Monthly Archives: February 2009

Looking inside the Razor Metal checklist

The latest baseball set from Razor will be an eBay-only singles product called Razor Metal, which will be sold as standard and autographed singles beginning next week in Razor’s eBay store.

First Look: 2009 Upper Deck X baseball cards

Upper Deck release basic set information and preview images for its 2009 Upper Deck X baseball set on Friday.

Print celebrates Latin American influence on baseball

With the World Baseball Classic rosters announced on Wednesday and the international event set to take place next month, one sports artist has re-issued a popular print celebrating baseball’s rich Latin American history.

Obamas decide on 'First Dog' — do you have its Rookie Card?

CNN is reporting that President Barack Obama and family have decided on a First Dog, making that Presidential Pup Redemption Card from the recently released Topps Obama set a little more important.

The KISS Army will love this upcoming card set

Forget your baseball cards for a minute … the latest non-sport set from Press Pass — KISS Ikons — will have collectors breathing fire, spitting up blood, throwing the goat and ripping packs with the dial turned up to 11.

Hockey cahds take centah stage in this Uppah Deck video

It’s a preview of Upper Deck’s upcoming Champ’s hockey cards for those who don’t speak Rugged Bostonian. Check it out.

First Look: 2009 TRISTAR Obak Tim Beckham Preview Cards

TRISTAR released the first images of its 2009 Obak Preview Cards featuring Tim Beckham that can be found its upcoming PROjections set on Wednesday.

Latest Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card set arrives in April

The fifth edition of the Jewish Major Leaguers baseball card series arrives in April focusing on notable record holders and current baseball stars.

Box Busters: 2009 Press Pass Eclipse NASCAR cards

Join Publisher Tracy Hackler and radio star Tim Trout as they open a box of the brand new 2009 Press Pass Eclipse NASCAR cards.

Upper Deck unveils Ken Griffey Jr.'s newest Mariners cards

Upper Deck unveiled images of two upcoming cards on Tuesday featuring Ken Griffey Jr. upon his return with the Seattle Mariners.

Preview Gallery: 2009 Playoff Prestige football

Here’s a peek at the upcoming 2009 Playoff Prestige football set, which will arrive in May …

Tiger Woods is back? Yep, and on Upper Deck cards, too

While Upper Deck hasn’t made a golf set since 2004, the company is including the world’s most popular golfer, Tiger Woods, on cards in a variety of recently released and upcoming sports card products.

First Look: McFarlane Toys' NFL Legends Series 5 Sports Picks figures

McFarlane Toys released on Friday images of what its fifth series of NFL Legends Sports Picks figures will look like with my personal favorite being former Philadelphia Eagles QB Randall Cunningham leading the way (even though he didn’t win any of the seven championships that the lineup includes).

Donruss issues Playoff Contenders Season Ticket Autograph short-print list

Donruss released this list of short prints among the 2008 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket Autographs (parallels of the first 50 base cards) on Friday and reported that no more than 299 of each other card was produced.

Sneak peek: Ric Flair's first match-worn memorabilia card

We’ve got a sneak peek at the piece of memorabilia that Donruss will be cutting up to make the first match-worn memorabilia card of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. And, boy, it’s a doozy.

Florida collector completes second Yankee Stadium Legacy set

00000 This in Thursday evening from Upper Deck… Chuck Sauter has just accomplished something that only one other person in the world has been able to do: put together Upper Deck’s gigantic, 6,661-card Yankee Stadium Legacy Collection. Sauter, a lifelong Orioles fan, started pursuing the set to find only those cards when the Yankees hosted […]

Topps announces Mayo football short-print list

Topps released the short-print lists for its recently released 2008 Topps Mayo Football set on Thursday.

Details on our National Hockey Card Day contests

Tune in right here on Saturday afternoon for a few live-post contests in celebration of National Hockey Card Day.

Preview Gallery: 2008-09 Upper Deck Black basketball

Here’s a look at a few cards from the upcoming 2008-09 Upper Deck Black basketball set that will arrive in late March.

Your take: Griffey's going home

We want to know … do you think this career-capping season in Seattle will spark interest in the hobby as a whole — or just spark interest in Ken Griffey Jr.?

First look: 2009 Bowman Draft Picks Football

Topps released preview images and product information for its 2009 Bowman Draft Picks football set on Wednesday.

First look: 2009 TRISTAR PROjections Series I

TRISTAR released the first images and preview information for its 2009 PROjections Series 1 minor league baseball set on Wednesday.

Preliminary checklist: 2009 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball

00000 We know you love cut autographs, so here’s a look at the preliminary checklist for the cut autographs in Upper Deck’s 2009 SP Legendary Cuts baseball set. There are some sweet combination cards to be found but keep in mind that the checklists are subject to change. Here we go …

Preview gallery: 2009 SP Legendary Cuts baseball

Upper Deck released preview images and product information for its 2009 SP Legendary Cuts baseball set on Wednesday.

Box Busters: In the Topps UFC Octagon

Watch the Beckett MMA team of Tracy Hacker and David Lee bust some of the brand new Topps UFC cards in advance of its release.

Not in Canada for National Hockey Card Day, eh? We've got free hockey cards for you right here …

Saturday is National Hockey Card Day, which means you can get some exclusively produced hockey cards from Upper Deck if you’re in Canada. Not in Canada? No worries… you can win cards right here.

Checklist: Topps Ultimate Fighting Championship MMA autographs

Here’s a rundown of who signed cards in the Topps UFC set that arrives this week.

McFarlane Toys set to add college football figures to SportsPicks lineup

McFarlane Toys has announced that it will produce SportsPicks figures of current NFL stars in the college uniforms.

Separated at birth? Joe Namath & Clive Owen

It’s something that’s been bothering me for years … the resemblance between former Alabama Crimson Tide (and New York Jets) QB Joe Namath and actor Clive Owen.

Do you have Kenny Powers' Rookie Card?

Kenny Powers is the lead character — a washed up former baseball player — in the new Will Ferrell- and Adam McKay-produced comedy Eastbound & Down that premieres on Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

Contenders for cards of the (Valentine's) day?

Today’s the day for Greg “The Hammer” Valentine collectors … or maybe …

Checklist: Playoff Contenders Baseball short-prints

Donruss confirmed on Friday that the following Rookie Ticket autographs from 2008 Playoff Contenders Baseball are short prints:

Collector finds George Washington cut signature in Razor box

An Illinois collector found the George Washington cut autograph above in a box of Razor Oval Office and has listed it on eBay for a mere $100,000.

Coming soon: Topps Terminator Salvation cards

Cue the apocalyptic music, boys and girls, as Topps has released images and preview information for the upcoming Terminator Salvation movie.

Upper Deck confirms two more short-prints in 2009 baseball set

Upper Deck announced on Thursday that it included two more sport-printed cards in its 2009 Series 1 baseball set — a card of Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price (No. 401) and a card featuring Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey Jr. in their Chicago White Sox uniforms.