1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision Checklist and Details


When it comes to Hollywood blockbusters, Independence Day meets all the criteria: big stars, bigger special effects, massive box office haul, pointless sequel — you get the idea. It also went big when it comes to collecting. 1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision trading cards are highlighted by an over-sized format that fits all the widescreen visuals.

Set Overview

The set takes a tallboy format, one popular at the time with the similar Star Wars Widevision line. Cards measure 4 5/8 by 2 1/2 inches. The idea was that with the larger format, the trading cards were better able to recreate what appeared on the big screen. Basically, none of the action is cropped.

The 1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision base set has 72 cards. It comes in sections. For starters, there’s a handful of character cards to cover the impressive cast. But rather than giving Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and company individual cards, most of these squeeze three characters on the front.

1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision 2

From there, the checklist gives way to a recap of the movie’s action, following along chronologically by day. This mimics the film’s approach.

Storyboards and production art are the focal point of the final part of the set.

As far as inserts go, they’re about as complex as the movie’s plot. There’s just one set of chase cards on the checklist, Holofoil, which land 1:9 packs. With just six cards in the set, they’re not tough to complete and prices today reflect that.

Had Independence Day come along a few years later, the set may have been very different. While autographs were starting to appear in more sets, it would still be a few more years before they became box hits in most non-sport products. One can only imagine the possibilities for that looking down the cast list.

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1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision at a glance:

Cards per pack: 6
Packs per box: 36
Set size: 72 cards

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1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision Checklist

Base Set

72 cards.

1996 Topps Independence Day Widevision 20

1 Title Card
2 President Whitmore/Marilyn Whitmore/General Grey
3 David Levinson/Constance Spano/Julius Levinson
4 Miguel/Alicia/Troy
5 Dr. Brakish Okun
6 Capt. Steven Hiller/Jasmine Dubrow/Russell Casse
7 Above the Spired Skyline of Novosibir
8 Enormous, 15-Mile-Wide Clouds
9 Giant Alien Spaceships Emerge
10 Moscow Beneath an Awesome City
11 London’s Big Ben
12 All Around the World
13 Hoping to Discover More
14 Wait a Minute
15 The AWAC Pilots

16 Flames from the Alien-Created Atmospheric Penomenon
17 A Giant City Destroyer Appears
18 The Impossibly Huge City Destroyer
19 The Fame New York City Skyline
20 New Yorkers Are Accustomed to Unusual SIghts
21 First, the Statue of Liberty
22 As New Yorkers Stare Up in Wonder
23 Some of the Most Famous Buildings in the World
24 David Levinson Stands
25 In Los Angeles
26 As the Light Eminating from the Alien Craft
27 The Giant City Destroyer Hovers
28 The White House Is Blasted
29 Flames Engulf the White House
30 The White House Splinters

31 Just in the Nick of Time
32 One After Another
33 From the Epicenter of the Initial Alien Strike
34 The Steel-and-Concrete Office
35 Cars Are Blown into the Air
36 In New York City
37 Hundreds of Cars
38 Jasmine Turns Back to See
39 Inside the Tunnel
40 Jasmine Spots the Door
41 It Was Only by Jasmine’s Quick Thinking
42 The Terrible Wall of Destruction
43 The Iraqi Desert
44 One of Our Fighters
45 Alien Attackers Arrive at the Area 51 Refugee Camp

46 Word Reaches El Toro Marine
47 Pilots Race for Their Planes
48 Attackers Swoop Down
49 In the Grand Canyon
50 Fight Pilot Captain Steven Hiller
51 Fight Pilot Captain Steven Hiller
52 “Now That’s What I Call a Close Encounter!”
53 In the Medical Research Lab
54 The Unconscious Alien
55 The Copact Cable Offices
56 The Three Dead Aliens
57 15-Mile-Wide City Destroyers
58 The Intimidating, Saucer-Like Alien Attacker
59 Jasmine Emerges
60 The Alien Attacker Carrying Captain Steven Hiller

61 The Captured Alien Attacker
62 Tight View of the Alien Attacker
63 The President of the United States
64 A Dozen Alien Attackers
65 Jasmine Surveys the Devastating Aftermath
66 Jasmine Finds an Abandoned Truck
67 The Alien Attacker
68 Like the Classic War Machines
69 The Soul-Shattering Devastation
70 What Is Left of Los Angeles
71 Twisted Steel and Broken Concrete
72 Daylight Guides the Way


6 cards.
1:9 packs.

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ID1 The Arrival 1
ID2 The Arrival 2
ID3 The Arrival 3
ID4 The City Destroyer Over New York
ID5 David Levinson Views the Destroyer
ID6 Aerial Battle

Promo Cards

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P1 July 3 Everywhere
T1 July 3 Everywhere/Target
T2 July 3 Everywhere/Target


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