Monthly Archives: January 2009

Panini set to become sole NBA card manufacturer

The NBA announced today that it has entered into an exclusive, multiyear agreement with Italian collectibles company Panini Group to become the sole manufacturer of NBA licensed trading cards and stickers beginning with the 2009-10 season.

First look: 2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball

Upper Deck released the following information for its 2009 Icons baseball set on Tuesday. It’s slated for a July release.

MLB Properties sues Donruss Playoff over trademark use

logo_donrussMajor League Baseball Properties Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Donruss Playoff in a U.S. District Court over unauthorized use of trademarks, dress rights, rights of publicity and “breach of the surviving of its contracts” in its products released since last fall.

2009 Upper Deck Baseball will include Historic Firsts

Upper Deck announced last week that it will be including a subset of Historic Firsts in 2009 Series 1 Baseball — a 10-card set that will include additional cards of President Barack Obama as well as Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Checklist: 2008 Playoff Contenders Baseball

Here’s the complete final checklist for the forthcoming Playoff Contenders baseball set, which arrives on Feb. 4. …

A look at exclusive Super Bowl cards from Donruss

Donruss recently announced its plans for this year’s NFL Experience, which includes its sponsorship of the official autograph pavilion, and the company also will sponsor the card show that takes place at the seven-day event, which kicked off during the weekend and continues later this week.

As part of the festivities, the company created a 440-card factory set that will be sold at the event and has several other exclusive cards.

Oprah Winfrey's Rookie Card?

Collectors who have opened packs of the recently released Barack Obama set (in pursuit of the Obama basketball card and first puppy redemption cards, I’m sure) from Topps might have found what I’d loosely call Oprah Winfrey’s “rookie card.”

Yankees' Mark Teixeira graces next BSCM cover

Here’s some more behind-the-scenes preview action from a busy month here at Beckett HQ — a preview of the next Beckett Sports Card Monthly cover with New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira on the cover.

Topps announces World Baseball Classic box set

Topps will release a 55-card set of World Baseball Classic cards as a $10 box set on March 11. Here’s a sneak peak and look at the checklist, which leads off with Japanese star Yu Darvish as card No. 1.

Arriving now: The Beckett Baseball Rookie Rolodex

It’s been relatively quiet here on the ol’ blog because yours truly has had his hand in putting out four magazines in the last three weeks. The first arriving should be this month’s Beckett Baseball, which is the annual Rookie Rolodex issue. It’s the largest ever at 738 players.

Sneak peek: Playoff National Treasures football

Here’s an advance look at some of the cards arriving in Playoff National Treasures arriving later this week …

First look: 2009 Topps Finest Baseball

Topps released images and information for its 2009 Finest set on Thursday — with an autographed Rookie letter patch per mini box.

Oakland A's pitching prospect Michel Inoa pulled from Bowman Sterling

Topps confirmed on Tuesday that Oakland A’s pitching prospect Michel Inoa was pulled from 2008 Bowman Sterling.

Donruss announces Playoff Contenders SPs

Donruss announced the second list of short-printed rookie autographs in 2008 Playoff Contenders football. Here’s the list:

First look: 2009 Goudey Baseball

Upper Deck released images and basic set information for its 2009 Goudey baseball set on Friday, meaning the throwback to the 1930s will be around for the third consecutive year.

Look, is it a memorabilia card or not!?

It’s not often that the seemingly mundane task of classifying a type of trading card sends two normally mild-mannered adults to the verge of fisticuffs. But that was the surrealistic scene that unfolded yesterday afternoon just outside my office.

Bill Sutherland, Beckett’s Director of Data Publishing, and Tim Trout, Senior Market Analyst, were red-faced, raise-voiced and at each other’s throats

Upper Deck to include Ken Griffey Jr. buyback autos in 2009 sets

Upper Deck will celebrate its inaugural baseball card set this year several ways during its 20th anniversary, but the first comes via 89 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. autographed Rookie Cards that will be included in 2009 Series 1 packs.

Obama basketball card also included Topps Obama set

Topps announced on Thursday that its upcoming non-sport set of President-elect Barack Obama will include a card him in his Punahou High School basketball uniform on a vintage 1978 Topps basketball card design.

Playoff Contenders baseball will cap 2008 sets

The final baseball card set of 2008 will come from Donruss as it brings Playoff Contenders to the diamond later this month.

Donruss issues statement on Wade Miley Prime Cuts card

A limited number of Razor exclusive player Wade Miley, a pitching prospect in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, were inadvertantly released in 2008 Playoff Prime Cuts.

Hobby pioneer Stuart Evans dies at age 80

Stuart Evans, a pioneer in the collectibles business, passed away on Jan. 4 at his home in Dorado, Puerto Rico after suffering a stroke. He was 80.