Awesome Inserts: 1996 Pinnacle Skylines


1996 Pinnacle Skylines turns stars of the day into de facto kaiju, making them into Godzilla-sized behemoths towering over the local downtown core.

1 Ken Griffey Jr.

This is an insert set that has maintained its popularity over the years. Not the easiest pulls to begin with, 1996 Pinnacle Skylines remains a favorite with both set and player collectors.

Today, acetate cards appear fairly regularly. While still cool, they’ve lost some of that intrigue that comes with being new and different. 1996 was a different story. The clear card stock alternative was still fresh.

Players are show with a chest-up portrait. They’re cast against the horizon of their home team’s buildings, something that should add a level of familiarity for local fans. The design is rounded out by a foil band for the nameplate across the top. The acetate remains clear where the sky would be.

Backs don’t have much going on. That’s common for acetate cards, though, as the clear stock makes it harder to fit text and stats except overtop of existing images. The player photos are matched, albeit reversed. Bios work the city into the writeup.

1996 Pinnacle Skylines Ken Griffey Jr Reverse

The 1996 Pinnacle Skylines checklist has 18 players. Most are sluggers, but a couple of pitchers are in there as well. Several players with strong collecting bases are in the set including Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas, Cal Ripken and Kirby Puckett. The checklist is also a reminder of the faded star power of Mo Vaughn, Manny Ramirez and Gary Sheffield.

1996 Pinnacle Skylines inserts are exclusive to Series 2. They land 1:29 Series 2 magazine packs. The fact that they’re not in the more common hobby and retail makes them tough to find on the secondary market.

Values reflect this as well. Many of the key players regularly sell for $50 or more. Top stars can go $150 and higher.

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1996 Pinnacle Skylines at a Glance

Total Cards: 18
Found In: 1996 Pinnacle Series 2 Baseball
Insertion Rate: 1:29 magazine packs
Price Guide
Most Valuable Cards: Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas, Kirby Puckett

1996 Pinnacle Skylines Checklist

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1996 Pinnacle Skylines Gallery

1 Ken Griffey Jr.

1 Ken Griffey Jr.

2. Frank Thomas

2 Frank Thomas

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 3 Greg Maddux

3 Greg Maddux

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 4 Cal Ripken

4 Cal Ripken Jr.

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 5 Albert Belle

5 Albert Belle

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 6 Mo Vaughn

6 Mo Vaughn

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 7 Mike Piazza

7 Mike Piazza

1996 Pinnacle Skylines Wade Boggs

8 Wade Boggs

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 9 Will Clark

9 Will Clark

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 10 Barry Bonds

10 Barry Bonds

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 11 Gary Sheffield

11 Gary Sheffield

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 12 Hideo Nomo

12 Hideo Nomo

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 13 Tony Gwynn

13 Tony Gwynn

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 14 Kirby Puckett

14 Kirby Puckett

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 15 Chipper Jones

15 Chipper Jones

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 16 Jeff Bagwell

16 Jeff Bagwell

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 17 Manny Ramirez

17 Manny Ramirez

1996 Pinnacle Skylines 18 Raul Mondesi

18 Raul Mondesi

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  1. Benjamin Pfiester 24 June, 2017 at 11:42

    I would think the Wade Boggs card holds a some value with the Twin Towers displayed prominently!

  2. Richard Davis 24 June, 2017 at 21:30

    I own two of the Wade Boggs Skyline card. One of my favorite Boggs card ever. And the Twin Towers do make the card more valuable.

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