Breaking Down the 2016 Select Football Prizm Parallel Rainbow



By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

Over the past couple of years, the Select brand has carved out its niche. Yes, it’s chromium-based like Prizm, which also means lots of Prizm parallels. But it’s a little more than that. Select combines that distinct design element with a tiered structure. And within each tier, there’s a different rainbow to chase. For the 2016 Select Football parallels, that means a large master rainbow but it also opens things up to customizable combinations as big or as small that appeals to the individual collector.

2016 Select Football has a 300-card base set checklist. That breaks down to 100 cards for each tier: Concourse, Premier Level and Field Level. While there is some overlap in players between tiers, it’s not exactly the same mix.

On a design end, each tier is also a little different.

Concourse cards have nine different types of Prizm parallels. They start with basic Silver Prizms, which have a shiny rainbow background. From there, it shifts into a different mix of colors that are similar to other chromium-centered products from both Panini and other manufacturers.

Premier Level cards have eight parallels. Premier Level Prizms come in many colors but most also come die-cut. The shaped addition is exclusive to Premier Level cards.

Similarly, Field Level Prizms are the only ones with a checkered backdrop to go with the mix of colors. Field Level cards have seven types of Prizms.

For players in all three tiers of the checklist, that’s 24 total parallels. That’s a lot. And with some coming in with small print runs, a 2016 Select Football Prizm parallel master rainbow is a definite challenge. But there are other approaches collectors can take. One could stick to a single tier rainbow. Perhaps sticking specific or similar colors.

Below is a full gallery of all the 2016 Select Football Prizm parallels so you can easily see both the rainbow and the differences in designs and patterns.

2016 Select Football Concourse Parallels

2016 Sel FB Con Base

Concourse Base

2016 Sel FB Con Prizm

Concourse Silver Prizm

2016 Sel FB Con Tri Color Prizm

Concourse Tri-Color Prizm

2016 Sel FB Con Blue Prizm

Concourse Blue Prizm – /149

2016 Sel FB Con Red Prizm

Concourse Red Prizm – /99

2016 Sel FB Con Orange Prizm

Concourse Orange Prizm – /49

2016 Sel FB Con Tie-Dye

Concourse Tie-Dye Prizm – /25

2016 Sel FB Con Gold

Concourse Gold Prizm – /10

2016 Sel FB Con Green

Concourse Green Prizm – /5

2016 Sel FB Con Black Prizm

Concourse Black Prizm – 1/1

2016 Panini Select Football Premier Level Parallels

2016 Sel Pr Base

Premier Level Base

2016 Sel Pr Prizm

Premier Level Silver Prizm

2016 Sel Pr Tri Color

Premier Level Tri-Color Prizm

2016 Sel Pr Light Blue DC

Premier Level Light Blue Prizm Die-Cut – /125

2016 Sel Pr Purple DC

Premier Level Purple Prizm Die-Cut – /75

2016 Sel Pr Tie-Dye DC

Premier Level Tie-Dye Prizm Die-Cut – /25

2016 Sel Pr Gold DC

Premier Level Gold Prizm Die-Cut – /10

2016 Sel Pr Green DC

Premier Level Green Prizm Die-Cut – /5

2016 Sel Pr Black

Premier Level Black Prizm Die-Cut – 1/1

2016 Panini Select Football Field Level Parallels

2016 Sel FL Base

Field Level Base

2016 Sel FL Prizm

Field Level Silver Prizm

2016 Sel FL Tri-Color

Field Level Tri-Color Prizm

2016 Sel FL Copper

Field Level Copper Prizm – /49

2016 Sel FL Tie-Dye

Field Level Tie-Dye Prizm – /25

2016 Sel FL Gold

Field Level Gold Prizm – /10

2016 Sel FL Green

Field Level Green Prizm – /5

2016 Sel FL Black

Field Level Black Prizm – 1/1

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Ryan Cracknell

A collector for much of his life, Ryan focuses primarily on building sets, Montreal Expos and interesting cards. He's also got one of the most comprehensive collections of John Jaha cards in existence (not that there are a lot of them). Got a question, story idea or want to get in touch? You can reach him by email and through Twitter @tradercracks.

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