, USA Football
11 N’Keal Harry, USA Football
12 Trey Udoffia, USA Football
13 Trevon Sidney, USA Football
14 Nick Starkel, USA Football
15 Alexy Jean-Baptiste, USA Football
16 Demerick Gary, USA Football
17 Braden Breeze, USA Football
18 Jordan Parker, USA Football
19 De’Andre Pierce, USA Football
20 Ron Johnson, USA Football
21 Cycoby Burch, USA Football
22 Christopher Evans, USA Football
23 Shurod Thompson, USA Football
24 Darta Lee, USA Football
25 Michael Clark, USA Football
26 Frank Martin II, USA Football
27 Ivory Jackson, USA Football
28 Trevor Speights, USA Football
29 Joe Wallace, USA Football
30 Jonathan Jones, USA Football
31 Chauncey Golston, USA Football
32 La’Mar Winston Jr, USA Football
33 Isaiah Chambers, USA Football
34 Bailey McElwain, USA Football
35 Ken McLaurin, USA Football
36 Austin Kent, USA Football
37 Matthew Hennessy, USA Football
38 Matthew Ryan, USA Football
39 Jonathan Timmons, USA Football
40 Jaquan Yulee, USA Football
41 Michael Johnson, USA Football
42 Cedrick Lattimore, USA Football
43 Johansen Domann, USA Football
44 Julio Garcia, USA Football
45 Braxton Webb, USA Football
46 Sterling Strother, USA Football
47 Cary Angeline, USA Football
48 Clifton Lewis, USA Football
49 Tristen Wallace, USA Football
50 Mecole Hardman Jr., USA Football
51 Jared Mayden, USA Football
52 Trevon Diggs, USA Football
53 Kameron Martin, USA Football
54 Jaquan Yulee, USA Football
55 Damiko Lakey, USA U-18
56 Oshea Murphy, USA U-18
57 Trevor Graham, USA U-18
58 Loren Mondy, USA U-18
59 Joshua Cook, USA U-18
60 Hunter Trueman, USA U-18
61 Geoffrey Henninger, USA U-18
62 Jeremiah Chambers, USA U-18
63 Tyler Brisgone, USA U-18
64 Dionta Defreeze, USA U-18
65 Tanner Weinfurtner, USA U-18
66 Duncan Foster, USA U-18
67 Andrew Peele, USA U-18
68 Matthew Fick, USA U-18
69 Daniel Anderson, USA U-18
70 Timmy Lele’a, USA U-18
71 Ahsani Graves-Cribbs, USA U-18
72 Lindell Stone, USA U-18
73 Reuben Donald, USA U-18
74 Trevor Russell, USA U-18
75 Aaron Moore, USA U-18
76 Idris Patterson, USA U-18
77 Eddie Lewis, USA U-18
78 Kyle Sentkowski, USA U-18
79 Eno Benjamin, USA U-18
80 DeShaun Phillips, USA U-18
81 Dondi Penick, USA U-18
82 Mohamed Sanogo, USA U-18
83 Cameron Caldron, USA U-18
84 Alec Denney, USA U-18
85 Anthony Hines III, USA U-18
86 David Camacho, USA U-18
87 Devin Gantt, USA U-18
88 George Hicks III, USA U-18
89 Khari Hill, USA U-18
90 Jalen Peats, USA U-18
91 Jelani Brown, USA U-18
92 Dallas Blacklock jr, USA U-18
93 Isaiah Robinson, USA U-18
94 Andrew Collins, USA U-18
95 Brannon Flowers, USA U-18
96 Brian Lassiter II, USA U-18
97 Issac Freytes, USA U-18
98 Shaun Roberts Jr., USA U-18
99 Aljenon Washington II, USA U-18
100 D.J. Brown, USA U-18
101 Conner Tolliver, USA U-18
102 Andre Wiley Jr., USA U-18
103 Pierce Banbury, USA U-18
104 Nikolas Afuhaamango, USA U-18
105 John Will, USA U-18
106 Jesse Sims, USA U-17
107 Dondre Baker, USA U-17
108 Jacob Lallemont, USA U-17
109 Noah Ferguson, USA U-17
110 Scott Scherzer, USA U-17
111 Parker Stone, USA U-17
112 Jokobe Brown, USA U-17
113 RaShon Bray, USA U-17
114 Dakota Allen, USA U-17
115 Taden Blaise, USA U-17
116 Logan Taylor, USA U-17
117 Christian Setter, USA U-17
118 Daniel Torres, USA U-17
119 Mitchell Moeller, USA U-17
120 Zerryn Gines, USA U-17
121 Javonte Oliphant, USA U-17
122 Jacob Brammer, USA U-17
123 Ruben Estrada, USA U-17
124 Tre’ Bugg, USA U-17
125 Anfernee Gurley, USA U-17
126 Isaiah Humphries, USA U-17
127 Jayshawn Hardy, USA U-17
128 Brandon Fouts, USA U-17
129 Eligah Hunter, USA U-17
130 Dason Dade, USA U-17
131 Kendall Pearson, USA U-17
132 Joshua Robert Maize, USA U-17
133 Keanu Freitas, USA U-17
134 Dylan McDonald, USA U-17
135 John Kirven, USA U-17
136 Nick Burkhardt, USA U-17
137 Nathan Schultz, USA U-17
138 Azizi Hearn, USA U-17
139 Jackson Yost, USA U-17
140 Jadyn Coutte, USA U-17
141 Rayden Mestas, USA U-17
142 Joshua Avila, USA U-17
143 Aloalii Laga, USA U-17
144 Chad Quick, USA U-17
145 Parker Jenks, USA U-17
146 Hunter Reed, USA U-17
147 Alec Austin, USA U-17
148 Seth Lambert, USA U-17
149 Joe Basiura, USA U-17
150 Camron Pitcher Jr., USA U-17
151 Michael Fleury, USA U-17
152 John Bailey Gullatt, USA U-17
153 David Shannon, USA U-17
154 Alain Darge, USA U-17
155 Nathaniel Knight, USA U-17
156 Rodger Holcombe, USA U-17
157 Ian Roberts, USA U-17
158 Greg Hutchins, Canada U-19
159 Jacob Janke, Canada U-19
160 Francois Rocheleau, Canada U-19
161 Chris Osei Kusi, Canada U-19
162 Giordy Belfiore, Canada U-19
163 Dynell Pierre, Canada U-19
164 Adam Machart, Canada U-19
165 Jay Yausie, Canada U-19
166 Eric Thakurdeen, Canada U-19
167 Elijah Walker, Canada U-19
168 Stavros Katsantonis, Canada U-19
169 Amen Ogbongbemiga, Canada U-19
170 Payton Hall, Canada U-19
171 Cody Peters, Canada U-19
172 Julien Bourassa, Canada U-19
173 Jesse Amankwaa, Canada U-19
174 Nicholas Dheilly, Canada U-19
175 Jack Cassar, Canada U-19
176 Lowhya Lako, Canada U-19
177 Skye King, Canada U-19
178 Liam Jensen, Canada U-19
179 Deshawn Stevens, Canada U-19
180 Jesse Gibbon, Canada U-19
181 Samuel Lefebvre, Canada U-19
182 Zackary Williams, Canada U-19
183 Isyah Obas-Cahuaza, Canada U-19
184 Connor Guillet, Canada U-19
185 Drew Desjarlais, Canada U-19
186 Pier-Oliver Lestage, Canada U-19
187 Spencer Roy, Canada U-19
188 Philippe Robitaille, Canada U-19
189 Alexander Salytchev, Canada U-19
190 Nikola Kalinic, Canada U-19
191 Samuel Maranda-Bizeau, Canada U-19
192 Lukas Brennan, Canada U-19
193 Nathan Cherry, Canada U-19
194 Liam Dobson, Canada U-19
195 Jason Price, Canada U-19
196 Ted Kubongo, Canada U-19
197 Kean Harelimana, Canada U-19
198 Dimitri Morand, Canada U-19
199 Benjamin Whiting, Canada U-19
200 Colton Hunchak, Canada U-19

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U-19 Base Autographs

45 cards. 1:7 packs.

1 Trevon Diggs
2 Mohamed Jabbie
3 Jared Mayden
4 Mecole Hardman Jr.
6 Kameron Martin
7 Dwayne Haskins Jr
8 Reid Harrison-Ducros
9 Auston Robertson
10 Vosean Joseph
11 N’Keal Harry
12 Trey Udoffia
13 Trevon Sidney
14 Nick Starkel
15 Alexy Jean-Baptiste
16 Demerick Gary
17 Braden Breeze
18 Jordan Parker
19 De’Andre Pierce
20 Ron Johnson
21 Cycoby Burch
22 Christopher Evans
23 Shurod Thompson
24 Darta Lee
25 Michael Clark
26 Frank Martin II
27 Ivory Jackson
28 Trevor Speights
30 Jonathan Jones
31 Chauncey Golston
32 La’Mar Winston Jr
33 Isaiah Chambers
34 Bailey McElwain
36 Austin Kent
37 Matthew Hennessy
38 Matthew Ryan
39 Jonathan Timmons
40 Jaquan Yulee
41 Michael Johnson
42 Cedrick Lattimore
43 Johansen Domann
44 Julio Garcia
45 Braxton Webb
46 Sterling Strother
47 Cary Angeline
48 Clifton Lewis

U-18 Base Autographs

20 cards. 1:20 packs.

55 Damiko Lakey
56 Oshea Murphy
57 Trevor Graham
58 Loren Mondy
59 Joshua Cook
60 Hunter Trueman
61 Geoffrey Henninger
62 Jeremiah Chambers
63 Tyler Brisgone
64 Dionta Defreeze
65 Tanner Weinfurtner
66 Duncan Foster
67 Andrew Peele
68 Matthew Fick
69 Daniel Anderson
70 Timmy Lele’a
71 Ahsani Graves-Cribbs
72 Lindell Stone
73 Reuben Donald
74 Trevor Russell
76 Idris Patterson
77 Eddie Lewis
78 Kyle Sentkowski
79 Eno Benjamin
80 DeShaun Phillips
81 Dondi Penick
82 Mohamed Sanogo
83 Cameron Caldron
84 Alec Denney
85 Anthony Hines III
86 David Camacho
87 Devin Gantt
88 George Hicks III
89 Khari Hill
90 Jalen Peats
91 Jelani Brown
92 Dallas Blacklock jr
93 Isaiah Robinson
94 Andrew Collins
95 Brannon Flowers
96 Brian Lassiter II
97 Issac Freytes
98 Shaun Roberts Jr.
99 Aljenon Washington II
100 D.J. Brown
101 Conner Tolliver
102 Andre Wiley Jr.
103 Pierce Banbury
104 Nikolas Afuhaamango
105 John Will

Future Swatch Autograph Patch

22 cards.

FS-AR Auston Robertson /50
FS-BB Braden Breeze /50
FS-CA Cary Angeline /50
FS-CE Christopher Evans /50
FS-FM Frank Martin II /50
FS-JJ Jonathan Jones /50
FS-JM Jared Mayden /50
FS-JP Jordan Parker /50
FS-JY Jaquan Yulee /50
FS-KM Kameron Martin /50
FS-LW La’Mar Winston Jr /50
FS-MH Mecole Hardman Jr. /50
FS-NH N’Keal Harry /50
FS-NS Nick Starkel /50
FS-RH Reid Harrison-Ducros /50
FS-RJ Ron Johnson /50
FS-SP Trevor Speights /50
FS-ST Shurod Thompson /50
FS-TS Trevon Sidney /50
FS-TU Trey Udoffia /50
FS-TW Tristen Wallace /50
FS-VJ Vosean Joseph /50

Dual Autographs

26 cards. 1:20 packs.

DA-AB Jacob Brammer/Alec Austin
DA-AM Dakota Allen/Rayden Mestas
DA-BA Joshua Avila/Taden Blaise
DA-BB RaShon Bray/Jokobe Brown
DA-BF Michael Fleury/Nick Burkhardt
DA-CB Joe Basiura/Jadyn Coutte
DA-FG Keanu Freitas/Anfernee Gurley
DA-GF Brandon Fouts/Zerryn Gines
DA-GY Jackson Yost/Anfernee Gurley
DA-HH Jayshawn Hardy/Eligah Hunter
DA-HP Kendall Pearson/Isaiah Humphries
DA-JE Ruben Estrada/Parker Jenks
DA-KH Rodger Holcombe/Nathaniel Knight
DA-LD Seth Lambert/Dason Dade
DA-MG John Bailey Gullatt/Dylan McDonald
DA-OH Javonte Oliphant/Azizi Hearn
DA-PB Camron Pitcher Jr./Dondre Baker
DA-QF Noah Ferguson/Chad Quick
DA-RM Joshua Robert Maize/Hunter Reed
DA-SB Tre’ Bugg/Christian Setter
DA-SD Alain Darge/David Shannon
DA-SL Nathan Schultz/Jacob Lallemont
DA-SM Parker Stone/Mitchell Moeller
DA-SR Ian Roberts/Jesse Sims
DA-ST Daniel Torres/Scott Scherzer
DA-TK Logan Taylor/John Kirven

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Memorabilia Cards

Future Swatch Jersey

22 cards. 1:20 packs.

2016 Upper Deck USA Football Future Swatch Trevon Sidney

FS-AR Auston Robertson
FS-BB Braden Breeze
FS-CA Cary Angeline
FS-CE Christopher Evans
FS-FM Frank Martin II
FS-JJ Jonathan Jones
FS-JM Jared Mayden
FS-JP Jordan Parker
FS-JY Jaquan Yulee
FS-KM Kameron Martin
FS-LW La’Mar Winston Jr
FS-MH Mecole Hardman Jr.
FS-NH N’Keal Harry
FS-NS Nick Starkel
FS-RH Reid Harrison-Ducros
FS-RJ Ron Johnson
FS-SP Trevor Speights
FS-ST Shurod Thompson
FS-TS Trevon Sidney
FS-TU Trey Udoffia
FS-TW Tristen Wallace
FS-VJ Vosean Joseph

Future Swatch Patch

22 cards.

LP-AR Auston Robertson /10
LP-BB Braden Breeze /10
LP-CA Cary Angeline /10
LP-CE Christopher Evans /10
LP-FM Frank Martin II /10
LP-JJ Jonathan Jones /10
LP-JM Jared Mayden /10
LP-JP Jordan Parker /10
LP-JY Jaquan Yulee /10
LP-KM Kameron Martin /10
LP-LW La’Mar Winston Jr /10
LP-MH Mecole Hardman Jr. /10
LP-NH N’Keal Harry /10
LP-NS Nick Starkel /10
LP-RH Reid Harrison-Ducros /10
LP-RJ Ron Johnson /10
LP-SP Trevor Speights /10
LP-ST Shurod Thompson /10
LP-TS Trevon Sidney /10
LP-TU Trey Udoffia /10
LP-TW Tristen Wallace /10
LP-VJ Vosean Joseph /10

Flag Swatch Patch

22 cards.

LP-AR Auston Robertson 1/1
LP-BB Braden Breeze 1/1
LP-CA Cary Angeline 1/1
LP-CE Christopher Evans 1/1
LP-FM Frank Martin II 1/1
LP-JJ Jonathan Jones 1/1
LP-JM Jared Mayden 1/1
LP-JP Jordan Parker 1/1
LP-JY Jaquan Yulee 1/1
LP-KM Kameron Martin 1/1
LP-LW La’Mar Winston Jr 1/1
LP-MH Mecole Hardman Jr. 1/1
LP-NH N’Keal Harry 1/1
LP-NS Nick Starkel 1/1
LP-RH Reid Harrison-Ducros 1/1
LP-RJ Ron Johnson 1/1
LP-SP Trevor Speights 1/1
LP-ST Shurod Thompson 1/1
LP-TS Trevon Sidney 1/1
LP-TU Trey Udoffia 1/1
LP-TW Tristen Wallace 1/1
LP-VJ Vosean Joseph 1/1

Future Swatch Jersey Canada

6 cards. 1:20 packs.

2016 Upper Deck USA Football Future Watch Canada

CFS-AO Amen Ogbongbemiga 1/1
CFS-DM Dimitri Morand 1/1
CFS-GB Giordy Belfiore 1/1
CFS-SK Stavros Katsantonis 1/1
CFS-TK Ted Kubongo 1/1
CFS-JJ Jacob Janke 1/1

Future Swatch Canada Patch

3 cards.

CFS-AO Amen Ogbongbemiga /15
CFS-DM Dimitri Morand /15
CFS-SK Stavros Katsantonis /15

Future Swatch Canada Logo Patch

3 cards.

CFS-AO Amen Ogbongbemiga /10
CFS-DM Dimitri Morand /10
CFS-SK Stavros Katsantonis /10

Flag Swatch Patch Canada

6 cards.

CLP-AO Amen Ogbongbemiga 1/1
CLP-DM Dimitri Morand 1/1
CLP-GB Giordy Belfiore 1/1
CLP-SK Stavros Katsantonis 1/1
CLP-TK Ted Kubongo 1/1
CLP-JJ Jacob Janke 1/1

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USA Football Header

1 card.

R1 USA Football

Patriotic Prospects

5 cards.

P1 Tristen Wallace – Achievement Card for completing Flag Wave set by June 30, 2017
P2 Trevon Sidney – Achievement Card for completing U18 and U19 Autographs set by June 30, 2017
P3 Dwayne Haskins Jr – Achievement Card for completing USA and Canada Future Swatch sets by June 30, 2017
P4 Mecole Hardman Jr. – Those with Achievement Cards P1-P3 can exchange for P4
P5 Mecole Hardman Jr. – Autographed Achievement Card for being one of the first five collectors to get Achievement Cards P1-P3

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  1. Daryl Powell 27 December, 2016 at 08:20

    What is the fascination with digital cards? All it is is a picture of something. Whoopee!!! I’d much rather have an actual card I could hold in my hand

  2. claude mccullough 28 December, 2016 at 07:14

    actually ryan , this product does NOT have a physical card per pack …

    marvel masterpiece and ultimate collection both consist of ONLY physical cards…

    fusion offers NO physical cards in packs ….

    compendium offers no physical cards other than printing plates in packs…

    upper deck hockey 1 & 2 , goodwin champions , alen , and doctor strange all featured an average of 1 physical card per pack though some packs of ud 1 & 2 did contain 2….

    mvp and usa football both include physical cards , but they are definitely not inserted at an average of one per pack….

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