2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Checklist and Details


Yes, there was a High Tek Star Wars in 2015. But with such an expansive and evolving mix of characters to draw from, it’s a concept that can be revisited. And that’s exactly what 2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek does. Acetate and bold foil patterns are still the major drawing point. The one on-card autograph per box also sets it apart from a lot of other current Star Wars sets.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Header

When the first High Tek set arrived, only a few characters from The Force Awakens were included on the checklist. One year later, there’s more opportunities to draw from the film as well as showcase familiar characters from the old films with their updated appearances.

Base cards are printed on clear acetate. They come with busy backgrounds that form several pattern variations. Each card has five versions, although the way the checklist is devised, there are ten patterns total. Like before, some 2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek pattern variations are more common than others.

This opens up different options for collectors. Some might have a specific character they chase. Others may go after all of the cards of a particular pattern. Some might opt for a Franken-set where they go after one of each card regardless of the pattern.

In addition to pattern variations, there are traditional parallels as well. These include Blue Rainbow Foil (/99), Gold Rainbow Foil (/50), Orange Magma Diffractors (/25), Green Cube Diffractors (/10), Red Orbit Diffractor (/5), Printing Proofs (1/1) and Black Galactic Diffractors (1/1).

Select cards featuring characters from The Force Awakens have Short Print Variations with different images on the front and slightly different numbering on the back.

The one-per-box autographs cover the various points of the Star Wars Universe. Nearly all are hard-signed directly on the card versus the more common sticker style. Autographs have the same parallel structure as base cards. The only difference is that Blue Rainbow Autographs are numbered to 75 instead of 99.

Three limited edition insert sets focus on The Force Awakens. Living Tek, die-cut Armor Tek, and Pilots and Vehicles are all numbered to 50 copies each.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek is exclusive to hobby shops. There isn’t a retail version.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek trading cards at a glance:

Packs per box: 1
Cards per pack: 8
Boxes per case: 12
Set size: 112 cards.
Release date: December 16, 2016

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 1

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Checklist

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Base Set
Memorabilia Cards

Base Set

112 cards.
The base set is split into two groups: Form 1 and Form 2. Each Form has its own set of five patterns.

2016 SWHT Form 2 Pattern 1


• Blue Rainbow Foil – /99
• Gold Rainbow Foil – /50
• Orange Magma Diffractor – /25
• Green Cube Diffractor – /10
• Red Orbit Diffractor – /5
• Black Galactic Diffractor – 1/1
• Printing Proofs – 1/1

SW-1 Boba Fett – Form 1
SW-2 Darth Vader – Form 1
SW-3 Yoda – Form 1
SW-4 Lando Calrissian – Form 1
SW-5 Admiral Ackbar – Form 1
SW-6 Wedge Antilles – Form 1
SW-7 Jabba the Hutt – Form 1
SW-8 Salacious B. Crumb – Form 1
SW-9 Sergeant Jyn Erso – Form 1
SW-10 Gamorrean Guard – Form 1
SW-11 Logray – Form 1
SW-12 Widdle Warrick – Form 1
SW-13 Darth Sidious – Form 1
SW-14 Anakin Skywalker – Form 1
SW-15 Sabine Wren – Form 1
SW-16 Mace Windu – Form 1
SW-17 Darth Maul – Form 1
SW-18 Mon Mothma – Form 1
SW-19 Tarfful – Form 1
SW-20 Padmé Amidala – Form 1
SW-21 Taun We – Form 1
SW-22 Beed – Form 1
SW-23 Lott Dod – Form 1
SW-24 Battle Droid – Form 1
SW-25 Jango Fett – Form 1
SW-26 Bib Fortuna – Form 1
SW-27 Captain Panaka – Form 1
SW-28 Qui-Gon Jinn – Form 1
SW-29 Zett Jukassa – Form 1
SW-30 Luminara Unduli – Form 1
SW-31 Oppo Rancisis – Form 1
SW-32 Cin Drallig – Form 1
SW-33 Plo Koon – Form 1
SW-34 Mas Amedda – Form 1
SW-35 Clone Trooper – Form 1
SW-36 Ahsoka Tano – Form 1
SW-37 Yoda – Form 1
SW-38 Kanan Jarrus – Form 1
SW-39 Darth Sidious – Form 1
SW-40 Grand Moff Tarkin – Form 1
SW-41 Padmé Amidala – Form 1
SW-42 Aayla Secura – Form 1
SW-43 Aurra Sing – Form 1
SW-44 Dengar – Form 1
SW-45 Ezra Bridger – Form 1
SW-46 Greedo – Form 1
SW-47 Klaatu – Form 1
SW-48 Death Trooper – Form 1
SW-49 Count Dooku – Form 1
SW-50 Aks Moe – Form 1
SW-51 Rabé – Form 1
SW-52 Yané – Form 1
SW-53 Captain Typho – Form 1
SW-54 Princess Leia Organa – Form 1
SW-55 Bail Organa – Form 1
SW-56 GH-7 – Form 1
SW-57 Constable Zuvio – Form 2
SW-58 Grummgar – Form 2
SW-59 Jashco Phurus – Form 2
SW-60 Kylo Ren – Form 2
SW-61 Bobbajo – Form 2
SW-62 Strono “Cookie” Tuggs – Form 2
SW-63 First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper – Form 2
SW-64 Major Ematt – Form 2
SW-65 Supreme Leader Snoke – Form 2
SW-66 Bazine Netal – Form 2
SW-67 C-3PO – Form 2
SW-68 Gwellis Bagnoro – Form 2
SW-69 Kaydel Ko Connix – Form 2
SW-70 BB-8 – Form 2
SW-71 Bala-Tik – Form 2
SW-72 General Leia Organa – Form 2
SW-73 Sidon Ithano – Form 2
SW-75 Rey – Form 2
SW-76 First Order Stormtrooper – Form 2
SW-77 Guavian Death Gang Enforcer – Form 2
SW-78 Chancellor Villecham – Form 2
SW-79 General Hux – Form 2
SW-80 Major Brance – Form 2
SW-81 Snap Wexley – Form 2
SW-82 Captain Phasma – Form 2
SW-83 Doctor Kalonia – Form 2
SW-84 Han Solo – Form 2
SW-85 Razoo Qin-Fee – Form 2
SW-86 Jess “Testor” Pava – Form 2
SW-87 Finn – Form 2
SW-88 Chewbacca – Form 2
SW-89 Chief Petty Officer Unamo – Form 2
SW-90 Goss Toowers – Form 2
SW-91 Admiral Statura – Form 2
SW-92 R2-D2 – Form 2
SW-93 Teedo – Form 2
SW-94 Maz Kanata – Form 2
SW-95 Prashee – Form 2
SW-96 Luke Skywalker – Form 2
SW-97 Ello Asty – Form 2
SW-98 Lor San Tekka – Form 2
SW-99 Nien Nunb – Form 2
SW-100 Poe Dameron – Form 2
SW-101 Hassk Triplet – Form 2
SW-102 Praster Ommlen – Form 2
SW-103 Colonel Datoo – Form 2
SW-104 Quiggold – Form 2
SW-105 Lieutenant Mitaka – Form 2
SW-106 Unkar Plutt – Form 2
SW-107 Petty Officer Thanisson – Form 2
SW-108 Admiral Ackbar – Form 2
SW-109 Sarco Plank – Form 2
SW-110 Lieutenant Bastian – Form 2
SW-111 Tasu Leech – Form 2
SW-112 Wollivan – Form 2

Short Print Variations

15 cards. 1:25 boxes.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Variation Short Prints SW-60A Kylo Ren

Check out a gallery with plenty of images and details on what to look for.

SW-60 Kylo Ren – Dark Side Disciple
SW-72 General Leia Organa – Resistance Leader
SW-75 Rey – Jakku Scavenger
SW-75 Rey – Force Sensitive
SW-75 Rey – Starkiller Base Duel
SW-76 FN-2187 – First Order Stormtrooper
SW-76 Flametrooper – First Order Infantry
SW-76 Snowtrooper – First Order Infantry
SW-76 TIE Pilot – First Order Pilot
SW-84 Han Solo – Smuggler
SW-87 Finn – Resistance Warrior
SW-87 Finn – Resistance Fighter
SW-88 Chewbacca – Millennium Falcon Co-Pilot
SW-100 Poe Dameron – Resistance Messenger
SW-100 Poe Dameron – Resistance Pilot

Checklist Top


67 cards.
Although most have on-card signatures, some use stickers. They are noted below.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Autographs Mike Edmonds


• Blue Rainbow Foil – /75
• Gold Rainbow Foil – /50
• Orange Magma Diffractor – /25
• Green Cube Diffractor – /10
• Red Orbit Diffractor – /5
• Black Galactic Diffractor – 1/1
• Printing Proofs – 1/1

David Acord as GH-7 Medical Droid – Prequels
David Acord as Voice of Guavian Death Gang Enforcer – The Force Awakens
Amy Allen as Aayla Secura – Prequels
Sebastian Armesto as Lieutenant Mitaka – The Force Awakens
Dee Bradley Baker as Clone Trooper – Star Wars Rebels
Dave Barclay as Jabba the Hutt – Original Trilogy
Jerome Blake as Oppo Rancisis – Prequels
Paul Blake as Greedo – Original Trilogy
Michonne Bourriague as Aurra Sing – Prequels
David Bowers as Mas Amedda – Prequels
John Boyega as Finn – The Force Awakens (Sticker)
Anna Brewster as Bazine Metal – The Force Awakens
Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett – Original Trilogy
Scott Capurro as Beed – Prequels
Silas Carson as Lott Dod – Prequels
Crystal Clarke as Ensign Pamich Nerro Goode – The Force Awakens
Tosin Cole as Lieutenant Bastian – The Force Awakens
Aidan Cook as Bobbajo – The Force Awakens
Aidan Cook as Strono “Cookie” Tuggs – The Force Awakens
Christina Da Silva as Rabe – Prequels
Anthony Daniels as C-3PO – The Force Awakens (Sticker)
Warwick Davis as Wollivan – The Force Awakens
Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian – Original Trilogy
Corey Dee Williams as Klaatu – Original Trilogy
Mark Dodson as Salacious Crumb – Original Trilogy
Mark Dodson as Prashee – The Force Awakens
Julie Dolan as Princess Leia Organa – Star Wars Rebels
Adam Driver as Kylo Ren – The Force Awakens
Ashley Eckstein as Ahsoka Tano – Star Wars Rebels
Mike Edmonds as Logray – Original Trilogy
Emun Elliott as Major Brance – The Force Awakens
Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa – The Force Awakens (Sticker)
Harrison Ford as Han Solo – The Force Awakens (Sticker)
Nick Gillard as Cin Drallig – Prequels
Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger – Star Wars Rebels
Greg Grunberg as Snap Wexley – The Force Awakens
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker – The Force Awakens (Sticker)
Jessica Henwick as Jess “Testor” Pava – The Force Awakens
Brian Herring as BB-8 – The Force Awakens
Tom Kane as Yoda – The Clone Wars
Michael Kingma as Tarfful – Prequels
Phil Lamarr as Bail Organa – The Clone Wars
Denis Lawson as Wedge Antilles – Original Trilogy
Jett Lucas as Zett Jucasta – Prequels
Rocky Marshall as Colonel Datoo – The Force Awakens
Rena Owen as Taun We – Prequels
Mary Oyaya as Luminara Unduli – Prequels
Ray Park as Darth Maul – Prequels
Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan Jarrus – Star Wars Rebels (Sticker)
Hugh Quarshie as Captain Panaka – Prequels
Mike Quinn as Nien Nunb – The Force Awakens
Daisy Ridley as Rey – The Force Awakens
Tim Rose as Admiral Ackbar – The Force Awakens
Yayan Ruhian as Tasu Leech – The Force Awakens
Alan Ruscoe as Bib Fortuna – Original Trilogy
Alan Ruscoe as Plo Koon – Prequels
Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke – The Force Awakens (Sticker)
Kiran Shah as Teedo – The Force Awakens
Marc Silk as Aks Moe – Original Trilogy
Tiya Sircar as Sabine Wren – Star Wars Rebels
Paul Springer as Gamorrean Guard – Original Trilogy
Stephen Stanton as Grand Moff Tarkin – Star Wars Rebels
Catherine Taber as Padmé Amidala – The Clone Wars
Brian Vernel as Bala-tik – The Force Awakens
Harriet Walter as Doctor Kalonia – The Force Awakens
Paul Warren as Hassk Triplet – The Force Awakens
Sam Witwer as Darth Sidious – The Clone Wars

Checklist Top


Armor Tek

11 cards.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Armor Tek

AT-1 Kylo Ren /50
AT-2 Captain Phasma /50
AT-3 Poe Dameron /50
AT-4 First Order Flametrooper /50
AT-5 First Order Snowtrooper /50
AT-6 First Order Tie Fighter Pilot /50
AT-7 First Order Stormtrooper /50
AT-8 Rey /50
AT-9 Stormtrooper (Heavy Gunner) /50
AT-10 Guavian Death Gang Enforcer /50
AT-11 Sidon Ithano /50

Living Tek

13 cards.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Living Tek

LT-1 “Crusher” Roodown /50
LT-2 Luke Skywalker /50
LT-3 C-3PO /50
LT-4 BB-8 /50
LT-5 GA-97 /50
LT-6 Luggabeast /50
LT-7 PZ-4CO /50
LT-8 Sarco Plank /50
LT-9 B-U4D /50
LT-10 First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper /50
LT-11 Sidon Ithano /50
LT-12 HURID-327 /50
LT-13 R2-D2 /50

Pilots and Vehicles

17 cards.

2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek Pilots and Vehicles

PV-1 Poe Dameron /50
PV-2 Ello Asty /50
PV-3 Rey /50
PV-4 Han Solo /50
PV-5 Kylo Ren /50
PV-6 General Hux /50
PV-7 First Order Tie Fighter Pilot /50
PV-8 Jess “Testor” Pava /50
PV-9 Snap Wexley /50
PV-10 Nien Nunb /50
PV-11 Chewbacca /50
PV-12 Rey /50
PV-13 Poe Dameron /50
PV-14 Finn /50
PV-15 First Order Snowtrooper /50
PV-16 Lieutenant Bastian /50
PV-17 Finn /50

Checklist Top

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