2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist and Details


In the wise words of the great Fatboy Slim (and interpreted through dance by the even greater Christopher Walken), “You can go with this, or you can go with that.” 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions goes with this, that and everywhere in between. The product’s eclectic mix returns covering many areas of sports and beyond — including the other side of the looking glass.

Each 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions hobby box has three premium inserts. These are a mix of autographs, memorabilia, World War II relics, manufactured patch cards, audio cards and more.

2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Holly Holm Autograph

Base Set

The main part of the 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions set has 100 cards. From there, another 100, all short prints, round things out. Subjects cover sports big, small, everywhere in between and beyond. Current athletes are mixed in with stars from the past. This is a set where underrepresented sports and their stars get some attention.

The 100 short prints are divided into two equal parts: Black and White High Numbers and Goudey.

Mini cards, which are inserted six per box, add another layer to things. These come in several levels including Canvas, Cloth (/25), Leather (/16), Lumberjack Back Wood (/8) and Gold (1/1).


2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions uses on-card signatures. This is the first set to have autographs of former UFC champion Holly Holms. Other signers include Wayne Gretzky, LeBron James, Kevin Smith, Paige VanZant, Mark Messier and Tom Glavine.

Goodwin Autographs are the most common of the autographs in the product. They’re inserted 1:26 hobby packs, which is almost one per box. Inscribed versions also exist, numbered to varying amounts.

Other signed inserts include Goudey Autographs (1:320), Sport Royalty Autographs (1:2,560), Sport Royalty Dual Autographs (1:10,560), and Goodwin Cut Signatures.

Memorabilia Cards

Much of the memorabilia in 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions comes on cards that are a lot like base set parallels. Basic Goodwin Memorabilia cards are inserted 1:30 packs. Dual-swatch versions land 1:960 packs. There are also Black and White (1:300) and Goudey Memorabilia (1:150). Each of these have numbered premium versions.

Sport Royalty transfers over to this part of the product as well. Regular single-relic cards fall 1:960 packs while duals are twice as tough at 1:1,920 packs. Both also have premium versions that are numbered to varying amounts.

Other Premium Inserts

For several years, Upper Deck has used Goodwin Champions as a platform for some different types of premium inserts. These highlight history and art in different forms.

Origin of Species manufactured patches (1:64) close out their three-year run with 100 more cards. As with previous installments, they come in several tiers of varying rarity: Herbivores (40 cards, 1:96), Predators (20 cards, 1:251), Winged (15 cards, 1:484), Water/Amphibian (12 cards, 1:907), Primates (ten cards, 1:1,813), and Humans (three cards, 1:9.067).

3-D cards also return, this time with a theme of The Supernaturals (1:80). Like the patch cards, some are harder to find than others. 3-D cards come in six levels: America and the Pacific (13 cards, 1:126), Africa and the Middle East (ten cards, 1:218), Asia (seven cards, 1:466), Europe (five cards, 1:870), Ancient Rome (four cards, 1:1,632), and Ancient Greece (three cards, 1:4,352). Ancient Greece cards are the rarest with a stated print run of 25 copies each.

Artist Layron DeJarnette has also signed 25 copies of each Supernatural card.

Historical Rhetoric Audio Booklet cards return. These have clips from famous speeches. Winston Churchill’s Finest Hour, Dwight Eisenhower’s D-Day Invasion Address and Napoleon’s Farewell Address are among the moments in history encapsulated on these cards.

Sticking with the historical theme are Declaration of Independence Facsimile Signature cards. Numbered to 76 copies each, these aren’t authentic autographs.

After a couple of years of recreating famous paintings, Goodwin Masterpieces take a different approach in 2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Painted Booklets include high-end pieces of painted artwork illustrating key parts from the book. The set has 21 cards that are arranged according to how the story unfolds. Each is numbered to 10.

The Alice in Wonderland theme continues with relic cards that have cut pages from early editions of the classic book.

Museum Collection

2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Industry Summit Museum Collection Signatures Lauren Bruner

Moving up in time from 2015’s Old West theme, Museum Collection honors those who served in World War II. These are done in a few different ways. Museum Collection WWII Signatures (20 cards, 1:160) are signed by American veterans of the war.

WWII Museum Collection Relics (1:320) have memorabilia from the battlefront and beyond embedded in them. These include U.S. medal ribbon bars, Royal Air Force, British Paratrooper and Italian Naval Service badges, and P.O.W. ID tags.

2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions also has the first Museum Collection Booklet Relics (1:1,209).

2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions at a glance:

Packs per box: 20
Cards per pack: 5
Boxes per case: 16 (8 per inner case)
Set size: 200 cards
Release date: July, 2016

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs, Memorabilia Cards and Other Premium Inserts – 3 Total
  • Mini Cards – 6
  • Goudey Cards – 5
  • Black and White High Series Short Prints – 5

2016 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist

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Base Set
Memorabilia Cards
Museum Collection
Goodwin Champions Updates

Base Set

150 cards.

Base Cards

50 cards.


Odds are combined for all three subsets.

• Minis – 1:4 hobby, 1:3.3 ePack
• Canvas Minis – 1:12 hobby, 1:10 ePack
• Cloth Lady Luck Minis – /25
• Black Metal Magician Minis – /16
• Wood Lumberjack Minis – /8
• Gold Presidential Minis – 1/1
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1

1 Michael Jordan, Basketball
2 Wayne Gretzky, Hockey
3 Tiger Woods, Golf
4 LeBron James, Basketball
5 Mario Lemieux, Hockey
6 John Havlicek, Basketball
7 Patrick Roy, Hockey
8 Kevin Harvick, Motorsports
9 Martin Brodeur, Hockey
10 Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
11 Bret Hart, Wrestling
12 Tom Glavine, Baseball
13 CM Punk, MMA
14 Miesha Tate, MMA
15 Robbie Maddison, Motorsports
16 Aly Raisman, Gymnastics
17 Randy Caballero, Boxing
18 Justin Thomas, Golf
19 Christie Rampone, Soccer
20 Tom Mongoose McEwen, Drag Racing
21 Justin Gatlin, Track & Field
22 Inbee Park, Golf
23 Tom Shields, Swimming
24 Paige VanZant, MMA
25 Robert Streb, Golf
26 Tony Azevedo, Water Polo
27 David Boudia, Diving
28 Amanda Bingson, Hammer Throw
29 Daniel Berger, Golf
30 Aito Iguchi, Hockey
31 Khatuna Lorig, Archery
32 Joe Kovacs, Track & Field
33 Jessica Korda, Golf
34 Troy Merritt, Golf
35 Erica Enders, Motorsports
36 Haley Anderson, Swimming
37 Kaylyn Kyle, Soccer
38 Phil Mack, Rugby
39 Damian Warner, Decathlon
40 Tommy Jones, Bowling
41 Zack Test, Rugby
42 Courtney Mathewson, Water Polo
43 Paige Selenski, Field Hockey
44 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Cross Fit
45 Sasha Digiulian, Climbing
46 John Moonlight, Rugby
47 Vaughn Gittin Jr., Drift Racing
48 Michal Smolen, Kayak
49 Stefanie Johnson, Bowling
50 Melissa Baker, Model

Base – Horizontal

50 cards.


Odds are combined for all three subsets.

• Minis – 1:4 hobby, 1:3.3 ePack
• Canvas Minis – 1:12 hobby, 1:10 ePack
• Cloth Lady Luck Minis – /25
• Black Metal Magician Minis – /16
• Wood Lumberjack Minis – /8
• Gold Presidential Minis – 1/1
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1

51 Michael Jordan, Basketball
52 Wayne Gretzky, Hockey
53 Tiger Woods, Golf
54 LeBron James, Basketball
55 Mario Lemieux, Hockey
56 John Havlicek, Basketball
57 Patrick Roy, Hockey
58 Kevin Harvick, Motorsports
59 Martin Brodeur, Hockey
60 Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
61 Bret Hart, Wrestling
62 Tom Glavine, Baseball
63 CM Punk, MMA
64 Miesha Tate, MMA
65 Robbie Maddison, Motorsports
66 Aly Raisman, Gymnastics
67 Randy Caballero, Boxing
68 Justin Thomas, Golf
69 Christie Rampone, Soccer
70 Tom Mongoose McEwen, Drag Racing
71 Justin Gatlin, Track & Field
72 Inbee Park, Golf
73 Tom Shields, Swimming
74 Paige VanZant, MMA
75 Robert Streb, Golf
76 Tony Azevedo, Water Polo
77 David Boudia, Diving
78 Amanda Bingson, Hammer Throw
79 Daniel Berger, Golf
80 Aito Iguchi, Hockey
81 Khatuna Lorig, Archery
82 Joe Kovacs, Track & Field
83 Jessica Korda, Golf
84 Troy Merritt, Golf
85 Erica Enders, Motorsports
86 Haley Anderson, Swimming
87 Kaylyn Kyle, Soccer
88 Phil Mack, Rugby
89 Damian Warner, Decathlon
90 Tommy Jones, Bowling
91 Zack Test, Rugby
92 Courtney Mathewson, Water Polo
93 Paige Selenski, Field Hockey
94 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Cross Fit
95 Sasha Digiulian, Climbing
96 John Moonlight, Rugby
97 Vaughn Gittin Jr., Drift Racing
98 Michal Smolen, Kayak
99 Stefanie Johnson, Bowling
100 Melissa Baker, Model

Base Black and White SP

50 cards. 1:4 packs.


Odds are combined for all three subsets.

• Minis – 1:4 hobby, 1:3.3 ePack
• Canvas Minis – 1:12 hobby, 1:10 ePack
• Cloth Lady Luck Minis – /25
• Black Metal Magician Minis – /16
• Wood Lumberjack Minis – /8
• Gold Presidential Minis – 1/1
• Printing Plates Black – 1/1
• Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1
• Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1
• Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1

101 John Havlicek, Basketball
102 Bret Hart, Wrestling
103 Wayne Gretzky, Hockey
104 Michael Jordan, Basketball
105 Patrick Roy, Hockey
106 Mario Lemieux, Hockey
107 Tom Glavine, Baseball
108 Martin Brodeur, Hockey
109 Tom Mongoose McEwen, Drag Racing
110 Khatuna Lorig, Archery
111 Christie Rampone, Soccer
112 Kevin Harvick, Motorsports
113 Tiger Woods, Golf
114 CM Punk, MMA
115 Tommy Jones, Bowling
116 Vaughn Gittin Jr., Drift Racing
117 Robbie Maddison, Motorsports
118 Tony Azevedo, Water Polo
119 Justin Gatlin, Track & Field
120 Erica Enders, Motorsports
121 Stefanie Johnson, Bowling
122 Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
123 LeBron James, Basketball
124 Phil Mack, Rugby
125 Troy Merritt, Golf
126 Miesha Tate, MMA
127 Courtney Mathewson, Water Polo
128 John Moonlight, Rugby
129 Melissa Baker, Model
130 Inbee Park, Golf
131 Kaylyn Kyle, Soccer
132 Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Cross Fit
133 David Boudia, Diving
134 Joe Kovacs, Track & Field
135 Aito Iguchi, Hockey
136 Zack Test, Rugby
137 Damian Warner, Decathlon
138 Amanda Bingson, Hammer Throw
139 Paige Selenski, Field Hockey
140 Randy Caballero, Boxing
141 Tom Shields, Swimming
142 Haley Anderson, Swimming
143 Sasha Digiulian, Climbing
144 Jessica Korda, Golf
145 Daniel Berger, Golf
146 Justin Thomas, Golf
147 Robert Streb, Golf
148 Paige VanZant, MMA
149 Michal Smolen, Kayak
150 Aly Raisman, Gymnastics

Photo Variations

9 cards. 1:1,080 packs.

SP-1 Michael Jordan, Basketball
SP-2 LeBron James, Basketball
SP-3 Wayne Gretzky, Hockey
SP-4 Tiger Woods, Golf
SP-5 Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
SP-6 Bret Hart, Wrestling
SP-7 CM Punk, MMA
SP-8 Aly Raisman, Gymnastics
SP-9 Paige VanZant, MMA

Short Prints

1 card. 1:1,280 packs.

SP-1 Ben Simmons, Basketball

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46 cards. 1:27 hobby, 1:53 ePacks (Group A – 1:5,584; Group B – 1:871; Group C – 1:576; Group D – 1:29)

Base Inscriptions
A-AB Amanda Bingson Hammer Throw D /50
A-AR Aly Raisman Gymnastics D /50
A-BH Bret Hart Wrestling C /25
A-BO David Boudia Diving D /50
A-BS Ben Simmons n/a /25
A-CL Camille Leblanc-Bazinet Cross Fit D /50
A-CM Courtney Mathewson Water Polo D /50
A-CP CM Punk MMA C /25
A-CR Christie Rampone Soccer D /50
A-DB Daniel Berger Golf D /50
A-DW Damian Warner Decathlon D /50
A-EE Erica Enders Motorsports D /50
A-FP Felix Potvin Hockey B /25
A-HA Haley Anderson Swimming D /50
A-HH Holly Holm MMA A /10
A-IA Aito Iguchi Hockey D /50
A-IP Inbee Park Golf D /50
A-JB Johnny Bucyk Hockey B 25
A-JG Justin Gatlin Track & Field D /75
A-JH John Havlicek Basketball B /25
A-JK Joe Kovacs Track & Field D /50
A-JL John LeClair Hockey B /25
A-JM John Moonlight Rugby D /50
A-JT Justin Thomas Golf D /50
A-KK Kaylyn Kyle Soccer D n/a
A-KL Khatuna Lorig Archery n/a 500
A-KO Jessica Korda Golf D /50
A-KS Kevin Smith Culture C /25
A-MB Melissa Baker Model D /50
A-ME Troy Merritt Golf D /50
A-MS Martin St. Louis Hockey C n/a
A-MT Miesha Tate MMA D /50
A-PM Phil Mack Rugby D /50
A-PS Paige Selenski Field Hockey D /50
A-PV Paige VanZant MMA D /50
A-RC Randy Caballero Boxing D /50
A-RM Robbie Maddison Motorsports D n/a
A-RS Robert Streb Golf D /50
A-SD Sasha Digiulian Climbing D /75
A-SJ Stefanie Johnson Bowling D /50
A-SM Michal Smolen Kayak D /50
A-TA Tony Azevedo Water Polo D /50
A-TJ Tommy Jones Bowling D /50
A-TS Tom Shields Swimming D /50
A-VG Vaughn Gittin Jr. Drift Racing D /50
A-ZT Zack Test Rugby D /50

Black and White Autographs

10 cards. 1:1,280 packs (Group A – 1:24,235; Group B – 1:17,310; Group C – 1:9,694; Group D – 1:1,727)

BA-AR Aly Raisman, Gymnastics D
BA-HH Holly Holm, MMA B
BA-JH John Havlicek, Basketball C
BA-LJ LeBron James, Basketball B
BA-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing D
BA-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball A
BA-RM Robbie Maddison, Motorsports D
BA-TW Tiger Woods, Golf A
BA-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey A

Cut Signatures

33 cards.

AH Anthony Hopkins, Culture 1/1
BH Bob Hope, Culture 1/1
CD Charles Dickens, Culture 1/1
CL Curly Lambeau, Culture 1/1
CR Christopher Reeve, Culture 1/1
DH Dustin Hoffman, Culture 1/1
DO Jimmy Doolittle, Culture 1/1
DS Dean Smith, Basketball 1/1
EH Ernest Hemingway, Culture 1/1
GA Gene Autry, Culture 1/1
GC George Clooney, Culture 1/1
GP Gregory Peck, Culture 1/1
HA Helen Hayes, Culture 1/1
JC John Candy, Culture 1/1
JJ Jesse Jackson, Culture 1/1
JKC Jack Kent Cooke, Football 1/1
JL Jack Lalane, Culture 1/1
JW John Wooden, Basketball 1/1
LG Lillian Gish, Culture 1/1
LP Laffit Pincay Jr., Horse Racing 1/1
MJ Michael Jackson, Culture 1/1
RB Richard Byrd, Culture 1/1
RT Ron Turcotte, Horse Racing 1/1
SH Martin Sheen, Culture 1/1
SS Stan Smith, Tennis 1/1
ST Shirley Temple, Culture 1/1
SW Patrick Swayze, Culture 1/1
WB Warren Beatty, Culture 1/1
WC Wilt Chamberlain, Basketball 1/1
WE Weeb Ewbank, Football 1/1
WG Whoopi Goldberg, Culture 1/1
WH Woody Hayes, Football 1/1
ZG Zsa Zsa Gabor, Culture 1/1

Cut Signatures Oversized

32 cards. Distributed via planned redemption program for hobby packs. Included in ePacks.

AW Andy Warhol, Culture 1/1
BG Bernie Geoffrion, Hockey 1/1
BL Mel Blanc, Culture 1/1
BN Bronko Nagurski, Football 1/1
BS Britney Spears, Culture 1/1
BW Billy Wilder, Culture 1/1
FW Fay Wray, Culture 1/1
HF Harrison Ford, Culture 1/1
HJ Hugh Jackman, Culture 1/1
JB Jim Brown, Football 1/1
JD Joe DiMaggio, Baseball 1/1
JM Joe McCarthy, Baseball 1/1
JW Jersey Joe Walcott, Boxing 1/1
KW Kate Winslet, Culture 1/1
LA Luke Appling, Baseball 1/1
LS Leon Spinks, Culture 1/1
MD Marlene Dietrich, Culture 1/1
MO Maureen O’Hara, Culture 1/1
MS Max Schmeling, Culture 1/1
NL Nap Lajoie, Baseball 1/1
PB Paul “Bear” Bryant, Football 1/1
PL Peter Lawford, Culture 1/1
RC Roberto Clemente, Baseball 1/1
RG Red Grange, Football 1/1
RM Ricardo Montalban, Culture 1/1
RU Russell Crowe, Culture 1/1
RW Richard Widmark, Culture 1/1
SG Sid Gillman, Football 1/1
TF Tom Fears, Football 1/1
TS Tex Schramm, Football 1/1
VP Vincent Price, Culture 1/1
WP Walter Payton, Football 1/1
RED Redemption Card

Goudey Autographs

25 cards. 1:320 packs (Group A – 1:119,716; Group B – 1:30,784; Group C – 1:7,280; Group D – 1:1,796; Group E – 1:1,247; Group F – 1:630)

GA-AR Aly Raisman, Gymnastics E
GA-BH Bret Hart, Wrestling D
GA-BO David Boudia, Diving F
GA-CR Christie Rampone, Soccer F
GA-DB Daniel Berger, Golf F
GA-DH Dominik Hasek, Hockey C
GA-HH Holly Holm, MMA B
GA-IP Inbee Park, Golf F
GA-JG Justin Gatlin, Track & Field E
GA-JH John Havlicek, Basketball C
GA-JR Jeremy Roenick, Hockey D
GA-JT Justin Thomas, Golf F
GA-KH Kevin Harvick, Motorsports D
GA-LJ LeBron James, Basketball A
GA-LK Larry King, Culture E
GA-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing D
GA-MM Mark Messier, Hockey C
GA-MT Miesha Tate, MMA E
GA-PV Paige VanZant, MMA F
GA-RC Randy Caballero, Boxing F
GA-RM Robbie Maddison, Motorsports E
GA-TG Tom Glavine, Baseball D
GA-TM Tom Mongoose McEwen, Drag Racing E
GA-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey B

Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs

11 cards. 1:2,560 packs (Group A – 1:200,192; Group B – 1:52,582; Group C – 1:19,627; Group D – 1:3,168)

SR-BS Ben Simmons, Basketball D
SR-HH Holly Holm, MMA C
SR-JH John Havlicek, Basketball D
SR-KH Kevin Harvick, Motorsports D
SR-LJ LeBron James, Basketball B
SR-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing D
SR-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball C
SR-ML Mario Lemieux, Hockey C
SR-TG Tom Glavine, Baseball D
SR-TW Tiger Woods, Golf A
SR-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey B

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Autographs

4 cards. 1:10,560 packs (Group A – 1:63,360; Group B – 1:38,016; Group C – 1:19,008)

SR2-GL Wayne Gretzky/Mario Lemieux, Hockey A
SR2-HG Dominik Hasek/Wayne Gretzky, Hockey A
SR2-HP Bret Hart/CM Punk, Wrestling/MMA C
SR2-HT Holly Holm/Miesha Tate, MMA B

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Memorabilia Cards

Black and White Memorabilia

7 cards. 1:300 hobby, 1:600 ePacks (Group A – 1:1,740; Group B – 1:1,269; Group C – 1:508)

BWM-AR Aly Raisman, Gymnastics – Leotard C
BWM-LJ LeBron James, Basketball – Jersey A
BWM-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing – Ski Bib B
BWM-PV Paige VanZant, MMA – Hoodie C
BWM-RC Randy Caballero, Boxing – Trunks C
BWM-TS Tom Shields, Swimming – Swimsuit B
BWM-TW Tiger Woods, Golf – Jersey A

Black and White Memorabilia Premium Series

8 cards.

BWM-AR Aly Raisman, Gymnastics – Leotard /25
BWM-LJ LeBron James, Basketball – Patch /25
BWM-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing – Patch /25
BWM-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball – Floor /25
BWM-PV Paige VanZant, MMA – Hoodie /16
BWM-RC Randy Caballero, Boxing – Trunks /50
BWM-TS Tom Shields, Swimming – Swimsuit /6
BWM-TW Tiger Woods, Golf – Glove 15

Goudey Memorabilia

9 cards. 1:150 hobby, 1:450 ePacks (Group A – 1:1,650; Group B – 1:448; Group C – 1:261)

GM-AR Aly Raisman, Gymnastics – Leotard B
GM-BE Daniel Berger, Golf – Shirt B
GM-DB David Boudia, Diving – Swimsuit A
GM-IP Inbee Park, Golf – Shirt B
GM-JK Jessica Korda, Golf – Shirt C
GM-JT Justin Thomas, Golf – Shirt C
GM-KO Joe Kovacs, Track & Field – Shirt C
GM-MB Melissa Baker, Model – Swimsuit A
GM-RS Robert Streb, Golf – Shirt C

Goudey Memorabilia Premium Series

9 cards. 1:1,641 packs (Group A – 1:29,280; Group B – 1:8,080; Group C – 1:6,596; Group D – 1:3,064)

GM-AR Aly Raisman, Gymnastics – Leotard B
GM-BE Daniel Berger, Golf – Shirt B
GM-DB David Boudia, Diving – Swimsuit D
GM-IP Inbee Park, Golf – Shirt B
GM-JK Jessica Korda, Golf – Shirt D
GM-JT Justin Thomas, Golf – Shirt A
GM-KO Joe Kovacs, Track & Field – Shirt C
GM-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball – Floor C
GM-RS Robert Streb, Golf – Shirt B

Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia

4 cards. 1:960 packs (Group A – 1:7,200; Group B – 1:4,800; Group C – 1:3,600; Group D – 1:2,400)

SRM-LJ LeBron James, Basketball – Jersey A
SRM-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing – Ski Bib D
SRM-TW Tiger Woods, Golf – Jersey C
SRM-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey – Jersey B

Goudey Sport Royalty Memorabilia Premium Series

5 cards.

SRM-LJ LeBron James, Basketball – Patch /15
SRM-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing – Patch /15
SRM-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball – Floor /15
SRM-TW Tiger Woods, Golf – Golf Bag /15
SRM-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey – Stick /15

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Swatch

5 cards. 1:920 packs (Group A – 1:8,320; Group B – 1:2,496)

SRM2-LJ LeBron James, Basketball – Jersey A
SRM2-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing – Ski Bib B
SRM2-MT Miesha Tate, MMA – Shirt B
SRM2-TW Tiger Woods, Golf – Jersey B
SRM2-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey – Jersey A

Goudey Sport Royalty Dual Swatch Premium Series

5 cards.

SRM2-LJ LeBron James, Basketball – Patch /10
SRM2-LV Lindsey Vonn, Skiing – Patch /10
SRM2-MT Miesha Tate, MMA – Shirt /10
SRM2-TW Tiger Woods, Golf – Glove /10
SRM2-WG Wayne Gretzky, Hockey – Stick /10


22 cards. 1:30 hobby, 1:240 ePacks (Group A – 1:12,634; Group B – 1:4,512; Group C – 1:1,263; Group D – 1:275; Group E – 1:111; Group F – 1:51)

M-AB Amanda Bingson, Hammer Throw – Jersey F
M-AI Aito Iguchi, Hockey – Jersey F
M-BE Daniel Berger, Golf – Shirt E
M-CM Courtney Mathewson, Water Polo – Swimsuit D
M-EE Erica Enders, Motorsports – Shirt F
M-HA Haley Anderson, Swimming – Swin Cap B
M-IP Inbee Park, Golf – Shirt E
M-JG Justin Gatlin, Track & Field – Singlet F
M-JK Joe Kovacs, Track & Field – Shirt E
M-JT Justin Thomas, Golf – Shirt F
M-KO Jessica Korda, Golf – Shirt E
M-MB Melissa Baker, Model – Swimsuit C
M-ME Troy Merritt, Golf – Shirt F
M-MS Michal Smolen, Kayak – Jersey C
M-MT Miesha Tate, MMA – Shirt D
M-PV Paige VanZant, MMA – Hoodie D
M-RC Randy Caballero, Boxing – Trunks E
M-RS Robert Streb, Golf – Shirt F
M-SD Sasha Digiulian, Climbing – Tank Top E
M-TJ Tommy Jones, Bowling – Shirt F
M-TS Tom Shields, Swimming – Swimsuit D
M-VG Vaughn Gittin Jr., Drift Racing – Glove A

Memorabilia Premium Series

19 cards. 1:231 packs (Group A – 1:129,280; Group B – 1:5,621; Group C – 1:6,804; Group D – 1:6,529; Group E – 1:260)

M-AB Amanda Bingson, Hammer Throw – Jersey B
M-AI Aito Iguchi, Hockey – Pants E
M-CM Courtney Mathewson, Water Polo – Swimsuit B
M-EE Erica Enders, Motorsports – Shirt E
M-IP Inbee Park, Golf – Shirt B
M-JG Justin Gatlin, Track & Field – Singlet C
M-JK Joe Kovacs, Track & Field – Shirt E
M-JT Justin Thomas, Golf – Shirt B
M-KO Jessica Korda, Golf – Shirt E
M-ME Troy Merritt, Golf – Shirt C
M-MJ Michael Jordan, Basketball – Floor D
M-MS Michal Smolen, Kayak – Jersey E
M-MT Miesha Tate, MMA – Shirt E
M-PV Paige VanZant, MMA – Hoodie A
M-RC Randy Caballero, Boxing – Trunks E
M-SD Sasha Digiulian, Climbing – Chalk Bag E
M-TJ Tommy Jones, Bowling – Shirt E
M-TS Tom Shields, Swimming – Swimsuit B
M-VG Vaughn Gittin Jr., Drift Racing – Glove E

Memorabilia Dual Swatch

5 cards. 1:960 packs (Group A – 1:7,680; Group B – 1:2,560; Group C – 1:1,920)

M2-JT Justin Thomas, Golf – Shirt C
M2-MT Miesha Tate, MMA – Shirt B
M2-PV Paige VanZant, MMA – Hoodie B
M2-RS Robert Streb, Golf – Shirt C
M2-TS Tom Shields, Swimming – Swimsuit A

Memorabilia Dual Swatch Premium Series

2 cards.

M2-MT Miesha Tate, MMA – Shirt /35
M2-RS Robert Streb, Golf – Shirt /15

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Goodwin Masterpieces Booklets

21 cards. Planned redemptions in hobby packs, randomly inserted in ePacks.

GMAAW-C1 Alice /10
GMAAW-C2 The White Rabbit /10
GMAAW-C3 The Mouse /10
GMAAW-C4 The Dodo /10
GMAAW-C5 The Lory /10
GMAAW-C6 The Eaglet /10
GMAAW-C7 The Duck /10
GMAAW-C8 Bill the Lizard /10
GMAAW-C9 Puppy /10
GMAAW-C10 The Caterpillar /10
GMAAW-C11 Fish Footman/Frog Footman /10
GMAAW-C12 The Duchess /10
GMAAW-C13 The Cheshire Cat /10
GMAAW-C14 The March Hare /10
GMAAW-C15 The Mad Hatter /10
GMAAW-C16 The Dormouse /10
GMAAW-C17 The Queen of Hearts /10
GMAAW-C18 The King of Hearts /10
GMAAW-C19 The Knave of Hearts /10
GMAAW-C20 The Gryphon /10
GMAAW-C21 The Mock Turtle /10
RED Redemption Card

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Illustration Relics

1 card. 1:3,200 packs.

AACI Illustration Relic

Declaration of Independence Facsimile Signature Relics

56 cards.

DOI-1 John Hancock /76
DOI-2 Thomas McKean /76
DOI-3 Caesar Rodney /76
DOI-4 George Clymer /76
DOI-5 Robert Morris /76
DOI-6 Benjamin Rush /76
DOI-7 James Smith /76
DOI-8 George Taylor /76
DOI-9 William Whipple /76
DOI-10 Samuel Adams /76
DOI-11 George Ross /76
DOI-12 James Wilson /76
DOI-13 Richard Henry Lee /76
DOI-14 George Read /76
DOI-15 Elbridge Gerry /76
DOI-16 John Morton /76
DOI-17 Robert Treat Paine /76
DOI-18 Josiah Bartlett /76
DOI-19 Matthew Thornton /76
DOI-20 Benjamin Franklin /76
DOI-21 Stephen Hopkins /76
DOI-22 William Ellery /76
DOI-23 Lewis Morris /76
DOI-24 Francis Lewis /76
DOI-25 Philip Livingston /76
DOI-26 William Floyd /76
DOI-27 Button Gwinnett /76
DOI-28 George Walton /76
DOI-29 Lyman Hall /76
DOI-30 John Adams /76
DOI-31 Carter Braxton /76
DOI-32 William Paca /76
DOI-33 Thomas Nelson Jr. /76
DOI-34 Edward Rutledge /76
DOI-35 George Wythe /76
DOI-36 Benjamin Harrison /76
DOI-37 William Hooper /76
DOI-38 Joseph Hewes /76
DOI-39 John Penn /76
DOI-40 Francis Lightfoot Lee /76
DOI-41 Thomas Lynch Jr. /76
DOI-42 Arthur Middleton /76
DOI-43 Thomas Heyward Jr. /76
DOI-44 Abraham Clark /76
DOI-45 Francis Hopkinson /76
DOI-46 John Witherspoon /76
DOI-47 John Hart /76
DOI-48 Richard Stockton /76
DOI-49 Samuel Huntington /76
DOI-50 Samuel Chase /76
DOI-51 Roger Sherman /76
DOI-52 Oliver Wolcott /76
DOI-53 Charles Carroll /76
DOI-54 Thomas Stone /76
DOI-55 William Williams /76
DOI-56 Thomas Jefferson /76


50 cards. 1:4 packs.

1 Melissa Baker, Model
2 Miesha Tate, MMA
3 Randy Caballero, Boxing
4 Tom Mongoose McEwen, Drag Racing
5 LeBron James, Basketball
6 Robert Streb, Golf
7 Inbee Park, Golf
8 Bret Hart, Wrestling
9 Lindsey Vonn, Skiing
10 Larry King, Culture
11 Christie Rampone, Soccer
12 Amanda Bingson, Hammer Throw
13 Robbie Maddison, Motorsports
14 Justin Thomas, Golf
15 Martin St. Louis, Hockey
16 Mark Messier, Hockey
17 Joe Kovacs, Track & Field
18 Tommy Jones, Bowling
19 Aly Raisman, Gymnastics
20 Paige VanZant, MMA
21 Troy Merritt, Golf
22 Tom Shields, Swimming
23 Michael Jordan, Basketball
24 Dominik Hasek, Hockey
25 Tiger Woods, Golf
26 John Havlicek, Basketball
27 Daniel Berger, Golf
28 CM Punk, MMA
29 Jessica Korda, Golf
30 Wayne Gretzky, Hockey
31 Jeremy Roenick, Hockey
32 David Boudia, Diving
33 Justin Gatlin, Track & Field
34 Kevin Harvick, Motorsports
35 Tom Glavine, Baseball
36 Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, History
37 Benjamin Franklin, History
38 Walt Whitman, Culture
39 Galileo Galilei, History
40 Davy Crockett, History
41 Jules Verne, Culture
42 Andrew Carnegie, History
43 Sam Houston, History
44 Leonardo De Vinci, History
45 Joan of Arc, History
46 Lewis Carroll, Culture
47 John D. Rockefeller, History
48 Sir Isaac Newton, History
49 Thomas Jefferson, History
50 Wolfgang Mozart, History

Historical Rhetoic Booklets

12 cards. Planned redemptions randomly inserted in hobby packs; 1:1,077 ePacks.

HR-CH Winston Churchill “Finest Hour”
HR-DD Dwight D. Eisenhower “D-Day Invasion”
HR-FDR Franklin D. Roosevelt “First Inaugural Address”
HR-EI Elizabeth I “Speech at Tilbury”
HR-GB George W. Bush “911 Bullhorn”
HR-HI Hindenburg Disaster
HR-JK John F. Kennedy “Ich Bin Ein Berliner”
HR-LI Abraham Lincoln “Second Inaugural Address”
HR-NB Napoleon Bonaparte “Farewell Address”
HR-PH Patrick Henry “Give Me Liberty”
HR-SA Susan B. Anthony “On the Women’s Right to Vote”
HR-TR Theodore Roosevelt “Right of People to Vote”
RED Redemption Card

Origin of Species Manufactured Patch Cards

100 cards. 1:64 packs overall.

Herbivores, Etc.

40 cards. 1:108 packs.

OS-201 Alphadon
OS-202 Megazostrodon
OS-203 Deltatheridium
OS-204 Eomaia
OS-205 Teinolophos
OS-206 Zalambdalestes
OS-207 Paramys
OS-208 Entelodont
OS-209 Moeritherium
OS-210 Uintatherium
OS-211 Palaeocastor
OS-212 Palaeolagus
OS-213 Paraceratherium
OS-214 Ceratogaulus
OS-215 Deinogalerix
OS-216 Deinotherium
OS-217 Mastodon
OS-218 Megalonyx
OS-219 Platybelodon
OS-220 Pliohippus
OS-221 Samotherium
OS-222 Synthetoceras
OS-223 Teleoceras
OS-224 Auroch
OS-225 Castoroides
OS-226 Chalicotherium
OS-227 Coelodonta thibetana
OS-228 Megaloceros
OS-229 Megatherium
OS-230 Mesoreodon
OS-231 Metridiochoerus
OS-232 Pelorovis
OS-233 Bison Antiquus
OS-234 Diprotodon
OS-235 Eomys
OS-236 Equus
OS-237 Glyptodon
OS-238 Procoptodon
OS-239 Woolly Mammoth
OS-240 Woolly Rhino


20 cards. 1:322 packs.

OS-241 Titanoboa
OS-242 Andrewsarchus
OS-243 Entelodont
OS-244 Hesperocyon
OS-245 Hyaenodon
OS-246 Mesonyx
OS-247 Amphicyon
OS-248 Barbourofelis
OS-249 Daeodon
OS-250 Thylacosmilus
OS-251 Dinofelis
OS-252 Homotherium
OS-253 Thylacoleo
OS-254 Arctodus
OS-255 Canis Dirus
OS-256 Crocuta Crocuta Spelaea
OS-257 Miracinonyx
OS-258 Panthera Leo Spelaea
OS-259 Smilodon
OS-260 Ursus Spelaeus


15 cards. 1:575 packs.

OS-261 Archaeopteryx
OS-262 Hesperornis
OS-263 Iberomesornis
OS-264 Ichthyornis
OS-265 Patagopteryx
OS-266 Vegavis
OS-267 Diatryma
OS-268 Presbyornis
OS-269 Icaronycteris
OS-270 Argentavis
OS-271 Kelenken
OS-272 Palaeospheniscus
OS-273 Phorusrhacus
OS-274 Titanis
OS-275 Teratornis


12 cards. 1:1,080 packs.

OS-276 Archelon
OS-277 Sarcosuchus
OS-278 Scapanorhynchus
OS-279 Basilosaurus
OS-280 Ambulocetus
OS-281 Enaliarctos
OS-282 Megalodon
OS-283 Allodesmus
OS-284 Eurhinodelphis
OS-285 Livyatan
OS-286 Squalodon
OS-287 Megalania


10 cards. 1:1,850 packs.

OS-288 Plesiadapis
OS-289 Aegyptopithecus
OS-290 Darwinius
OS-291 Eosimias
OS-292 Teilhardina
OS-293 Dryopithecus
OS-294 Proconsul Africanus
OS-295 Sivapithecus
OS-296 Parapapio
OS-297 Gigantopithecus


3 cards. 1:14,000 packs.

OS-298 Homo Erectus
OS-299 Homo Neanderthalensis
OS-300 Homo Sapien

The Supernaturals

42 cards. 1:40 packs.


• Autographs – /25

Tier 1 – Americas/Pacific

13 cards. 1:84 packs.

1 Tezcatlipoca
2 Coatlicue
3 Mictlantecuhtli
4 Viracocha
5 Inti
6 Ek-Chuah
7 Ix Chel
8 Kokopelli
9 Coyote
10 Baron-Samedi/Maman-Brigette
11 Pele
12 Moai
13 Wandjina

Tier 2 – Africa/Middle East

10 cards. 1:145 packs.

14 Baal
15 Eshu
16 Shango
17 Marduk
18 Ishtar
19 Gilgamesh
20 Thoth
21 Bast
22 Isis
23 Anubis

Tier 3 – Asia

7 cards. 1:311 packs.

24 Benzaiten
25 Izanagi/Izanami
26 Yu Huang
27 Sun-Wukong
28 Kali
29 Ganesha
30 Buddha

Tier 4 – Europe

5 cards. 1:580 packs.

31 Chernobog
32 Eostre
33 Morrigan
34 Valkyries
35 Thor

Tier 5 – Ancient Rome

4 cards. 1:1,088 packs.

36 Faunus
37 Cupid
38 Neptune
39 Mars

Tier 6 – Ancient Greece

3 cards. 1:2,901 packs.

40 The Fates
41 Aphrodite
42 Zeus

Supernaturals Complete Set Redemption Card

1 cards. 1:29,280 packs.

RED Redemption

Checklist Top

Museum Collection

Museum Collection World War II Relics

22 cards. 1:320 packs (Group A – 1:16,200; Group B – 1:53,311; Group C – 1:4,320; Group D – 1:378)

MC-2RU 2nd Ranger Battalion Uniform D
MC-AFI Army Air Corps Shoulder Insignia B
MC-CAI Civil Air Patrol Insignia C
MC-CBI China-Burma-India Theater Insignia B
MC-DB Sgt. Donald Burgett Parachute D
MC-DWA Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband C
MC-FLT RAF Flight Lieutenant’sTunic D
MC-FSI U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon Insignia A
MC-GAU German Army Field Uniform D
MC-GCU German Camouflage Uniform B
MC-GKT German Kreigsmarine Tunic D
MC-GLU German Luftwaffe Uniform D
MC-ICT Italian Naval Cap Tally C
MC-IHC U.S.M.C. Helmet Cover/Netting D
MC-JPI Japanese Acting Superior Private Insignia B
MC-KCT Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Cap Tally A
MC-LB Lauren F. Bruner FC3/C Shirt D
MC-LMC Luftwaffe 20mm Cannon Muzzle Cover A
MC-PCC Parachute Cloth D
MC-RF Pfc. Robert Farner Hat D
MC-SDI Pearl Harbor Salvage Diver Insignia B
MC-ULC German U-Boat Leather Coat D

Museum Collection World War II Booklet Relics

13 cards. Planned redemptions in hobby packs.

1:2,93 packs (Group A – 1:6 redemptions/1:8,188 ePacks; Group B – 1:2.2 redemptions/1:2,866 ePacks; Group C – 1:2.5 redemption/1:3,307 ePacks)

MCWWII-AT Battle of Atlantic – Canadian Naval Hat/U Boat Jacket C
MCWWII-BA Barbarossa – German Uniform/Russian Gymnastroika C
MCWWII-BR Battle of Britan – Lufftwaffe Uniform/RAF Tunic C
MCWWII-BU Battle of the Bulge – German Camo Uniform/U.S. Pants A
MCWWII-EA El Alamein – British Helmet Net/German Tropical Tarp B
MCWWII-GU Guadalcanal – U.S. Hat/Japanese Prayer Flag B
MCWWII-IJ Iwo Jima – Sand B
MCWWII-MG Operation Market Garden – Allied Parachute/German Uniform B
MCWWII-MI Midway – Japanese Prayer Flag/U.S. Shirt B
MCWWII-OB Omaha Beach – Sand C
MCWWII-OK Okinawa – U.S. Marine Helmet Cover/Japanese Prayer Flag A
MCWWII-PH Pearl Harbor – Japanese Prayer Flag/U.S. Shirt B
MCWWII-ST Stalingrad – Russian Gymnastroika/German Field Uniform A
RED Redemption Card

Museum Collection World War II Jumbo Relics

23 cards. 1:1,293 packs. Planned redemptions in hobby packs.

MC-BCF CBI Aviators Blood Chit Flag
MC-BCH CBI Aviators Blood Chit
MC-BCV CBI Aviators Blood Chit
MC-BPI British Paratrooper Cap Insignia
MC-BS Bronze Star Medal
MC-BSC Bronze Star Service Ribbon
MC-CEI U.S. Army Colonel Eagle Insignia
MC-CMB Canadian Military Buttons
MC-DFC Distinguished Flying Cross Service Ribbon
MC-EGA USMC Eagle, Globe and Anchor Insignia
MC-ICB Italian Navy Cruiser Service Badge
MC-LOM Legion of Merit Service Ribbon
MC-NCM Navy Cross Service Ribbon
MC-OCN German Officer Corps Numerals
MC-OST Order of the Sacred Teasure Medal
MC-PHM Purple Heart Service Ribbon
MC-PIT Allied POW Stalag ID Tag
MC-RAB RAF Hat Badge
MC-RAI RCAF Wing Insignia
MC-RFT RAF Flight Tunic
MC-RT Russian Gymnastyorka Tunic
MC-SSM Silver Star Service Ribbon
MC-UBL German U-Boat Leather Coat
RED Redemption Card

Museum Collection World War II Signatures

20 cards. 1:160 packs (Group A – 1:1,556; Group B – 1:178)

MCS-DB Sgt. Donald Burgett A
MCS-DM Pfc. Don Mates B
MCS-EA Cpl. Eric Ahronheim B
MCS-EB Cpl. Ed Bearss B
MCS-ES Col. Ed Shames A
MCS-FH Cpl. Frank Hall B
MCS-GK 1Lt. George Klein B
MCS-GW Pvt. Guy Whidden B
MCS-JB PhM 2/c John C. Bollinger B
MCS-JM Pvt. Jim “Pee Wee” Martin B
MCS-KI 1Sg. George Kidd B
MCS-LB FC 3/c Lauren F. Bruner B
MCS-MD Cpt. Max Duncan B
MCS-MJ 1Lt. Martin I. Jackson A
MCS-RB Sgt. R.V. Burgin B
MCS-RF Pfc. Robert Farner B
MCS-RP Ensign Richard I. Peterson B
MCS-SP Col. Steve Pisanos B
MCS-TR Staff Sgt.Tom Rice B
MCS-WB QM 1/c Walter L. Beyer B

Checklist Top

Goodwin Champions Updates

2014 Upper Deck Goodwin Champion Updates


3 cards. 1:4,352 hobby packs.

A-HH Tim Hardaway/Tim Hardaway Jr., Basketball
A-PR Patrick Roy, Hockey
A-RC Roger Clemens, Baseball

Goudey Autographs

4 cards. 1:6,044 hobby packs (Group A – 1:21,760; Group B – 1:8,369)

13 Hakeem Olajuwon, Basketball B
14 Michael Jordan, Basketball A
32 Patrick Roy, Hockey A
36 Ernie Els, Golf A

Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs

2 cards. 1:4,352 hobby packs (Group A – 1:21,760; Group B – 1:5,440)

SRA-EE Ernie Els, Golf A
SRA-SS Steve Stricker, Golf B

2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champion Updates


2 cards. 1:1,030 hobby packs (Group A – 1:14,836; Group B – 1:1,106)

A-JW Jimmy Walker, Golf B
A-LT Lawrence Taylor, Football A

Autographs Inscription Series

5 cards.

A-GS Georges St. Pierre, MMA Rush /3
A-JW Jimmy Walker , Golf 5 PGA Wins /30
A-LT Lawrence Taylor, Football LT /3
A-MT Mike Tyson , Boxing Iron Mike 1/1
A-NR Nolan Ryan , Baseball 7 No Hitters 1/1

Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs

2 cards. 1:32,640 packs.

SPA-PM Peyton Manning, Football
SRA-LB Larry Bird, Basketball

Checklist Top

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Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  2. Roman Los 9 October, 2016 at 09:27

    Sorry, for above question, the minis are listed. It’s the Black and White SP’s odds that aren’t listed in Parallels section, if I’ve now gone back and read correctly.

  3. jasz 24 October, 2017 at 12:13

    i got a 21×30 ben simmons poster by goodwin. Its like the rc thats autograph same pic just blow up . Has upper deck authentic sticker on it. amazing. wonder what the odds are?

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