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The Fight Begins: Inside Ringside Boxing Round One

00000 The folks from Creative Cardboard Concepts (largely the same trading card force that brings you In The Game and Sport Kings) pulled the curtain back considerably today on their June-releasing Ringside Boxing Round One product with a wealth of revealing images and checklist information. Savoring the gallery that follows might leave you punch drunk, […]

May 1 marks a pretty significant birthday in the baseball card world

Forty years ago tomorrow is when Larry Fritsch became the first full-time dealer of baseball cards in the world when he opened his family-run business in Stevens Point, Wisc., where it’s still at today.

Denver Bronco Tim Tebow Completes His First 21 Passes; Cards Soaring

The Denver Post’s Mike Klis is reporting that Tim Tebow completed his first 21 passes on Friday during the opening day of the Denver Broncos’ three-day mini camp.

First Look: 2010 Topps UFC

Topps officials on Friday released preliminary product information and images for the company’s fourth stand-alone UFC product, simply dubbed 2010 Topps UFC.

Your team can be toast — without facing Tim Lincecum or Roy Halladay

The latest creation from Pangea Brands isn’t quite on the level as the famed “toaster toaster” that sci-fi fans loved a couple of years ago, but its new line of Pro Toast toasters literally lets baseball fans show their team pride in yet another way and takes team branding to new culinary heights as well.

Press Pass, NASCAR bring No. 3 back to the track — and packs

The famed No. 3 will return to the NASCAR track — and to Press Pass wrappers, too — later this summer as Dale Earnhardt Jr. will drive a No. 3 Wrangler Chevy in a Nationwide race at Daytona.

It Was Like Topps Never Left

That didn’t take long.

Shoot, Topps was without a football license for such a short time it was like the company never left. Truth be told, it didn’t. Sure, it may have missed out on an early draft picks-focused product in 2010, but that’s about it.

Box Busters: 2010 TRISTAR Hidden Treasures World Stars

The 2010 World Stars edition of TRISTAR Hidden Treasures includes a baseball in every box and autographs from Japanese baseball greats like Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui. But what makes the product really unique?

Topps is back in the football card business

After a few estranged months, Topps and the NFL are back together again.

Contest Update: And the Winner Is . . .

You may recall that last September on (and on The Beckett Blog and in Beckett Football), we solicited submissions for a special 2009 NFL Season Preview card-investment contest. Essentially, we asked Beckett visitors how they would invest an imaginary $1,000 in at least five football cards for the 2009 season.

It's official: Mets fans like Ike (Davis, that is)

If there’s one thing that the rest of us should understand, it’s that when it comes to fans of New York teams there’s seemingly always plenty of demand for their autographs and memorabilia.

Undertaker, Triple H, Chris Jericho & new faces on 2010 Topps WWE autograph checklist

00000 Several World Wrestling Entertainment stars will make their trading card and certified autograph debuts in the forthcoming 2010 Topps WWE set, which we previewed right here earlier this week. Now, the preliminary checklist is out and, although it’s always subject to change, there are some debuts and some big autographs to be found, including […]

Box Busters Preview Gallery: 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition Football

The Beckett Box Busters crew on Tuesday afternoon got its hands on a few boxes of 2010 Press Pass Portrait Edition, the company’s second 2010 product that goes live today and delivers seven on-card autographs and three memorabilia cards per box.

Tim Tebow Mania is Upon Us

You want to know how good Tim Tebow is? He’s already shattered an NFL mark without even suiting up.

The league confirmed on Tuesday that it sold a record number of Tebow’s No. 15 Denver Broncos jerseys during 2010 NFL Draft Weekend, significantly more than previous rookie record-holder Mark Sanchez (2009), Reggie Bush and Vince Young (both from the class of 2006).

Historic Muhammad Ali Autographs to Grace New Boxing Set

None other than legendary boxing trainer Angelo Dundee called it “the best thing to happen to boxing since boxing gloves.” While that might be a little hyperbolic, Dundee’s point is a good one.

Clearly, the greatest thing about Ringside Boxing Round One – the first stand-alone boxing set since 1996 Ringside – is “The Greatest” himself: Muhammad Ali.

Card Gallery: 2010 Prestige Football Rookie Cards

One of Prestige Football’s calling cards (bad pun intended) for more than a decade now has been delivering the first Rookie Cards every year emblazoned with each checklisted draft pick’s NFL team designation. It’s a small touch that often gets lost amid the flurry of “how many hits does it have and are there any on-card autos;” but it’s an attention to detail that that’s worth applauding.

Box Busters Preview gallery: 2010 TRISTAR TNA: The New Era wrestling cards

We’ve busted the first three hobby boxes of the latest TRISTAR TNA Wrestling card set for an upcoming episode of Box Busters, which is in the microwave as we speak.

First look: 2010 Topps WWE wrestling cards

Topps unveiled on Monday the basic product breakdown and preview images for its 2010 WWE wrestling card set which will arrive in mid-August.

Hobby Winners & Losers from the 2010 NFL Draft

The first prime-time, three-day NFL Draft in history came to a relatively quiet close on Saturday following two previous days of high drama and record-breaking television ratings.

Exclusive First Look: Tim Tebow's First Broncos Trading Card

Panini America officials on Friday afternoon provided a glimpse of what promises to be one of the most coveted football cards of the summer: Tim Tebow’s limited-edition, Broncos-variation 2010 Prestige Rookie Card.

Panini already readying draft picks' first NFL cards

The second round of the NFL Draft hasn’t even begun, but Panini America already has the first NFL cards of at least three rookies signed and printed for an upcoming set.

Box Busters preview gallery: 2010 Topps Pro Debut minor league baseball cards

We’ll have a Box Busters episode for 2010 Topps Pro Debut minor league baseball cards up here shortly, but until then here’s a peak at what we found inside one of our boxes …

Guest commentary: Collect vintage in a bad economy

What made me notice was the dramatic dip in the vintage hockey card market? The pricing was downright affordable for some pretty cool items, and over the past few years I’ve been able to get some great cards at a reasonable price.

Box Busters: 2010 Topps National Chicle baseball cards

Join Beckett Media’s Tracy Hackler, Chris Olds and Brian Fleischer as they bust into a pair of 2010 Topps National Chicle baseball cards for this episode of Box Busters.

The Only Football Card I Want This Year Is . . .

00000 I’ve gone on record countless times pledging my undying love for the Denver Broncos, so I wasn’t really surprised when the texts started rolling in hotly and heavily a few minutes ago when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the Broncos had indeed made the pick of the draft in my heavily biased opinion […]

Beckett Football's 2010 Hobby Mock Draft

Look, it’s no secret that wildly talented defensive dynamos such as Gerald McCoy and Ndamukong Suh will dominate the top of the 2010 NFL Draft that begins tonight. But when it comes to collector adulation, it’s the skill position players – many of whom will be taken rounds after Suh and McCoy are long gone – that generate the most buzz and secondary-market money in the football card world.

Box Busters preview gallery: 2010 Topps National Chicle baseball cards

While plenty has been said about the forthcoming 2010 National Chicle baseball card set from Topps, only a few have gotten their hands on the actual cards — well, other than all those athletes who signed on-card autographs — in advance of its release next week.

Commentary: @#$%&# Exclusives!

Go ahead and add this missive to the already-overflowing pile of “Man, all these exclusive license agreements stink.”

Tales from Twitter: Nick Swisher, Jose Canseco, Keith Olbermann and much more…

Twitter has been talked and written about countless times, but it’s a tool that’s making its presence felt in the collecting community in countless ways.

Score Set to Provide Newbies Bang for a Buck

The 2010 edition of Score Football, one of the last bastion’s of card collecting’s entry-level innocence, will arrive in retail outlets in late June packing one Rookie Card, one Glossy parallel and five other cards per pack for the universally appealing price of $1.

New York Mets 1B Ike Davis is Topps' second 2010 Finest Rookie Redemption

Topps revealed its second 2010 Finest Rookie Redemption card on Tuesday, and it’s New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis, who made his big-league debut on Monday.

Box Busters: 2010 Press Pass Premium racing cards

Beckett Media’s Tim Trout and Tracy Hackler are joined by Press Pass brand manager Jesse Leadbetter to bust some 2010 Press Pass Premium boxes in this episode of Box Busters.

Lorena Ochoa retires at top of her game in the hobby

One of the LPGA’s biggest stars, Lorena Ochoa announced her retirement on Tuesday, marking the end of a Hall of Fame-caliber career that included 27 victories.

First look: 2009-10 Panini Platinum basketball cards

Panini America released the basic product information and preview images for its 2009-10 Panini Platinum basketball card set on Tuesday, a $6-a-pack product that will arrive on July 7.

MLB now authenticating … game-used cufflinks?

Those little pieces of game-used memorabilia that we’re all pretty used to in the memorabilia world embedded into baseball cards and other memorabilia pieces can now be found inside high-end cufflinks at