2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Checklist and Details


2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe trading cards cover every film from Iron Man through to Captain America: Civil War. At least it covers those controlled by Marvel and Disney. But there are a couple of caveats. Although trading cards, they fall under the gaming umbrella. It’s also a set that’s being distributed in Europe so other parts of the world like North America will likely have to rely on eBay and other secondary sources to find them.

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Unique Holofoil Captain America header

But as an Attax product, it’s intended to be more affordable. Chasing foil cards doesn’t come with the same sort of price tag as Upper Deck’s hobby releases that center on autographs and memorabilia cards.

The main 2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe set has 208 cards. This includes 48 different foil cards are the start of the set. Holographic Foil cards (#1-16) are inserted one per pack. Unique Holographic Foil cards (#17-32), which have a more patterned background, land 1:2 packs. Mirror Foil (#33-48) are the toughest to pull. But at 1:3 packs, they’re still not extreme short prints.

Base cards are organized by film with the checklist being organized chronologically by release date. 2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe covers the following 12 films:

• Iron Man
• Iron Man 2
• Thor
• Captain America: The First Avenger
• The Avengers
• Iron Man 3

• Thor: The Dark World
• Captain America: Winter Soldier
• Guardians of the Galaxy
• Avengers: Age of Ultron
• Ant-Man
• Captain America: Civil War

The final eight cards of the base set are centered on some of the most iconic weapons used in the film.

Unlike a traditional base set that is focuses primarily on story elements, these are all about the characters. The gaming element restricts things as far as text goes. Hero Attax is a lot like the card game War with a couple of small twists. It’s easy to pick up and has fast game play.

The set is rounded out with a handful of Flix Pix Limited Edition cards. These aren’t available in packs and regular boxes. Instead they’re bonus items in tins, multi-packs and the set’s starter kit that comes with an album. Flix Pix cards are lenticular and switch between a character and their costumed super hero alter ego.

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe trading  cards at a glance:

Packs per box: 36
Cards per pack: 8
Set size: 208 cards
Release date: March, 2016

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Checklist

Holographic Foil – 1 per pack

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Holofoil

1 Loki
2 Odin
3 Red Skull
4 Tony Stark
5 Pepper Potts
6 Gamora
7 Rocket
8 Star-Lord
9 Thor
10 Hulkbuster
11 Ultron
12 Agent 13
13 Black Panther
14 Falcon
15 Vision
16 War Machine

Unique Holographic Foil – 1:2 packs

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Unique Holofoil Team Cap

17 Tony Stark
18 The Destroyer
19 Johann Schmidt
20 Drax the Destroyer
21 Groot
22 Captain America
23 Hulk
24 Ant-Man
25 Black Widow
26 Captain America
27 Captain America vs Iron Man
28 Crossbones
29 Hawkeye
30 Iron Man
31 Team Cap
32 Team Iron Man

Mirror Foil – 1:3 packs

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Mirror Foil

33 Happy Hogan
34 Justin Hammer
35 Frigga
36 Hogun
37 Laufey
38 Bucky Barnes
39 Howard Stark
40 Agent Phil Coulson
41 Maria Hill
42 Natasha Romanoff
43 Aldrich Killian
44 Lt Col James Rhodes
45 Nova Corps
46 Nick Fury
47 Yellowjacket
48 Winter Soldier

Iron Man

49 Agent Phil Coulson
50 Christine Everhart
51 Iron Man
52 Iron Monger
53 Obadiah Stane
54 Raza
55 Tony Stark
56 Tony Stark

Iron Man 2

57 Black Widow
58 Happy Hogan
59 Iron Man
60 Ivan Vanko
61 Justin Hammer
62 Lt Col James Rhodes
63 Natasha Romanoff
64 Nick Fury
65 Tony Stark


66 Agent Phil Coulson
67 Darcy Lewis
68 Erik Selvig
69 Fandral
70 Hogun
71 Jane Foster
72 Loki
73 Loki
74 Odin
75 Sif
76 Thor
77 Thor
78 Volstagg

Captain America: The First Avenger

79 Arnim Zola
80 Bucky Barnes
81 Captain America
82 Dr. Erskine
83 Johann Schmidt
84 Howard Stark
85 Peggy Carter
86 Red Skull
87 Red Skull
88 Steve Rogers

The Avengers

89 Agent Phil Coulson
90 Black Widow
91 Bruce Banner
92 Bruce Banner
93 Captain America
94 Hawkeye
95 Hawkeye
96 Hawkeye
97 Hulk
98 Iron Man
99 Loki
100 Loki
101 Loki
102 Maria Hill
103 Nick Fury
104 Thor
105 Thor

Iron Man 3

106 Aldrich Killian
107 Iron Man
108 Iron Man
109 Iron Patriot
110 Lt Col James Rhodes
111 Mandarin
112 Maya Hansen
113 Pepper Potts

Thor: The Dark World

114 Algrim
115 Darcy Lewis
116 Dark Elves
117 Erik Selvig
118 Fandral
119 Frigga
120 Hogun
121 Jane Foster
122 Kronan Stone Man
123 Kurse
124 Loki
125 Loki
126 Malekith
127 Odin
128 Sif
129 Thor
130 Thor
131 Volstagg

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

132 Agent 13
133 Black Widow
134 Brock Lumlow
135 Captain America
136 Falcon
137 Falcon
138 Maria Hill
139 Natasha Romanoff
140 Nick Fury
141 Sam Wilson
142 Sam Wilson
143 Steve Rogers
144 Winter Soldier

Guardians of the Galaxy

145 Drax the Destroyer
146 Gamora
147 Groot
148 Groot
149 Korath
150 Nebula
151 Peter Quill
152 Peter Quill
153 Rocket
154 Roman the Accuser
155 Star-Lord
156 Star-Lord
157 Yondu Udonta
158 Yondu Udonta

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

159 Black Widow
160 Bruce Banner
161 Bruce Banner
162 Captain America
163 Dr. Helen Cho
164 Falcon
165 Hawkeye
166 Hawkeye
167 Hulkbuster
168 Hulk
169 Hulk
170 Iron Man
171 Natasha Romanoff
172 Quicksilver
173 Scarlet Witch
174 Steve Rogers
175 Thor
176 Tony Stark
177 Ultron
178 Ultron
179 Ulysses Klaue


180 Ant-Man
181 Ant-Man
182 Darren Cross
183 Dave
184 Dr. Hank Pym
185 Falcon
186 Gale
187 Hope Van Dyne
188 Scott Lang
189 Scott Lang
190 Yellowjacket

Captain America: Civil War

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Base Captain America Civil War

191 Agent 13
192 Ant-Man
193 Black Panther
194 Black Widow
195 Captain America
196 Falcon
197 Hawkeye
198 Iron Man
199 Vision
200 War Machine


201 Captain America’s Shield
202 Loki’s Sceptre
203 Nick Fury’s Pistol
204 Iron Man’s Armour
205 Star-Lord’s Helmet
206 Drax’s Daggers
207 Thor’s Mjolnir
208 Hawkeye’s Bow and Arrow

Flix-Pix Limited Edition

2016 Topps Hero Attax Marvel Cinematic Universe Limited Edition Black Widow

LEMA Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow – Mulit-Packs
LEMB Peter Quill/Star-Lord – Multi-Packs
LETA Steve Rogers/Captain America – Tin
LESA Tony Stark/Iron Man – Starter Kit
LETB Scott Lang/Ant-Man – Tin

Comments? Questions? Contact Ryan Cracknell on Twitter @tradercracks.


Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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  1. Michael Howey 15 May, 2016 at 12:29

    Cheese strings are doing a subset with numbers A1-A30 I believe. Possibly just redo ping the main ones. I thing your rarities are the wrong way around.

  2. Bill Campbell 25 May, 2016 at 15:11

    The Cheesestrings “Captain America Civil War” cards include additional titles not listed in the album. So far I have Crossbones, Captain America, Winter Soldier & Agent 13. They have the hexagonal background but the pictures are different from the regular cards where there is an equivalent.

  3. mike rayner 5 June, 2016 at 05:50

    The Cheesestrings set claims to be over 30 cards in their set, they all have “R” numbers, i have R31 so goes at least that high.Some of the images are the same, Ant man and Vision, but have the “R” number where the usual number is but other cards do have different art work from main set

  4. mike rayner 9 June, 2016 at 19:54

    Here is a full list of Cheesestrings “R” series
    R1 Agent 13
    R2 Ant Man
    R3 Cap America ( same image as 195)
    R4 Falcon
    R5 Hawkeye ( same image as 197)
    R6 Winter Soldier
    R7 Black Panther
    R8 Black Widow ( same image as 194)
    R9 Iron Man
    R10 Vision ( same image as 199)
    R11 War Machine
    R12 Crossbones
    R13 Team Cap
    R14 Team Stark
    R15 Cap America v Iron Man
    R16 Agent 13 ( same image as 191)
    R17 Ant Man ( same image as 192)
    R18 Cap America
    R19 Falcon ( same image as 196)
    R20 Black Panther ( same image as 193)
    R21 Black Widow
    R22 Iron Man ( same image as 198)
    R23 Vision
    R24 War Machine ( same image as 200)
    R25 Ant Man
    R26 Hawkeye
    R27 Winter Soldier
    R28 Black Panther
    R29 Cap America
    R30 Crossbones
    R31 Black Panther
    R32 Iron Man

  5. Michael bird 27 June, 2016 at 09:55

    I only need 3 more… cards but they are all unique cards…I need 18 22 and 28 the destroyer captain america and crossbones…going to cost loads to get them though :-/

  6. mike rayner 4 July, 2016 at 17:49

    The cards are on sale direct from Topps from 4th July, only 35p each,they will limit you to 2 holographs per collector but just register with another family name with different email address
    The “R” series is not available to purchase off them

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