2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary Trading Cards Checklist, Details


2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary is the card maker’s first Marvel product made exclusively for their e-Pack platform. That means that while there are packs and boxes, they’re not available through traditional means. In fact, you open them by clicking your mouse of phone screen.

2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary Base

Like all of Upper Deck’s e-Pack products, there are both digital and physical elements. Among the physical items are a variety of inserts that include sketch, metal and Comic Cuts, which have pieces and panels from vintage issues.

The main base set has 75 cards. It uses comic covers to delve into key events in Captain America’s history. The basic set has 60 cards, which are complimented by 15 short prints. But this is where the digital aspect comes in. The first 60 cards don’t have physical versions. They exist only online. However, if you get ten copies of a single card, they can be combined into a physical Foil parallel that is available for shipping.

The short prints, which land 1:5 packs, are all available in physical form.

Other parallels for all 75 cards include Red Foil (/175), White Foil (/75), Blue Foil (/10) and Gold Light FX (1/1).

The base set also has a couple of achievement cards. Those that make a full set of 60 Foil cards through the e-Pack site get card DEC-oo. The reward for building the set of short prints is card DEC-0.

Basic inserts look a little closer at characters and guests in the Captain America comics. These include Rogues Gallery, Stars and Stripes, and Armored Allies. Like the base set, there are achievement cards for finishing each set.

Like most of Upper Deck other Marvel trading card releases, there are a variety of premium inserts as well. Trapped Ice cards are done wit acetate. Vibranium Name Plates and Shield Mosaic are both printed on aluminum. The Shield Mosaic cards go together to form a massive puzzle as well.

Comic Cuts are similar to memorabilia cards found in sports sets. But instead of jerseys, comic panels and pieces of pages are embedded in them.

Sketch cards are also included in the product. More than 90 different artists contributed.

For those not familiar with Upper Deck’s e-Pack platform, you buy packs through their website. In each pack, there’s at least one physical card. You can either pay to have those shipped immediately or you can have them transferred to your COMC account. You can also keep your cards in a portfolio directly on the e-Pack site where they can be put towards sets or traded with other users.

2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary at a glance:

Packs per box: 20
Cards per pack: 5
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 75 cards
Release date: November 21, 2016

2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary Checklist

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Base Set
Sketch Cards
Achievement Cards

Base Set

77 cards.
SP (#61-75): 1:5 packs.
DEC-0 available as an Achievement card for completing the 15-card SP set (#61-75) on the ePack site. DEC-00 available as Achievement card for finishing the Foil parallel set.

2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary Base


• Foil (#1-60 only) – receive one for combining 10 of the same base card on the ePack site
• Red Foil – /175
• White Foil – /75
• Blue Foil – /10
• Gold Light FX – 1/1

DEC-0 Captain America Vol 1 #101
DEC-00 Captain America: Sam Wilson Vol 1 #1
DEC-1 All-New Captain America Vol 1 #1
DEC-2 Captain America Vol 7 #22
DEC-3 Captain America Vol 7 #10
DEC-4 Captain America Vol 7 #8
DEC-5 Captain America Vol 7 #6
DEC-6 Captain America Vol 7 #1
DEC-7 Captain America Vol 5 #43
DEC-8 Captain America Vol 5 #35
DEC-9 Captain America Vol 5 #24
DEC-10 Captain America Vol 5 #14
DEC-11 Captain America Vol 5 #8
DEC-12 Captain America Vol 5 #4
DEC-13 Captain America Vol 5 #1
DEC-14 Captain America Vol 4 #6
DEC-15 Captain America Vol 3 #31
DEC-16 Captain America Vol 3 #25
DEC-17 Captain America Vol 3 #1
DEC-18 Captain America Vol 2 #10
DEC-19 Captain America Vol 2 #3
DEC-20 Captain America Vol 1 #454
DEC-21 Captain America Vol 1 #453
DEC-22 Captain America Vol 1 #445
DEC-23 Captain America Vol 1 #443
DEC-24 Captain America Vol 1 #438
DEC-25 Captain America Vol 1 #427
DEC-26 Captain America Vol 1 #426
DEC-27 Captain America Vol 1 #425
DEC-28 Captain America Vol 1 #414
DEC-29 Captain America Vol 1 #404
DEC-30 Captain America Vol 1 #400
DEC-31 Captain America Vol 1 #383
DEC-32 Captain America Vol 1 #378
DEC-33 Captain America Vol 1 #368
DEC-34 Captain America Vol 1 #350
DEC-35 Captain America Vol 1 #337
DEC-36 Captain America Vol 1 #334
DEC-37 Captain America Vol 1 #332
DEC-38 Captain America Vol 1 #327
DEC-39 Captain America Vol 1 #305
DEC-40 Captain America Vol 1 #300
DEC-41 Captain America Vol 1 #288
DEC-42 Captain America Vol 1 #279
DEC-43 Captain America Vol 1 #277
DEC-44 Captain America Vol 1 #263
DEC-45 Captain America Vol 1 #260
DEC-46 Captain America Vol 1 #255
DEC-47 Captain America Vol 1# 233
DEC-48 Captain America Vol 1 #227
DEC-49 Captain America Vol 1 #212
DEC-50 Captain America Vol 1 #210
DEC-51 Captain America Vol 1 #184
DEC-52 Captain America Vol #183
DEC-53 Captain America Vol 1 #176
DEC-54 Captain America Vol 1 #155
DEC-55 Captain America Vol 1 #148
DEC-56 Captain America Vol 1 #147
DEC-57 Captain America Vol 1 #139
DEC-58 Captain America Vol 1 #119
DEC-59 Captain America Vol 1 #117
DEC-60 Captain America Vol 1 #109
DEC-61 Captain America Vol 1 #100 SP
DEC-62 Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #98 SP
DEC-63 Strange Tales Vol 1 #159 SP
DEC-64 Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #90 SP
DEC-65 Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #84 SP
DEC-66 Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #80 SP
DEC-67 Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #58 SP
DEC-68 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #76 SP
DEC-69 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #73 SP
DEC-70 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #70 SP
DEC-71 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #49 SP
DEC-72 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #14 SP
DEC-73 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #9 SP
DEC-74 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #4 SP
DEC-75 Captain America Comics Vol 1 #3 SP

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Armored Allies

26 cards. 1:6.67 packs.
AA-0 available as an Achievement card for completing the main 25-card set on the ePack site.


• Rainbow Foil

AA-0 Hulk
AA-1 Falcon
AA-2 Nick Fury
AA-3 Stature
AA-4 Nighthawk
AA-5 Punisher
AA-6 Tigra
AA-7 Union Jack
AA-8 Diamondback
AA-9 Sharon Carter
AA-10 Wiccan
AA-11 Dum Dum Dugan
AA-12 Hercules
AA-13 Silver Sable
AA-14 Jack Flag
AA-15 Major Victory
AA-16 Jocasta
AA-17 Maria Hill
AA-18 Patriot
AA-19 Captain Britain
AA-20 Dagger
AA-21 Cloak
AA-22 Free Spirit
AA-23 Super Patriot
AA-24 Golden Girl
AA-25 Winter Soldier

Coin Cards

Comic Cuts

46 cards. 1:40 packs.


CA114 Captain America Vol 1 #114
CA117 Captain America Vol 1 #117
CA133 Captain America Vol 1 #133
CA139 Captain America Vol 1 #139
CA147 Captain America Vol 1 #147
AV170 Avengers Vol 1 #170
CA176 Captain America Vol 1 #176
CA177 Captain America Vol 1 #177
CA179 Captain America Vol 1 #179
CA183 Captain America Vol 1 #183
CA194 Captain America Vol 1 #194
CA198 Captain America Vol 1 #198
CA210 Captain America Vol 1 #210
CA212 Captain America Vol 1 #212
CA227 Captain America Vol 1 #227
CA233 Captain America Vol 1# 233
CA241 Captain America Vol 1 #241
CA242 Captain America Vol 1 #242
CA255 Captain America Vol 1 #255
CA260 Captain America Vol 1 #260
CA263 Captain America Vol 1 #263
AV277 Avengers Vol 1 #277
CA277 Captain America Vol 1 #277
CA279 Captain America Vol 1 #279
CA288 Captain America Vol 1 #288
CA297 Captain America Vol 1 #297
CA300 Captain America Vol 1 #300
CA305 Captain America Vol 1 #305
CA327 Captain America Vol 1 #327
CA332 Captain America Vol 1 #332
CA333 Captain America Vol 1 #333
CA334 Captain America Vol 1 #334
CA337 Captain America Vol 1 #337
CA347 Captain America Vol 1 #347
CA348 Captain America Vol 1 #348
CA350 Captain America Vol 1 #350
CA354 Captain America Vol 1 #354
CA362 Captain America Vol 1 #362
CA375 Captain America Vol 1 #375
CA378 Captain America Vol 1 #378
CA383 Captain America Vol 1 #383
CA400 Captain America Vol 1 #400
CA401 Captain America Vol 1 #401
CA411 Captain America Vol 1 #411
CA414 Captain America Vol 1 #414
CA416 Captain America Vol 1 #416

Rogues Gallery

21 cards. 1:6.67 packs.
RG-0 available as an Achievement card for completing the main 20-card set on the ePack site.

2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary Rogues Gallery


• Rainbow Foil

RG-0 Nefarius
RG-1 Red Skull
RG-2 Scorpion
RG-3 Whirlwind
RG-4 Swordsman
RG-5 Ameridroid
RG-6 M.O.D.O.K.
RG-7 Paladin
RG-8 Batroc the Leaper
RG-9 Madame Hydra
RG-10 Flag Smasher
RG-11 Nuke
RG-12 Porcupine
RG-13 Taskmaster
RG-14 Loki
RG-15 Superia
RG-16 Baron Zemo
RG-17 Thanos
RG-18 Ultron
RG-19 Baron Strucker
RG-20 Crossbones

Stars and Stripes

31 cards. 1:3.33 packs.
SS-0 available as an Achievement card for completing the main 30-card set on the ePack site.


• Rainbow Foil

SS-0 The Captain
SS-1 Captain America
SS-2 Spider-Man
SS-3 Sentry
SS-4 Goliath
SS-5 Ant-Man
SS-6 Nomad
SS-7 Captain Marvel
SS-8 Shang-Chi
SS-9 War Machine
SS-10 Nova
SS-11 Wonder Man
SS-12 Black Panther
SS-13 Doctor Strange
SS-14 Spider-Woman
SS-15 Luke Cage
SS-16 Iron Fist
SS-17 Valkyrie
SS-18 Black Bolt
SS-19 Hawkeye
SS-20 Thor
SS-21 Vision
SS-22 Demolition-Man
SS-23 Iron Man
SS-24 Misty Knight
SS-25 Battlestar
SS-26 Wasp
SS-27 She-Hulk
SS-28 Daredevil
SS-29 Quasar
SS-30 Black Widow

Trapped Ice

75 cards.
#1-60 – 1:25 packs, SP (#61-75) – 1:100 packs.

2016 Upper Deck Captain America 75th Anniversary Trapped Ice

1 Nick Fury
2 Dagger
3 Cloak
4 Super Patriot
5 Sentry
6 Goliath
7 Ant-Man
8 Nomad
9 Baron Strucker
10 Stature
11 Nighthawk
12 Ultron
13 Loki
14 Maria Hill
15 War Machine
16 Nova
17 Wonder Man
18 Punisher
19 Scorpion
20 Vision
21 Tigra
22 Whirlwind
23 Union Jack
24 Doctor Strange
25 Swordsman
26 Diamondback
27 Jack Flag
28 Sharon Carter
29 Ameridroid
30 M.O.D.O.K.
31 Luke Cage
32 Wiccan
33 Dum Dum Dugan
34 Paladin
35 Patriot
36 Batroc the Leaper
37 Hercules
38 Madame Hydra
39 Iron Fist
40 Nuke
41 Flag Smasher
42 Valkyrie
43 Silver Sable
44 Porcupine
45 Free Spirit
46 Taskmaster
47 Major Victory
48 Shang-Chi
49 Black Bolt
50 Jocasta
51 Misty Knight
52 Captain Britain
53 Wasp
54 Superia
55 Baron Zemo
56 Golden Girl
57 She-Hulk
58 Daredevil
59 Quasar
60 Hawkeye
61 Crossbones SP
62 Falcon SP
63 Battlestar SP
64 Thor SP
65 Thanos SP
66 Black Panther SP
67 Spider-Man SP
68 Captain Marvel SP
69 Demolition-Man SP
70 Spider-Woman SP
71 Black Widow SP
72 Winter Soldier SP
73 Iron Man SP
74 Red Skull SP
75 Captain America SP

Vibranium Name Plates

14 cards. 1:80 packs.

NP-1 Vibranium Name Plate C
NP-2 Vibranium Name Plate A
NP-3 Vibranium Name Plate P
NP-4 Vibranium Name Plate T
NP-5 Vibranium Name Plate A
NP-6 Vibranium Name Plate I
NP-7 Vibranium Name Plate N
NP-8 Vibranium Name Plate A
NP-9 Vibranium Name Plate M
NP-10 Vibranium Name Plate E
NP-11 Vibranium Name Plate R
NP-12 Vibranium Name Plate I
NP-13 Vibranium Name Plate C
NP-14 Vibranium Name Plate A

Vibranium Shield Mosaic

20 cards. 1:80 packs.

VS-1 Puzzle Piece 1
VS-2 Puzzle Piece 2
VS-3 Puzzle Piece 3
VS-4 Puzzle Piece 4
VS-5 Puzzle Piece 5
VS-6 Puzzle Piece 6
VS-7 Puzzle Piece 7
VS-8 Puzzle Piece 8
VS-9 Puzzle Piece 9
VS-10 Puzzle Piece 10
VS-11 Puzzle Piece 11
VS-12 Puzzle Piece 12
VS-13 Puzzle Piece 13
VS-14 Puzzle Piece 14
VS-15 Puzzle Piece 15
VS-16 Puzzle Piece 16
VS-17 Puzzle Piece 17
VS-18 Puzzle Piece 18
VS-19 Puzzle Piece 19
VS-20 Puzzle Piece 20

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Sketch Cards

Sketch Cards

95 artists.

SKT Abdul Ghofur
SKT Achilleas Kokkinakas
SKT Al Milgrom
SKT Albert Morales
SKT Alfret Le
SKT Andy Duggan
SKT Anthony Tan
SKT Anthony Wheeler
SKT Arley Tucker
SKT Arturo Romero
SKT Ashleigh Popplewell
SKT Autumn Frederikson
SKT Babisu Kourtis
SKT Barush Merling
SKT Benjo Camay
SKT Brendon and Brian Fraim
SKT Brian Balondo
SKT Brian DeGuire
SKT Brian Soriano
SKT Cassio Batista
SKT Chris Henderson
SKT Cleber Lima
SKT Clint Langley
SKT Cris Santos
SKT Cruddie Torian
SKT Dan MacIsaac
SKT Dana Black
SKT Daniel Logan
SKT Daniel Ramirez
SKT David Hindelang
SKT DeJon Parnell
SKT Don Mark Noceda
SKT Elena (Maria) Cariapaza
SKT Eric Fournier
SKT Fabian Quintero
SKT Felix Morales
SKT Free (Jon) Isabelo
SKT Geanes Holland
SKT Gener Pedrina
SKT Gilbert Monsanto
SKT Harold Edge
SKT Helio Oliveira
SKT Ian Roberts
SKT Irma Ahmed
SKT Jader Correa
SKT Jake Sumbing
SKT James Bukauskas
SKT James Hill
SKT Jason Saldajeno
SKT Jason Sobol
SKT Jeffrey Benitez
SKT Joe St. Pierre
SKT John Haun
SKT John Sloboda
SKT Jonathan Ramirez (Rampante)
SKT Jucylande Oliviera
SKT Judit Tondora
SKT Juno Sanchez
SKT Justin Ayers
SKT Kate Carleton
SKT Keith Carter
SKT Ken Racho
SKT Lee Ferguson
SKT Leo Pertuzzatti
SKT Lucas Pereira
SKT Lydi Li Tubillara
SKT Marco Carrillo
SKT Marcus Rocco
SKT Mariano Fadrilan Jr
SKT Mark Dos Santos
SKT Mark Peasley
SKT Mark Spears
SKT Mark Tanacore
SKT Matias Streb
SKT Matthew Fletcher
SKT Matthew Santorelli
SKT Matthew Sutton
SKT Mauro Fodra
SKT Mel Joy San Juan
SKT Michael Duron
SKT Mick and Matt Glebe
SKT Mitch Ballard
SKT Patricio Carrasco
SKT Patrick Giles
SKT Phil Hassewer
SKT Rafael Loureiro
SKT Raymundo Racho
SKT Rene Cordoba
SKT Rich Molinelli
SKT Rodney Ramos
SKT Rustico Limosinero
SKT Ryan Kincaid
SKT Shaow Siong
SKT Siliceb (Alejandra Zuniga Miranda)
SKT Vince Sunico

Original Art Redemption Card

1 card. 10 made.

RED Redemption Card

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