1980 Franchise Babe Ruth Checklist and Details


This 80-card set measures the standard size and was manufactured by the Franchise of Bel Air, Maryland. The cards present the life of Babe Ruth and include his activities both on and off the field. So while there’s plenty of in-game action, you also get shots of him dressed up, looking like he’s pondering the meaning of life and even eating a sandwich.

The simple fronts have black and white photos framed by white borders.

Card Front

Backs provide some context for the photos with a short bit of text.

1980 Franchise Babe Ruth 65 Sandy Swing Reverse

Card Back

The set, which had an original print run of 1,000 sets was originally issued in complete set form and available for $8 directly from the manufacturer at the time of the issue.

1980 Franchise Babe Ruth 58 Big Swing

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1980 Franchise Babe Ruth Checklist

80 cards.
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1980 Franchise Babe Ruth 18 Babe Ruth in Disguise

1 In Boston
2 Youthful Babe
3 Personal Touch
4 Takes a Cut
5 On Dotted Line
6 On Stage
7 Out of Action
8 All Smiles
9 Oriental Hero
10 Silent Babe
11 Old Times
12 Waiting His Turn
13 Speaking Out
14 Shadow Slugger
15 Youthful Ball Hawk
16 Speed on the Bases
17 Helping Hand
18 in Disguise
19 Political Boss
20 Mail Clerk
21 Keeping Warm
22 Big Cut
23 Defense, Too
24 Playing Catch
25 Big Swing
26 Taking Aim
27 Double Trouble
28 Power Plus
29 Running Wild
30 Formidable Figure
31 Effort
32 Long Gone
33 Up The Shaft
34 Healthy Cut
35 Right Choice
36 At Rest
37 Count It
38 Bearded
39 Solemn
40 Good Cause

41 Powder Puff
42 He-Man Image
43 Shedding Pounds
44 Another Hit
45 An Ump, Too
46 Broken Arm
47 New Start
48 Diet Food
49 Birthday Cake
50 Good Luck
51 Gourmet Chef
52 Long Gone
53 Getting Ready
54 Thanks, Pal
55 Called Shot
56 On the Farm
57 Itching to Play
58 Big Swing
59 Just Practice
60 On Its Way
61 Easy Smile
62 In the Shade
63 Kingly Celebration
64 The Skipper
65 Sandy Swing
66 Deep Thought
67 Bundled Up
68 Stage Hand
69 Mechanic, Too
70 Serious Mood
71 Happy Face
72 Fashion Plate
73 Taking a Puff
74 Final Game as Yankee
75 New Team
76 Big Effort
77 Last Game
78 Solemn Look
79 End is Near
80 Farewell


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