1987 Topps WWF Checklist and Details


A wise and colorful man once said, “But the cream will rise to the top. Oh, yeah!” 1987 Topps WWF is one of the only mainstream wrestling card sets to highlight pro wrestling’s peak popularity of the ’80s. This time around, the set highlights the industry’s biggest event of all-time, WrestleMania III.

1987 Topps WWF Box

1987 Topps WWF Overview

A follow-up of sorts to 1985 Topps WWF Pro-Wrestling Stars, the checklist has 75 total cards. This is up from 66 cards in the 1985 set.

Things kick off with more than 20 profile cards, showcasing some of WWF’s biggest names at the time. Familiar stars include Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Ricky “The Dragon Steamboat.” But perhaps the most notable of them all is the card that leads off the set, Bret “Hit Man” Hart. This represents his first card.

1987 Topps WWF Bret "Hit Man" Hart

Going beyond the profile cards is the Ringside Action subset. These cards consist primarily of action shots from matches, although there are also recaps and backstory for the WrestleMania III main event between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant.

Speaking of the pay-per-view, it’s the focus of its own subset. Besides the main event, there are shots from a handful of other matches including the classic Intercontinental Championship bout between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat.

Closing things out are nine Superstars Speak cards. Using the layout of a TV, these use corny captions that might as well be straight out of a bad wrestling promo at the time. A similar subset is in the 1985 set.

The design has a blue motif throughout. While the different subsets have tweaked designs, it’s the blue that runs throughout. The most distinct are the profile cards, which incorporate the stars are stripes of the American flag as well. As one might expect, the blue borders do show even the slightest imperfections.

1987 Topps WWF Sell Sheet
Original Dealer Sell Sheet

More Than Cards

Typical for Topps in the ’80s, collectors also have a set of stickers to chase. Landing one per pack, there are 22 in all. Fronts have a red background with a tile of the WWF logo. It’s bright and hard to miss. Sticker backs double as puzzle pieces. Put together, they form a shot of Hogan carrying an American flag at ringside.

Stickers are one per pack.

1987 Topps WWF wrestling cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: 10
Packs per box: 36
Set size: 75 cards, 22 stickers

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1987 Topps WWE Checklist

Base Set Checklist

75 cards.

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1987 Topps WWF Andre the Giant

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1 Bret “Hit Man” Hart
2 Andre the Giant
3 Hulk Hogan
4 Frankie
5 Koko B. Ware
6 Tito Santana
7 Randy “Macho Man” Savage & Elizabeth
8 Billy Jack Haynes
9 Hercules & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
10 King Harley Race
11 Kimchee & Kamala The Ugandan Headhunter
12 Dino Bravo, Johnny V., Greg The Hammer Valentine
13 Honky Tonk Man
14 Outback Jack
15 King Kong Bundy
16 The Magnificent Muraco
17 Mr. Fuji and Killer Khan
18 The Natural Butch Reed
19 Davey Boy Smith
20 The Dynamite Kid
21 Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Ringside Action

22 Two-Man Clothesline
23 Ref Turned Wrestler
24 Ready to Strike
25 In the Outback
26 The Hulkster Explodes
27 Double Whammy
28 Spoiling for a Fight
29 Flip Flop
30 Islanders Attack
31 King Harley Pades
32 Backbreaker
33 Double Dropkick
34 The Loser Must Bow
35 American-Made
36 A Challenge Answered
37 Champ in the Ring
38 Listening to Hulkamania
39 Heading for the Ring
40 Out to Destroy
41 Tama Takes a Beating
42 Bundy in Mid-Air
43 Karate Stance
44 Her Eyes on Randy
45 The Olympian Returns
46 Reed Is Riled
47 Flying Bodypress
48 Hooking the Leg

WrestleMania III

49 A Belly Buster
50 Revenge on Randy
51 Fighting the Full Nelson
52 Honky Tonk Goes Down
53 Over the Top
54 The Giant Is Slammed
55 Out of the Ring
56 And Still Champion
57 Harts Hit Concrete

Ringside Action

1987 Topps WWF The Challenge

58 The Challenge
59 Bearhug
60 Fantastic Bodypress
61 Aerial Maneuvers
62 Ready to Sting!
63 Showing Off
64 Scare Tactics
65 Taking a Bow
66 Out to Eat a Turnbuckle

The Superstars Speak!

67 Nice guys finish last!
68 Here’s how we keep in shape in the Outback, mate!
69 Urrggh. Nice!
70 No Kamala…him not dinner!
71 We are the original destroyers.
72 I think the fans are mad at me.
73 You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog!
74 I’m gonna take a big bite out of one of ’em!
75 Good! That face scare opponent silly!

Stickers Checklist

22 cards.
1 per pack.

Buy on:

1987 Topps WWF Stickers Honky Tonk Man

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1 Bret “Hit Man” Hart
2 Hulk Hogan
3 Koko B. Ware
4 Randy “Macho Man” Savage & Elizabeth
5 Billy Jack Haynes
6 Hercules & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
7 King Harley Race
8 Kimchee & Kamala
9 Dino Bravo, Johnny V, & Greg The Hammer Valentine
10 Honky Tonk Man
11 Outback Jack
12 King Kong Bundy
13 Magnificent Muraco
14 Mr. Fuji & Killer Khan
15 Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
16 Danny Davis
17 Andre the Giant
18 Ken Patera
19 Smash Demolition
20 Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart
21 George “The Animal” Steele
22 WWF Logo


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