2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball Checklist and Details


2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball goes with the idea that three’s company. As with other releases for the brand in both baseball and football, it’s an all-autograph affair with cards coming in three different styles.

The checklist highlights draft picks and key prospects.

Every 2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball box has six cards, all of which are signed on-card. In addition to such 2016 first rounders as Ian Anderson and A.J. Puk, Tim Tebow is also slated to have cards in the set.

From a production standpoint, Trinity Signatures Autographs are the most basic of the cards. They come with a traditional, albeit premium, build. That said, most come with inscriptions to go with the signatures.

Trinity Clear Autographs take over from Pure cards that have been used in the past. Clear cards are done on acetate.

Finally, there are Jumbo Patch Autographs. These come with large swatches cut from player-worn jerseys.

2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball at a glance:

Packs per box: 1
Cards per pack: 6
Boxes per case: 10
Release date: February, 2017

What to expect in a hobby box:

• Autographs – 6

2016 Leaf Trinity Baseball Checklist

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Clear Autographs
Patch Autographs
Trinity Signatures

Clear Autographs

57 cards.


Blue – /25 (Tebow /4)
Green – /10 (Tebow /3)
Red – /5 (Tebow /2)
Gold – 1/1
Printing Plates Black – 1/1 (No Bregman, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)
Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1 (No Bregman, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)
Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1 (No Bregman, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)
Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1 (No Bregman, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)

BA-AB1 Alex Bregman – Redemption
BA-AG1 Anfernee Grier
BA-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
BA-AK2 Anthony Kay
BA-AR1 Amed Rosario SSP
BA-AV1 Alex Verdugo
BA-BG1 Braxton Garrett
BA-BR1 Blake Rutherford
BA-BR2 Brendan Rodgers
BA-CA1 Chance Adams
BA-CO1 Chris Okey
BA-CQ1 Cal Quantrill
BA-CR1 Cole Ragans
BA-CR2 Corey Ray
BA-CS1 Cody Sedlock
BA-CWH Chih-Wei Hu
BA-DC1 Dylan Carlson
BA-DD1 Dane Dunning
BA-DH1 Dakota Hudson
BA-DJ1 Daulton Jefferies
BA-DS1 Dansby Swanson
BA-EL1 Eric Lauer
BA-FW1 Forrest Whitley
BA-GL1 Gavin Lux
BA-HP1 Hudson Potts
BA-IA1 Ian Anderson
BA-ID1 Isan Diaz MSP
BA-JD1 Justin Dunn
BA-JF1 Junior Fernandez
BA-JG1 Jason Groome SSP
BA-JL1 Josh Lowe
BA-JO1 Josh Ockimey
BA-JS1 Jordan Sheffield
BA-JW1 Joey Wentz
BA-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
BA-KL1 Kyle Lewis
BA-KM1 Kyle Muller
BA-KT1 Kyle Tucker
BA-MM1 Matt Manning
BA-MT1 Mason Thompson
BA-MT1 Matt Thaiss
BA-NJ1 Nolan Jones
BA-NS1 Nick Senzel
BA-OV1 Omar Vizquel – Redemption
BA-RL1 Reggie Lawson
BA-RP1 Riley Pint
BA-RT1 Robert Tyler
BA-TJZ T.J. Zeuch
BA-TM1 Triston McKenzie
BA-TT1 Taylor Trammell
BA-TT2 Tim Tebow MSP
BA-WB1 Will Benson
BA-WC1 Will Craig
BA-YG1 Yulieski Gurriel
BA-ZB1 Zack Burdi
BA-ZC1 Zack Collins

Checklist Top

Patch Autographs

53 cards.


Red Spectrum – /25
Blue Spectrum – /10
Silver Spectrum – /5
Gold Spectrum – 1/1
Printing Plates Black – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario)
Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario)
Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario)
Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario)

PA-AG1 Anfernee Grier
PA-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
PA-AK2 Anthony Kay
PA-AR1 Amed Rosario
PA-AV1 Alex Verdugo
PA-BG1 Braxton Garrett
PA-BR1 Blake Rutherford
PA-CA1 Chance Adams
PA-CK1 Carter Kieboom
PA-CO1 Chris Okey
PA-CQ1 Cal Quantrill
PA-CR1 Cole Ragans
PA-CR2 Corey Ray
PA-CS1 Cody Sedlock
PA-CWH Chih-Wei Hu
PA-DC1 Dylan Carlson
PA-DD1 Dane Dunning
PA-DH1 Dakota Hudson
PA-DJ1 Daulton Jefferies
PA-EL1 Eric Lauer
PA-FW1 Forrest Whitley
PA-GL1 Gavin Lux
PA-HP1 Hudson Potts
PA-IA1 Ian Anderson
PA-JD1 Justin Dunn
PA-JF1 Junior Fernandez
PA-JG1 Jason Groome
PA-JL1 Josh Lowe
PA-JO1 Josh Ockimey
PA-JS1 Jordan Sheffield
PA-JW1 Joey Wentz
PA-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
PA-KL1 Kyle Lewis
PA-KM1 Kyle Muller
PA-MM1 Matt Manning
PA-MT1 Mason Thompson
PA-MT2 Matt Thaiss
PA-NJ1 Nolan Jones
PA-NS1 Nick Senzel
PA-RL1 Reggie Lawson
PA-RP1 Riley Pint
PA-RT1 Robert Tyler
PA-TJZ T.J. Zeuch
PA-TT1 Taylor Trammell
PA-TT2 Tim Tebow
PA-WB1 Will Benson
PA-WC1 Will Craig
PA-WS1 Will Smith
PA-YCC Yu-Cheng Chang
PA-YG1 Yulieski Gurriel
PA-ZB1 Zack Burdi
PA-ZC1 Zack Collins

Checklist Top

Trinity Signatures

55 cards.


Red Spectrum – /25
Blue Spectrum – /10
Silver Spectrum – /5
Gold Spectrum – 1/1
Printing Plates Black – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)
Printing Plates Cyan – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)
Printing Plates Magenta – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario, VIzquel)
Printing Plates Yellow – 1/1 (No Adams, Lawson, Rosario, Vizquel)

A-AG1 Anfernee Grier
A-AJP A.J. Puk
A-AK1 Alex Kirilloff
A-AK2 Anthony Kay
A-AR1 Amed Rosario SSP
A-AV1 Alex Verdugo
A-BG1 Braxton Garrett
A-BR1 Blake Rutherford SSP
A-BR2 Brendan Rodgers
A-CA1 Chance Adams SSP
A-CO1 Chris Okey
A-CQ1 Cal Quantrill
A-CR1 Cole Ragans
A-CR2 Corey Ray
A-CS1 Cody Sedlock
A-CWH Chih-Wei Hu
A-DC1 Dylan Carlson
A-DD1 Dane Dunning
A-DH1 Dakota Hudson
A-DJ1 Daulton Jefferies
A-DS1 Dansby Swanson
A-EL1 Eric Lauer
A-FW1 Forrest Whitley
A-GL1 Gavin Lux
A-HP1 Hudson Potts
A-IA1 Ian Anderson
A-JD1 Justin Dunn
A-JF1 Junior Fernandez
A-JG1 Jason Groome SSP
A-JL1 Josh Lowe
A-JO1 Josh Ockimey
A-JS1 Jordan Sheffield
A-JW1 Joey Wentz
A-KG1 Kevin Gowdy
A-KL1 Kyle Lewis
A-KM1 Kyle Muller
A-KT1 Kyle Tucker
A-MM1 Matt Manning
A-MT1 Mason Thompson
A-MT2 Matt Thaiss
A-NJ1 Nolan Jones
A-NS1 Nick Senzel
A-OV1 Omar Vizquel – Redemption
A-RL1 Reggie Lawson
A-RP1 Riley Pint
A-RT1 Robert Tyler
A-TJZ T.J. Zeuch
A-TM1 Triston McKenzie
A-TT1 Taylor Trammell
A-WB1 Will Benson
A-WC1 Will Craig
A-WS1 Will Smith
A-YG1 Yulieski Gurriel
A-ZB1 Zack Burdi
A-ZC1 Zack Collins

Checklist Top

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