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Hobby-minded journalist John Leptich dies at 60

John Leptich, a former contributor of stories for Beckett Media during its early years who was a longtime Chicago and Arizona journalist that covered a story about the great debacle of the 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan Rookie card when an Illinois card shop clerk mistakenly sold it to a 12-year-old boy for $12 instead of $1,200 what it was worth then, has died.

George Steinbrenner's Signature of Approval

While those accolades remain tremendous sources of pride around these parts, they pale in comparison to the recognition Beckett Elite received in May of 2006 from someone far more influential, prestigious, awe-inspiring and, well, legendary.

Florida Marlins OF Mike Stanton is Topps' Fourth Red Hot Rookie

Topps unveiled the fourth of its 2010 Red Hot Rookies on Thursday morning and this one’s Florida Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton.

And you wonder why players don't like signing: Example No. 3,772,695

This YouTube video from All-Star FanFest is making the rounds where a pushy adult insults Gary Carter for not signing a pair of photos for kids. (He was instead signing All-Star FanFest autograph sheets and cards.)

If you've got a big head, New Era just might have a surprise for you, too

I’ve been told I have a big head. And don’t I know that.

Box Busters: 2009-10 Panini Crown Royale basketball cards

Join Beckett Media’s Keith Hower and Tracy Hackler as they bust into a pair of 2009-10 Panini Crown Royale basketball cards from Panini America in this latest edition of Box Busters.

Inside Tim Tebow's Helmet: The Anatomy of a Fantasy Football Card

I’ve always dreamed of appearing on my own football card. This self-indulgent tale is likely about as close as I’ll ever get . . .

Detroit Tigers OF Brennan Boesch is third Topps Red Hot Rookie

Topps unveiled the third of its 2010 Red Hot Rookies on Wednesday morning and this one’s Detroit Toigers outfielder Brennan Boesch.

First Look: 2009-10 Panini NBA Season Update

Panini America will recap its first season as the exclusive NBA cardmaker with the early September release of 2009-10 Panini NBA Season Update, a quirky catch-all release sporting a reasonable $2.99 pack price and a typical box break (24 packs) that will produce one autograph, two memorabilia cards and 22 additional insert cards.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner is the seventh Finest Rookie Redemption

Topps revealed its seventh 2010 Finest Rookie Redemption card on Tuesday, and it’s Chicago Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner — and it’s autographed.

Obscure LeBron James/Dwyane Wade/Chris Bosh Card Enjoys 500% Increase

Leave it to Miami’s men of the moment – LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – to transform an utterly forgettable 6-year-old eyesore into the single hottest basketball trading card on the market.

Strasburg 1/1 Red autograph set to hit auction block with Huggins and Scott

The premiere Stephen Strasburg card from 2010 Bowman — his 1/1 Red autograph — will hit the auction block on Wednesday as part of Huggins and Scott’s worldwide sports memorabilia catalog auction that runs through July 28.

George Steinbrenner's legacy of winning with New York Yankees is not reflected on baseball cards

George Steinbrenner bought the New York Yankees in 1973 and amassed seven World Series titles and 11 pennants in his time at the helm. Despite that success and his status as the highest-profile owner in the game, Steinbrenner never appeared on a standard-issue baseball card made by a major manufacturer.

Bustin' Wax: 1979 O-Pee-Chee baseball cards

Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds opens a 31-year-old pack of 1979 O-Pee-Chee cards — so you don’t have to — in what we hope will be an occasional series of vintage pack breaks called Bustin’ Wax.

UFC Stars Rampage Jackson, Brock Lesnar Featured in Round 5 Versus Line

Some of the biggest fights in recent UFC history will be commemorated later this year by some of the coolest little collectibles going.

Preview Gallery: 2009-10 National Treasures Basketball

Panini America’s first National Treasures basketball set is ready to arrive in just under a month and the high-end product is chock-full of autographs and autographed patch cards.

What's up for grabs at The National Sports Collectors Convention?

While there will undoubtedly be more promotions, wrapper redemptions and other specially made cards for the event, here’s a rundown (and a gallery of images) of the other VIP freebies and other show-exclusive cards for this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention.

How much of LeBron's polished legacy is now gone?

Cleveland’s icon is gone — perhaps as is many a fan’s interest in James (and the Cavs) in that area. But the simple pair of headlines — “Gone.” and a smaller, more subtle shot, “7 years, $62 million, no rings.” — makes you wonder if more is, indeed, gone from the aura that was King James.

Panini America Giving Epix Its Own Football Card Set

Mention the word “Epix” to veteran collectors of baseball, football, hockey and racing cards and you’re as likely to get a look of fond remembrance as you are a glare of genuine angst. Indeed, the polarizing insert program boasts a mildly perplexing, multi-statistical, many-hued history with origins dating back to 1997.

Topps will release Strasburg redemption card at All-Star Fanfest

Topps will have a wrapper redemption program beginning at the All-Star Fanfest on Friday in Anaheim, Calif. — and the star rookie was a last-minute addition to the program’s lineup, according to one Pennsylvania-based dealer.

First Look: 2010-11 Certified Hockey

With a long-untapped arsenal of fan-favorite brands to pull from, the subject of what product should lead became a hot-button topic inside Panini America’s walls the second the company announced in late March that it was entering the hockey card business.

Preview Gallery: 2010 Topps Sterling

Topps released the following preview images for its forthcoming 2010 Topps Sterling baseball card set.

(UPDATED) First Look: 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey

Beckett Media got an early glimpse this week at 2010-11 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey, the 20th anniversary edition of the company’s history-making base brand that will arrive in November delivering six Young Guns Rookie Cards, six 20th Anniversary base-set variations and one UD Game Jersey card in every 24-pack box.

Market Analyst: LeBron James to Miami 'Would Set Off a Frenzy'

00000 Basketball collectors just thought LeBron James was hot before. According to Beckett NBA Senior Market Analyst Keith Hower, they haven’t seen anything like the scorching he’s about to set off on South Beach if indeed the reportedly Heat-seeking wunderkind with the $12,000 Rookie Card chooses to sign with Miami. In addition to painfully concluding […]

Breaking News: McDonald’s Canada Parts Ways with Upper Deck, Hockey Promos

One of the longest-running and most popular food premium card series in hockey card history has come to a close, as McDonald’s and Upper Deck will not be teaming to produce a series for the 2010-11 season.

Upper Deck Releases 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Hockey

This week, Upper Deck releases its much-anticipated 2009-10 Ultimate Collection Hockey product.

New Beckett President Addresses Website Performance Issues, Future Plans

Please allow me to introduce myself – I am Brian Gulledge, the new President of Beckett Media LLC. I have recently joined the company with a primary focus of correcting, improving and growing our online presence.

Hey everybody… Tonight is Rojo Johnson Bobblehead Night!

The Round Rock Express can’t get enough of their one-pitch wonder.

Strasburg SuperFractor buyer: “Negativity has driven me out”

Stephen Strasburg’s cards have generated resentment, hatred and vast conspiracy theories. As well as harassment.

EXCLUSIVE: Accountant says harassment, negativity prompted sale of Strasburg SuperFractor

Robert J. Power discusses his decision to sell the Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor with Beckett Baseball’s Chris Olds Tuesday afternoon in Dallas after he completed the transaction.

EXCLUSIVE: Second sale of Strasburg SuperFractor takes twist

Accountant Robert J. Power’s sale of the Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor took a twist after his $25,000 eBay auction went bad.

A Card Set Fit for The King

Press Pass officials on Tuesday released preliminary information and images on Elvis Milestones, the company’s fifth stand-alone trading card product devoted to the King of Rock and Roll. The product arrives next month delivering one autograph or memorabilia card per box and a unique “history-through-cards” MO that should work well in a medium seemingly tailor-made for such chronological remembrance.

Can't-Miss Gems from the 2010 NHL Draft

The NHL Draft delivers a few surprises each year that provide collectors with some terrific new players to collect. Tyler Myers was one such player when he was drafted in 2008.

Topps Football Sketch Card Contest Winner Announced

Beckett Blog visitor Josh Manning correctly identified three of the six Topps Football Sketch Card artists from the June contest and will win a box of 2010 Topps Football when it comes out next month.

What does the future hold for the Bryce Harper SuperFractor?

The Stephen Strasburg SuperFractor seems to be getting all of the attention these days — and rightly so when it has generated sales of $16,400 and $25,000 — but there’s one other SuperFractor in the 2010 Bowman set that could give it a run for its prospecting money. It’s the Bryce Harper SuperFractor.